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June 26, 2008


Joeymole. With Avery's comments about Canada earlier this year while in Toronto - I'm guessing he would'nt be a fan favorite there- at least not immediately!

Orpik rejects Penguins contract offer


I wonder what the offer to Orpik was. Brad Stuart is still not signed either. This is going to be interesting

Sundin was 32-46-78 last year...on a lousy team...if that is showing your age, I'll take it! plus he knows how to do the PP thing...

Is it me or is this offseason just plain confusing? I have no idea whats going on, what the brass is thinking.

I mean the cap went up alot, you lost alot of dead weight salary(Malik) pay Avery his money and atleast end that dilemma for now.

Sundin might not be a bad choice, but you still need wingers, I mean we would be extremely deep at center, but you force someone like Drury betts or dubi to play a wing am i right?

I think onetimer answered amos about the hug ehit on straka it was gauthier, an interesting situation as he could be available from philly due to him being in their minor system. Man he would be awesome on our team. I remember when he gave tim taylor a concussion when he was with calgary and taylor was playing for us.

Get Orpik!!!!

Resign Avery!!!

No Sundin!!!!

sorry "huge hit"

Jason, I agree with most of your post, you make good points..I was basically saying don't assume we are reverting back to our old philosophy just cause we are going after a 38 year old. After looking over the free agents, do you really see anyone out there worth it for the amount of money they'll get paid? I hate Hossa, he's soft like his brother and want no part of him. I'm assuming Sundin would come for 5 mill plus incentives, if it's 8 mill, no thanks..If Anisimov is ready mid year, take Betts out of the lineup and have 4 lines we can legitimately roll...Betts isn't a shut down guy...He plays hard, but makes mistakes and add's zero offensive potential. Anisimov with Byers and Orr or Sjostrom on the 4th line? I like it...

I like the idea of Drury, Dawes, Korpikovski, Byers on LW...Jagr, Callahan, Prucha, Sjostrom on RW...As long as the d is improved with a PP guy and physical presence, I think without question we can battle for the East crown. Plus, Renney needs to get a bit more offensive this year...Can't wait for Tuesday!!!

I watched game 1, 2 & 4 against the Devils on NHL replays and we will miss Straka. I'm OK with Straka leaving, but he did play well most of the time. Shanahan was simply awful, he had a few good shifts over three games, but overall I hope he retires.

Orpik, Commodore, Hainsey and maybe K. Sauer: any two of those four.

great team Adam, problem is when a junior b league girls team decides to nightly pound us into the ice or run everyone the whole game and we have no desire to get pounded every night and can not wait for april golf times to heal. Dubi and cally will fight, but should not be the one's standing up to all the other team's tougher players. This team was still too soft and a undersized as it was last year and your line up does nothing but make that worse!!

Ok lets get things straight people. My gut tells me that I'm the only person posting on here that lives in Atlanta, so I think I may have a better assessment of Hossa than the rest of you guys. He's a good player but in no way belongs on this team. He was a proven point producer on a team that may have benefitted the most from the lack of two line pass rule. Between him and Kovalchuck, they put up a lot of goals, but very rarely do they beat defenders to get them, more often they just leave their team without a defender while they await a pass at the other blue line. The only good thing I guess would be that Hossa doesn't bitch and whine like Kovalchuk does.
As far as Sundin, I really don't care, its just not that interesting to talk about to me.
Thanks to yall that answered my question about the Gauthier hit on Straka... I still can't believe that he survived that.

chiggy-check it

Adam I do agree with you on tuesday though, It should be exciting and no matter who is on the team opening night they are still my (and everyone else here) rangers!!!!!!!!

I also would like to put my two cents on free agent D:
Kurt Sauer
Mark Streit

Ijust read that carcillo from the coyotes is a RFA, nice big offer sheet coming from us???? I would rather have owen nolan than sundin!!!

Rather have Owen Nolan than Mats Sundin? You're kidding, right?

Now I know why they call the end of the playoffs to July 1st the Silly Season

Owen Nolan over Sundin? You just demonstrated your hockey ignorance! Forget about Hossa, I hate these kind of players who only play one half of the ice and he's not worth the money he wants. Brian Rolston will come cheaper and will be a big help on the PK where you win championships.

well, quite frankly It was a joke just like my blueshirt bluehair line was a joke also a few threads ago!!


Anytime you want to go one on one hockey knowledge bring it on JACKASS!!!!!!!

Fans want sather wants my wish list (had to throw it in) any 3
avery resigned jagr resigned Jagr resigned
jagr resigned sundin Rolston
Streit hossa vrbata
liles cambell Streit
rolston Malone GREEN
orpik Rozy resigned Orpik
hainsley Shanny resigned

Its funny cause I honestly think we are better GMS than Sather.
I don't want these over priced players that are way overrated. Im sry but I don't want Sundin anyone who wants him on this team is getting way caught up in the moment. The only way in hell I would take sundin is if Jagr comes back and plays with him. I think we should sign some very young defensemen and talented ones at that. I wouldnt mind throwing 6 million to to a bouwmeister or a green. These players are very young and talented. What do you guys think?

Fans want
avery resigned
Jagr resigned

sather wants
Jagr resigned
Rozy resigned
Shanny resigned

my wish list (had to throw it in) any 3
Jagr resigned

Its funny cause I honestly think we are better GMS than Sather.
I don't want these over priced players that are way overrated. Im sry but I don't want Sundin anyone who wants him on this team is getting way caught up in the moment. The only way in hell I would take sundin is if Jagr comes back and plays with him. I think we should sign some very young defensemen and talented ones at that. I wouldnt mind throwing 6 million to to a bouwmeister or a green. These players are very young and talented. What do you guys think?

I think we should sign tkachuk and keith primeau to a contract similar to shanny's with a lot of incentives, they will get us over the hump like jagr and sundin!!


On a SERIOUS note, I agree with you that bouwmeester or green would be great, but I just do not think we will be able to get either one!!! Sorry, I have to note when my posts are SERIOUS due to the fact certain poster have no sense of humor and seem to know everything!!!

id have to agree with bones, i would take rolston over sundin anyday of the week.
i hope to god sather gets on his horse and gets stuff happening....i.e address the avery issue...the waiting game is killing me. jagr i wouldnt mind having bak but i sure as hell wouldnt pay 8 million for him...or sundin or hossa or cambell or whoever haha you get the picture....i hope we bring in liles, and streit. orpik will ask for to much "just a feeling"
I also hope that some of our prospects get an equal chance to make it to the show.
anyway thats my rant.
dubi keep these post coming they are the highlights of my day



I agree about rolston as well. I think jagr and sundin both have some gas in the tank, but not enough to justify the price they are going to want. No to campbell, redden, sundin, hossa. Im not sure what too much money would be for avery to resign or to sing orpik, but I think they are more vital signings than anyone else. Im 50-50 on jagr and shanny coming back and if I had to pick one it would be shanny because I think he would take a reduced role and less money more favorably and not pout the whole season the way jagr would. Has anyone ever seen korpi drop the gloves? Just curious!! Thanks!!!!!

we should get Mark Streit.


The fact that Grachev hasn't been drafted yet suggests to me that either A. the Rangers have decided he's ready for the AHL, or B. there really are contract issues in Russia.

No the unspoken truth is that many a small town CHL team worries that an import player (especially one who is already NHL drafted) will not want to come to their team.

Our new friend Jon Keen wrote this at his blog Chynoweth has always lamented the fact the Import Draft's format really puts the WHL's "B" markets at a disadvantage to the likes of bigger centers like Calgary, Vancouver and Edmonton.

The hardest adjustment for a European prospect/teenager is homesickness as you try being a Russian in a Canadian town that has next to no Russians in it.

Greg L

Check out how he does , i did get to see pavel Brendl years back when he was in junior playing our Saskatoon Blades

Brendl was a prime example of ton of talent but missing a ton of brain cells because he read all his own hype and believed it.

BTW remember your Blade's Zdenek Bahensky? He got married in December to the Czech Republic version of Hallie Berry.


i'm betting its a good thing, especially with how much jess said brampton was doing wonders for bobby sanguinetti last year, but he said earlier that he had hoped he went to the WHL since its a more physical league.

Yea I would have liked to see Grachev in the WHL because it is more physical league.

Second prize is playing for Stan Butler who has prepared more players for the NHL than any other CHL coach. Yes the Rangers are going to a much better player.

A lot of talk about EVERY free agent out there. . . . .just like every year. Renney has props for Anisimov. Now with Dubinsky, Gomez, Drury, and Renney's son Betts and a host of other centers that have created some buzz recently, how the hell does Sundin fit in? I love the guy. And I really lobbied for him a couple years ago. If there is any truth to it at all, there is gonna be a trade, and it wouldn't suprise me at all if it is Dubinsky.

Is Larry Brooks blowing smoke out of his @ss again with his piece this morning regarding Jags getting a $35 mil offer from Bardin? That seems way too much money for even a KHL club to offer for a 3-year deal. I know recent oil prices have lined the pockets of both the Russian government and oil magnats who own hockey teams, but there has to be a limit to what they'd be willing to pay a hockey player. If the news of the offer is true, then they must want him in a very bad way and the odds of Jags coming back to the Rangers just got a lot worse.

This is a simple case of Brisson doing his job to fabricate offers so the rangers up their offer to JJ. Brisson's favorite 'tool' to accomplish this is Brooks.

Am I sure Brisson informed Brooks of the offers? Yes

Do I think the offers are legit? 50/50 but it would take an offer like that to get him over there if at all.

Interesting thread on the hfboards (rangers section) about a fan that bumped into Sam Rosen and got his take on the rangers and the upcoming UFA period.

they are no different than the NHL & the NYR who need marquee names to sell seats. Jagr's looking for 2 years, glen can only give him one at a time. No way he's signing for 3, he promised his father to play at home in 2 years.

I appreciate everyone's list of Sundin, et al, but I'm not sure how having a wish list makes us a better GM than anybody.

First there's the cap. Then there's the idea that some players may not want to come to the NY Rangers (hard to believe, but true). Then there is the idea that other teams may make better offers. you don't know what the brain trust's wish list is, all you see is what we get.

Every rumor, every Eklund-like note about who talked to whom when, is just hearsay and rumor based on building interest in the player and to boost the potential salary. Chill out everyone....


I would like Hossa, Liles, Huselius and Orpik. That takes care of your first two scoring lines and two d pairings.

Gomez has proved time and time again that he is a brilliant playmaker. Give him someone who thinks shoot before pass (Hossa). Put Huselius on the second line with Drury and you got that gritty net-crashing line.

I'd love to have Avery back, but I don't think that will happen, given Slats' comments about him.

35 Million Dollars Wow! If thats true how could he walk away from that. Are the Rangers good enough to win a cup this year. You would think so with the Eastern Conf. as weak as it is. Money or Cup? Thats the question our Capt has to ask himself.

i want to see brian rolston on this team.

only a couple more days to go until we get to see slat's ultimate wisdome.....have any of our RFA received qualifying offers yet???

Fans DONT want Vrbada


Where did you get the idea that the east was so weak? Compared to who? Certainly not individual teams in the east. Do you seriously think that Florida is going to be "weak" this year? How about Tampa..a repeat of last year? Carolina? Who got just edged out but led all season long, but were decimated by key injuries? Or Boston?
You can't mean Montreal or Philly. Even Washington. I just don't see this weakness that you mention...unless of course you mean the Rangers. They come back this season with essentially the same as last, and you can forget about the playoffs.

Folks, the reports says $35 million US after-tax equivalent, which means the actual dollar value is around $7-7.5 million per year, the same that it always was. Nothing new here.

Live chat with Zip on his blog (Blue Notes) at 1:00 PM ET. Happening right now.

NHL.com is morning was reporting that Sundin sign a two year deal with the Rangers. I did not see this myself but a buddy of my sent me a picture. Its def NHL.com site. I dont know if it was a mistake or announed to early or a joke but it looks real to me. Go to www.viewmymessage.com ID:f0u21a5lo Password: swan3claw. The picture was sent to my phone.

None of us here including Dubi and myself are better GMs than anyone because if we were then we would not be here exchanging posts we would be working.

Seriously over the next 3-4 days we are going to see more rumors and wishes than we will see reality.

I hate the rumor sheets that is why I will not post them since I know I can start my own rumor and have it making the rounds of the web in minutes.

A lot of the rumors I have seen discussed here and on the web I am sorry to say are based upon the past. I understand people use that as a reference point.

Seeing some of the names people are asking for would me a step backwards not forwards and I just do not see Tom Renney as willing to do that.

I prefer to have some faith that when everything shakes out common sense will hold center stage


Wow!! I'm just passing on what a friend sent me. Look at the picture before u jump down my throat. Sheesh!!!

Anyway someone could get that photo on a different site? viewmymessage.com is not working for me.

I would like to see the Rangers go after Sundin but he never seems to score a lot of goals over a long stretch.He is a very sporadic player.I don't think signing Orpik would be your answer.I liked Straka a lot on this team.But I think it was time for him to move on head back home to Europe.I would like him to resign with the Rangers he would give them that extra scoring.But he needs to control himself more.I know you people wouldn't like it but I don't see what's so bad about going after Hossa he is a very good player.

Password: swan3claw

this did work for me at my pc, make sure there's not a following when you paste credentials


Just posted on New York Post.com and Kuklas Korner.

I just looked on NHL.com website and didn't see anything mentioned about the Rangers signing Sundin so you could be dreaming.I think only Jagr should come back at the right price and if he doesn't bring in Sundin or Hossa.To me the only weak team is Toronto and New Jersey.I think Florida will be better and Tampa Bay will be better.New York needs to stop signing players at the end of there career and I would make that priority.

Got the picture to work...interesting, to say the least.

I would like to see the Rangers go after younger players and give the players they have in there system.How good is this kid Parenteau never heard him before as well as Gratchev.

Got the pic to work also, thanks! This is indeed interesting and odd...Hope its true but we need some kind of confirmation.
NYRangers.com has a video of the scrimmage with prospect interviews just to give everyone a heads up.

Hope the Sundin rumor is true.

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