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June 26, 2008


Ya'll think Parenteau will get a shot to make the big club?

Hey, I usually post on Weinman's blog but that isn't working for me. Interesting stuff on Straka. There is some more from Spector's Trade Rumors:

Report: Straka Returning To Czech League
Thursday, 26 June 2008 09:04
HOKEJ.CZ reports the speculations about Martin Straka returning to HC Lasselsberger Plzen of the Czech Extra League have been officially confirmed. Straka will definitely play in Plzen in 2008-09 and also work in Lasselsberger's organization in a yet unspecified position.

SPECTOR'S NOTE: Hat tip to Alexander Wirdzek and Martin Schuster. No word yet from the Rangers but I suspect it'll be forthcoming.


Yesturday was the deadline to make qualifying offers to RFA"s did the Rangers release a list of who they qualifed or not.

Well, I'm not surprised by Straka's defection. I think it was clear teh Rangers wouldn't re-sign him. So do we replace him from within what we have (Prucha? Korpi??)--I think his production was such that we could easily do that. Or do we hope the Rangers land someone like Vrbita?

As for this Grachev kid--god, I love the cajones of saying he wants to be the Rangers' Malkin. Can he live up to it?


Straka is good player but not a top tier forward anymore..

good it opens up a spot for a in house solution or a FA...

Good luck Marty..

Echoing Stuart...

Marty Straka is a pro's pro. As his skills have declined over the last couple of years, he never wavered in terms of the hard work, hustle, class, smarts and quiet dignity he brought to the rink every night. Sorry to see you go, but it's probably the right move for all parties. Thank you, Marty, for playing an important role in the recent Ranger resurgence. Good luck and congratulations on your new situation! Have fun!

Straka was a good player for the past three years. However I'm glad we are turning the page. He was hurt the last season and a half and to many times he had a chance to shot the puck he would pass it. He need guys that shoot the puck. But anyway Good Luck Marty!! Does Anyone know if Dawes was qualified or not? Also get your number 13 jersey ready because I think Sundin is on his way. Hockey This Morning on XM 204 said he will probably get 16 million for two years with the Rangers thats crazy. He will get a contract like Shanny. Thats about it.

TSN.ca is reporting that Straka's agent is denying that any deal has been done and that he will wait until July 1 to make any decisions on staying in North America or going back to the Czech Rep.

Sundin get a contract like Shanny? In what aspects? Bonus'? He can only get a bonus laden contract if he signs a 1 year deal, if it's a 2 year deal, it's all straight money.

Bad signing in my mind if they do, signals a return to pre-lockout mentality of the Rangers.

Marty was a great Ranger the last 3 years.... and he will be missed.

NOW that this mini saga is over....I hope Glenn will start tending to more important biz ... like Jags and Aves.


tomas kundratek was just drafted by the medicine hat tigers in the WHL.


the story to back up what jason says

i'd also like to thank marty straka for his great tenure with the team. that man got such a beating but it almost never showed. anyone remember a game in the 05-06 season when we were playing philly and straka took a gigantic hit in the corner from some flyer and was horizontal from impact until he hit the ice nearly a full second later? i watch a lot of hockey and have seen some horrible things happen but thats one of the few times i actually gasped in horror, but he popped right back up. if i see a straka jersey down the road at the right price i'll snatch that baby up.

Finally....some news to start working on next years team. With Straka now gone, will Jagr do the same? At 11 million..I am sure Jagr will be quite tempted by that and we all know that the Rangers won't and can't be that generous. The Jagr question needs to be resolved real soon as if he leaves the Rangers MUST find someone to fill in that void.....via free agency (is Hossa the guy?) or some type of 'block buster' (without giving up the future) trade. Finding a player to replace a potential of 70-80+ points in Jagr is a tough hole to fill. That's something that no Petr Prucha or one of our other younger players can fill right now. Thanks to Straka for a few good years, but in the short and long term his leaving is good for the Rangers. I agree with the comment made by someone that Sather better get off his butt and start making some things happen before we land up scratching our heads for next season and we are all reading our copies of 'Vogue' to catch a glimpse of Sean Avery if he is not in a Ranger sweater.

Good Luck To Marty... he was a great Ranger.

big thanks to straka for everything, but he was starting to show his age. good luck on his future emdevours

Paul in Florida - Perhaps the person to replace Jagr is in fact Mats Sundin. 2 years @ $16 million sounds like Jagr is leaving to me.

Isn't Sundin 36 or 37 years old (sorry..not sure)and at 8 mill per...that's a tough one. It's tough to pay that type of salary at that age.....same thing with Jagr..that type of money for players of Sundin's and Jagr's capacity at their respective ages are some tough decisions. Got no problem with the big bucks for younger 'quality' players. Jagr or Sundin at the right price are the only way to look at it and six, seven and eight million are tough pills to swallow.

Jason-How is it a signal that we are reverting to pre-lockout mentality if we sign Sundin? That makes no sense to me. Aside from the fact that he's a leader, great locker room guy and still a great player, whats the downside? That he's old? You can't have a team of 23 year olds. And the fact is, if there aren't big name wingers available for a reasonable price, then Drury can slide in perfectly on Gomez LW or the first line LW. Pre-lockout mentality would be guys who are clearly falling off, and overspending to get many of them. If we go after Sundin while letting Straka, Shanny go, we are replacing two good vets with one excellent one and opening up a roster spot for a kid. Again, to have the type of season Mats had on an awful Toronto team shows he's got plenty left in the tank.

We have to work with the hand we are dealt, and I'm not overpaying for an average player like a Malone, Staal, Avery...These guys will all want 4 mill and it simply isnt worth it with a cap that has Drury, Gomer, Hank tied up for close to 20 mill.

I still think we should sign Sundin, Jagr, Orpik, Streit and let kids fill in the remaining spots. We have the money to do it, we can defer a bit of Mats and JJ to the following year and it'll tighten up the defense, finally. Hank needs a punisher like orpik in front of him, and if we dump backman (which better happen), we can offer Orpik 4-4.5 mill per year, which I'm comfortable with. Whatcha think?

Everything Adam said, I second. Great post.

Kundratek going to Medicine Hat is a good place for him as the Tigers are annually a good team with an excellent coaching staff.

If anyone can help Kundratek develop and adjust to the NA game it is Willie Desjardins.

The Tigers will use him to the best of his strengths and will work on improving all his weak areas.

The franchise is one of the best in the WHL


Fair enough. The Rangers have had a reputation since at least since the 80's in bringing in big name players towards the end of their career, and is in my mind, no different then bringing Shanny in here a few years ago, despite the fact that when we brought Shanny in, we had less leadership and it was for a position that needed to be filled.

Right now, we have Drury, Gomez, Betts and Dubinsky who had all been full time center men last year and probably will again this year. Jess is saying Anisimov is half a season away and if that is true, then do we move him to the wing along with either Drury or Gomez?

Bringing Sundin in is making a center man who we already have move to a wing, taking away $7 to $8 million of cap space (in which for a 2 year deal, could potentially destroy a chance of going out for a big named winger that may become available come July 1, 2009) and be a step back, yes because of his age.

I don't think he adds anything to this team other than a big body than we already have.

Rereading what I just posted. I'm not bashing us signing Shanny or the way he played, he was what we needed when we signed him and he played great until that hit against Philly.

I just think the signing of Shanny was better at the time it was made then the signing of Sundin would be now.

My prediction (bookmark it because I'll be right): We're gonna sign Liles, Hossa and Orpik.

Straka may just be doing Jagr a favor with his negotiations. I don't see either back especially if Jagr wants two years.

Nice! The Howlings link has Parenteau pulling a Datsuyk in a shootout (from the opposite side, however).

just checked the update on the chl draft. if grachev's staying, how come he wasn't drafted yet? do those teams know something else about his situation? or is he ready to step into our lineup :-)??

i'm glad somebody saw my comment about kundratek going to the tigers jess. sounds like he's in the right league, I hope grachev gets the same treatment.


i think that grachev may not have been drafted yet because i think because him and kundratek were drafted in the nhl before they were drafted in juniors, but i certainly don't claim to know that much about how juniors work, i just know what i read from jess haha

Sundin & Jagr??? I don't want two 35+ guys with mulityear contracts on our roster. This is a CAP WORLD we live in and it played hell with the Devils 2 years ago and effected last years team. I'll pass, thank you!

I didn't mean "mulityear", must be thinking of Melrose!

if im the rangers brass, i give bobby S every chance to make the team and maybe even force feed him and put him in the starting roster anyway, all signs point to him being like mike green on the capitals and i am fine with that, but yeah i dont want hossa, he was playing for a contract in the playoffs and hell just do what he normally does and thats disappear in the playoffs, and even though he was dangerous in the playoffs and scored some points, there were still too many shifts that he took off, i say lets get rolston, pp qb with a bomb of a shot, more affordable and a better locker room personality, what you guys think?

The fact that Grachev hasn't been drafted yet suggests to me that either A. the Rangers have decided he's ready for the AHL, or B. there really are contract issues in Russia.

i was wondering about that, laurie.
i read that because he's been drafted by the nhl before he was drafted by juniors, he can go to the ahl before he's 20. can he be called up and sent down ie the rangers calling people up from hartford?

"Grachev is physically similar to Malkin, perhaps slightly bigger at about 6-3 and 210 pounds, and has another advantage: He has no legal obligations to Russia." This guys 18 years old!! Big pick up at the draft . Huge!!

I'm alarmed at how this offseason has been going. As far as the Jagr situation, if we don't sign him, who takes his place? Hossa has proven in ATL as well as with the Pens that he does best while playing in a support role. If he came to NY, who is the player that Hossa supports? Gomez? Maybe, since Gomez is a creative play maker and Hossa is a good finisher. I'm still not sold. I understand what Sather wants to do, he wants to keep a legitimate superstar in NY. It also seems that all of the teams that really kick ass have at least one of them any way. I just don't think Hossa is going to be our Ovechkin or Crosby. Honestly I'd rather see Malkin here. If Sather wanted to go get someone like Lecavalier, Zetterberg, or Kovalchuk, I'd be totally cool with that. Sundin I think is a band aid solution. I'd rather seen Shanahan back

This time of year we often forget intangibles and other factors besides pure stats when looking into players, so i've been watching clips and reading older articles to put my mind in place
Prucha:just to quote an article from april of 07 from this site, right before we played atlanta, "Good too that Petr Prucha was the team's best forward and that his unit with Matt Cullen and Ryan Callahan was the team's best line -- with Marcel Hossa returning to the first line for the playoffs, this line must stay intact to match the Thrashers' speed and skill." Reading that made me remember how awesome prucha was.
Although the past season was rough on prucha with ice time and definitely halted his development, he has a great upside, that upside is something that we were missing the past year...the ability to finish!!!!
The only problem i see is the youth developing further each year and may not leave the ice time he needs to get his game back. This should be the only problem, too much developing players not enough room. As for everything else, i'm sure the rookie performance wasn't beginner's luck, he could easily repeat. Answer: tough, only trade him if it's for a player that produces or has the potential to produce at least 25 goals a year or a 1,2 or 3 d-man.
Avery: that saveseanavery.com site sums it up, we need him! that video on the site is awesome, NYRanger4Life great job! As for the price tag, 4 million may be too much but 2 million is certainly too little, how about somewhere in the middle? perfect! come on sather give in a little for once. I do think that he will resign despite all the rumors, the vogue internship proves it, he loves his current situation, avery would be taking a risk playing on a different team anyway and wouldn't be nearly as effective in a smaller market. Answer: Sign him for a little over 3 million
Jagr: He said during an interview that he can't be fully effective for a whole season and the playoffs, in other words he plays when it matters. This sends mixed-messages, it annoys during some of the season, in the playoffs and important games he will continue to dominate (be the best player on the ice). The trouble is it's hard switching to "dominate" mode and back. I think he will improve his point total by 20, since there won't be the confusion of finding the right center (at least he's used to it now). Therefore, he will probably be a very good player for a portion of the regular season, and a top force on the ice during the playoffs and other portion of regular season. Answer: sign to one year deal with incentives, approx 5 million.
Free agent d-men-
considering i'm living in colorado, i'll start with Liles: He's got great upside in his puck moving ability but he's not that big and his offensive numbers have been slipping- not what we need
Streit: I think he would fit in the best to what we need on the powerplay, he would be the best immediate solution, his offensive numbers are improving as well. Considering he was hidden behind markov this year and souray the last, the rangers power play would let him run free.
Campbell: he is definitely asking too much, if we can get streit for cheaper go for it.
Redden: he fights, has size, solid first pair d-man (something we really need)
tired of typing, any of them besides Liles would be a perfect signing (money permitting)
Sundin: To get straight to the point he has size and would be sparked playing for any serious team (90 point season at least), i don't like having so many centers but he's optimal for one year instead of hossa for 4. If we signed him one year, it could be incentive based and we would have free cap room for a serious winger next off-season. Answer-sign him only for a year if available.

sheesh another false alarm. this time on the straka deal. probably gave a verbal ok, then pulled back when he got a call from jj saying, "hey marty, not so fast man, maybe if i go to russia for big money you come too?". ok, i have no sources on this other than my imagination.

anyway, it sounds like straka is gone from rangers team. it seemed to me he approached every game professionally and was a hard-working and unselfish team mate. enjoyed watching him in a ranger sweater. best of luck martin straka!

I don't understand why Grachev hasn't been picked by a Major Junior team yet, if he's all we've heard.
D-man Kundratek was picked 15th, will play in Medicine Hat if I read that page correctly.
If Grachev is NOT selected, and wants to play in North America, where does he play?

i'm wondering the same thing... he already watched his fall on the 20th, but this time i'm not sure what would happen... someone wanna explain? i've been watching this draft all day

If Straka is inded gone, they best of luck to him. He was a player that played hard every night. I see people saying his age was catching up to him, but he was always very streaky, and sometimes went through big slumps. Thats just how it was for Straka. He really was one of the quickest Rangers I've seen in the last 10 years or so.

Grachev was just picked by the brampton battalion. is that good or bad? jess??

no sangs on brampton, right? he'll be in hartford or nyc i guess.

i'm betting its a good thing, especially with how much jess said brampton was doing wonders for bobby sanguinetti last year, but he said earlier that he had hoped he went to the WHL since its a more physical league. maybe he'll just tear up the OHL now. i saw filatov was drafted by sudbury, but surely he'll go straight to the NHL right?

I called it... Grachev to the Battalion to play with Sangs...

sanguinetti signed a pro deal with the rangers. i'm pretty sure that means he'll be in hartford or on the big club.

Yes Jess , medicine hat is s pritty good team , Kundratek should get some good playing time there . I'll have to go to a game of thiers when there in town . Check out how he does , i did get to see pavel Brendl years back when he was in junior playing our Saskatoon Blades . Brendl looked awsome , he was big , fast and looked great ...but he turned out to be garbage!! what gives? He looked so good in junior. Seems like scouting a player is a crap shoot?

amos: gauthier layed that monster hit on straka; also memorable, was straka's hat trick in Jan 07 at the Garden vs the Flyers! One of my favorite players.

good luck Marty Straka!

just a thought, with leafs cleaning house, especially tucker, i wonder if the leafs put a call into avery?! make him a decent offer?

hope not, but i figure he may be thinking that now's the time to cash in. (if he's in it for the money.) avery's gotten a lot of press while he's been with the rangers. and especially this whole rangers win vs. loss when he's on the ice stat. like i said, just a thought....

what part of Straka has not decided are most missing? He'll probably be back with Jagr and Rozival.

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