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June 30, 2008


Dubi what LB is saying makes the most sense for Sather to do, but he's as usual not showing his cards and might not get it done. Losing 4 players Jagr, Straka, Shanahan, and Avery is too drastic a change..... less than 24 hours to go...

Alright this sounds good, i'm glad we will have Avery back. Jagr better play his best hockey, and hopefully Sundin will be a good addition to our team.

If Rozsival is back as a #1 defenseman, it'll be another early 2nd round exit.

Sign Avery, let the rest go. I'd like to see a power play this year that MAY want to head TOWARD the opponent's net with shots... instead of 90 European passes til you lose it along the boards and it's cleared.

there will be plans and alternative plans. the first will be to sign Sundin and Campbell. If that runs into a snag, the alternative will be to round up the old troops we saw last year.

I'd be happy if Brooks's info turns out to be true...although I don't want Roszival to be our #1 dman. Hopefully, Staal will eclipse him in short order. At any rate, in the interest of wild speculation and putting the cart before the horse and counting eggs before they hatch and all that stuff...

If you had a top line of Jagr, Sundin and X - who would you want X to be?

Likewise, if you had a second line of Drury, Gomez and Y - who would you want Y to be?

I think I'd like Dawes to skate with Jagr and Sundin. He generally plays to the level of his linemates; I can see him being a pretty nifty playmaker with those two behemoths lumbering around.

And then I guess Avery to add some snarl to the Drury and Gomez line - although it's not a terribly imposing line physically, there's grit, speed and skill in spades.

Just my thoughts, premature as they may be.

This is my wish list.


Kurt Sauer-Hutchinson/Potter
Backman if we have too


Cup 08/09

Anisimov is a 2nd line center in the AHL... lol

Anisimov's got more top line skill then any other hartford player including Parenteau, Moore or Korpikoski. You wait and see hes gonna get a long look like Renney said and after watching those prospect videos this kids ready to take the next step. Switching him from center to wing is a smart move to take some responsibility off him and get him comfortable. Stick around pavel maybe youll learn something.

So it would basically be the same team, minus Shanahan, Mara, Malik, and Straka, but adding Sundin?

And people are happy with that?

I have to say if Sather can pull that off at this late a date I would be happy with it. We have enough young talent in Hartford and emerging to fill out the bottom half of the roster. But I think its getting way late at this point to make it all happen. I can't see how Avery is back at this point. Sathers not one to cave.

finally some hints of sanity. but from brooks??!! i like the game plan but, reading the article, seems to be his opinion/theory. he says "trust me", somehow trusting the new york post is extremely hard for me.

again, what about the d-men? thinking the rangers ought to also sign orpik. (at a minimum.) it's crazy but rangers will probably give mara and backman another go. anyone have news on this??

dubi, posting last year's comments was good. some pretty far out comments. give's one an idea that most us fans pretty clueless when it comes to contract negotiations and player strategy.

iceplaya22, now if we could only have you be the GM, we would be in good shape.
I see Jagr getting signed, after that I have no idea. Really want Streit, Hainsey or MAYBE Redden. Pick Bertuzzi for some size. I actually wanted Huselius and or Demitra at forward.
There are so many good players that its not worth breaking the bank over one player. Out of the guys I listed how many will exceed 5 mill? Possibly Redden, a big maybe on Demitra. Please Slats sign Jags and Aves and go after these good players that can help us instead of breaking the bank for a Campbell or Hossa.

Id be happy adding Sundin for 2 yrs, Reddin for 4yrs and Sauer for 3yrs. I dont know if you can call it the same team but less is more in respect to keeping chemistry. Also by having Jagr back and adding Sundin we will only have them for 2 seasons at most giving time for our other prospects to mature and opening up spots for better UFA's in 10/11.

I'm not sure Brooks has this right. He sites no sources and seems to imply that Sather and the Rangers are "good" with the defense they put on the ice last season.

For one, I'm not sure Jagr and Sundin will work well together. Chemistry seems to be the thing JJ is looking for and both Sundin and Jagr are simply looking for the puck, in their case, the SAME puck! Sundin will not tolerate Jagr playing at some "comfortable" level until the playoffs get here. I can see a real issue developing between the two of them.

For another thing, the PP needs fixing. Are we simply replacing Shanahan with Sundin? Or will both JJ and Sundin play on the first line and the second be Gomer, Dru and somebody? Doesn't sound like a fix to me.

Third, the defense needs to be fixed. Some on this site want Rozsival gone, but he isn't the problem. The problem is Mara, Backman and Strudwick, with Struds being the "best" of the three! That's why a Hainsey, Orpik, Commodore or players like them need to be added.

If Brooks is right, then we are moving in a backward direction, adding over-the-hill players, relying on their "past performance" to be reprised on Broardway. It might work, but then what do we do in another 1-2 years...why, we simply bring in more older guys to fill the skates of those who are now getting around on their walkers! As Yogi once said..."De Ja Vu, all over again"!

I don't like it, but if they do it and it works...it's just one more reason why they are the GM's and I'm not!

rbill that's sather's job, to improve over last season without mortgaging the future.


There is a difference between mortgaging the future and not giving the future a chance. We have brought in a lot of young players and they have worked out well, for the most part. My problem is simply that I'm not sure we are improving over last season by adding Sundin in place of Shanahan. The FIRST order of business is to improve the depth on the blueline, next to improve the PP. Do that and we will see a better performance over last season, don't do that and watch other teams strengthen their positions and we'll be fighting for a playoff spot.

Whatever happens tomorrow, I'll be happy if our defense looks different than it did last year. Rozsival, if he stays should not be on the #1 pairing. There were times that he played strong, but more often than not he was on the ice for game breaking goals and was the direct cause for more than a few of them. This should be our #1 concern, but laying out huge bucks for more offense might be what happens. Have to wait and see what happens when the smoke clears and I'm hoping that cooler heads prevail, and we at least look better than last year...

Rbill Sather has given most of the kids a chance, timing maybe off on some. But he doesn't deserve all the rope to continue the competitive rebuild for the next 5-10 years. He needs continuity, and gradual change year to year.


I'm not sure what you are saying. "he doesn't deserve all the rope to continue the competitive rebuild for the next 5-10 years" What does that mean, all the rope?

Rbill he has to get beyond the 2nd round while being in his 'rebuild'. Just making the playoffs and never getting to the finals is unacceptable. And it should not be an unlimited time frame. 2 more seasons is more than enough time.

Look for Jagr to go to the Penguins if he does not sign with the Rangers ...

It means if you give Sather enough rope he will likely hang himself. LOL!!!

LB should acknowleding reading BB because when the discussion of sundin first came, my comment was exactly to have jags and mats on line 1A and dru and gomer on 1B. Not the first time he's used stuff from BB as we know but throw some credit this way and to this great board, ok, larry?

"Look for Jagr to go to the Penguins if he does not sign with the Rangers ..."

Because the Penguins would be "Jagr's team?" as he's requested? I can't see this happening.

His buddy being Mario Lemieux, I think that might be a distinct possibility Koffy. Although the way the fans booed him in Pittsburgh after he left might be too much for JJ's ego...

To further set the record straight, I never mentioned rozey and never want to see him again wearing our jersey.


I'm not sure Brooks has this right. He sites no sources and seems to imply that Sather and the Rangers are "good" with the defense they put on the ice last season.

I am with you on this as I too am wondering about it especially when nothing is done with the Ranger.

Sorry but IF Roszival is signed and called the number one defensmen something is wrong here.

I would like to see them keep Avery but pass on Sundin sorry I get nervous over seeing another older player on the roster.

IF and this is a huge IF this is the Ranger game plan then one has to say the Rangers have 2 key failures because they do not address the lack of a stay at home defender nor a power forward who will take up residence in the crease.


Thank you

Pavel and Jim, thank you for realizing how retarded Sather's plan is. More Rozsival means a defense first system with no defense. The result will be like Pavel stated, another 2nd round exit.

I don't understand why we need Sundin & Jagr? Why does Jagr need a big name player on his line to produce? Hell, Jagr likes playing with Dubinsky, a nobody before the start of this season. I figured if Jagr doesn't return Sundin would be a viable option. Otherwise we're just blowing precious cap space on over-priced veterans and neglecting the needs of the team, which are Sean Avery and a decent defensive corps.

What upsets me is no talk of interest in Brian Rolston....He would be a perfect second line winger and his shot would do wonders for our PP (especially since it looks like Mara is gone!). Plus he plays on the PK. If the Lightning don't sign him by midnight, The Rangers should definitely dial up his agent and get him signed. Keep Jagr and Avery, Sign Rolston then throw cash at Campbell, Redden, Orpik and Stuart and see which two want to be here (Hopefully campbell and orpik)..bye bye Shanny, Rosi and Mara (unless Shanny signs an incentive laden deal to play on the third line) and let's get ready for a cup run.

Something that might be a bit interesting! The Flyers just put Denis Gauthier on waivers...

Rolston is on a lot of peoples wish list, mine included.

If Rozsival is re-signed at any more than 3m (yes, I know he wants 5m+) and/or Campbell becomes a Ranger at his 7m+ asking prices, I'm officially a Detroit fan.

Here’s some news from ESPN.com:

The free-agent defensemen pool, already shallow to begin with, is even more so after the Colorado Avalanche locked up blueliners John-Michael Liles and veteran Adam Foote.

The team announced the signings Monday, and ESPN.com has confirmed that Liles' four-year deal will pay him an average of $4.2 million per season ($16.8 million total). Foote signed a two-year contract through the 2009-10 season.

And here’s some more from the same source:

Tampa Bay has won the Ryan Malone lottery.

The Lightning and the unrestricted free agent agreed to a seven-year, $31.5 million contract Sunday, ESPN.com has confirmed.

I hope they do not sign sundin and jagr. I believe the team now belongs to gomez and drury and should be built accordingly. The organization lacks a speed forward that can score and a physical presence on the defense. With cap room I would target Hossa and Orpik. Hossa would add speed and scoring and match well with Gomez and Orpik would make a good match with Staal. Both players are still young enough that the time has time to grow together. I would not spend 4 million on Avery. He is too injury prone and has not produced in the second round of playoffs. I would take him back for max 3 million/year. There are players in HArtford ready to move up. And until Sanginette is ready I would give Huthinson a chance to quarterback the powerplay.

Drury Gomez Hossa
Dawes Anisimov Callahan
Korpikoski Dubinsky Moore
Sjostrom Betts Orr/Byers

Orpik Staal
Tyutin Girardi
Mara/Potter Hutchinson

Hossa on the Rangers = #1 RW and #1 Goal scorer and #1 target of opponents -- the exact scenario where he tends to underperform. I'd rather have Sundin for 2 years than Hossa for 4+ years.

Oh yeah, don't let his writing style mislead you, Larry has a source deep within the brain trust, the same source that gave him the game plan last year. He's also very close to Gomez from their days with the Devils, and you can see in the article that he's probably talked to him about as well.

Dennis -- Get serious. There's not enough cap space for what you're proposing.

Dubi....are you saying that the Rangers are going to trade for Nylander?

If Sather had ANY interest in bringing Hossa, he wouldn't have sent his little brother to Phoenix last year.

I don't want Sundin. This team needs to get YOUNGER, not older. And we need toughness. I want Commodore, a Cup veteran, What about Cory Stillman?

I think Commodore and Orpik are in similar situations. Commodore had a great playoffs in 2006, but not such a great year after. Ottawa traded for him thinking he was going to be that tough, shut-down guy that he was in the 2006 playoffs, but that just wasn't the case. I'm afraid whatever team overpays for either Orpik or Commodore will be sorely disappointed.


Why Not?...If you can get Jags to buy into the fact that these moves make the team better than why can't they all fit?...Jags 2 yrs. 8 mil(plus incentives)...Avery 3 years 11 Mil...Rolston 3 years 12 mill.....Orpik 4 years 12 mil...and If Campbell or more likely redden will sign for 5.5 per than it could work....I'm not saying all this will fall right into place but with Rosi, Straka, Mara, Malik, and possibly shanny gone we do have the room to make some if not all of these moves....and it's alot more plausible than some of the other scenarios i've seen on here (let's sign hossa, sundin, campbell and Satan!!!)

Jadog, You don't want Sundin but want Stillman and Commodore?
Not criticizing you, but that makes absolutely no sense. If you want to get younger you go after Huselius and Streit or Hainsey. Dubi, you hearing anything of interest?

I think Joe from DE has it right. Rolston is the guy that the Rangers need to concentrate on. He plays all situations and has the speed to put teams on their heels. Rolston with Drury killing penalties would be solid.
Wish list is Rolston at 4MM, Avery at 4MM, Streit at 4MM

Defense, Defense, Defense.........can't lose site of that. The teams goals against has been good the last two years with much to do with Hank, but you gotta Rozy a little credit. It has been said here and I agree that Rozy had become the Rangers #1 defensemen over the last few years basically by default based on roster deficiencies. If Rozy stays, get him some help to make the defense corps deeper...you can never be too deep on defense. Year after year in the playoffs, its goal tending and defense. I am pretty sure that Sather is figuring something out with the offensive puzzle and something is going to get done that hopefully will equate to adequate goal scoring but we owe it Hank to get the defense tougher....a must to succeed in this league.

Tampa Bay has won the Ryan Malone lottery.

LOL.... I wouldn't exactly say the "won" on that deal there. 7 years? He has had only one season where he has broken the plateaus of 25 goals, 50 points, and 100 PIM's... and that was last season (quite possibly a dream season for him). Those stats include his years before he was an NHL player also. That contract is at least 3 years too long....

No thanks.


I just finished watching the NJ series and Shanny was simply awful. Oh, he got a goal and maybe an assist, but his involvement in plays was always lacking something. He either was too slow reacting, to slow to catch the play, out of position and on and on. He WAS a great player, but he knows where he stands right now and that's as a 4th liner. He is better then Hollweg, but we don't need him on a 4th line. Cut him loose and be done with it.


I agree with your basic premise. The problem I have is both last years and this years team were teams that should have made the conf championships. I'm not sure this years team was a big improvement over last years team, even with the addition of Gomez and Drury. The DEFENSE needs to be fixed. We can argue all day about Rozsival being a #1 or a second pair D'man. It doesn't matter, he is not the problem. As I said before, the problem is Mara, Backman and Strudwick. None of them are third pair D'men and that needs to change. Looking for more offense, with the current state of the defense is offensive. Sounds like an NHL.com commercial, but that's the truth. We do not have ANY #1 defenseman, so we need 6 good ones.

Dennis -- Please. Orpik will get closer to $5M, than $3M. Malone got $4.5M, and you think Rolston settles for much less than that? He's a better, more versatile player. The market is so thin for defensemen; it will be a bidding war. Do you think that Redden and/or Campbell will settle for less than $6-6.5M? Liles is getting $4M. Jagr will want a base of $6M, plus incentives. And that doesn't count money for our own RFAs (Dawes, Sjostrom), plus (UFA) Valiquette. And I haven't added Avery in yet.

am I the only person who is forgetting that we need to sign callahan again?

also I wouldn't mind mara back as a 3rd line dman for 1.5 ish....

my wish list, avery jagr, rolston, shanny(cheap please), commadore, orpik

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