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June 30, 2008


DUBI Zipay says "We're told Jagr's people and the Rangers are still talking; one executive (and also a fellow journalist) told me that contrary to TSN's assessment, performance bonuses are allowed. That lack of a CBA provision is not pertinent."

Thats great... lets drop Dubinsky down in the depth chart. Lets bury him. Bring in more centers. Lets get Holik and Lindros to go with Nedved and Messier.

Tampa already signed Gary Roberts to a contract that is rife with performance benefits...


Funny dude!! You think they would all fit under the cap?? HAHA

Green looking for big raise

"If Green goes unsigned by tomorrow, there is a chance another team may convince him to sign an offer sheet."



Rangers still an option for Avery

"He's interested to see what the market is and he wants to play in a competitive market," Guy told TFP. "His first choice is to get a deal done with New York."


Dubinsky will be fine...the kid's already shown his mental toughness...he'll play on the PP, and get some PK time. too. Playing next to Jagr certainly helped Dubi's development, but, it was by no means the sole reason for it. I've ssid it elsewhere, but, Dubinsky is on his way to becoming this team's Brind'Amour...he will be it's guts the way Gravey was. Watch, if Prucha gets put on Dubi's wing, he'll get hus 20 goals again. Why? Because Dubinsky is the type of center Prucha needs...one who can create space, where Petr can find openings and use his shot, which he was not able to do last year. People seem to forget that Prucha played a lot of the time with Rucchin his rookie year...and Rucchin was not exactly a play-making center. As for Dubinsky, isn't it time for people to remove doubts about this kid. He's anything but timid and fragile.. The kid was made to play in this city.

If anyone knows any websites that will be giving reliable and efficient updates throughout the free agent frenzy tomorrow and through the week, please post them here.

So far i know tsn.ca, sportsnet.ca, and kuklaskorner.com are all pretty solid sites for information and analysis

Ted, thefourthperiod.com is pretty good as well, obviously spectorshockey.net. NHLline.com isnt bad either.

Have a good night folks hopefully tomorrow is a great day for us. GO RANGERS!

korpikoski/anisimov/orr,byers, moore?

hainsey or orpik/staal

I would hate to see dru moved to a third line role once again but saying we even got a player like rolston or sundin(I personally hope no sundin)..we would need some more balance through the line up I feel. Assuming Anisimov builds up over the summer and really impresses renney, he might get that fourth line postion, what would we do? Would we put atleast one seasonal player on there or leave it to 3 rookies? would that be good for their developement? decisions. As for defense, IHMO I'd take hainsey or orpik, they both seem they couldn't hurt staals developent but only help it, either one is a upgrade from mara or backman. Not going to happen but throw a offersheet at Mike Greenand place him with rosival or even staal, and we have a pretty steady puckmoving defense that can still lays massive hits etc. orpik in game 3, last shift..open to opinions/criticism ;-)

I don't get why this is news. Does anyone else think that the Rangers have a team of lawyers who read over and analyze all of this technical stuff put forth by the league? How can anything be a surprise. This is "breaking news" but how can anyone be so naive to think that the organization isn't fully aware of what they are and are not alowed to do.

Avery has no loyalty. He will go where the money is. No to offers to rfa's. Sundin and JJ would make beautiful music together... No more speculation... Tomorrow will be here in a couple of days....Z

i really dont think we're looking to get sundin, i think its all hearsay. but we will find out soon enough.

As for Avery, I think with Shanny gone, Avery's out of the mix

The fact that the Rangers have been very quiet leads me to believe that something big is going to happen. I hope its Sundin and Campbell or Redden!

I guess i'll jump in and put my wish list.


hainsey/k.Sauer- any of our prospects ready to make the jump

the only big money player we should toss some cash at should be green. with his youth & skill that would give us a good future d corps. picking up vrbata or putting prucha w/ jagrs line would give him a countryman to play w/.
not going crazy in signing other FA wouldnt disrupt what chemistry there was at the end of the season

I don't think Betts is going anywhere. He's too valuable on the PK. If Anisimov has a dynamite camp, then either Drury or Dubi will move to wing.

As for Dubi doubters...I don't think anyone doubts him. Seriously, that dude bleeds Rangers blue. He takes wearing the Rangers jersey more seriously than anyone since Graves. it's players like him, Cally, and Dawes who fans really appreciate.

Nice to hear other folks also think Dubinsky is not reliant on any specific player to succeed, I used to read so much about the need for Jagr in order for him to succeed, let's have some faith in our players. He learned from Jagr, great. He'll learn from anyone and it's not like there isn't anyone else on the team he would learn from. He's every coach's dream. He could be moved to different wingers, or as was mentioned moved to wing himself and it wouldn't change his game or his contribution to the team. He is the opposite of fragile.


"The fact that the Rangers have been very quiet leads me to believe that something big is going to happen. I hope its Sundin and Campbell or Redden!"

Reminds me so much of the pre-lockout rangers, signing big UFA's that are going to eat up our cap and in a few years have to give up some major assets in our system.

stay with the youth

njaco - totally agree with you, adding a young skilled OD man in Green would do no harm in solidifying the D we want so badly, and adding a hainsey, sauer, or even orpik if we could afford it would add that toughness. I see Green is now asking for 4.5 - 5 so it would be hard adding a orpik, but maybe not a sauer?

adding Green would be insane! I doubt Washington would let him go & not match an offer sheet, but if Green & Washington can't agree on $4.5 mill/year, I would love to see us offer him $5-6 mill longterm deal & snap him up. He is TOTALLY worth it. He is a total STUD. #1 D-man for years to come. Pipe dream though i'm sure. The Caps are not stupid.

Sanguinetti in a New York state of mind


Free agency very tricky for Rangers


Rangers did make qualifying offers to retain the matching rights to restricted free agent forwards Nigel Dawes, Fredrik Sjostrom and Hugh Jessiman.

Daily News

Here in sweden i got some info about Sundin that leads him to the rangers. the info is frpm a person near him.
well hes first choice is rangrs and not Montreal.
he wants to play in the east and do 2 more season in the big apple according to the source. Whos brother is an old time ranger by the way.

And avery what a mess...if he leaves a big misstake. but then hes not the brightes candle on the cake.

Is there a site to see ALL qualifying offers made?
That the NEWS reports Jessiman was 'qualified' has me wondering about the other RFA's listed at Howlings - especially Greg Moore but also Gratton, Liffiton and Holt ...

So Uncle Larry today says the Rangers are going to try to sign 2 out of the following 4: Streit, Roszival, Orpik, Redden. Says they have no interest in paying Campbell $7 million per. Also says Boston is about to offer Hossa 12 years, $100 million (redunkulous). Says the Jagr and Sundin tandem is still on the Rangers' radar and that Sather probably has no interest in paying Avery $4 million per for 4 years, but that the Leafs, Canucks and Hawks are interested. (My money says Avery caves in and signs here cause no way he wants to go to any of those other 3 places).

Also says Shanahan was "stung" by Renney's comments that his role would have to be re-defined and is thinking of signing with the Devils.

Good job making a qualifying offer to Sjo. He was good and could be very good if given another opportunity.

Jagr, Avery, Streit......Sauer, would be a great day.

Zip reports he got a text msg about something surprising happening with the Rangers today...When I hear about a surprise with Sather at the helm I get the sudden urge to put my head in a bear trap. Hopefully its something that gets us outta the 2nd round. I'll post what I hear as I'm sure everyone will do the same......Heres to a good day (hopefully).

From TSN -

"BREAKING NEWS: The Washington Capitals have agreed to terms with restricted free agent defenceman Mike Greeen. Sources tell TSN it's a four year deal with an average annual salary of $5.25 million."

If Shanahan is truly irked by Renney's comments that his role needs to be redefined...then it's really time to say farewell to Shanny. Anybody with even a passing interest in hockey could see that Shanahan has the legs and foot speed of an old man and the only thing he can offer at this point is his shot and his veteran advice. Sadly, his shot comes from him telegraphing it for half an hour before he shoots it. I, for one, won't miss seeing Shanny and Jagr waste another 5 on 3 with their patty-cake shots from the point. Good luck, Shanny...it's been grand...retire now.

"Streit is a power play specialist whose price will likely escalate into the $3-3.5M per range as the market evolves."

If the Rangers pay that much for Streit, they are idiots.

ntb, Streit is a good d-man. He reminds me of Mara.. he's not awesome, but he doesn't suck.. Campbell wants 7m and his defense sucks... same with Redden at 6m.

Orpik/Commodore/Stuart for the physical play, and a Hainsey/Streit for the PP QB.

Then, the focus is on getting a top 6 forward or two.. it's possible, but tricky.

I would hate to see shanny go to the devils, however I have to agree with most here saying that he is showing his age. I would love for him to be one of the coaches next season, so that he can continue to mentor the kids on the team, and keep his leadership on the team. Sundin I really don't want here, I think it would bring back too many memories of the late 90's. Bring back the guys we had last year and a couple new D men and we should be cooking.

too quiet....hope something is cooking. we don't need another garth snow.

if straka leaves, i find it hard to believe that jagr will come back (given everything thats already happened). i think he will leave for europe. for everything that everyone across the internet has said about hossa, i dont want him, regardless of what he did in the playoffs. he's a slacker. wants all the benefits/rewards etc but doesnt want to work for them. i also do not like bringing in mats sundin. a lindros-esque type of move. we dont want that. go after orpik. we have enough offensive defensmen in hartford. i dont know who can replace jagr/straka up front though. certainly no one from within the organization.

Happy Canada Day to all!!!!

The first day of hopefully a fresh beginning of a stanley cup season for us. So I would like to take the time to thank Dubi (still have not seen the latest issue) and Jess for all the great info and work!!! I would also like to say thanks and sorry (especially to greg l and bones for some spats in the past) to all the other posters for their input and responses over the past few seasons.

Let's Go Rangers!!!!

NHL.com has a front page feature on Sanguinetti. Pretty cool.

Very apprehensive about the free agency. I just want Avery signed and then will go from there. Avery: Take the 3-3.25M and do some commercials for Calvin Klein or something... Easy for us to say take less $, etc. But both sides need each other.

Sather is playing a dangerous game of chicken and has underestimated Avery's value to other teams. Four teams already lined up so far, ready to pay 4M and the list will probably grow. I don't think he'd like to go to some of those teams, but one of them may force his hand if Sather continues his arrogant ways. If so, Sather will be blasted and rightfully so. Darcy Tucker as his replacement? Please. Very scary times that will hopefully work out well.

From ESPN -

The Washington Capitals are keeping their dynamic young star Mike Green. The NHL's top scoring defenseman was rewarded with a four-year, $21 million contract.

The Edmonton Oilers continue to position themselves for the free-agent market by shedding salary Tuesday.

First, they traded rugged forward Raffi Torres to the Columbus Blue Jackets for underachieving prospect Gilbert Brule.

Then, they sent restricted free-agent defenseman Joni Pitkanen to the Carolina Hurricanes for winger Erik Cole.

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