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June 22, 2008


I believe you mean Chris Kelly's $2M/year contract with Ottawa.

I'm not really excited about Campbell. Every time I've seen him play (which was pretty much only when we played Buffalo) he appeared soft as Tom Poti in the 3rd period of an important game. Can anyone tell me why (except for the fact that he is apparently good buds with Drury) we should be excited about this?

Dubi/Jess - Can you shed some light on how exactly Alex Bourret "improperly worked out" last summer? I've never really heard that about a player before him. I've always been curious on what exactly that means...

Face reality. The Rangers are never going to be a high scoring team with the kind of prospects they drafted. Those would be 40-60, two way players. They are going to have to win with defense first and then scoring on the PP.

Campbell is not soft. I've seen him lay several big, open ice hits. Defensively he's not a fortress but look at the morons this team has been using back there. Rosival is a walking disaster. Malik is embarrassed by every speed team. Mara is average at best. Tyutin looks like a bumbling idiot half the time. He's a big upgrade. Question is if they can afford him.

Well Campbell is a quarterback to the powerplay and the last I looked we sucked at the PP . If we play , girardi and toots , Cambell and staal , a rookie and struds? ...you see with Mara ,Makik and rozival out ..we have more cash to get him . Campbells better than those guys at skating .Hes a bigtime d-man with the paycheck to prove it!!

From the previous post...

The expectation with the PTA is that the NHL wants to go back to the old days where the rights to a European does not expire.

My hope that Loko allow Grachev to come over to NA before his contract expires in 2011 isn't so much out of concern that the Rangers rights to him will expire before then, but that Yaroslavl might not be the best place for his development. Like I said, they have a great development school, but players seem to hit a roadblock when it comes time to make the big club. The 88-borns from Anisimov's draft class who remained in Yaroslavl (excluding goalie Semen Varlamov) still haven't secured full-time roles on the team.

I'm all for allowing players to stay in Europe to develop -- if it's in their best interest. In Cherepanov's, it is. He gets plenty of ice time and responsibility playing against the best competition in the RSL/KHL. In Anisimov's case, I think it was the right decision to bring him over to Hartford. I think it that might prove to be the case for Grachev as well, especially since Adrei Loktionov, despite being drafted nearly 50 places lower than Grachev, may be equally or better thought of within the organization and could challenge him for what little ice time may be available with the big club.

Chris, my understanding is that Bourret focused too much on adding strength and bulk and not enough on general conditioning and cardio.

QMJHL Fight - Logan MacMillan vs. Chris Doyle


Chris Doyle Levels Seadog


The most shocking part of the draft was Philly trading Umberger to Columbus for draft picks. What's up with that?


The Rangers develop individual training/diet programs for their prospects which they are expected to follow in the off-season.

It is a well crafted program designed to get the max out of prospect and having watched several prospects over the years they are in the program only a fool would not follow it.

Guess what that makes Bourret?


Those clips are nice and IF Doyle would play like that more often then he would not have fallen so far as he did.

Doyle has a ton of talent but sometimes the head and heart do not always agree.

IF the kid puts it all together then the Rangers will have themselves a steal but it is more up to the kid


Right now given the desire of the Russians to build up their new league as "equals" to the NHL I would not expect them to let any of their home grown talent opt out of their contracts.

Weinman has the conditioning camp roster posted on his blog, FYI.

Justin Wallingford?

6'6'' 226 lbs defenseman?

50 points in 63 games in the OHL?

I like this!


Or if you prefer goals to fights?


Looks like a big, poised kid. Wearing the "C". Lumbers a little on his skates, but whaddya expect? He's 6'6''!

Chris QCT

Remember, Jozef Balej? Same reason. Don't follow instruction...you are gone! Youngsters, pay close attention.


It may just be a cap issue, but remember, everybody had some question regarding Umberger's "attitude". Could be we made the right decision NOT signing him.

This kid Gaulton could be very interesting as we watch him develop. The Hockey News ranks him at #54 and Central Scouting doesn't even have him ranked amoung the NA Skaters. He may be listed under NA goalies, I'm checking that one out. All scouts seem to say the same thing. His team was SO BAD that you couldn't make an accurate assessment of him based on what was around him! WOW, what kind of commentary is that for poor Erie! Mitch, get yourself traded. Rangers, ask them to trade him. One scout said "he looks like a steady two-way guy". Another Girardi?

I must admit I really do not understand the draft by the rangers. The first pick made sense, best player on the board, ok. If sags does not work out, good fall back plan. Then I become baffled, not that we are deep at center or (joking of course) anything, and when we need banging depth on the wings and blueline we take not really banging type players (maybe its the jessiman factor of drafting a big player that does not turn out well). I also think signing campbell would be a mistake, he is a very good player, but I still think a big banger on the back line should be more of a priority than a puck mover, besides campbell will want 6 or 7 million, and we need more help on the blueline than one quality player, we need two. Next item, staal goes two picks before us in the second, how in the heck did we not get him is beyond me so freaking close.....lastly, if we do not resign avery the nhl should strip sather of HIS position!!!!!!!!!!


I'm not happy with our 2nd pick either. I wanted Jyri Neimi who went to the Isles at #72. Staal is just a name, so you shouldn't be upset that they didn't get him. Your point about our depth at center is a good one, but when this kid Stepan comes along we may well be ready to trade Drury or Gomez. Insurance. I just wanted another defenseman, and a tough one at that. I thought Neimi was the one, but we will see. I hope I'm wrong, unless he doesn't develop with the Isles.


You are right about neimi, I forgot about him. Just another example of our division gets tougher (possibly as he is just a draft pick at this point) and we get more dipsy doo!!!

I agree , Avery should be signed , not at $4 million a season . His record shows that we are better with him then without him. Does it mean Averys not here ( missing games) more than he should? Jagr doesn't have that stat (win with and without)because he plays most games , every game this year . Is it easier to be good playing some of the games and not all of them? Playing a full season , a player gonna have lulls , Jagr played all of them and some night he wasn't as good . If Avery plays less his chances of playing when theres a win increases . During the playoff he missed the important pitts series , not his fault ,but we did lose some games ..was it because of Avery?...Manangement relise we were ok after losing Avery and lost from an overtime goal , not an absence from Avery. If Avery can play like he does all the time during a full 82 game schedule and all of the playoffs , then yes $4 million would be reasonable . Untill then $2.75 Million should be fair.

I agree greg, until he shows he can play a full 82, he should not expect that huge of a salary increase. Of course his style of play usually leads to injuries, but 2.75 to 3 seems very reasonable.

yes , wicky . So true . Bring Glen and Avery in here , we'LL bang out a deal!!!

Personally, I'm okay with the draft. Nobody that gets drafted is playing next year and that's when we need the defensive muscle, so what's the harm in all this?

As for the Campbell rumor--it's just that. I don't want him or Redden. Give me Roszival back and a hard hitting Dman and I'll be happy. Personally, I don't think this team needs too much of an overhaul. No Straka or Shanahan. Keep Korpi and Prucha and maybe sign Vrbita; no Malik or mara, and waive Backman. Bring us a solid, hard hitting D-man, bring back Avery and I think we'll have a rock solid year.


HA HA , btw the only injuries Avery would get from his style of play is a sore jaw and some fat lips!!!

RJ Umberger was a force for philly in the playoffs! What is the inside scoop on that deal? Seems to make zero sense? Dubi?

One of Niemi knocks is that he is soft...just the type of D-man Ranger fans have so much distaste for...I'll admit Stepan wasn't on my radar, but the kids his excellent offensive skills, attended a hockey HS factory at SSM, and is going to Wisconsin, a quality program. He's 6-0, 168...at age 18...I'm guessing that, in four years, he's a little more filled out (Brandon Dubinsky, anyone?) Jess has already pointed out that he's going to move to wing, so a wing with excellent offensive skills, yeah, that's something the Rangers could use.

The direction of this draft was quite obvious, from my vantage point. The Rangers have spent the past 3-4 years building the system with quality players that work hard. as a result, we have an abundance of foot soldiers. They can now afford to take some risks. They did with Crherepanov last year, and the did pretty much throughout this draft...they can let a kid, whose upside is a scoring winger, to develop in college at a quality program. they can take a Grachev, who's likely to be a LW in the pros, and sounds like he wants to come to the CHL this upcoming season. They can take kids with nice upside that need time to properly develop like Doyle and Gaulton, because the system is solid with good prospects already. They added depth on D, brought in size and skill upfront, and, if things go right, could actually see a boost in the overall talent of the prospect pool, which gives them not only a flowing pipeline of youth, but increases the assets to make deals.

This kid Justin Soryal is no slouch. This kid can throw some nasty rights...as well as switching to southpaw with ease...




I agree with your assessment. I think you will see Backman in Hartford this season. He needs to work on his overall game. If he doesn't want to take that assignment, we'll probably buy him out and let some oppenent try the guy. If he can get his overall game together, I think he could be a positive player. I just think he needs 1-2 years in the minors, something he never got, more because of the team he was with.

Can we sign Avery to an incentive based contract? His current numbers do no t warrant his asking price, but injuries aside last year, he was on par to score 20+ goals. If he can do that, along with the intangible qualities he brings, he is probably worth close to 4/per. If possible, give him 3 years at 3/per, and if he score 20+, then give him the rest.

soryal and marc staal, not a great fight though.


I think whatever happens with Backman will depend upon how the Rangers come out the free agency period. The other thing to consider is that the Rangers could use his salary to offset a larger contract in a deal. If the Rangers don't get, say, Campbell or Redden, perhaps they try to trade for a Jovanovski, McCabe or Souray, and put Backman's salary, which drops off after this year, into the deal.

Justin Wallingford.. 51p in 60g.. how come he wasn't drafted?

not gonna miss avery all that much, was an asset but took too many penalties- hopefully he goes far west, or the russian super league


The big problem isn't his salary, it's his play. He isn't worth $2MM the way he plays right now. We got him fot a 4th round pick! The only hope is he can improve his game in the AHL and THEN be worth something to somebody.

I know this is kinda off topic but I have been reading a lot of other blogs and comments from other ranger fans. It seems to me that most people want Hossa instead of Jagr. I just don't understand why. I def want jagr back another year. He has that ability to take over a game, Hossa does not. I think we should wait for the next super star to come here when there are better players available. Everyone wants Hossa cause he is the best player available but I just don't see him doing well here. Jagr on a bad day I feel is ten times better than Hossa. We have to be patient and wait for a Gaborik Datsyuk zetterberg Kovalchuk Lecavalier. Hossa is not that answer to this team and in no way is he going to take the Rangers to the stanley cup. This team was really starting to develop chemistry and we have to keep that. We start off slow every year cause we bring in a new core of players and chemistry needs to form again. I say one more year with jagr and if it doesnt work out then go for someone I mentioned above. I would sign 2 people and bring everyone else back. Sign Orpik and a winger like vrbata or rolston. Bring brack Straka and think he will have a bounce back year. Avery is a must in my eyes he brings tenacity to this team and makes everyone else play with an edge. Just look at the stats when avery is in the line up and not. Enough said. line 1 jagr dubi avery to start off with. Gomez was actually creating some chemistry with jagr during the end of the year and playoffs so maybe switch it if dubi has a sophmore slump.
Line 2 would be straka gomez vrbata/rolston. Line 3 callahan drury dawes. Lots of chemistry on that line. Line 4 korpikoski betts sjostrom.
Defense is just going to get better with time as we have a ton of talent that is just maturing game after game. Staal is going to be an all star this year. You heard it here first. This kid has the tools and is going to have more confidence going into next year.
Orpik Staal
rozi potter/ sauer sags maybe
Tyutin Girardi
Tell me what you guys think. Just thinking out loud I guess

I am not a fan of a long term deal with Hossa.. I think he is soft and he cannot carry a team like even an old Jagr.

Hossa needs someone to get him the puck...

Jagr 1 or 2 yrs over a Hossa crazy 5 + yr contract, NO THANK YOU...

Hossa has always been better when he's around good players where can slide into a support role, which is why he was very good in the playoffs with Pittsburgh. I don't have faith in him filling the Jagr role, and I don't like that kind of commitment.

Is BIG WALLY as he's called actual Rangers property? I saw 6'6 and my eyes lit up!

Jess help me out here if you can. Or anyone.

I don't necessarily think Hossa is our answer, but only because money sense has kicked in, and I question more and more whether it would be wise to pay the amount of $$ and contract years it would take to secure him. But I am even more sure that we should go forward without Jagr. I am not saying let him walk because of money or the length of the contract, but more bluntly put to consider it progress to not have him on our team. Whether he can play this season as he did during last year's playoffs (I very much suspect he would not be able to sustain even a facsimile of that performance, and in reality he wasn't even in a couple of those games against the Pens, he was invisible) is not really the question. The real question is why should we even have to ask about whether he will be totally focussed and giving his all. Why would any team want to play a gambling game based on the chances that a certain player will give his all. It would be an awful day in hockey when we have to play that cynical kind of game. Go forward without Jagr.

The Rangers are too tentative in exposing their talent in Hartford to the big game. They seem to leave a lot in question by not actually putting some guys down in Hartford to a real test. I stand by my assertion that the lack of some player's ascent to the NHL is not due to NYR's pre-occupation with due diligence, it is because they don't have a clue what to do. Come on, Renney is mediocre at best figuring out what do with a lot of players. Other teams throw their good prospects into the mix, they don't sit around in the NHL until their confidence is shot.

I meant "don't sit around in the AHL until their confidence is shot", not the NHL

One go around with the Hossa family was enough. He can't carry a team and control the puck like Jagr can. He will get more than he is worth this summer. I would be a lot more interested in the Rangers signed Orpik and Rolston should he make it to FA. Resign Roszival, Jagr, Shanny on the cheap and let Straka, Malik, Mara all walk. Bring back Strudwick because of the intangibles and because he can fill in on both wing and defense on an odd night. In the case of a long term injury we will have both Sauer and Sangunetti in Hartford this year. With Campbells flaws i just don't see investing the money in him when you have players in your system that could be better in 2 to 3 years time. Let Prucha, Callahan, Dawes all play more prominent roles, let Anisimov and Korpakowski challenge for spots on the wing in camp. If Avery's price comes down bring him back but not for more than a 3.25 M cap hit.

"Remember, Jozef Balej? Same reason. Don't follow instruction...you are gone! Youngsters, pay close attention."

I'm thinking this is also why I've heard a few AHL vets say they despised Hartford.

On some of the assessments of hossa (who i would rather we not sign) I kind of feel like they are describing jagr. I have said it before, jagr has had zero success being the captain and leader of a team (by success I mean a stanley cup), he is a wingman not the flight leader. A great player yes, and a successful sidekick, but not a successful focal point, just like hossa!!

Big Wally:

I think he's just been invited to camp and that the Rangers will have the opportunity to sign him to a contract, a la Girardi.

Although I doubt this kid's ready to make the jump. Check out the videos. He's big, poised, has some skills, but doesn't seem all that strong on his skates just yet. Also, I have no idea whether or not he's a banger...isn't Malik also 6'6''? But it's nice to see him drop the gloves a couple of times...and he absolutely destroyed Akim Aliu in that youtube scrap (although he had about 10" on him).


where did you get this information on this Justin Wallingford kid being invited to camp?

the information*** ;-)

Justin Wallingford's 50 points in the OHL as a defenseman would be impressive except for the fact that he did it as an overage player. He wasn't eligle for this year's draft because he was born in 1987, and he scored hardly at all in past years. It's very rare that a NHL prospect isn't producing points at age 17, or 18 at the latest. By the time a player reaches 19 or 20, he's physically more mature than the majority of players in junior, and it's not unusual that even a marginal player becomes productive. Still, given Wallingford's size, it isn't a bad idea for the Rangers to invite him to camp.

First off... I WOULDNT WANT HOSSA ON THE TEAM IF THEY OFFERED HIM FOR FREE... too even suggest that he could lead this team is ludacris! He is overrated by far. Any ranger fan that would want him over JAROMIR JAGR is insane.

First of all I don't understand what you're saying about Marian Hossa.I don't think the Rangers should go after him.But I don't see where he is overrated.Sure the team he played on in Ottawa didn't make the playoffs.But he is a star player.

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