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May 16, 2008


So Dubi, how can we find out if our sub is up for renewal? Is the date on our mailing label? I'd renew in time to be eligible to get a t-shirt. This way, I can advertise in SEC426 for you :-)

I got mine yesterday and after a REAL bad week at work, it was a pleasure to relax with the Rangers!

Also, if anyone was sent an MSG survey in their e-mail, don't forget to count the BB site as a source of NYR info AND as a magazine you read for info.

The issue number that your subscription expires on should be above your name on the mailing label. But you can extend with a renewal even if your subscription is not set to expire. You're also eligible as a current sub either way, though your odds would be better in the renewal group.

I plan on renewing. my sub ended back in september, i think. do i need my account information to renew?
Ryan Sevean

Ryan -- Just your name is all I need to go by.

Renewal is easy. BB is really good about sending out cards when renewal time is nearing. I got mine about 2 weeks ago and immediately renewed for 3 years. BB is my only source of Rangers news and info out here in Denver. I'd be lost without it. So, either try to figure it out on your or just wait for the card. It's that easy. Thanks Dubi and LET'S GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any true ranger fan should be subscribing to this magazine. The depth provided in it's pages is incredible and every article gives such a great scoop on everything going on in the organization. Keep up the good work fellas!

does anyone in the nyr organization at any level subscribe?

I would definitely subscribe...but i'm broke. Anyone need a hardworking 20 year old from Central NJ to help with well anything lol. I'm a huge Rangers fan might I add lol.

I'm watching the Kitchener Rangers on NHLTV and I am hearing a "Let's Go, Rangers!" chant. Just about making me cry. Go baby Rangers! They're ahead 5-4 versus Gaineau.

Gatineau Olympiques, my bad.

Boedecker (sp.?) just got an ugly knee-on-knee. Looked intentional by the Gatineau defenceman.

Gatineau just tied it, 5-5. Great pass!

Bodecker back on the ice, hit the post, and then drew a penalty.


That is great about the give aways, but I have an idea, you should do a give away of a Messier bobblehead for all the Montana subscribers. Put all their names in a hat a the one drawn wins the bobblehead!!!! That would be an awesome give away!!!!!!!!!

Dubi i want a bubblehead


i dont think every european player dreams of playing in the NHL. I can't speak for them but I'm sure there are plenty of guys who for whatever reason would rather play in europe than spend years in the minors to make in the NHL.

If it was Baranka's dream to play in the NHL than I don't understand how he can go to the Russian league at this point in his career. He was on the verge of making the Rangers and now by going to back to Europe his NHL career is pretty much over...

i stopped reading as soon as i read the first line, and ill tell you why. today when i glanced down at my tripometer on my way to work, it read 666 miles. i reset it immediately. this is the second time its happened, i dont look at the tripometer often, it happened the last time i looked at it also. then i picked up my paystub and when i scanned through all the deductions and got depressed at how much they rape me with taxes because i dotn own a home or have a wife and kids it read $666. ive been having all kinds of strange experiences lately, and now im having these numbers show up way too often. ok ill go read the article now, i just got back from a pickup game so im real wired and have to wake up at 8 for work.

ok upon reading the rest of the article, maybe im just destined to be the 6666th subscriber, and the devil is not trying to capture my sould afterall? unless this is exactly what he wants? i hope the rangers dont sign miro satan.


does anyone in the nyr organization at any level subscribe?

I can not speak for subscribers but every Ranger scout I have ever talked to knows who we are. I know because when the issues do not show up I hear about LOL


i dont think every european player dreams of playing in the NHL. I can't speak for them but I'm sure there are plenty of guys who for whatever reason would rather play in europe than spend years in the minors to make in the NHL.

No offense but one of us talks to the European prospects both Rangers and not and that is not you. You are like saying "well I am not trying to be the very best I could be, I am willing to live my life as second best"

The NHL is viewed as the highest level of play by all hockey players. Nobody ever thinks they will have to spend any amount of time in the minors not even North American players.

If it was Baranka's dream to play in the NHL than I don't understand how he can go to the Russian league at this point in his career.

That is because you have no idea what he has gone though, I do as I have known Ivan since 2004 when he was playing for Everett. You can not understand what kind of pain he has felt, you have never experienced how many times he has had to rehab.

You are just a student, do you have an idea what it feels like when others pass you by? That is part of what Baranka has gone though because of his injuries.

He was on the verge of making the Rangers and now by going to back to Europe his NHL career is pretty much over...

Again no offense but you can not say that. The Russian league is actually viewed by real scouts, real talent evaluators and hockey professionals as a level above the AHL and just below the NHL.

In your eyes Baranka was on the verge of the NHL but there is no guarantee that he would have made it to the Rangers. Instead Baranka is trying to jump start his development in hopes of one day playing in the NHL.


I am going to take a wild guess but you enjoyed the opener of the Memorial Cup right?

You see why I say at times how come I enjoy covering the prospects more than I do the New York Rangers?

If anyone called that game dull then they are not telling the truth.


And the Rangers won in OT. On a wrist shot from the point with a lot of traffic in front. (Reminded me of Marc Staal's first NHL goal vs. Brodeur.) Will the Memorial Cup continue to be televised on the NHL network? I didn't catch that. And, you know, Don Cherry said the other day that his best experiences are scouting and watching the 14-16 year olds. He said it's fun to watch them go on into the pros.

Dubi, you're the man.

The NHL is a joke. It's just that I love hockey.


The NHL Network says they will as I got to watch today's game and the schedule shows that they are going to show all of the games.

What Cherry said is one of the very few things I agree with because watching these kids grow into men is an experience and a half.

Tell me where else will you see an entire team with a bad blonde dye job like we did with Gatineau. To see everyone on the team from the stars to the black aces all playing soccer before the game is a barrel of laughs.

The post game singing as the team salutes the stars coming back to the locker room after a win is something to watch.

Maybe the biggest problem the NHL really has is that they like the other pro sports have gotten so wrapped up in the business side that they have forgotten that it is a game and have taken away the fun


well i guess Baranka was not as high up on the Rangers depth chart as I and many others thougt. I thought he was a top candidate for a roster spot next year but obviously not.


How could Hank be burnt out at this time of year? What if The Rangers were still in the play-offs?????

"Canadian assistant coach Pat Burns told his players to go high on Swedish goalie Henrik Lundqvist in the semifinal and the strategy worked as Canada chased the Vezina finalist after scoring four goals."


Who interesting Canada-Russia final, can go to this link:

Dubi - Slats did have at least very memorable Ranger moment back in the early 70's, I'll never forget it.... he got a penalty for slipping his fingers thru a hole in his glove to hold a guy's jersey....

NC Steve

That OT game winning goal came on the PP. That is the PP I talked about during our season of PP ineffectiveness. The K Rangers do not have a PP QB. They do have 3 very talented goal scorers. So the point men are there to set the play up or if things begin to get out of control, the forwards put the puck to the point to settle things down and re-group. The first goal was on the PP and the left wing got a pass from the point and started to close in on the goal. When he got challanged, he passed to the high slot on the right side...GOAL! For the game winner he did the same thing, but when the defense let him skate in, he took a great shot...GOAL! Now that's a Power Play! Our Rangers, on the other had look to one guy to get set up for a goal. I like Perry Pearn, but if he was responsible for the PP, then let him go to ATL.

Holmstrom has been in the crease all playoff series. In game 1, he scored a deflection goal that never should have counted, cause he was in the crease not allowing Turco to play the puck.

Well the Penguins will advance to the Cup Finals ... the Flyers have totally checked out of the game and are losing 5-0 with 1 period still to play ... I mean seriously, at least our team didn't give up in game 5 and we made a game out of it ... Dallas clamped down and forced a game 6 back in Dallas vs Detroit ... the Flyers are just being so pathetic ... this game has no sizzle, no fire, no nothing ... oh well ...

BLAZE, Hank's knees have been bothering him ever since the Pens series. I think the burnout is more to do with the injury than anything.

philly did a no-show today. they looke like they DIDNT want to win. that malkin stuff-in in the first was a joke.

You know I don't like the fact that if he wasn't 100% healthy that he pushed himself to play at the Worlds although I am sure he cleared it with the team trainers and they allowed it because that tournament isn't really grinding like the NHL playoffs ... but still ...

ok, that's it .. it's official Flyers embarrassed themselves and lost 6-0 and now the interesting thing will be if Dallas can force a game 7, Detroit will try to avoid that like the plague I'm sure ... I'm glad Dallas has pushed that series to 6 anyway or otherwise these conference finals, usually the best games in the playoffs, would've been the most boring in recent memory

It's a longshot, I'm sure, and the pricetag has grown with each game...but, is there anyone who watched this series and wouldn't be interested in Ryan Malone as a UFA?

Congrads to Toots today! He's a World Champion!

Crosbys got BS goals.Number one was of the skate and it was redirected second one was rigth after Pitts interfered with Biron and held his stick.


We dont have Crosby and Malkin on a team.Without them Malone is just another hockey player.15 to 20 goals tops.We have enough of those


well i guess Baranka was not as high up on the Rangers depth chart as I and many others thougt.

Spare me the pity party please, Baranka made a decision based upon what he felt was in his best interests, just like the Rangers make theirs.

I thought he was a top candidate for a roster spot next year but obviously not.

Baranka had 2 good training camps where he thought he had earned a roster spot but was passed over. Tell me Oleo you are a student so how would you feel if Dubi decided to choose your major, I decided what schedule you would take, and others would have decided your life with no input by you?

Baranka wanted a say in which direction he career was heading, he wanted to take a sure thing with sure money rather than another 2 way contract for little money.

The Rangers will still make him a qualifying contract offer to keep his rights. And do not think for a second that the Rangers were caught off guard as they knew what Baranka was doing.

ok , next games gonna be big!!!! Jagr fends off his caddy ...goes for the putt , hits the flag post and the ball goes wide. Straka swings at a wide open shot 2 feet from the cup...he misses wide!!! Shanny feeling good about his shot , follows through with snap of the club ....in the water , dam . Now avery from his hospital bed says ...come on guys , pass me the controller !!! We hardly ever lose when im playing!!! :)

win or lose The NewYork Rangers are always cool , I must say that we did go out in style. This web site is crazy cool , and the subscription thing sounds like a must !! I have not got it yet , but when i do , ill prob save every copy . Having back issues would be sweet , wonder how a person can get a hold of a few of them . I know i may get a few people who will disagree , but i am the biggest Ranger fan in Canada! Period . Not saying because of the stuff i own , but i do own an awsome Ranger shrine , and my pc is painted Rangers colors with a Ranger tower pc , with lighter and drink holder , with my internet home page ,, the Blueshirt Bulletin. and my desk top is the Rangers logo , from key holders to Ranger mini dice . I garentee that me seeing the Rangers win the stanley cup with 10 sec to go...makes me choke up emotionally and watching them in that last game ...i was having serious stress attacks ,thinking omg , i can't handle another game of this ...our team put it all out ...I loved that team ...to bad Avery was lost due to spleen . Who cares if we win or lose , because i will never be more proud , to say ... I am a Ranger.....wtg toots!!!

"And just so you don't forget what a joke the NHL is, here on the one hand is a report that Versus is planning to bring back the dreaded Glow-Puck to its telecasts, while on another hand the NHL tries to figure out how to pretend that its officials are not influencing the outcomes of games. The latest is a goal waved off for goalie interference by Tomas Holstrom even though he was outside the crease and never touched the goalie, although there is some debate about whether his big red butt was overhanging the plane of the crease. Colin Campbell's tortured attempts to rationalize the call as recounted here are just priceless. Maybe Versus should introduce a Glow-Butt instead of a Glow-Puck to help make the game truly move forward."

glad were on the same page about our feelings on the NHL Dubi

Watching the Memorial Cup game with Spokane against Kitchener made me realize just how unexciting most (not all) NHL hockey is. I had more fun watching two teams I actually knew pretty much nothing about than watching some of the best players in the world at their peak.
I realized that it was exciting, that it had end to end spills and chills because the whistles weren't blowing all the time.
Somebody online said the officiating was brutal. Based on referees calling infractions as they were listed in the book of rules, I could not argue with him at all. Yet...yet...this was a great game. I'm having a bit of trouble deciding which factor was bigger - the incredible passion and energy of junior hockey players going for broke or the the fact the game wasn't broken into a series of strategic special-teams battles. I guess I would give it to the former, but for me it was confirmation of something I have long suspected - banishing the flagrant clutching of the 90's NHL was a good idea, but like a lot of good ideas the result has left me wondering.
Watching Ryan Malone pin Biron's stick hand against the boards for so long there may have been moss growing, left Biron with only one choice to get back to his crease, which was abandoning his stick. Years ago, this would have been called a great heads-up play by Malone. But knowing that this is not the way it works anymore, I waited for the whistle that never came. The call against Philadelphia later was perhaps more easily justified, if you judged it by appearance only. But in effect, what Malone did was no different. I am angry and I wish something could be done, and I didn't give a crap one way or the other whether Philly or Pittsburgh won, wasn't cheering for either of them.

All I know is junior hockey is looking really good to me. Must be because of the players' passion and energy...

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