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May 27, 2008


Karma, ahahahahaha!

The Pens are classless, plain and simple. Therrien is a biatch. They cheapshot Franzen knowing well of his concussions.. I hope he scores a hatty in game 3.

They run Osgood (Sykora of all people).

Did you see Crosby yelling at the ref after the commercial break? This is great! No matter how much they complain, Detroit will remain classy and still beat them because they are SUPERIOR IN EVERY FACET OF THE GAME!

the crybaby fans know unsportsmanlike, they see it almost every game from their two biggest babies, diving crosbaby & malkin slewfoot. Maybe they can teach their goalie mcfluerry, who has now been exposed as very beatable. SWEEP!

Pavel, I'm with you on most points, but that was no "run" at Osgood. That was an acting job worthy of Brodeur. :-P

While Osgood may have "embellished" his interference from Sykora, it was still interference. And Gary Roberts' only purpose in the game is to deliver cheap shots. They did go after Franzen's head again and again. The main point is that the leadership of the 20 year old Crosby is pretty much the kind of leadership a 20 year old can deliver -- whining, complaining, and emotionally overreacting, instead of toughing it out and playing harder. That's what you get when a teenager is your captain. Eric Lindros had the same problem in his day.

ha, this is comical.

i love how they are all complaining.

the interference behind the net was intentional. i forgot who was called for it but he clearly stuck out his arm to hit him. i'm not saying that he hit him hard but if you go behind the net and don't stick out your arm to purposely bump the goalie, then you will not be looking at an interference penalty.

just play the game and stop :'(

how sweep it will be

Thanks for the post Dubi. Hope you had a great holiday weekend.

Didn't Roberts call out Avery for being an embarrassment to the game?

Poor Penguins. Turns out the Wings are not only better at scoring, defending, and goaltending that Pittsburgh......they are even better at diving. Out-diving the diver. Funny. I hope the Wings sweep with 4 straight shutouts.

in the end it all comes down to how bad the player wants to play in the NHL. I have no idea what Cherepanov wants but if his dream is to play in the NHL then no amount of money will prevent that happening...

Didn't Roberts call out Avery for being an embarrassment to the game?

Ah but you know that if it was Avery who had targetted Franzen's head that all we would hear about after the game was how classless Avery is and he would probably already be suspended ...

It has been hilarious watching the last two games ...

#1 Crosby is just giving the most unintentional hilarious interviews ... "They hold my stick, they are very good at obstructing... Osgood dives" and I am like "What? Say that again?"

I mean weren't the high and mighty Pens fans coming in here and telling us that we were sore losers when WE, not the the team, was complaining about the officiating and the embellishing of calls from the Penguins? So now it is their team ... ALL of them being a bunch of *iwontevensayit* it's just too funny and too delicious ... Only Jordan Staal gave Detroit credit ... he was asked what they could do and he actually said "I don't know, they are so good" oops he didn't get the memo ... Crosby actually said "They aren't outplaying us, we just haven't gotten the bounces" oh yeah? Ok Sidney, keep thinking that way and the only bounce you will get is when you are out of the playoffs ...

Therrian already showed all of us here that he is a classless whiner even as his team was winning so it only stood to reason it would be worse now that his team is losing ... his roster showed their lack of class by targeting Franzen's head at every turn .... They deserve what they get ...

However what this Finals showed me is how weak our conference was this season, getting regular season success vs the West is not a measurement of playoff success vs the West or a team like Detroit because in the regular season most of the times those games are meaningless ... I felt the Rangers were stronger last post season vs this one and had they played like they did last post season then they would've beaten the Penguins ... ultimately you have to worry about your own conference to get to the Finals because you never know which team from the West will reach the Finals since upsets happen often there but still one will hope that our Rangers are being built for the long haul and the right way and I think that they are specially after what Jess has let us know about our scouting team ... we just have to be patient ...

Right before one of Malone's numerous penalties, I believe Hossa slashed the stick out of the hands of one of Wing's d-men. That didn't get called but thankfully Malone's interference did. Funny how after Game 1 Therrien was rather respectful about getting beaten all around but he whines about penalties after another futile effort in Game 2. When he's actually playing and not yapping to the refs, Crosby seems like their only skilled player that has a chance to create any offense. Malkin has been invisible, and Hossa and Sykora's names are barely mentioned. Unlike their romp through the Eastern Conference, the Pens supporting cast (Dupuis, Hall, Ruutu, Laraque, et al) has contributed nothing more than to give the skilled players a breather between shifts. With Detroit's fierece forecheck, Gill gets burned and Gonchar is ineffective. The rest of their D is too busy over-committing to the puck carrier/strong side of the ice...see Brad Stuart's goal.

I like how Detroit is employing the same tactics they used in '97 against the Flyers. They match their top line and most skilled defense against the Crosby line using the philosophy that every second Datsyuk or Zetterberg have the puck, Crosby doesn't.

One of the reasons why I thought the Rangers had a chance against the Pens was because we could play a puck control game when we wanted to (the Jagr line especially, the Drury line was good at sustaining attack zone pressure, the Gomez line created offense off the rush so it wasn't surprising to see that line's effectiveness diminish versus the NJ series). Alas, the key to Detroit's success in this area is that their D are adept at recovering the puck in their end and moving it quickly. The few even strength chances the Pens did get in Game 2 were when a Wings player failed to efficiently move the puck out of their end, but those instances were few and far between.

I hope Jagr comes back. I also hope that during his negotiations with Sather he says something along the lines of, "I'd be willing to take less money and play for the NYR. But I'm not playing the trap anymore."

I think the greater danger to the Rangers losing Jagr is from another team in the NHL. If he even considers a rival offer from Russia seriously, then you don't want him. Let him go. What satisfaction could he get travelling around to remote obscure snowbound towns with old arenas seating 9,000 people in what is really a minor league. The NHL is like the Olympics, the best want to play there and it's not just about the money. I can see native Russians wanting to stay home to be close to family without the hassle of learning a new language and culture and the same goes for others in European leagues. But Jagr is no Yashin and he's not yet washed up, so I doubt unless he's lost the taste for the battle, that he will go there.

Just got a chance to watch the end of the game when all the shenanigans took place. First of all, for the Pens to complain about calls that happened after they had already lost the game -- bush. Second, Laurie, I'm going to have to disagree with you, both of those calls against the Pens for goalie interference were legit -- yes, Osgood embellished, but Malone and Sykora both followed through on their hits on purpose.

Finally, for those whiny Pens fans to cry about Osgood's lack of sportsmanship after their precious Pens went after Franzen four time with two blows to the head and one attempted slew foot, and with Mr. Tough Guy Gary Roberts targeting Pavel Datsyuk in a brawl after sucker punching Franze earlier -- how brave! WWGRD? Go after guys who won't fight back, that's what he would do.

"A guy like that takes it as little more of an insult, like how dare you disrespect them and all they've done for the game and how great they are." That's what Sean Avery said about Gary Roberts after he goaded Roberts into taking a double minor against him early last season. Yeah, all he's done for the game -- just reinforced hockey's reputation for mindless violence.

I don't care who goes to Russia to play for big bucks. If JJ goes, we just start to build the team around our current core a year or two earlier. If Kovi, Malkin, Hossa and a bunch more defect, that's less competition we have to deal with. It seems that the reason there is no transfer agreement with Russia is so they can compete with the NHL. Well, good luck...spend like wild men and enjoy it. There is only ONE STANLEY CUP and it won't end up in Russia. Very prestigious to raise the Borscht Bowl!

RangerBill - That's all fine. But one of the very first prospects they're going to most likely try to keep away from the NHL is none other than Alexei Cherpanov. I understand where you are coming from, but this will effect us directly.

Dubi - I don't deny the interference call was valid (it was Sykora's in particular that I was referring to originally). It was calling what Sykora did "running" Osgood that I was objecting to. He made contact, no doubt. But Osgood really made it look good. If the skate was on Brodeur's foot, we'd all be calling for a matching diving call.

But hey, that's just "gamesmanship", right Cind... er, Sidney?

DUBI the real point is the small one, buttman, is doing nothing about last night's game , but had no problem to make a new rule reading for Avery. Where is the protection for guys heads especially one who just came back from a concussion. That's more than intent to injure. When the NHL & it's napoleon ( great picture by the way) get rid of double standards and call games FAIRLY not slanted or fixed, then the might get old fans back and not be considered 'bush league'. The problem is buttman likes who he is attracting to the game by putting up unethical players as his poster boys. The Wings need to target and head shot the playpen stars, but then you'll see buttman step in. As long as he's running things, fair and square is dead. That's the real shame.

I just read the whole article in Russian(my native). This fellow Shalaev is arrogant and one of his primary goals is to try to hurt the NHL. He is not hiding it. He also said:" We decided to make that, admittedly somewhat discourteous move, but why should THEY always steal our stars?" The KHL also has money. So posturing or not, the NHL will have to solve this issue at some point.

I wondered what would happen when the NHL's poster boy ran up against Hockeytown. Seems like the Pens are not getting all the calls and their poor even strength play is showing.

If you watch Detroit play you can see that their players leave everything on the ice. I see them holding the puck for that extra split second that gets them flattened by a check but makes the play happen.

Chris QCT

So we loose ANOTHER #1 pick, we've been doing that for a numbers of years. What this means is that NO NHL TEAM will draft a Russian. It may directly effect us but that will be a one year event. We still have plenty of prospects to use on draft day to move up and get a top player, if we have to. However, I think the Wings have the right approach, nobody who is the "go to" guy, just 3 solid lines and a 4th line that can get a goal every now and then, built around a soild defense. I think that are the Renney model for the NY Rangers. So yes, we may get hurt, but maybe a lot of other NHL teams could be hurt also. If the Russians are trying to hurt the NHL, well their heads are much bigger than their helmets.

Looks like the NHL's Golden Boy is getting a little rusty. :-)

Another interesting article on Medvedev and the KHL: http://www.nationalpost.com/sports/story.html?id=541857

RangerBill - I do not want to lose another 1st round pick. And definitely not because Bettman cannot get his stuff together. The years before the lockout absolutely sucked and I do not wish to go through that again. Losing (or wasting) 1st round picks just prolongs the 'sucking' (see NY Islanders).

I do not agree that the reason there is no transfer agreement with Russia is so they can compete with the NHL. I believe in their mind (and with the current Commissioner running things), there really is no incentive for them to transfer a player like Alex Ovechkin - with all of his tremendous marketing ability - to the NHL for a few hundred thousand dollars. It makes no sense from a business perspective. If anyone told me I could invest $200,000 for the rights to directly profit massively off Ovechkin's talent, I would leap at the chance. To corporations who own NHL teams, they spend about that much on toilet paper. It's nothing to them. So what's the point if you don't perceive an opportunity for a reasonable offer in return. Might as well try to start your own league...

And I did not suffer through a lockout so that the best talent can be poached with better offers from other leagues. Maybe it is unthinkable right now for a current player to defect. But there's a 10-year old phenom over there somewhere who will be groomed to know that going to the NHL is not such a great idea.

Bettman should not get bent over by them. But $200,000 seems pretty low to me.

Chris QCT

I see your argument. Maybe the Russians are doing this to get a better transfer agreement. I have no problem with that. I, also, don't want to see a Tretiak stuck in the some other league when he can be in the NHL. If this is just an end game, then the owners better get to Bettman and get this worked out before the next draft. I come out of the 1960-1970 space race, so I do have a different perspective of the Russian ego. So I'm not convinced that your argument is sound, but I really hope you are right. If I'm right, then let them go to hell. I want to see the best talent in the NHL, but not at the cost of crazy salaries and salary structures and bonus clauses, not at the cost of players just cruising thru a season trying not to get hurt and certainly not at the cost of players more interested in the World Championships then the Stanley Cup. If a negotiated settlement can happen within the next month or two, that would be great. If not, stay away from any Russian player unless you have a draft pick to through away.

P.S. Here's hoping Cherepanov isn't the next Brendl!

The Penguins may never win a cup at this rate. Only if Jagr becomes their captain will they stand a chance to put it together for next season.

(Throws sucker bait to Mario)

The Penguins fans are as ridiculous as the team.



I talk to folks in Europe a lot these days as we get ready for the Ranger's trip to Europe. What I am finding is that while the Russians are doing a ton of saber rattling they are not really credible.

What I am seeing is the current climate the Russians are trying to create will do more to hurt the hockey world than help it. BY trying to link what the Russians are doing to the IIHF is wrong as my own experience is that the IIHF is really about a fair and cooperating agreement that helps all.

Nobody wins when someone starts a spending frenzy as the Russians are posturing to do. Notice I say posturing as I think the Russians are talking a big game but they realize that the true NHL superstars are not going to want to play in many of the locations the KHL has teams in.

Really would you want to play in Los Angeles or New York or Montreal or would you really consider playing in Siberia?

Yes this league will give marginal NHL players a place make money but the REAL prospects of the Canadian Juniors are not going to play in Russia

What is going to happen is that the Russians are going to getting into a spending war for players and price themselves out of business.

The real losers will be those Russian prospects who instead of a chance to play in the NHL will see their draft status go right into the toilet.

They want the NHL to pay on an individual basis for players who's contracts have expired is what is NOT BEING SAID. Do NHL teams pay each other when an UNRESTRICTED free agent

I guess we can understand why Chereeponav dropped all the way down to the Rangers. . . . .
I just hope that these players' agents are giving them good advice. I do not see Chris Simon surviving this experience. Europe is quickly becoming a better place to live than North America, but I am not so sure about Russia. There are serious stability issues, and most of these owners are criminals anyway.
And I believe that the Ranger game in Prague is a lock to re-sign Jagr. . . .for one year anyway.

I don't know if the Prague trip will be a main reason JJ signs or not. He has tremendous pride from what I've seen written about him and if the Rangers stroke his ego and treat him with respect in the negotiations, I think that will go alot farther, ie: an offer worthy of where he sees his perceived value.

Jess - That is an intersting point you brought up about paying for Russian players NOT under contract. I do not really know the in's-and-out's of Russian hockey laws, but do they have leverage over players at all who have no contract? Or is it just backdoor suggestions from unsavory charachters not to leave?

I think I may be missing something or not understanding everything here. If a player like Cherepanov finishes his contract and does not sign another one, is he free to sign anywhere? Or do the Russian hockey officials have a say in that. If he is free and unrestricted, then I'm not sure why you need a transfer agreement in the first place. If he does not have a signed contract with any team, why can't Cherepanov sign here?

Re: Jess

NHL players will want to play where the money is. If it is in Russia, then that is where they will play. Hockey is a job for them - just like we go where we get paid the most so will they. The thing is that Russia does have money to pay for those kind of contracts, will they though? Since hockey is not a most popular sport there, soccer is. I guess we will wait and see...

Excellent points Jess. I don't for a NY minute believe that the Russians are REALLY going to spend $ 12 mil a year on a player so they can start to torpedo the NHL by wooing away their stars.
How on earth are they going to make money at those salary levels?
This is all posturing to leverage their position against the NHL to get a better transfer deal.
The only bad thing for us in the immediate is that Cherepanov is getting caught in the crossfire and we may not see him for some years.


isnt this Cherepanov's last year of his contract in Russia. He could then come here regardless of what the Russians want.

i dont think that players will follow the $ to go overseas to play. we wont see any big, big moves to russia. you know what goes hand in hand with seeking the cash? quality of life.

Chris Qct

If a player like Cherepanov finishes his contract and does not sign another one, is he free to sign anywhere?

Malkin testified that he was taken to a room where they kept him for 11 hours trying to get him to sign a new contract. He did not come out and say it was unsavory characters but he made a point of saying how he was pressured to resign.

I doubt anyone not even the Russians know what Cherepanov's true status is when his contract expires.

What I do know is that the Rangers will wait for the contract to expire and then attempt to sign him. They will also not pay a cent (my sources) since there is NO transfer agreement for his rights.


Iceycup wrote my response to you as any player no matter where they are from does use quality of life in deciding where to sign (as UFAs).

The Rangers like many teams do with UFAs take the player's families on tours of homes, schools and other attractions.

Doubt the Russians can use those tours to lure top North Americans to their nation.

Tony M

I believe the Russians are bidding against each other and that will eventually be the cause of their own demise with this new league of theirs.


You are correct there but the question is what kind of pressure will the Russians use on him to get him to stay?


Thanks for the assist

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