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May 14, 2008


GTFO our team, Rozsival.

So Rozsival knows all the right things to say to the media...just make sure it's not the NY media come September!!!

hank leads sweden to 3-2 OT winner over Rozey and the Czech team. hopefully the last time they're on the ice together!

There is something seriously wrong with Sather if he walks away from Avery (who is dying to play in NY and for NY) and signs Straka and Rozy (who do not have the desire to stay if Jagr is not here).

Everybody talks about player changes but few mention the coaches. Perry is probably Florida bound. Any thoughts about Gravy and Shanny teaming up as assistant coaches under Tom?

That would make sense. Graves would make sure they stay in front of the net for rebounds.

I remember those "jagr is getting married" rumors. but i knew it was not true...jagr doesnt seem like the marrying kind.

...plus he is waiting to get married until he meets me...


I'd prefer some experience in an assistant coach, should Pearn fly the coop. Let Gravy and/or Shanny (who I think is destined for NHL HQ, not the coaching ranks) cut their teeth elsewhere, or in Hartford.

As for Rozsival, all this hate being thrown his way by Rangers fans is truly baffling. His issues this season aside, he was still the best we had on the blueline, and logged the most minutes against the toughest competitors. You should make sure you really can replace that before you kick him to the curb.

I've always been of the mind that hometown heroes SHOULDN'T be behind the bench. Who wants to be the first to call for Mess/Gravey/Leetch's head when the team goes on a losing streak?

Yes, I know we never holler for the heads of the assistant coaches, but especially in this case, there's not a better position for Adam Graves than the one he's currently in as a mentor. Mess seems more of a swaggering GM type, not coach (in the obvious Sather mold.) Shanny might be a candidate I'd be comfortable having behind a bench, but because I'm far less attached to him. Although if there was ever a former player who belonged at a desk on Sixth Avenue making the NHL better, it's Shanny.

It doesn't surprise me that Gretzky stays in the relative quiet of the American desert and squashes any rumor of his going to Toronto. How could Leafs fans have a National Treasure as a coach? They can't. And neither should we.

Who knew that Rozi was a good quote?

laurie-i agree that he was the best we had, but his lack of consistency was so maddening so often that i'm ready to take a step forward without him. although i have to say it intrigues me to see how he'd play without jags, which is what i've been advocating if we had to keep him, since his entire being on the ice is so focused on getting and/or forcing the puck to jagr that maybe he could relax and show what he might be capable of. both of them on the team again i do not want.

Am the only one who believes the strength of our coaching staff lies has been our assistant coaches (Pearn, Allaire, and Pelino) and not Tom Renney. There were instances in both Game 3 and 4 of the Pittsburgh series, where I said to myself call a timeout, the team stopped playing the system and Pittsburgh was controlling play and sure enough goal. You have to know your team and make quick decisive decisions. It's either Pearn who run the defense, but he is responsible for coaching them and sending them out on the ice during the games. And for 3 years our defense has overachieved. Every year, a supposed weakness was a team strength. Add on many Ranger fans' rants and raves about Tom Renney and his strengths and weaknesses. I made my way to alot of games this season (reg. season and playoffs), would always just go sit in the same section behind Hank 1st and 3rd, and I'll tell you this every member of our defense besides Malik and Backmann, attempted at least to play a mean, physical game, and I think that has be attributed to the emphasize put on by the coach. Bascially im just trying to say that Perry Pearn leaving the organization to become of the Head coach of someone else's team would be a major lose.

I had meant to say Games 3 and 5.


Bruins Breakdown

"Avery’s the Answer"


If Pearn leaves, What are the chances that the Rangers look at an experienced head coach like Paul Maurice who might be interested in a lesser role after being let go. I think he could help revamp the power play strategy which has been a failure as of late.

Just because everybody else did it:

Orr/Betts/Korpikoski (Sjostrom)

Stuart/Mara (Sanguinetti)


I think Vrbata and Stuart are solid signings that wont break the bank and it gives the Rangers a chance to develop the kids for one more year while still leaving themselves cap room for a midseason move and next years much stronger UFA crop.

Laurie -- You make excellent points regarding Roszival. While his game diminished this year, he still logs a lot of minutes, and those minutes have to be replaced if he goes. He was outstanding in 06-07. Ideally, he would be better if his minutes were lessened, but that's a Catch-22. His next contract (money-wise) will suggest that he plays 24-25 minutes per. If anyone thinks that Redden, or Campbell, are worth the money they're seeking, they didn't watch them this season. They'll get a windfall, and won't deserve it.

USA eliminated on soft OT goal allowed by Robert Esche. Friggin wrister from the blue line after they scored twice in 30 seconds late in the 3rd to tie it at 2 after basically not showing up for 50 some odd minutes. Goaltending sunk us in this tournament, big time.

OK, I know Jags is the captain and all, but since when is he running this team? One of the few things I like about Renney is that he let's players be who they are. That's the reason Avery works here and didn't in LA. But make no mistake about it, Renney, not Jagr, is in control, or at least should be, of this team. I'm tired of hearing, "Oh, I'll come back is Jags comes back". This is a hockey team, a business, and the business is winning. Some will argue that the business is selling tickets, but one quick gander at Washington proves that the two go hand in hand. This isn't the "let's keep the czechs together" society, this is the NY Rangers. If there is a player who is not part of the winning formula, or can be replaced for a less expensive counter part, then we must part ways. If Jags, Straka, Rozy want to be friends, that's great, but I for one don't think we need or want all of them back, and their personal relationships should not play a role in whether they get resigned. Especially when we have guys like Avery and Valli to be resigned. Renney needs to step up, show that he has a pair, and do what's best for the team, not what's most convenient for Jagr.

My opinion, Straka is done in NY. He is too inconsistent, too small, too old, and for the money can be replaced. His 3.3/per is a big hit. I know he's cool with Jags, but Jags was playing well with Avery too. Jags will still have Dubi at center.

Rozy should go as well. He'll want too much money, and when we pay first line money, we want first line performance. Staal and Girardi will likely be the best next year. We already overpay Tyutin. Rozy kills us with PIM too.

Not going after Brooks Orpik on D will be a mistake. He only makes 1.9/per now, so he'd likely still be less than Rozy except better and more physical. Brad Stuart is more costly at 3.5/per, but still may be worth it. Liles is another economical choice.

Vinny Prospal would be a great replacement for Straka. Quick with great hands, he had a great season this year with TB and has played well for Philly. He puts up slightly better number than Straka, costs less, is 2 years younger, and is bigger. God forbid the deal for Avery falls through, a move for Ruutu should be immediate. BTW, did anyone realize Laraque is a UFA at only 1.2/per? hmmmmmmm

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It is doubtful that Perry Pearn is going to have a real shot for the Panther job now that Ron Wilson, Paul Maurice and Joel Quenneville are looking for work.

If any are wanting a job then it is very doubt that an assistant with no NHL head coaching experience.

I'm with Laurie--Roszival has been our best d-men, and our most important d-man for the last three years; no doubt he played inconsistently this year, but be that as it may, he's an important part of the success of this team. I understand wanting Malik gone, and Backman, and hell, even Mara (who has never lived up to expectations), but Roszival over-achieved in 06-07, which is why his play seemed like a let down this year.

Jess, Bruce Garrioch has thrown out the name Andre Savard as a possible coach in Florida. The current Pens assistant has worked with Jacques Martin in the past. Savard hired him to be his assistant coach in Quebec after Martin was canned by the Blues and Savard worked as an assistant coach in Ottawa under Martin.

Ryder, Vrbata, Stuart, Orpik, get it done.

"Rangers outdoor game at Yankee Stadium may be in trouble"


Anthony M

Everyone is tossing names out there all I am saying is that Perry Pearn has zero chance at getting the Panther job.


If you change it to

Vrbata, Hainsey, Sauer then you have a real chance at getting it done. Your choices are way too expensive especially if people want Avery resigned.

Jagr and the Rangers are going to wind up working out a deal, those games in the Czech Republic are very important to a lot of people not to have Jagr there.


I think Commodore would be better than Sauer, if they are about the same money. I like the cup experience on the backline.

Jess, that is why I posted the information on Garrioch. As you said someone like Pearn (no NHL head coaching experience) is well behind a lot of experienced coaches - including one has a connection to Pearn.

You still have Bob Hartley out there plus John Tortorella if the new Lighnting owner gets approved and makes changes. I even read a story that Dean Lombardi might give his buddy wilson a call - which could put Marc Crawford on the open market.


I think you put too much emphasis on the game in Czech Republic in conjuction with Jagr signing. I'm sure he would love to participate in the event but if he's set on making $8+ m /year for over two years and Rangers won't be able to accomodate, he's not going to reduce his demands cause of it.

Personally though, I believe they get another contract done.

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