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May 29, 2008


I just wanted to say it's amazing that Jagr is 10th in scoring for the playoffs and only behind people with 2+ more rounds of series played. WOW.

Watching Detroit yesterday, I could not help myself hoping that the Rangers become more like Detroit than Pittsburgh. I mean Pitts is good, but it had to suffer years of being the worse team in the league to get the 1st or 2nd overall picks year after year to become good. While Detroit got rid some of its veterans Mathieu Schneider, Brendan Shanahan, Steve Yzerman, Todd Bertuzzi, Kyle Calder, Robert Lang and handed the reins to Pavel Datsyuk, Johan Franzen, Henrik Zetterberg, Brian Rafalski, Jiri Hudler, Daniel Cleary etc.

What I just trying to say if Jagr wants to leave, it might be time to hand over the reins to our 10 million dollar men Drury and Gomez, Dubinski, etc, and say goodbye to the Shanahan's, Straka, Mara's and Rozival's.
As Detroit showed, everyone is replaceable.

stevek, you make some good points, but it cost Detroit 6 million/year to lure Rafalski from NJ...it's not like they got him on the cheap. Not everyone really is replaceable, at least, not with the current crop of free agents and with our current needs. Jagr isn't really replaceable, seeing as how we have no one else who can carry the offense and consistently control a game and draw defenders to him and still produce. I think we can say goodbye to Shanny to free up a lot of cap space and make room for someone who can play 82+ games, but Jagr leaving would be a big blow, and one that would leave us playing very boring hockey for the next few years.


While I understand where you are coming from (our youngsters have yet to PROVE they are reliable) we have the makings of 3 solid offensive lines, each with solid defensive skills. Put a gritty scorer on the 4th line (Dupont, anybody?) and we could be a very difficult team to play against. And that's one without a big name, high scoring forward. Add a few more solid D'men (say, Commodore, Sauer and/or Hainsey) and this could be a very good team for a long time to come. I'm not one who likes to rely on one or two top scorers to get to the top. Depth throughout the team is the answer in the age of the cap.

The Rangers will be lost as a puck possession team if Jags is not back. The whole foundation of their puck possession game is Jags. He would be impossible to replace in that style of play. And it is clear that the Rangers will continue with a puck possession game. They need to upgrade the key role players (some who back check regularly and win the battles in the corners) as well as the PP QB and a power forward. These are the needs and surely it won't be that hard to accomplish with what is available in FA and some of the youth in hartford. I think Prospal is going to be signed to replace Straka and give Jags a countryman to work with. Prospal provides the flexibilty of center or wing and he has the offensive thrust to add some scoring on the first or 2nd line. I still think Campbell or Redden is what Sather is focused on and will be the PP QB, if Sather decides not ro go after Rozi, Mara and Malik then there will be 2 additions on the back line as I think Hutchinson will be retained by Slats.

I also don't want Jagr to leave but, I am just saying if Jagr leaves it is not the end of the world. Besides we will not really know who is replaceable and who will stand up until we bite the bullet and replace them. Do you think Dubinsky would have had the opportunity to play on the first line if we kept 35yr Nylander?, no he would have been stuck on the 3rd or fourth line. I am just saying you won't know until you play them.
As for Rafalski, he is 34yrs 5year 30 million vs Schneider 39yrs old 2years 11.25 million and offensively they had similar numbers, so in my book that was a pretty good move, but expensive... the Rangers had 3-4 defencemen who were 6-7 pairing and one in Russia who they were paying a average of 3 million (Malik, Backman, Mara, and Kasparaitis) for a total of 12million a year or double of that of Rafalski salary. So it's all relative to how you want to look at things.

jagr draws people to him, yes, of course, because everyone in the league knows that's how we play with him on the ice. does he produce? i don't know what you call production, but he sure didn't this year during the regular season. and given his comments about the regular season and how the playoffs meant everything, how can you not foresee the same thing happening again, saving himself for the playoffs? shite, the struggle we had to make the playoffs was too much to bear. i want him gone so bad, along with shanny and straks and rozsival and hollweg. we need to turn this team over to the future.

i always wondered what rozsival would be like without jags and seeing him at times play like a top four Dman and others like an ECHL Dman maybe the rangers would entertain signing him despite no jagr. maybe if he didn't robotically every time he was on the ice with no. 68 force the puck to him, there might be a player there worth keeping. otherwise good riddance.

i posted yesterday on sam's blog about the rangers needing to play our two top guys that we invested so much in like detroit does their two tops guys. hank z to me is the best player in the nhl and datsyuk is just as amazing in some respects. they both have complete games. dru and gomer have the qualities on our team to be our version of hank and pav. and just like detroit they should play together. and have a second line of dubi centering dawes and cally. if we go after hossa, which i think we should, put him on the wing with gomer and dru on the other side and we'd have our puck possession, speed, and hopefully scoring consistency from the kids on line two, which might be too much to expect but i for one would be willing to watch that development over the next few years.

anyone notice twice now that i've heard emrick refer to zetterberg when he's on the ice with gonchar as fellow countrymen? and how often he has the wrong name of a player? man, he's been brutal. and that asshole who does the between periods (not milbury, the other other ahole) is hard to take. could nbc have put together a worse broadcast team? milbury and that other guy, who i won't even take the time to learn the name of, make mcguire look great and i thought that was just about impossible.


"The Rangers will be lost as a puck possession team if Jags is not back." Do you really believe that? JJ has turned the puck over more times on the half-boards and in the corners more then any other Ranger. He gets double teamed constantly and this year simply has not been as strong on the puck as in previous years. Puck possession is not based on one player holding the puck for long periods of time, it is a team keeping the puck in the attacking zone for long periods of time. Puck possession is a matter of skill and discipline. Quick movement, fast passes well place on your teammates stick, head on a swivel and 5 guys playing as one; now that's puck possession. Just watch Detroit, now there is a puck possession team. BTW, same with Buffalo. It's not a matter of Jagr, it's a matter of the team dishing off and the confidence that anybody on the ice can score; not just JJ or Shanny!


The other guy is Pierre McGuire. Both of them have a hard job holding down work anyplace. NBC is just scraping the bottom of the barrel. I never thought I'd miss Gary Thorne...well, on second thought even Doc is better then Thorne. I just wish he would "pitchfork" all his silly adjectives and tone down the screaming volume a bit.

I was going through Yahoo! sports when I saw this:

Vancouver defenseman Luc Bourdon dies in motorcycle crash

SHIPPAGAN, New Brunswick (AP)—Luc Bourdon, a promising rookie defenseman with the Vancouver Canucks, was killed Thursday when his motorcycle struck a tractor-trailer in a crash near his hometown. He was 21.

His death was confirmed by sister Eve Bourdon and stepmother Maryse Godin. Both declined further comment when reached at the family’s home in Shippagan.

Police wouldn’t confirm the identity of the victim but said a motorcyclist was killed in the early afternoon on a road between Shippagan and Lemeque.

“Luc was an extremely talented player with a bright future,” Canucks general manager Mike Gillis said in a statement. “He brought great passion to the game and was a valued team member on and off the ice.”

Bourdon’s agent, Kent Hughes, called his client a winner and a competitor.

“There was no quit in him,” said Hughes, who knew Bourdon since the player was 15. “He persevered through a lot. He was a great guy and a great teammate.”

Bourdon was the first-round draft pick of the Canucks in 2005, selected

He was only 21 years old. You don't realize how young that is until you're past it and it's in your rearview mirror. This is sad news.

Very sad about Bourdon....

As for the Rangers being lost as a puck possession team without Jagr, I would submit that without Jagr, they aren't a puck possession team. Drury scores off of rebounds in front and deflections and on the PP, Gomez off the rush after using his speed to gain the zone. Jagr's line is the only one that plays a possession game. I think they should sign Jagr - he and Dubinsky will be a monster line, especially if the Rangers find a good fit for LW. Then I'd consider using Gomez with Drury on one wing and Cally on the other. Not sure who then plays third line center between Dawes and Prucha,

Shanny was too slow, Straka too inconsistent. But Jagr was still Jagr in the end. If he and Dubinsky start next year together, I think Jagr actually has another great year, as does Dubi. And what Dubinsky would gain from another year of centering Jags is irreplaceable.

Say what you want but the Rangers biggest shortcomings this season were all on defense. I understand that Marc Staal is a #1 pick and definitely will be a #1 or 2 defenseman. But it speaks VOLUMES that in his rookie year there really was nobody to mentor him and he easily became the team's most reliable defenseman. I don't want to see what Rozie does with or without Jagr - I think he's terrible in his own end and we need defensemen who can play defense so that our forwards can have at least a little room to open things up. Yes, they still need to backcheck but it would help matters an awful lot if they could at least not have to constantly be preoccupied with defense.

And on the PP, the Rangers need to be less afraid of giving up a shortie. They happen. But you'll score far more on the PP by moving the puck quickly and taking a few chances than by being slow and deliberate and just trying not to give up a shortie, which I think the Rangers did all year.

My condolences to the Bourdon family, that's very sad and way too young to go :(

The Rangers can use the money they get if the Jagr/Shanny/Avery combo doesn't come back and land two B+ level guys. Also, what about Anisimov? He might be a year off, but imaging if he bulks up this off season, he could be a monster.

I like Byers and think he deserves a chance to fight for a 4th line role in camp. He only got 5 minutes of NHL ice time, but I think he'll learn and can be a gritty 12-15 goal scorer who sticks up for his teammates.

For UFA; Orpik/Hainsney/Commodore (2 of those three) and either Propspal/Vrbata for CHEAP or Stillman who I think could be Straka 2.0

rangerbill-i know mcguire. i mentioned that milbury and that other idiot make mcguire look good. the other idiot is who i was referring to that i won't bother to learn his name. this is the worst bunch of between periods talking heads i have ever seen assembled. more third-rate bs from buttman and his gang. their stupidity never ceases to amaze.

I'm originally from New Brunswick and there's a lot of pride there in the few players from the province that make the NHL. Randy Jones from the south has become a fixture on the Flyers defence, but Luc Bourdon, a first round draft choice, from the north, was just breaking in with the Canucks. He drove his motorcycle into the back of a transport truck and was killed.

He comes from one of the most remote and picturesque communities in North America. You'll see it spelled three ways, Shippegan, which we learned in school, Shippigan, which is another old spelling, and Shippagan, which the residents, almost entirely French, use in their language. They are fishermen, mainly, with big fish packing plants there.

Apparently he bought the bike two days ago and maybe he was not familiar with it. Who knows? Very tragic loss.

There is a reason why NHL and other sports try to keep their players from high risk activities like motorcycling because when you are young and talented you believe you can do anything and are indestructible.

A tragic loss that sadly could have been prevented.


Yes the Chiefs dropped the trophy and broke it but that was the only blemish on a perfect run.

Give me 2 picks in the 2nd and 3rd rounds and I give you 4 quality future Rangers.

Not to sound like a pessimist here but if all guys like Scott Gomez and Petr Prucha can come up with in our system is somewhere between 7 and 20 goals, I really don't see how a guy like Byers can come in and score 12-15 in a limited role. I agree he deserves a serious look in camp as an upgrade over Hollweg though.

Did anyone else notice that the coyotes failed to sign Blake Wheeler to an entry level contract thus making him a free agent. He is the young raw talent we need to take shannys spot on the right side. Hes a bull at 6'4" 220 and has been steadily increasing his numbers in the NCAA at Minnesota. He was the fifth pick in the 2004 draft behind Ovechkin, Malkin, Barker and Ladd. I hope we take a shot at him, he has the size and grit we had hoped Jessiman would bring. Anyone else know about this kid..


If Sather wants to make up for his blunder of letting Umberger go then he should sign Blake Wheeler who just became a free agent.

He will give us imediate size and skill.

The only problem I see is that Wheeler refused Gretzky and Donny Boy and no one messes with Slats guys because he will toss them to the curb like he did with RJ.

Maybe the Yotes want to pay us back for stealing Montoya from us.

Sather needs to be whacked off his pedestial. I mean what has he done in 8 years for us.

Two kids I'm starting get positive feelings about for the upcoming darft

1) John Carlson, D, headed to the London Knights, good size skates well, big shot and plays physical.

2) Danick Paquette, RW, Lewiston...physical kid who's tough hits hard and drew comparisons to Avery and Dubinsky. From the youtube video someone else posted http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zeem_Ybbo9A&feature=related the kid hits like freight train. Not sure if he's worth a 2nd rounder, but, if the rangers had two 2nd round picks, I'd take him.

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