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May 19, 2008


since their only answer has been to add another ref, they don't think it's a real big problem. Why is not provable, but sure looks like a duck.

Practice that power play boys!!!

Mr Sather , please sighn yer 1 PP unit right away ....and work on it now , maybe steal a few ideas from MtL? Study it , analize it , work work work...keep researching it!!! Jagr did not make his required points . Prucha got demoted down , Drury had low numbers as did shanny . If the power play doe not produce , then what incentive is there to working hard down low ...trying to create chances and earning a powerplay . The reward is usually turned away so that the other team has a emotion lift against us . The whole team suffers when the powerplay does not produce.

Its all about the system .

I like some of the comments made by Haywood.
1- Let the coach challenge a play, mainly on goal calls, but also on any blatant attempt to injure.
2- I agree with immediate whistles for bleeding players, with a review of the play and retroactive calls to be made (see Drury in the Penguin series).
3- Have an off ice offical be able to make calls, maybe in place of a 2nd ref. The game is too fast for the guys on the ice to take in everything.
4- A good start to more offense were the "Brodeur" lines, that limited a goalie from wandering too far behind the net. I say go further, make the goalie fair game, except for a limited area in front of the net. If he wanders away from that area he should be just another player, able to take (and give) punishment.
5- Is the game fixed? I can't wrap my head around that. I would think that they'd fix the games in favor of the Rangers, not because I'm a fan but because a strong team in NYC would make the league stronger, as we saw after the 94 Cup (which was followed by the dumbest thing that the NHL could do, enforcing a lockout).

Well, I hesitate to say this, but here goes. The game has evolved to the point that the NHL needs to officiate in the template of international play. That's right boys, let's embrace the disaster and eliminate fighting from our "fair" game. It's time. Or it's too late. No matter how you look at it, we are in a post enforcer era.

The refs are confused about implementing instigator penalties, linesmen jump into conflicts too quickly and with subjective discretion about the players involved, players with shields vocally challenge players with no facial gear, and it’s just a mess out there. Meanwhile the few fighters who are allowed to go at it have evolved into a uniquely North American mutation of the nihilistic ubermensch, capable of killing a man with one blow and abiding by an unwritten, defacto, code of conduct that is not recognized by the NHL or the NHLPA. And then there are those who want to pummel a guy when he’s down, knowing that cowardly violence of this nature will not be penalized unless a Moore-like, career ending, injury is suffered.

It’s time for a game misconduct for fighting and full facial gear requirements. There’s no turning back now. There’s already a mandate for keeping sticks down. No touch icing, one ref on ice, one off.

I am woman, hear me roar.

Interesting that this post generated more discussion about officiating, a footnote to the main point, than about the Rangers. I guess we've just about tapped about speculation about the Rangers.

Personally, I don't think the two-ref system is to blame, and I don't the NHL can possibly backtrack on the system if for no other reason than the extra pair of eyes trained on what's going on behind the play -- perhaps a compromise should be worked out where one ref is responsible for the play in his end and the other is solely responsible for shenanigans behind the play and only the most obvious of calls missed by the primary ref.

I have always been of the opinion that the sole problem with officiating in the NHL is the subjectivity of rules enforcement. I have always been of the belief that if you just call the rules as written and do so on a consistent basis, problem solved. They tried to do that coming out of the lockout but they got too sidetracked with obsessively calling one or two things while letting other things slide, and now they're backsliding in just about every area.

The problem is that the NHL has too many unwritten rules and too many people "writing" these unwritten rules, starting with Colin Campbell, who has no authority to rewrite the rule book at his own whim. How the NHL can turn over a position of common sense to the person who tried to make Alexei Kovalev into a fourth line grinder and Tim Sweeney into a first line goal scorer is beyond me.

But to me the solution is simple: do away with the unwritten rules and enforce the ones that are written. Only in the NHL can unwritten rules supersede written ones. Just look at the NFL -- there's your model. Someone suggested the NFL system of giving coaches the ability to request a review or else lose their timeout -- it works in the NFL. There are way more than two guys making calls in the NFL -- it can work in the NHL if those idiots weren't so stubborn as to never be able to admit making a mistake and overturn a call.

But it's the NHL -- nothing as sensible as anything you and I can come up with will ever be instituted.

I want Zubov back on broadway now!!
good god did you see some of the passes he made to modano during the playoffs. now thats a power play quarterback.

Zubov is cool!!!

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