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May 28, 2008



You told us the Spokane Chiefs were
Canada's Junior Hockey champs. But you neglected to tell us they broke the trophy. LOL

That was so funny.

I haven't been able to see one single game of the finals yet, and I certainly won't tonight. But all I can say is:

Go Red Wings!

The idiots in Pitts gotten on my last nerve and rubbed it raw.

And for those people who are thinking that Pitts is on the cusp of a dynasty--remember that the reason those previous teams were great is because the organization was able to keep them together for a few years before money became an issue. How many players can Pitts really keep? Other teams in the league will most likely be overpaying to pick off some of their pieces. My guess tho, is that Hossa will stay. Hossa is a player who can only excel with a lot of support. He's got plenty in Pitts, so why in world would he leave? And Pitts will figure they need more offense if they lose defensive players. Anyway, that's what I've been thinking. I wouldn't want Marion Hossa on the Rangers anymore than I want his brother back anyway.

OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Please kill me!!! I totally forgot about the likes of Pierre McGuire and the other idiot Mike Milbury! I guess, in some weird, sadistic way VS. has its benefits. WAIT. What did I just say? Someone should tell the "brains" at NBC that the empty space between the benches should remain like the space between Buttmans ears, EMPTY!!!

And for Lord Stanley's sake, do NOT chat with the COACHES while the game is in progress.

And if the fine folks at Edge do NOT shave Zetterberg live, after the Cup is presented—to his Captain, the glorious and much-decorated Nicklas Lidstrom—then WHY bother with the sponsorship?!?!?!

Back to the Nothin' But Crosby Network....

Go Wings!!!!! Long live the Original Six!

I just wonder how much the Red Wings practive hard passes that happen quickly. Their puck support is great.

Hope all of you that would rather have Brad Stuart than Mara, Roszival, and/or Strudwick back were paying attention. What an ugly turnover, that was real bad.

One can only hope ESPN saves us and cuts a deal with the NHL. They sure have been giving the NHL a lot of coverage on sportscenter this post-season, hopefully that means NHL back on ESPN2 in the future.

Marian??? Looks more like Marcel to me! Key point in the game, missed a wide open net.

Great job NBC, you get a shot of Mess eating.

I hate Melrose and Buccigross is such a total kiss ass but anything is better than Pierre McGuire and Milbury so I really hope they go back to ESPN!

Did anybody else hear the joke about Sundin winning the Messier Leadership Award for leadership on and off the ice?...The guy who hamstrung any chance of his club improving for the future by waiving his no trade clause is the best definition of a "Leader" the NHL could find...What a joke!!!

And for Lord Stanley's sake, do NOT chat with the COACHES while the game is in progress

Please, PLEASE, I wish they would stop that! It annoys the heck out of me. Don't they realize it's interfering with the game? It's just stupid, imo.

There should be absolutely no talking to players or coaches while the game is in progress. It provides no insight and nobody ever says anything of consequence. They're focused on the live game they're playing! Could you imagine if some reporter ran up to a football huddle and asked the QB how he thought the game was going? This is the equivalent to me. Dumb, just dumb.


what a move by franen, man would he look good in a blueshirt!!! Ah to dream!!!

oops franzen

When are all the awards handed out, is it during or after the finals???

AO, got two tonight but they were obvious scoring awards, I am more curious about the voted on awards!

what a shift by orpik!! WOW

Hossa excelled and made a name for himself in Atlanta, and who did he honestly have other than Ilya Kovalchuk(playing on a seperate line more often than not)? I don't think Hossa is a good fit at all for the Rangers, at least financially he's not. I can't see where he'd fit in our lineup either. But let's not sit here and act like he's a guy that just happens to benefit from being around good players.

That was a great game, I hope the rest of the games are that physical, that high speed, that intense. And I hope this goes 6 or 7 games. Woo that was entertaining.

Draper could have done a Scott Stevens on Crosby and let up.

Red Wings must be the least Canadian NHL team ever.

Great call Dennis on that Sundin leadership award.lol

guess the refs got the message, so now they're good for the playpens. the commissioner heard them, and got it taken care of...slashing by crybaby has now been allowed in the rule book thru special dispensation. that's one way to get the babies to stop whining, help them win by getting their way. this season is a very un-proud moment in the nhl, thanks to it's leader napoleon buttman and his turn a blind eye refs to slant games.

i , i didnt think that game was slanted at all. gill was sent to box twice for playing good defense against holmstrom. the pens amped up their game. malkin finally showed up for a few shifts, crosby was the best player on the ice by far, and the wings took their foot off the gas a bit.

capt crybaby was slashing guys with no calls. Do it to him and you go to the box.

I have to agree with captjameson... I thought the refs did a good job letting the teams to play. They let things go on both sides and it resulted in a fast-paced, physical game that was tons of fun to watch. The only calls they missed that I had a real problem with were the high stick against Lidstrom, and the high stick against Gill. Both warranted penalties, but I seriously think the refs simply missed them rather than it being a part of a concerted effort to let the teams play. People should get over their conspiracy theories and just sit back and enjoy what finally looks to be turning into a competitive series, cause before long there won't be any hockey to watch. Then all we'll have is a month of "which free agents should the Rangers sign?", followed by two months of possible line combinations and "who has the best shot at making the team out of camp?" ;)

laurie even the playpens complain about the refs. The one fact is , the refs favor them. You call it what you want, but it can't be denied.

i, every team has been complaining. the pens have been complaining for 4 rounds. the pens fans are complaining now because the shoe was on the other foot the first 2 games of this series. but even before that they were scratching their heads and saying thanks for the gifts. there is no conspiracy only zool.

I loathe the Pens but I have to give them credit -- they played a helluva game. But I hope they get their collective hearts broken in a gritty 6 or 7 games.

This ref consipiracy stuff, btw, is so funny. How old are we people?

i, just sit back and enjoy as a fan of the game. that was an awesome 3rd period last night and i hope sather is sizing up a jersey 4 yr deal for orpik. he had an insane shift at the 11 min mark of the third.

Chris I'm pretty sure I'm older than you, been a NYR fan for over 35 years, but I have no doubt the refs have favored the playpens. That doesn't mean a conspiracy, but it implies many possiblities.

laurie even the playpens complain about the refs. The one fact is , the refs favor them. You call it what you want, but it can't be denied.

I can, did, and still do deny the refs have shown Pittsburgh preferential treatment in this series. And, btw, just because you believe something, doesn't make it a "fact".

laurie answer this, Drury gets cut no call, would there be no call if crosby got cut?

i, that would depend on whether an official on the ice actually saw the play. Yes, believe it or not, officials are human and sometimes miss calls. In fact, I think I pointed out two instances of missed high sticks in last nights game -- one against each team -- in my first post. Moreover, if you'd actually read my last post, you'd have noticed the words "in this series" in relation to my statement that the Pens have not been getting preferential treatment.

But alas, I have to get back to work, so you'll have to debate your conspiracy theory with someone else.

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