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May 21, 2008


Take the money Jags.

Sounds like the Russians are offerring Jagr an oil field.
Its more than what AOL/Ted Leonis gave him when he was in his prime....

Is this Alexander Medvedev, the head of the Russian KHL related to the new Prime Minister?

Well if he takes that deal, we are SCREWED. Any franchise wingers available not named Hossa (and even that is stretching it)?

I'll say just one thing, if Jagr doesn't return, we better explore the trade route for a Gaborik, Lecavalier, some type of stud goal scorer.
I've been looking at potential FA and if Jagr stays, I'd like the RANGERS to go after Vrbata. On a terrible Phoenix team, he scored nearly 30 goals, is 26 years old, and has size (6'1, 215) I think he'd be a nice fit. Also, I wouldn't spend 5 mill on Rosival or a Stuart, or any of these clowns. If other teams would like to spend absurd money on mediocre defensemen, let them. It is simply not worth it. If we are going to tie big money into the cap, I want either a stud stay at home guy or stud two way defender. Again, whats the point of signing Rosival for 5 mill per when we could let Pock or Hutchinson play for prob less than 2 mill? Anyone really thinking they could be much worse than Rosivals inconsitent defensive and offensive game?

Stuart made 3.5m from his Kings' contract (which was traded to Detroit at the deadline). I'm not saying he's worth 5m, but if the choice is 5m for Rozsival (who won't take anything less) or Stuart, I'll pick Stuart 100/100.

I'd like to see Jagr back, but I do not think we are in as much trouble as everyone thinks if we don't bring him back. He only scored 25 goals in 82 games. Who's to say Petr Prucha couldn't come back and score that many goals? I know Jagr was huge for us in the playoffs but Drury and Gomez are the guys we brought in to get us over the hump in the playoffs, and not that it's Jagr's fault at all but despite his great performance we still didn't get past the 2nd round. I'm sure we have enough trade ammunition to bring in a 20+ goal scorer to take Jagr's place in the lineup.

As much as we are all down on Roszival lately, Brad Stuart has arguably been pretty much a bust out of the draft to this point. He's been solid on Detroit, but I certainly wouldn't take Brad Stuart 100/100. This is one of those cases where we've seen Roszival make plenty of mistakes/bad plays and we're just dying for someone new, and we haven't really seen Brad Stuart play much. But he's no savior, and he is not free of mistakes by any means either. I hope during the finals we all watch Orpik, Stuart, Malone, etc. all those prospective FA's so we really know what we'd be getting.

I don't believe the two men are related, although Mirtle says Vladimir Putin is a big hockey fan and wants to help the KHL become a major league.

Pavel, I'm guessing you've seen Rozsival play about 150 times but have only seen Stuart play maybe fifteen times tops. There's a reason why he's with his fifth NHL team in the last three seasons. There's a reason why a player drafted third overall in his prime at age 28 cannot stick with a team for even a full season even as a depth defenseman. And that reason can be found under "flaws" in his scouting report:

"Is prone to mistakes in pressure situations, which has led him into the coach's doghouse in the past. Doesn't use his size effectively enough."

Sounds an awful lot like Tom Poti to me. Isn't this exactly why you're sour on Rozsival?

If Jagr doesn't come back that's a large void (70-90 points potentially) to fill and there is no way Petr Prucha can fill that void...even if he could score 25 goals (not very likely either) where do the other 40-50 points come from? Prucha could never deliver Jagr like numbers or dominate a game(s) like Jaromir can.........sorry apples and oranges there !!

Anyone who thinks that Jagr can be replaced with soem mediocre wingers who feed off their more talented teammates (Malone, Prucha circa 2005, etc.) is a little bit delusional. Jagr is a catalyst, a focal point. The Rangers, as currently constructed, do not have anyone who appraoches his level of skill, size and hockey sense. Look at the Cup teams this year - Datsyuk, Malkin, Zetterberg, Crosby. Without Jagr (yes, even 37 year old Jagr) we have no chance next year. Unless, of course, Dubinsky, Callahan, Dawes, etc. take gigantic, unimaginable leaps into stardom. I don't see that ahppening. So, if Jagr goes to Russia, I think signing Hossa is priority #1. Put him on the fist line with Gomes and Aves, get Chris Drury a moderately priced crease banger to go along with dawes/cally, play the kid/skill line with Dubi and hope we make the palyoffs.

Here's an article that offers a pretty good background on the basic structure of the KHL for those who are interested: http://www.eurohockey.net/news/story.html?id=20080313111756newkontinentalhockeyleaguetakesshapesetsrules

On a different, but somewhat related note, I came across a list last night of all the RSL/KHL teams and who they've got signed and for how long. The list confirms that Cherepanov's contract is up next year. But what I found more interesting is that Anisimov's contract with Lokomotiv is still in effect, and runs through the end of the 2009-2010.

I knew he still had time left on his contract when he came over last fall, but didn't realize it was that long.

Maybe it's the team around Stuart, then. He hits like a train in Detroit and I haven't seen him have any Malik/Rozsival moments.

If Jagr dosnt return i hope they dont go spending tons to replace him. i wouldnt mind seeing Vrbata coming in as a depth player and focusing on defence. let who we have battle it out for their spots and play. see what we really have to work with and fill the gaps in the next FA market. thats the only way would see who has grown so far and help develop them. yea we may miss the playoffs... or maybe not. its not like they havent been their before (pre lockout streak). id rather see the young guys battle it out then throwing money in a panic if jagr leaves.

if it is 100% about money Jagr will go to Russia. I dont know how it works over in Russia but i dont think it would be farfetched to believe that maybe the Russians would bribe Jagr to come over by giving him the maximum contract plus some under the table money as well.

I'm not saying Jagr would accept this of course but i believe if the Russian league wants to steal NHL players away they might feel inclined to disregard ethics or the law for that matter...


thanks for posting the free agents available in 09-10 and only Hossa compares to those guys available such as Havlat, Zetterberg, Gaborik, Lecavalier. Those are the names i'm talking about.

Why overpay for anyone this offseason like Malone when a star like Gaborik or Havlat can be had for maybe 2 million more the following year.

If Jagr does not return the Rangers are going to be in a lot of trouble. Noone on our roster is capable of producing like he can and spending money on his replacement this offseason will prevent the Rangers from acquiring good players next year.

I for one agree with those who want to rebuild the blueline. I would be very happy if we went into the season with a very strong defense where someone like Commodore or Tyutin is our 6th d-man even if it means going in with both Dawes and Callahan as top 6 forwards. I can live with that as long as the Rangers expect to sign a big name star like Gaborik or Lecavalier the following offseason.

I expect to see jagr in Ranger blue for one more season--call it a hunch, but I think he feels he has some unfinished business here. The money to play for the Dynamo will still be there.

I would very much like Vrbita to replace Straka. And I think Prucha can replace Shanahan. That would leave some money on the table to replace Malik and Mara (Kurt Sauer) and sign our other FAs....


Hey, if Jags can get $12MM and Kovaochuk and a few more superstars can get the same, that's great. In a few years the Russian Elite League will be under and we'll have a good transfer agreement. I hope they understand capitalism over there!

I'm all for adding Hainsey, Commodore and Vrbata. Let Shanny, Straka, Malik, Mara and Backman go. I'd wait to the final day on Backman. Maybe he clears waivers and he can get some good instruction in Hartford. I would need to see a lot more from him, based on his salary. A call up may not be a problem either, because of his salary.

Bit off topic with this one but had a question to throw out:

if Detroit were to win this series, would Lidstrom become the first European to captain a Stanley Cup champion?

Yes, Marty. All the more reason to cheer for Detroit... well that and if Pittsburgh won, we'd never hear the end of it next season.. It's bad enough when the pittstains DON'T play on Vs/NBC on a particular night and they drool over Crosby... imagine next year when during an unrelated game, Emerick goes "Hey remember the cup Crosby won?"...ugh it'll drive me crazy!

there will be offers and rumors of offers....or something like that.

if the russians are gonna build the new league with nhl stars why not go after russian ones, hence, save the money (this year) and sign geno "slew foot" malkin next year, make him the poster boy like nhl did with sid "the kid" crosby. malkin speaks the language and probably enjoys the russian food and weather. just a thought...

i'm with others who have a hunch that jagr will stay for 1 maybe 2 years. from interviews sounds like he'll head back to his homeland after that, per his agreement with his father. with him staying i also agree signing vrbata is a great idea. hope rangers are looking into this deal.

please dubi, i forgot, please never mention gionta with the rangers ever again. that lil' guy bugs the crap outta me. and same goes for robby blake. two guys i hope never don a ranger sweater!!!

Vrbada didnt score for the last 15-20 games of the season. He isnt going to offer much.

If Jagr is gone, this team is probably not going to make the playoffs next year, unless somehow Gomez and Drury and the youngsters light the lamp more than this year.

if jagr leaves, you not only have to replace his offensive production, you also have to replace the intangible of his ability to take over a game. regardless of how many times we saw it in the reg season, opposing coaches still formed their game plans around stopping jagr. there is no one available unless by trade. and any GM would be comitting career suicide to deal any franchise player for what the rangers have.

also, to get a player of jagr's callibre around 30 yrs old, talks start with a minimum of cheripanov, dubinski, and 2 first round picks.

How much money is too much, like Jags really needs it. Another Stanley Cup would be worth more than the 7 plus million he would get over what the NYR are able to get him. Comes down to a character choice. Money and country, or the Cup.

scratch country, just hit me he would be playing in russia. duh.

glad to see buttman getting it stuck to him by the other leagues, he'll never learn until hopefully the owners fire him.

Yea, Gaborik and Havlat. What a steal. Maybe together they can play 82 games combined.

Please stop with the 'availability' of guys like Zetterberg, Gaborik, Lecavalier the following summer. It's like when everyone thought Iginla and Ovechkin and Joe Thornton would be available. These players DO NOT hit the open market unless there is either a huge problem with them or their teams do so poorly that they decide to trade them AND the accepting team cannot afford to resign them.

Besides, the cap makes signing big UFA's pretty much a mistake as far as the NYR are concerned. Maybe....MAYBE... they can afford ONE more big ticket. That's it though. We already have 3 big money players signed for a long time (Hank, Gomez, and Drury). You simply cannot load up on big money players anymore without sacrificing the rest of your lineup. If we do that, we turn into the Lightning. They stuck with their big 3 and have not been able to have a successful team since.... and they finally had to get rid of Brad Richards for nothing just to free up money. This was after he rotted away playing on the 2nd line with JAN HLAVAC and JASON WARD. Would you want players of their calibre playing on our 2nd line?

That's what happens when you have a top heavy team. You have nothing left to fill in the remaining spots.

Not sure why Jagr would even want to put in another year with the Rangers. He didn't seem all that happy for most of the season. He didn't like the defensive system. He sulked about losing his line mate. He was able to ratchet up his game when he wanted to at the end, which seemed to indicate that he could have been playing like that all year if he chose to do so.

Make him a reasonable offer and if he really wants to be a Ranger he will be one no matter what the other offers are. If he walks, so be it. The Rangers will survive.

Jasper: Id like you to post a link showing Jagr sulking about losing his line mate.

In general, is playing under Renney fun ?

Effigy, no matter what type of system, offensive or defensive, if you win you're having fun.

if Jagr didn't kick it up a notch, there would be complaints. Seems no matter what he does there's a target on his back. And if the NYR made it to the finals this season wouldn't that prove most the criticisms of most involved wrong? What a difference 5 more post season wins can make for most, but I bet there would still be some saying get rid of Jagr, or at least wishing it.

I don't believe a thing that comes out of the Russian media.

Jagr and his agent have already stated that he wants to play in NY next year. Jagr has made over 100M already why would he bolt to a lesser league for money he doesn't need?

I call BS on all of it.

I say let the superstars go. Make a few trades and sign some good players to play the system. Give the kids some extra reponsibility and see what happens. Some extra pressure can go along way to developing players, let see if they step up to the challenge.

Chris Simon and John Grahame signed in Russia. I doubt if Jagr compares himself to them. The Russian league is still for washed-up NHLers like Yashin; Malkin escaped in the middle of the night from that league not long ago. This report sounds like Russian rumors.

I love how so many of you guys are so quick to throw Shanahan under the bus. Even in the twilight of his career, he still lights the lamp over 20 times and kills penalties like a fiend (which we took a whole lot of this year). If Shanny could resign at a more reasonable number, I'd love to have him around.

Money isn´t everything in life, some things cant be bought, like a chance to win the cup.

If Jagr goes, it won´t be a money matter, but a personal one.

for those who want Jagr gone

if he does not return the Rangers will not have 1 skater that can singlehandedly dominate a game. There are only a handful of players in the game that can do that and none of which will be available through Free Agency on July 1st 2008.

It's amazing how there are some ppl here who think the Rangers would be better off without him. Face it he had very little help last season and while his shot is not like it was in his previous seasons there are only a handful of guys in the league who make the kind of impact he does on a nightly basis.

The question is will Jagr want to play on a much lower scoring line with Dawes/Avery and Dubinsky and have another sub-par season (for his standards) or will he go to another team/league where he will be treated like the world class player he is.

Jasper, ummm....where do you see evidence of Jagr being unhappy? In how he mentored young Dubinsky? In how he kicked it up a notch in the playoffs? He played often with two players hounding him, for a thankless fan base, and he never complained about it.

He has always said how much he wants to be a Ranger, how much he loves NY and the Blueshirts, and yet this team's fans have done little to show their appreciation for him except in game four of the Pens series. That to me wouldn't be fun.

Name the #1 thing Jagr was worried about when they aquired Gomez and Drury...? Everyone figured - Gomez Jagr - perfect. Well Chemistry was what he was concerned out . Jagrs made alot of cash , he wants to play on a team that he feels comfortable and is needed . As the playoffs approached, Jagr ws getting better . Dubinsky and him really clicked and they stayed together ...with Jaromir racking up a League leading 15 whopping points in the second round!! The beast was back! ....Everyone knew it!! When Jagr feels good...Look out!! Dubinsky and JJ together again , this time they are starting together and watch them fly . Awsome . Jagr , $12 million is alot of cash but i think his legacy is worth alot more .

So does Jaromir ...Season scoring title in the future ...chants of MVP MVP MVP from the MSG crowd ...I dare you to disagree ...because JJ will prove you wrong.

JJ Fan, Jagr was not the same focal point he used to be, it was evident in the regular season in games against teams like the devils that love to play matchups that did not even bother trying to keep their best d-man out for him anymore. Like I said, I'd love to see him back, but we can win without him, without a doubt, and we can win without his replacement being a Marian Hossa or Markus Nasland too.

Greg L, you are crazy if you think we'll pay him $12million for 1 or 2 years. PASS.

You can't be serious in suggesting we don't treat him like the "world class player he is" (once was in my mind). After the lockout this team was pretty much built around him, it was very evident once he got hurt against the Devils that he WAS our offense. That had us start to lean in another direction and that's what has had us bring in Gomez and Drury. You can't tell me he's had no help when he's had all these young guys come up and produce, when he's had Straka right by his side most of his time here, while we've put a rookie on the 1st line because he couldn't produce with all-star caliber centers in Drury and Gomez. He has it pretty damn good here and if he wants to leave for money or whatever it is that's so appealing about Russia then good riddance.

You all say Jagr doesn't need the money but lets not forget Jagr's already won a cup too. I don't question that he'd like to win another one but I don't think he's going to lose any sleep over it in the future if he doesn't play another game in the NHL or have another shot at one. The Rangers could win the cup without him next year and I'm sure he wouldn't be all that upset. Players usually try to make as much as they can when it comes to their last contract, regardless of the sport. And who knows if Jagr's been responsible with his money over the years either. It's not like he's a billionaire here, you'd be amazed at how far athletes will go for money even when they've got plenty.

Jamerson, Actually what i ment when i said " Jagr , $12 million is alot of cash but i think his legacy is worth alot more ."

12 million is alot of money to make playing over in russia , me or you would take it , garentee . Jagr's legacy is in the NHL and i do believe he wants keep earning points not so much of $$$ , but he wants loyalty from managment ,team chemestry , his own chemestry and comfort. He is Captain here ... he wants to stay. ( 6 million or less is what he'll sighn for)

I really need some help over here....Does anyone know if all Rangers home (dark) jerseys ,the R (as in Rangers) starts lower down the front than the away (white) one . I just recently bought a (home/ blue) RBK medium and the R sarts where the stitching starts . and watching the original one they wear , the R is much higher!!? is my jersey a bad one , or is it because its a meduim not large?

not to vouch for the accuracy of all the data thereon, but the nhlnumbers.com website has alot of great data on free agents, when contracts expire, etc.
full disclosure: I have NO connection whatsoever to that site or anyone related...it is just a good reference with which to have these discussions about free agents...

Question: if the Rangers went after a cheap RFA like Daniel Carcillo of Phoenix (he only makes about $525K) and Phoenix didn't match, what compensation? I would love to add more grit...I would like to see if the kid can play at all, but I thought I heard comparisons to a young Avery (not to say they are equal talents, just as a comparison)

can we dump Backman so easily next year without a cap charge just by shipping him to Hartford or expecting that he would get picked up on waivers?

I say wait till next year and pursue Gaborik hard...

I also think the Rangers should look at packaging Tyutin and Prucha for help on defense/PP and then fill in with players in the system if need be...is anyone available on D for those two tradeable commodities?

Greg L,
While I hope you're right about Jagr, me and you both have no idea what he wants. He may want to run off into the sunset and play in a fairly less competitive environment and a less physically taxing league in Russia. He may care about money more than his legacy at this point, we don't know that. I just hope that management does not go out of their way to please Jagr as if he's still a 50 goal scorer. That's all. I want him back, but like I've said if his asking price is wrong or he's not going to be fully committed then good riddance.

RE: Your jersey. If I remember it right it sounds like you may have one of the first Rbk edge jerseys, I'm pretty sure the Rangers modified the way they were because the lettering was lower on the original new ones and the bottoms were really curved rather than being straight and it made the jersey look pretty silly unless you tucked it in.

I realize you've gotta give to get but if Tyutin's contract is longer than just one more year I'd hate to see him go, He, Girardi, and Staal give us a great young defense that looks real promising, that and you break up a solid pearing in Girardi and Tyutin. Chemistry between defensive pairings can't be overlooked.

I'm curious to see how Sjostrom does starting a full season with the NYR? I liked what I saw of him, with many of Hossa's tools and talent, but also with fire in his belly.

yes, Jameson, that sounds right about the adjustment on the blue rbk sweaters. Looks much better with the even hem (just as the blackhawks dark and montreal's white jerseys both look silly with that uneven look).

Well, I just can not sit here any longer and not comment on potential roster moves, so here it goes.

Jagr is a tough call, on one hand I think for a goal scorer he is over priced, and with the exception of the recent playoffs has under performed (injuries or not) by a large margin for his salary the last two seasons. I think we could get similar point totals for less money. The other hand is the intangiables he brings, he always draws a crowd and opens up the ice for other players and usually get top pair d coverage and that frees up other lines to score more. All in all I say keep him for a couple mil and incentives, if not let him walk. Toots is in no mans land playing style wise. He can not hit the net with regularity but does not play with an edge often enough either (when he does, he is great at it). Sounds like coaching to me so I keep him (meaning do not trade him), besides his chemistry with girardi can not be understated. I think prucha should be dealt even though I really like him, we have too many players like him size and playing style wise, so if not him who...cally or dawes?? On D, WOW!! Rosy is not worth more than about 2.5 mil a season, malik is just gone, mara to me is the same as rosy, just with a bit more of an edge, and backman.....well he is just not what we need.

Having said all this I think struds should be kept as a 6 or 7 D, a great value for his salary. There really is not a player in hartford short of sauer that I think can help on d and I think sauer is iffy at best (sags is a couple years away). Baranka was like petr popovich and I think a bit overrated, just an opinion though.

This brings me to the meat of the issue, the roster...

centers, we are set gomer, dru, dubi, and betts.

wingers keeping cally, dawes, sjo (3rd line), orr, RESIGNING AVERY A MUST. Keeping shanny at a discount and giving him 3rd line minutes and pk and pp. I would sign malone, I think he can score 30 a year and his size and grit should not be under valued. Carcillo would be great if we could sign him to an offer sheet, but i doubt if the coyotes let him go. I also think that korpi and josh gratton should be given long hard looks (gratton and orr on the sae line would give some much much needed size and physicality that would help us all season long). Two other wingers I think we should give hard looks at are tuomo ruutu from the hurricanes (he would be my number 1b priority behind malone) and ryan clowe if available from the sharks. That should cover the forwards for the next season in some combination and wait for the free agent class of that following summer to replace shanny and maybe someone else.

On D.... toots, girardi, and staal for sure, I think toughness and grit are more important of a need first, so I go orpik (komisarek is a stud, but not sure how to pry him from the habs). Then a pointman, so either liles, zubov (yes him), or schneider if available (and yes him too). If struds is not the answer as the final D spot, then I say norstrom (yes him), sauer from colorado, or jason smith. There are four d men that I would make a play for as well if the opportunity arose, markov (europe), vaananen (europe), gauthier (flyers minors), and hatcher (yes him, but only to a lesser extent and if other above mentioned bangers and crease clearers are not aailable).

Goalie, umm I think we will be ok as is!!!!!

Thanks for reading and I do not have specific line combos or d pairings made up because not sure of the personnel yet obviously. So release the hounds and feel free to tear me apart!!!!!!!!

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