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May 23, 2008


No Rucinsky, NO ROZSIVAL. No Straka unless he learns how to shoot and takes a paycut!


All i am saying is I dont think it makes any sense to have a 30 goal scorer playing out of his element on the 3rd line while a 15 goal scorer is expected to take the pressure of Jagr.

I certainly hope Sather doesn't go for the 'you have to sign my friends and/or country men' in order to sign me game. As much as I would like to see the 'playoff version' Jaromir back next year, you can't let him hold managements feet to the fire when it comes to signing other players....that would hold the team back from making progress and taking the next steps in competing for the Cup.....that is the goal for the organization isn't it? Don't they have unemployment offices in the Czech Republic?

Dubi, enjoy your chillin and grillin. You deserve it! Seeing how there will be no news for a while.
All Glen can do is give Jagr an offer. If he accepts it hooray! If he doesn't oh well! There will be life after Jagr. I always a view situation
such as this to be a new door opening. Hockey is the one sport where very few prospects are can't miss. By the same token you can never tell who will suddenly bloom. That's always the most wonderful of surprises. To me Brian Leetch was one
of those. We knew he was good but not not aware of how good he was to become. Lighting sometimes strikes twice. Dubi I don't except to see another post from you until something exciting happens. So stay true to your word and CHILL.

kinda weird to see avery with vera wang there.

I truly have to learn how to type a post without hitting enter at the end of line.


I do agree with you, especially when you're paying a guy just over $7 million a year. I think his production can come up playing on the 1st or 2nd line, but him killing penalties and such is part of his game and that makes his contributions to his team more than his point production but again, I do agree with you. He is nowhere near a 3rd line player.

Good thing you mentioned that was Vera Wang.

I though Avery's standards dropped considerably when I first saw that pic....

Fellas, I'm pretty sure Ms Wang is married. However, cougars are HOT these days and Avery could do worse than dating a millionaire wedding dress designer. Dubi cropped the photo, but had you seen his SILVER shoes, you might've gone in another direction with your comments. Not that there's anything WRONG with that.... :-)

For local NYers, go over and see the fine folks working the Kearsarge. They're just back from Iraq and are happy to show civilians around their "office."

And if we have any vets checking in, thanks for everything. Enjoy the lovely weekend!

Wow, are you sure Jagr isn't Irish? Man, his superwhite skin is fairer then mine. CR is an interesting country if it can produce someone as fair as Jagr and as swarthy as Nedved. Yikes, I said "Nedved".(shudders)

Avery will be nailing every heterosexual female fashionista in New York. He's got more testosterone than any man they have seen in years!:)

i only meant that it was weird to see avery next to someone so accomplished and the polar opposite from what avery does. he knows its a privilege to be photo'd with her too. its just an unexpected sight. last i heard, he was chasing a single first daughter around. funny stuff. his mohawk and glasses picture still cracks me up. he needs to be resigned ASAP. something needs to be worked out. if we dont do it, we all know it will come back to bite us in the ass.

btw, dont resign jagr. give the team to gomer and lets sign Mark Streit for 2 years cheap.

Best page ever!!! GREAT NEWS!!! Think about it: Jagr goes to Vegas, takes over at Charles Barkley's favorite table. He wins bigtime. Now he doesn't need so much money!!! Vera Wang becomes Avery's sugar mama, Avery resigns on the cheap. I think the planets are aligning. Things are falling into place for the New York Rangers. . . . . .

I am gonna puke now.


Thank god u not Rangers GM


I thought you lost your mind...then I read the last line! Priceless!!!

I hate to say it, but if Jagr dosent come back get ready for a rebuilding year. Becasue the only true replacement is Hossa and I dont consider that much of a replacement.

However if he comes back, we should get gaborik and a good dman if possible

RE: Jagr
Just because Jagr does not have a trigger man means that he's still a top 10 and better than the rest? Dubinsky's filled in quite nicely as a trigger man, don't sit here and tell me it's just Straka setting him up. I don't want to overrate Dubi as he's got plenty of room for improvement and he's not up there in terms of Hossa(who isn't even a trigger man, not sure why someone would describe him as one), Datsyuk, Cheechoo, St. Louis, etc.

I love how Dubinsky and Straka are described as "Medicore AT BEST" when all of a sudden Jagr is under "attack". And we went out and got two of the better centers in the league in Gomez and Drury. Jagr was for the most part unable to work with either of them. So you're going to sit here and tell me he has no talent around him on his line(which he does, give me a break) but meanwhile it's partly his own fault for being unable to find a way to work with Gomez or Drury. The "weak supporting cast" argument is very "weak" argument.

As for players better than Jagr, i did not name 5 that are better, I named Ovechkin, Crosby, Malkin, Iginla, Nash, Thornton, Zetteberg, Lecavalier, Gaborik. That's 9. You cannot sit here and tell me you'd rather have Jagr over any of the above players mentioned at this point. Throw away the past, think about if you were starting a team from scratch next year and you had your choice of Jagr and anyone of the above mentioned players. I put an etc. because I do not feel like going through the roster of each team to find more, but I can say off the top of my head that in my opinion guys like Patrick Marleau, Chris Higgins, The Sedin brothers, Brandon Morrow, Brad Richards, Thomas Vanek, Jason Spezza, and many more are all better than Jagr.

Now I am not saying that I don't want Jagr back, you're all getting so defensive. He's probably our best option with the cap situation what it is and the FA pool or lack thereof this year. But don't try and paint a fairytale picture where Jaromir Jagr is a top 10 NHLer because that is simply not the case anymore, regardless of how great he was in the playoffs. He can still take over a game, so can plenty of other NHLers. It's not like he's the first player in the history of the NHL to demand special attention from the other teams defense.


Last season Dubinsky had 40 points, Straka had 41 points and Avery had 33 points. Dubinsky is a rookie so he gets some slack but if you look at Iginla, Lecavalier, Crosby, Datsyuk etc. their linemates get a hell of a lot more than what Jagr was stuck with.

Jameson if you think higgins ,vanek , richards ,morrow , sedins...are better than Jagr?? , I'd take our Captain over all those chumps, YOUR on glue buddy....YOUR whole post is WEAK !! haha go cheer for another team , WE don't want any pretenders here. Weak.

btw When Jagr lost to Joe thorton , inthe artross race and hart ...my $$ was on Jagr man...Only take a young Ovechkn ,malkin over him becuase they have more years , as old guys go , Jagrs the best!

you are entitled to your opinion. Jagr is a top 10 talent. no matter what age. and he will be paid like one. it's just a matter of who signs him. . . . Thornton is so overrated. jagr got jobbed out of that hart trophy.

i want to see PROGRESSION on the nyr.
you didnt agree with the jagr comment, the streit comment or the avery comment?
you didnt really say.

if we take jagr back we take back rozy and straka. i think that straka cant hit an open net. i think rozy wilts and loses confidence too easily. Mark Streit has pluses and minuses. pretty good numbers last year as a PP QB. 6'0 200lb, he's not huge. the main thing is that he will be cheap, and will get points. he is by no means the only answer to the rangers defensive questions.

i think thats its time to move on.

U said give the team to Gomer

Gomer is not a leader!!
Mark Streit sucks

Jags is needed for next year otherwise next year is rebuilding year.

Aves is needed as much as Jags

How do u figure if we sign Jags we gotta take Straks and Rozie too?
Just because every one says that doesnt mean its true.I never heard Jags said that neither did you Dubi Jess or anybody else in the media so drop the crap.

Well said Ant ...i agree . Jagr's contract will not include sighning bonuses for Straka and Rozie !! We NEED Avery , We NEED Jagr ,we NEED hank to better up high(come out and challenge more) , we NEED a stud defensman . We got the the rest...

Well there's hockey again! The NHL did it's best to make the "casual" fan forget there's the Finals still to be played what with scheduling the first two games up against the NBA Eastern Conference Finals games and on Versus to boot ... but what the heck, they have Sidney Penguins to market!!!

I was glad to see that while the Ref once again made the wrong call, imo, in calling off a Detroit goal due to "goalie interference" that Detroit didn't wilt and instead beat them 4-0 ... Finally a team that can make the Penguins pay by putting the puck in the back of the net and who plays very good defensively

... looks like the Penguins are down in a series for the first time , losing 4 -0 to Detroit!! Sweet! Datzuk is pritty good out there. A Detriot sweep would wash a little bit of that sour taste i have in my mouth . GO Wings!!!!

I hope Wings going to sweep them

Another goal scored on Pitt
waived off ....what a surprise...

Maybe half the reason they had that little amount of assists is that Jagr was the one they were trying to set up, it's a two-way street, it's really a weak argument.

I really disagree about Thornton, I dont know if you saw him play in Boston, I'm assuming since he's on the west coast you didn't see him much with the Sharks, but I really think Boston misses Thornton and I know I'm glad he's on the west coast now.

I hope the stanley cup goes 6 or 7 games, as much as I dislike the Pens a 4 game sweep is not going to be good for the NHL especially since games 1 and 2 are not on NBC.

just watch. sign one and you sign three. mercurial, blind and wilting all in one shot.

With all of the coverage that ESPN is giving the Stanley Cup right now, I have to believe that they will be carrying hockey in the not too distant future. .

Mikael Sammuellson is pretty good huh?

Kronwell is the best open ice hitter I have seen since Ulf Sammuellson.

Datsyuk is VERY good. I didn't realize that he plays the body like that.

Detroit's speed is the difference in this series. Much better on defense as well. . . . .

Up to now Samuelsson had been the other guy you never heard of in deals involving big names, Graves, Kovalev, and Fleury.

Just goes to show how good the Wings management is, going decades without a decent first round draft choice and never missing a beat in the quality of their team.

The Rangers sent Graves to the Sharks for Samuelsson, then dealt him to the Pens in the Kovalev deal. He was shipped to Florida in a complicated deal out of which the Pens got Fleury.

He was signed with the Wings as a free agent.

When I saw the picture I thought at first Avery was moving in on Yamaguichi, Hedican's wife who won Dancing With The Stars. Or trying to convince her not to move to California so maybe he'd sign here. If he's healthy, he's an OK D.

Really enjoying that the punk, snot nosed, baby boys got beat by men. Bring on their tears , all they have to do is lose 3 more, hopefully in a row.

iceycup, your logic is flawed re: Jagr, Straka and Roszival. That said, I expect that Straka will retire unsigned if, for no other reason, the Rangers can get the same numbers at a cheaper price from Prucha. Though, like others, I feel the Rangers will get Vrbita to replace Straka.

On the other hand I do expect Roszival to be back--not because of Jagr (though that might be a part of it), but because he logged a good amount of ice time for the Rangers, and (despite inconsistency at times) he's been one of the best Dmen we've had over the last several years.


Harry Larry Brooks reports tat the Isles are gonna make a move to get Avery since he loves the Ny area so much that he might sign there.
Sather needs to suck it up and sign Avery but, I really don't think the idiot will.
There is also rumor that the Rangers and Canes are trying to get Pikanen out of Edmonton, which would be nice.

pretty funny last night, unless you're a detroit red wing, as refs tried to hand pens momentum and game in period 1 of the finals. red wings withstood the onslaught on both fronts and went on to victory. go wings!! beat the friggin' whiner pens like the rangers should have! and of course, towards the end of their losing contest pens slashed, tripped, etc.

oh how i hate the versus coverage. how in the world did the nhl agree to bench interviews during the game is beyond me. and what stupid questions. just friggin' ridiculous. and last night figured out eddie o. sounds like ed begley. and final point if i had a dollar for every time eddie said 'doc' or 'again' i'd be a rich man today.

anyway, that's today's rant. everyone have a great memorial day weekend!

I hope the stanley cup goes 6 or 7 games, as much as I dislike the Pens a 4 game sweep is not going to be good for the NHL especially since games 1 and 2 are not on NBC.

I don't ... I am hoping for about a 5 games series, if not a sweep ... The Penguins are talking, a lot, after the game ... how they only lost because they weren't sharp, how they didn't play their best, how they guarantee that this will be a long series ... well now ... I think I love all that talk from the Penguins and the Wings saying nothing on the matter ... But this was just one game and the Penguins could win game 2 and go all even back to PIT ... we will know soon enough ...

As far as Avery and the Islanders ... Long Island isn't New York City so if Avery and/or the Islanders think that he will get the same amount of attention(and I am talking about the kind of attention he craves which is from C and D-Hollywood types and the fashion industry) then he and they are sorely mistaken ... Furthermore if he signs with a team like the Islanders than it just proves that all his talk about bleeding Rangers blue was a bunch of BS on his part just to get the fans on his side in case he didn't re-sign with the team ... he isn't loyal to the NY Rangers, not by a long shot ... I like Avery and what he brings to the team and want to see him stay but while he would prefer to be with the Rangers because of how visible he is to not just the hockey world but even outside the hockey world he will go where the money is, he doesn't care what team it is as long as they pay him what he believes he is worth ... Brian Leetch a true Ranger said he would never sign with the Islanders, Devils or Flyers .. why? Because of the Rivalry and because of his history here with us ... Avery when it comes down to it is a mercenary ... someone who is great once you have him but who's loyalties can only be had as long as you can pay him ... and that's fine for him, nothing wrong with it but him saying that he bleeds Ranger blue is a bunch of bs

Greg L,
Because I'm a realist about where Jagr is at makes me less of a Rangers fan? Give me a break. Did you refuse to read the parts of my posts that said I WANT JAGR BACK. I don't dislike the guy but he's not the same player, hopefully it doesn't take Rangers management as long to figure that one out as you.

You're all scared to death of signing any of the older free agents in this years pool yet Jagr is a top 10 player in your eyes, even when there's guys on the market that are a little older that out produced him or came close to out producing him on non playoff teams, the two that come to mind for me are Naslund and Sundin.

I'm not one of those guys that attacks Jagr's character, thinks he's lazy, think's he's the achilles heal of this team, so stop acting like I am. I'm looking at the production he put up this season and it is what it is, you can keep coming up with excuses for it if you like but i refuse to.


The excuses as you call them are all Valid , Are you saying after a couple year of winning the Pearson award (voted best player amoung peers)almost taking the Art Ross , and could have easiely won the Hart.That hes now washed up? Plus he set the Rangers record for goal scored in a season...half the players comming in over the years were old and not able to put up the goals. Jagr did . Duh , who lead our team this year?? What ever . Call it like you see it...Sidney Crosby could n,t hold Jagr's Jock-strap...haha , Go tell Chris Chelios to Retire or that hes all washed up!! Its Jagrs team . accept it .

Greg L,

Have you seen the pepsi max commercials...WAKE UP!!!!! This WAS jagr's team after the lock out and the roster reflected that. This is NO LONGER jagr's team and the roster reflects that as well. If you would really take jagr over morrow and vanek right now, I'm a little worried about your logic there. 10 years ago, yes jagr over about everyone, but now, no way, not for the money he makes!!! Everyone talks about how jags linemates were his problems (start the jagr excuse bus up, here we go), but I think he had better ones than dru and dru had about the same goal totals as jags (I know jags usually faced better opposition d), but isn't the "superstar and leader" supposed to make those around him better? Btw, avery was injured part of the season, so no matter who he was paired with, his numbers would be down!!!!

Jagr had a rookie for a center AND HE DID MAKE HIM BETTER.Avery was on his line JAGR MADE HIM LOOK A LOT BETTER.So stop with your nonsense.Yes i would take Jagr OVER ANYBODY EXCEPT FOR A.O.OR MAYBE MALKIN eventho i cant stand Malkin hes becoming just like lil bitch Cindy


jagr draws so much attention from the opposing teams, you and I could score 20 goals a season, so he creates space for others no arguement there. My point simply was (and is) jagr at this point is not any differ than any other older vet out there that is overpaid for what he brings for his salary and is getting by on past numbers or reputation. That is it, I'm not complaining about him, he is still a VERY GOOD player and do not think he is worth 4 or 5 mil a season, this team has other needs for 4 or 5 mil a season!!!


is Jagr a top 10 player anymore no but if he was playing with let's say Datsyuk and Zetterberg he'd have around 90+ points again.

Avery, Dawes and Straka are 3rd line players who benefited from playing on a team that lacks a top line LW. those 3 don't play on the 1st line on any other team in the NHL except for like Florida and the Islanders.

How Renney was able to get this team to play competitively with the Penguins is a very good accomplishment considering the huge gap in talent between the 2 teams.


who is in charge of european scouting for the Red Wings (primarily in Sweden). How they continue to draft great european players is amazing especially so late in the draft. That organization is what the Rangers need to model themselves after...


If Jagr does not return next seasom then Scott Gomez will be our top offensive weapon unless the Rangers are willing to spend 9 million a year for the next 7 seasons to get Marian Hossa and considering we already made Gomez the 4th highest paid player in the game another terrible contract would be disastrous.


who is in charge of european scouting for the Red Wings (primarily in Sweden). How they continue to draft great european players is amazing especially so late in the draft. That organization is what the Rangers need to model themselves after...

LOL Oleo I think you set me up here as it is Hakan Andersson who is a Swede and who got his job based on the recomendation of one Christer Rockstrom who is the Ranger head of European scouting.

Seriously the Wings have one of the best scouting staffs in hockey mainly because they also use Scotty Bowman as a consultant. When you can fly in a guy who has won as many cups as Bowman has then you will always attract high quality folks.

The Rangers are in their own way molding their scouting staff after the Red Wings as they are following the blueprint for prospect development established by the Red Wings over the last 15 years.


I disagree with you as this remains Jagr's team as I have seen first hand the level of respect his teammates have in the locker room towards him.

I also will disagree with those who think that resigning Jagr will automatically mean resigning Rosy and Straka. I believe Straka is going to retire and Rosy is going to look for his big bucks elsewhere.

Perhaps the one mistake I am seeing people make here is that they are not realizing that other NHL players will look at who else is on the team when signing and consider which team will offer them a chance to win while making money.

In other words, a Jagr who remains a dangerous scorer can help attract another player because one can sign for the contract and not have all the pressure on the world on his shoulders. (IE Gomez and Drury have the big bucks but still people looked at Jagr).

As for Jagr playing in Russia, my own sources are telling me NOT to take those rumors seriously. They tell me it is a wee-wee contest among Russian GMs who are trying to attract good European players.

Jagr is NOT going to sign with any team that spends a ton of money on him and then does not give him a worthy supporting cast because they spent all their money on him.

That Russian KHL in my eyes is going to doom itself by trying to think that spending money is going to make them an equal to the NHL.


AND IF YOU DID NOT WATCH THE MEMORIAL CUP FINALS TODAY SHAME ON YOU. You missed a true reason why Canada has returned to the top of the world in hockey talent.

Congrats to the Spokane Chiefs, the Kitchener Rangers and the entire CHL for the best Memorial Cup I have ever watched (out of the 11 I have seen)

i geuss it's you that should wake up , read what Jess has just posted and Ant ...makes alotta sense . Jagr is such a presence . That Person award says it all.

Drury would make a great Ranger Captain after Jagr moves on . Last year all 3 lines were new and chemestry was formed . I say keep the roster together ...just upgrade Marc Staals defensive partner , he needs a mentor ..too bad Al Macinnis was here teaching him his booming shot!!!

Greg L

Staal is never going to be a major offensive force that role belongs to Sanguinetti who may be half to a full season away from being a factor.

For now (and I will keep saying this) the answers to the Ranger defense starts with 2 players: Ron Hainsey and Kurt Sauer.

You sign Hainsey to play with Staal and you have someone who will help speed up Staal's development at both ends of the ice.

You sign Sauer to shore up the defensive end at a very reasonable cost while making the Ranger defense that much better as a unit because Sauer is a true team player.

That being said the 3rd player to sign is Vrbata to give Jagr a scoring winger and a replacement Czech so Jagr has someone to go out to dinner with.

Yes Vrbata did not score in his last 20 games with the Coyos but considering what he was playing with in Coyo land it was a miracle he scored 27 to begin with.

Marc Staal's the best looking player with the most potential ive seen on the Rangers blueline . His eyes , still young , his glare and he strides like a thorabred. He hits hard and gives the Rangers an element that even pittsburgh will soon be in envey . Marc is the toughest of all the brothers , and the way hes been rushing the puck up the ice , he could be the smoothest . Staal , Jagr with Dubbie , Dawes and callahan ...youth and chemistry is what the 2008 -09 season will be about .

vrbata sounds good ...i just don't know ...never watched him much ...Jagr may lose straka as a winger ...does Jagr have a friendship with vrbata? Losing Nylander was hard on Jagr because guys like Gomez and Drury don't play a style like that. If we never had found Dubinsky for Jagr ... Jagr is good as gone ...now if Straka retires ...Jagr will be alright . A scoring ace on the wing replacing Straka would be sooooo nice , but then Gomez needs one too....and a BIG defenseman!! .....so , if we lose Jagr , Avery ,shanny and rozival...do we play all those fast kids this year and go for Gaborik the year after?

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