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April 25, 2008


Rangers recall 10 players from Hartford
"...the club has recalled 10 players from the Hartford Wolf Pack of the American Hockey League (AHL); goaltender David LeNeveu, defensemen Andrew Hutchinson, Corey Potter and Bobby Sanguinetti, and forwards Artem Anisimov, Dane Byers, Brodie Dupont, Lauri Korpikoski, Greg Moore and P.A. Parenteau."
I guess anyone can practice; maybe the waiver issue only comes up if they need to try to put Hutchinson in the line-up...

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By the same token, thanks to our own readers for refraining from going to any Pens site. In addition to it being the sportsmanlike thing to do, it also denies them the attention they so crave and keeps their hit rate at a meager level. Good work, Ranger fans!

I dont know why Therien is worried he has the NHL's baby. Good read, Dubi. This is not anything new the other team will never give us any credit and we continue to praise them. Lets take it to them. Anyone know who is reffing the game(like it matters)?

According to the Daily News the Rangers will breach the subject of Sidney "diver" Crosby with the NHL :

Tom Renney indicated Crosby's penchant for drawing penalties also will be among the topics the Rangers will broach with the supervisor of officials in their pre-series meetings.

Sidney, however, REALLY hates being called a diver or that he embellishes calls, from Steve Zipay again :

Tom Renney indicated Crosby's penchant for drawing penalties also will be among the topics the Rangers will broach with the supervisor of officials in their pre-series meetings.

Also Steve reports that Gary Roberts will be OUT of the lineup tonight still bothered by a groin injury that forced him to miss the last two games of the Senators series ... anyhow Adam Hall will replace him ... Colton Orr will replace Ryan Hollweg for us ...

Finally Larry Brooks has a great article on the matter of Crosby and not allowing him or his team to dictate the calls and be in the Refs ear all game long ... Dubi linked it above ...

I'm exicted, finally a GAME!

Round two, time to step it up. So Pittsburg gets their fifteen minutes of fame because they draw the Rangers. Nice posts from the visitors, proving that one needn't play hockey to go through life toothless, I guess. You know America is a great country when even trailer parks get internet service.

Shanny. It's his night. Let's drop the puck.

damn ... I posted the same quote twice ...

Sid the Kid had this to say about diving: "I don't dive. I never dive. The only way I'm going down is if I'm forced down."

you know, i have followed crosby for awhile now even before his nhl career. im a lot of us have. i couldnt get enough of hearing about he was tearing up the QMJHL. talk about a guy that lived up to the hype (of which there was a lot). that being said, im just so disappointed that hes got this reputation of being a diving whiner when he has such a skill set. im even more upset that he is the prime architect for this reputation too. i sure hope we dont see that from him tonight but my guess is that he will go with what works best. when players are interviewed about him, they all say the same thing. nothing but high praise. but come on... what is the real general consensus, of the players, behind the scenes on sid the kid? its obvious that the two are polar opposites. its also obvious which one of these crosby chooses to believe in. i do not believe he has respect from the majority of his peers. its too bad because having the reputation of being a diving whiner is one that will be hard to shake. i for one would like to see him shake it, shut up, stay up on his f*%$ing skates and play some damn hockey. "the next one"? i see a BIG difference between this "one" and the Great One.

//"Other than the Cups, beating them that year was the most satisfying thing of my career."

- Phil Bourque, on the 1992 Patrick Division final between the Penguins and Rangers //

yeah, that explains why phil bourque signed with the rangers as a free agent in the summer of '92

what a tool

anybody else remember francois leroux? big dopey d-man with the penguins back in the mid-90s? that series in '96, he was dropping to the ground, howling in pain any time he was touched, drew a lot of penalties

there was one in particular where he got back to the bench and a tv camera caught him smiling and telling the penguin's trainer "i'm all right" when he made it back to the bench after taking a hit, falling to the ice and writhing in pain, then somehow recovering as soon as a penalty was called

the more things change...

5 hours!

haha this is funny

Penguins star Sidney Crosby took umbrage at the idea that Renney would ask the officials to watch him for diving to draw penalties. In a game late in the season, Crosby snapped his head back drew a high-sticking call on Rangers center Scott Gomez even though Gomez’ stick did not hit his face. “I don’t dive,” Crosby said. “I never dive. The only way I’m going down is if I’m forced down.”


"forced down"


Cynthia was "forced down" like Lewinsky on Clinton.

15 years ago no one gave this team from NY a shot against a Penguins team with two of the top talents in the league either:


I kind of gagged looking at it though.

Had enough of waiting and am anticipating great things for tonite, Let's Go Rangers! Great posts Dubi, you're keeping a florida Ranger fan happy.

somebody swat ATOWLAL over the nose with a rolled up newspaper, he just crapped on the floor.

Believe me, I didnt' want to glorify the Fishies is any way. But given that our most notable playoff moments against the Pens are akin to a Mario highlight film, I had to find something something inspiring.

Still, if there was such thing as the blogosphere back then I'm sure that before that series you'd have seen a lot of the same comments coming from the Pens fans as you're seeing now.

like avery, cindy is becoming a ranger distraction without stepping out on the ice. we all know he's got the skills to be the nhl poster boy and will make his share of highlight plays but...it's malkin the one rangers will need to keep a body on! he carried pens when cindy went down with the bad ankle. he stays strong on the puck and won't complain or dive when roughed up. and if rangers get to fleury, conklin is waiting in the wings and probably thinks he oughta be the starter.

oh, ye hockey gods! please keep the ice clean, level and true. the players healthy. and the refs honest...! and ye gods please no bad bounces, no bad calls, and no bad versus announcing.


He doesn't dive? Well, watch the play when Crosby scores from flat on the ice as he slides by the goal. They play it often on TV promos. Notice that he isn't taken down, but dives into the ice on his shoulder, then shoots the puck into the net. Great play, but he dove to make it look sensational, a "highlight reel" goal. What a pussy!

Sidney gets so upset and angry when people ask him about his diving or embellishment of calls, about how he is always complaining to the refs to draw more penalties ... he really gets upset and goes on the defensive ... but yet, it's true ... while players around the League respect his talent a lot of them do say that he draws attention to himself on the ice by the officials ...

It's 3:06 PM ... damn clock is ticking by slowly =P


I think us fans are preoccupied with Crosby and NOT the Rangers team themselves ... by the way that they have played the Penguins our team gives him AND Malkin the attention they BOTH deserve ... So I am not worried that they are overlooking anyone ...

I want to go to dinner early, but that won't get the game started any sooner!!!

Let them talk it only shows you their coach's personality...both teams are tough to beat...Rangers need to stay out of the box and hit the Pens as hard and clean as possible...keep going to the net the refs CANT (or can they) call every play a penalty...keep the shifts short and make them count!!

PS: Colton dont let ruttu or big Georges bait you into stupid penalties! PLAY YOUR GAME!

sam weinman said on his blog at 11:22am:

"More from Sidney Crosby—including some borderline incendiary remarks— Jaromir Jagr, and others later…"

cant wait to hear that. looks like we're in their heads already. we need 2 goals early. dawes and drury, please get it done!

Philly got 2 goals early, didn't help them. Just give me a 2 goal lead with 1 minute to go.

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Oh Crosby's upset because Tom Renney talked to officials about his penchant for drawing penalties, even though Therien talked to Officials about Sean Avery and his penchant for crashing the crease ... but Sidney doesn't seem to like being singled out so he got a bit testy with his response and said that Renney should worry about his own players diving than with what the Pens do ...

Funny ...


you make a very good argument and like i have said I havent seen him play enough to say he dives. Eddie O was on NY Radio and made a good point he said Crosby doesnt dive but he embellishes which is still a penalty.

I will give you the fact that he doesnt flop like Brodeur. Sidney doesnt go out of his way to get penalties called on him so I refuse to say he has no class but I do not respect players that go down so easy if that is actually the case with Crosby.


I'm dying for some hockey already. Take it to them tonight!


Less than 2 hours to go to game time. Rangers need to step up the defense, limit their time in the box, and King Henry needs to shut down the glimmer twins.

Let's Go Rangers!


AHAHA I just saw this Photoshoped picture posted and well ... too freaking funny

http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k314/jules801/Crosbygoof2.jpg <<< Just watch the image directly behind Wayne Gretzky ... lol

All right, just wanted to pre-empt any potential arguments from the Pens camp about our lineup having a lot of ex-Pens.

I reminded my friends from Pittsburgh (now living in NYC) that Petr Sykora, Pascal Dupuis and Adam Hall were all on the Rangers. And maybe Sykora and Dupuis aren't at the same talent level of Jagr and Straka, but they certainly provide balance and depth for their top 2 lines.

An hour or so till the drop of the puck..

Nervousness but excited, lets go rangersss!!

I'm ready baby.....


This first period could be ugly by both teams. Haven't played in a week, it'll be interesting to see if there are neutral zone turnovers that lead to opportunities.

My guess is that we are more prepared after the long layoff because during the last 15 or so games we had periods of extended time off between games and learned to adjust. 1st period will tell. POISE AND CONTROL. That's what it will take. Not sit back and wait, we need to attack, but do it under control. Everybody needs to pick up their man.



ok ... 20 minutes to go ...

The Pens crowd will be pumped and will be all over Jagr and Avery ... they will boo at every little thing that they think should've been a penalty against the Rangers ...

The Rangers just need to stay calm and keep their emotions in check ...

Let's Go Rangers!!!

This is going to be such a long 13 minutes... and they probably won't even drop the puck until ten past... DAMN IT! GET THE GAME GOING ALREADY!!


lets take it to them tonight. play smart and play hard.

i still don't understand why penguin fans boo Jagr. Maybe one of them needs to explain it to me...

I'm sure we ALL remember the Mike Ribeiro act. lol


Let's hope for a clean, smart game. We can take these guys. Just stay out of the box. Go Rangers!!

whats the over/under on the Crosby references??? 53?

i still don't understand why penguin fans boo Jagr. Maybe one of them needs to explain it to me...

They boo him Oleo,

because he's a great player, because he said he felt like he was dying inside in Pittsburgh(of course he was talking about the sorry state of the team and the impending firesale that he knew was coming due to the team's money problems), because he requested to be traded ... that's why he gets the boos ... even though he has nothing but glowing things to say about the city, it's fans and Mario Lemieux, much like the fans that we have that booed Malik on the first game of the season before the puck was even dropped, there's no difference only that in PIT they are just louder about it ...

Damn ... I hate this color guy ... he did the Sabres series last year, he usually does color for the Thrashers and just about hates anything Ranger ... although he seems to be particularly annoyed by Hollweg and Holly isn't playing tonight so ...

Matty that picutre is hilirous i needed that

dumb play Jagr

Jags was pretty strong on that penalty..

well that was fast ...

ok i blinked

what the hell was the penalty???

jagr with a blatant cross check in the offensive zone

last play ws seriously offsides...anyone else see that?

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