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April 26, 2008


I can slam a revolving door!

The ref, Kelli Sutherland, should sit out the rest of the playoffs ... awful call ... just awful ...

It is a shame... Crosby is such a good player but is a disgrace with all his diving ...

Moves for game 2? ... For sure play Prucha and sit Sjostrom ... Rangers need more fire power and speed ... Prucha can provide that ... Play Malik over Backman TurnitoverDrive ... Rosival plays better as Malik's partner and no matter how bad Malik can play he never coughs up the puck consistently like Backman does .. it seems once every other shift he is coughing up the puck ...

Question: Was was Mara - one goal the whole year - on the ice in the last minute?? Where was Staal or Backman ?? If Backman has a use it is his 'offense' ... I thought that was strange to have Mara out there....

the rangers have been unlucky for a long period of time now. the puck has to start bouncing our way. we even played a lackluster style against new jersey but we rarely payed for our mistakes thus we could ignore them but now we know we have to improve.

no way the rangers should sit sjostrom. shoey made some good defensive plays tonight.

Im gonna repeat what I just said on the previous entry since we moved on to here.

Zipay brought up a good point, I thought the kick rule applied to anybody part guiding a puck in. Which Malkin clearly did using his leg to guide it in.

no, the kick rule applies when someone intentionally kicks the puck in. Malkin was moving before the puck was shot.


Sorry but where you get this "sit Sjo" is mind boggling.

He played well so please stop with that.

This was a bad loss. It was the first time in 40+ years that the Rangers have blown a three-goal lead in a playoff game.

Dubi, good analysis -- the game should never have gotten to the point that a late penalty call would make a difference.

Here's why Crosby got the call: He busted his butt up the ice. If he doesn't get taken down (embellished or not), the Pens have a 2-on-1 with Sid and Hossa. The one thing refs are liable to call, even late in the game. BTW: Note that there was also a late penalty call vs. SJ in game with Dallas, but Sharks killed it off (then lost in OT).

Steve Stirling, a coach Rangers fans no doubt remember fondly, once told me that he hated it when his team got a couple of easy goals because they often forgot how hard they usually had to work to score. Rangers were like that tonight. They got 2 freebies (1st 2 goals) and one off a quick turnover. Then, for the most start, they stopped skating, stopped going to the net, stopped doing the good things they had been doing. That's a bad idea against any team; against a team with Pens' firepower, it's fatal.

And so it was.

Yeah , if yer gonna sit anyone , sit Orr. I hate that annoying ,stuiped , loud , extra long horn they sound off after they score a goal , and to top it off , they do it at the end of the game too . I can't stand this team . I'll be calm , Jagr,s responding well , we will be back!!!

The Rangers lost this game because they stopped hitting. They were outhit by the Ice Chickens. They tried to sit on that lead and not force the play.

The defense was horrible because the forwards weren't checking. Yes you, Bredan Shanahan. They can’t do it alone. Tyutin was terrible. Bad laterals in the n-zone. Orr was ineffective on the checking line. Too slow. Like it or not Hollweg needs to go back in and Prucha. They are faster and will fore and back check.

And for Godsake, if Cindy Crosby is going to draw a penalty because a Ranger breathes on him, the Rangers should make the penalty worthwhile. The NHL’s posterboy should be spitting out teeth. He won’t photograph well without those pearly whites in his precious little mouth.

We saw worse officiating in the Sabre series last season and the Rangers lost the first two in Buffalo. They went on to win the next two at home and they took the series to six games before losing to the "preordained" SC winners, the Sabres. Ha.

The Rangers are a much deeper team this season. I wouldn't write them off just yet.

What's really getting to me is all the negative dribble I'm reading in today's papers - these writers are making it sound like the series is over. Can we see what happens in games 2, 3 and 4 before we start the death march? This is not going to be a cakewalk and it's not decided by one bad game. I'll admit I was a little sick to my stomach after coughing up that lead, and I'll admit that call was ridiculous at best on Straka, but you could see the poor play by the Rangers. The good news is it can be fixed - we just have to wait and see what happens.

That was a crime, what happened at the end of that game last night. It was a crime because the fans and players were robbed of a great finish, a finish that both teams had earned. To pull the rug out from under the Rangers by calling that dipsy, diving, away-from-the-play penalty was the criminal offense. And to call it while Gomez is making a great diving defensive play was singularly offensive. One courageous dive versus one cowardly dive. Where's the justice? It was clear that both teams deserved to duke it out going into overtime, but that scenario was aborted by a call that no referee should make . . . ever. As one postgame commentator said, it used to be that the refs would put their whistles in their pockets at the end. That mentality has changed, obviously. This insidious disease has even infected the other series (see Montreal-Philly).

Still, as we all said after Game 1 vs. the Devils, "it's only one game." And the Rangers certainly look poised for a long series. As for Colton Orr, it's clear that his presence will be required, as things are only going to heat up. The Ranger lineup is right where it needs to be.

(Cripes, what a hangover I've got today...and not just from the Bass...)

If our boys react to this humiliating loss the way they reacted to other, similar losses this season, they'll come back on Sunday and tear 'em a new one. We need to steal game 2 at the Honeydew, and then take 'em to MSG and show them how it's done in NYC.

SEEK-Crosby is the biggest pansy in the league and when he isn't embellishing getting hit, then he will do his best Greg Louganis impersonation with any contact. Everytime you look at Crosby he is sucking up to a ref. Its frigging disgusting!!! Malkin on the other hand is a strong player who IMO is Pitts best offensive weapon. If the refs allowed the contact on Crosby like they do on Ovechkin (Crosby couldn't hold his jock strap),the big sucky baby would have a reason for crying. Now go back to drinking that Iron City piss water that you were so obviously tanked on when the game was on (I didn't say you were watching it), and don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya...

To state the obvious: The Rangers have to correct their poor defensive zone coverage and limit those turnovers. Everyone keeps saying, "it's things they can correct", like there is a light switch Renney can just flip on. It is much harder than that, especially since it seems like the Rangers have already settled into some bad habits. I saw very similar plays last night as I did throughout the Devils series. Defensemen making very poor outlet passes; defensemen and forwards taking that extra second with the puck in the defensive zone leading to turnovers; a tendency to start running around if the other team sustains pressure in the zone. I don't know if it's nerves, playoff pressure or a carryover from the regular season, but the D seems to be overthinking things on the ice.

To me it wasn't that it was a HORRIBLE LOSS, just a huge wasted opportunity.
Long-time fans may recall the 1979 Cup Finals, we one game 1 in Montreal, and had a 2 (or was it 3?) goal lead in game 2, when the the Habs roared back in that one, and kept on the win the rest.
To win in the playoffs you need consistent, never-ending focus and full-effort. Otherwise, you lose.
Rangers could've won the series vs Buffalo last year.
In the record books, the last long playoff season, '97, round 3 looks like a rout for the Flyers, but in all 4 losses, the Rangers were tied, or close, in the last 10 minutes. But didn't see it through.
The '94 Cup winners, in round 3 alone, overcame the double-OT opener loss, AND losing 2 straight in games 4 & 5, AND Zelepukun's last second game 7 tying goal. The '94 Cup winners, in the Finals, then overcame the tough game 1 OT loss when McLean stopped everything, and back-to-back losses in games 5 & 6 (bookended by 3 cross-country flights), to take game 7.
Today's team has the talent and character to deliver the bend-but-don't-break consistent effort to keep winning. Now they have to do it !!! Beginning Tomorrow!

What's the matter, seek? No work for you down at the steel mill today?

I'm not making any excuses for our team's poor play, and I'm not taking away anything from the Pens' comeback win.

I would, however, like to subtract you from the equation. Keep calling other posters 'bitches,' and the admins will take care of you right quick.

Minor lineup changes seem logical. Dawes was invisible, Shanny ineffective, Backman risky. Why not dress Hollweg, Prucha and Malik? Or drop Shanny down to the 4th line, while keeping him on both Specials units, where he's done his best work in many games.

And the BLATANT crosscheck on Straka not moments before the little flower stubbed his toe??? AS I said, try actually watching the game. Coming to another teams site talking trash is just what these jackoffs from Buffalo did last year, and guess what? They didn't win squat!!! They haven't been back since either. I'm thinking you won't be around much longer as well. Now why don't you go back where you came from, while the lid of the crapper is still open...

Seek = Just became a Penquins fan in March after he got fired from the Steel Mill

See what happens when you leave the lid open?

First, Crosby was ahead of Straka, he was leaning into Straka, preventing him from catching up to the play. Second, both were simply making a hockey play and BOTH were interfering with each other. Third, the puck was crossing the attacking blue line and the two players were just crossing center ice, clearly out of the play.

I'm not sure when the penalty was called. Was it before Gomez made a great sweep check and cleared the puck or AFTER he got the puck out of danger? For the sake of the NHL, I sure hope it was before Gomer got it out, because if it was after...well, as Tom Renney said when asked about the same play..."Did you see the play (answer was yes), then you make up your own mind."


Your use of the English language gives away your stupidity. Please go to another web site, more suited to you crude and base language. You guys won last night and if you could discuss it without the profanity you would be welcome here, however, you represent the very worst of hockey fans and reflect on the city of Pitt. There must be other site you can go to to meet up with fellow lowlifes and impress each other with your knowledge of the English language. Just go away!


Maybe you should watch Cindy's 2nd period dive. He looked like a sniper got him, no contact at all. Typical clueless Pittsburgh sports fan.

We need better puck management tomorrow, 'nuff said.

Any Pens fan that thinks crosby doesn't get the benefit of the doubt should look at the penalty Dubinsky got against Crosby last night. Dubinsky put his leg out to trip Crosby up behind the net but Crosby was able to stay on his feet, as he makes it to the front of the net with Dubinsky near him he atttempts some ballerina move drops to the ice without any contact on him and the refs hand goes up. Mind you the ref who was behind the net and can only see Dubinskys back. Joke. Whats funny too is how the VS. guys upon the replay showing are talking "ok and you'll see Dubinsky get the pen...." and then silence. Lol. They prentend like they just weren't reviewing the call because they couldn't see why the penatly was called. It wasnt a game changing call because the penguins didnt score, but ridiculous call none the less.


The announcer said Dubinsky "attempted" to trip him! Therefore he didn't, but now an attempt is a penalty. Can't ever impede The Kid if he's going to the net. Boy, that was never the standard when Lemieux played, if it was he would have passed Gretzky! The NHL uses the NBA as a success model. One player IS the league. The NBA are still looking for the new "Michael" and the NHL is putting "Sidney" up as their Michael. Get rid of Bettmen and let the game sell itself. BTW, the NHL crowned Fleury the next "Broduer" when he was drafted. Missed the mark again!

The bottom line is we let a 3 goal lead disappear, and some of it resembled the fold up in Montreal last December. Lets hope we respond the same way we did after that embarrassment.
What is troubling though is the play of Tyutin and Rosival. Tyutin seems to get running around when there is pressure in his end during big games. It has happened for two years duing the regular season as well as the playoffs.
I hope I'm wrong about this, but Rosival looks almost timid at times when a big hit is coming. Winning playoff hockey means being willing to take a hit to make a play. Also, he seems to have stopped skating the puck out of his own end the way he used to do with regularity, and instead continually dumps it behind our net allowing a forecheck to get set up.
Come on guys, this wouldn't be worth anything if it were too easy. Let's see how we react to some adversity.

Spot on Joe T.!!! There is always a price to pay for the rewards of victory. I can't help but think that Malkin would have been checked into the next year, had that been Beukeboom instead of Rozsival on that last goal...

One of the positive notes of our inconsistent season is that the boys have bounced back pretty well after tough losses so look for a more focused team defense effort on Sunday. If it will be enough remains to be seen...

You Angers fans are a riot... Crosby is the biggest diver in the league, clearly, but he never gets called for diving. Ever.

Oh, right, that's only because of the huge conspiracy to make sure the Penguins always win. Makes perfect sense.

Here are the facts: The Pens had a developing 2 on 1, which Crosby would have been a part of. Crosby was skating straight ahead, looking at the puck. Straka surveyed the situation, realized what was happening, and skated diectly into Crosby. He may not have intended to knock him down, but he intended to slow him down, hence INTERFERENCE. Check the rulebook, jokes. And the suggestion that Crosby would take himself out of the play when there could've been a 2 on 1 late in a tied game so he could possibly draw a penalty is absolutely laughable. He's a smart player, he'd take the 2 on 1 with Hossa over the chance of a powerplay any day.

Face it, you lost to a faster, more talented team fair and square, and your impenetrable, demi-God goalie wasn't so superior for once. Get over it. Good luck in game 2.

Trolls deleted and blocked -- please don't engage them unless they are rational opposition fans engaged in a reasonable discourse.

I'm a firm believer in calling a penalty anytime, anywhere no matter what. To me, the NFL standard is the correct standard, not the traditional NHL bullcrap of "letting the players decide the game" which just means the players get to decide the game in a different way than if the penalties were not tolerated.

The problem is consistency. I don't want them to put their whistles away, but if they are going to put their whistles away, as they clearly did over the last 28 minutes of the game, put it away for all 40 players, not for 39.

cwede -- That's why the loss is so horrible, isn't it? Because it was a wasted opportunity. If the Pens score an early goal and the Rangers play catch-up all game and lose 5-4, the reaction would be quite different, it would of course be disappointing to lose, but it wouldn't have been such a glorious opportunity wasted. It's the opportunity cost that is killing us, not the actual cost -- we didn't just lose one game, we lost two, the 1-0 they have and the 1-0 we don't have.

I deleted his post, but can you believe the guy's defense of Crosby not being a diver is that he has never been called for a diving penalty? Well, DOH! That's exactly the point!

Look, we can debate this endlessly, but there happens to be a final word on the subject -- Marty Straka. Is there a classier player in creation? Is there anyone who has never ever complained, who has taken everything thrown at him and just kept on going, and is beyond indisputably beyond reproach? There are some indelible touchstones in life, and Marty Straka getting a misconduct penalty for disputing that call is one.

"One courageous dive versus one cowardly dive. Where's the justice?" --Welcome to the NHL. Any questions?

"can you believe the guy's defense of Crosby not being a diver is that he has never been called for a diving penalty? Well, DOH! That's exactly the point!"

I'm sorry, I still don't follow your logic. If I understand correctly, you're suggesting, emphatically, that there is in fact a league-wide conspiracy to ensure that Sidney Crosby wins, regardless of city, opponent or officiating crew. As a Ranger fan stated in this very forum, "Here's why Crosby got the call: He busted his butt up the ice."

Crosby gives 110% effort every minute of every game, that much is indisputable. Any player who does so, and has a fair amount of skill, will draw a high number of penalties. Often times, he will even force his opponents into taking penalties that they do not want to take. These are, nonetheless, penalties. However, when a highly skilled player forces you into taking a penalty, and therefore hurting your team, you're gonna get mad, and you'll probably say that he must've been diving, because I didn't want to take a penalty. You might even believe it. That doesn't make it true. I don't buy Straka arguing the call as proof that Crosby dove any more than you buy Crosby's assertion that he never dives. Heck, I love Straka, I used to wear his number when I played in high school, and I understand why he said what he did: he was frustrated. His team lost game one and it was partially because of something he did. And I don't think he was lying when he accused Crosby of diving, I just think that he was looking for an excuse to explain what had happened to himself. It doesn't make him a bad guy, it makes him human, but it also doesn't prove that Crosby's a diver.

is that what straka's 10 minute misconduct was for? arguing the call at the end of the game? i didn't hear anyone mention it on vs, although i did go straight to msg right after the game

Cutter says that Crosby falls down at the first sign of contact, yet he set up Pascal Dupuis on a beautiful feed, even strength, by fighting off a check in the corner and battling for the puck harder than anyone on the ice. He set up Dupuis right on front of Lundqvist again that night by doing the same thing. The statement that he dives at the first sign of contact is not only absurd, it's downright laughable.

backman has to go!!!!! he doesnt contribute offensively takes way to many penalties and produces way to many costly turnovers!!!!!!!!!!!!!malik needs to be in backman needs to go

Sidney Crosby=NHLs poster child. oh yeah nice beard too. go to marios house and have his cat like that off!!!!!!!!!!

The "alleged" interference call was actually made after Gomer broke up the play.

Very hard loss to take, but this team has heart & has bounced back all year, & will do so Sunday. Nothing has changed. We still only need to win 1 out of first 2 to take over home ice advantage, just like before game 1, and we can still do that on Sunday.
Both teams got bounces & breaks, just that Pens got a little more including that weak penalty call at the end.
I didn’t even know a puck could ever get thru the space between the skate blade & the boot like it did on that one goal for another deflection.
Good news is that Pens are easier to score off than Devils. Bad news is they are so much more potent that defense has to be tighter than it was in Game 1.
Go Rangers.

Crosby dives. We saw it again last night. When he fought for the puck to set up Dupuis, immediately after the pass he goes towards the ref to complain, but Dupuis scores making it moot. It really is comical, but a terrible testimony for the league. Then, when the gentlemanly Straka complains, the refs give him a GAME misconduct. How brave and sensitive of them. The diving rule was invented for a guy that acts like Crosby. Unfortunatley, the league has decided not to apply it to him.

"Crosby gives 110% effort every minute of every game, that much is indisputable. Any player who does so, and has a fair amount of skill, will draw a high number of penalties."

Disagree: I wish I could stat check this (but I can't) so my opinion is based on my observations, so I guess take this for what it's worth.

You can say the same about Jagr, but can you honestly say that Jagr draws the same amount of penalties that Crosby does? In my opinion, no way. It seems to me that while Crosby does dive, he embellishes penalties (whether they truly are or aren't isn't the point) far more than he does the former.

Yes, Jagr does draw penalties, but those are of the referee-staring-right-at-you-blatent-hook,slash etc.

Crosby? Crosby falls down, dives, whatever and still manages to get a tripping called on Dubinsky.

Jagr doesn't draw these penalties because he doesn't dive and/or he doesn't fall nearly as often as Crosby does. But to put this into perspective, if you switch Jagr and Crosby on that "tripping penalty" play, do you think Jagr gets the call too?

I know this a moot argument with no definitive answer, but it's frustrating to see the special treatment a player gets, especially when an act that wasn't a penalty for 55 minutes of a hockey game, is suddenly one with 3 minutes left in the game.

After everything that happend last night and how bad our defense played in front of Lundy I thought we actually outplayed the penguins for most of the game. I am actually very pleased with the offense the Rangers created against the penguins. I think this game was a fluke. Fleury looks terrible. The Rangers are going to bounce back from this and be better because of it. They have proven that they come back from a game like this. Concerning the call late in the game, u can't blame the rangers lost on that. Plain and simple the rangers didnt deserve to win this game after giving up a 3 goal lead. This was the worst defensive game they played during the playoffs and thank god it happend now in game 1 so they can come back. The rangers did a better job of breaking out of there zone but I could count about 10 times that the rangers missed there assignments on defense. You can't give a team like pitt the slot like the rangers did. On the fourth goal the rangers got caught with 3 men deep in the penguins zone that is terrible. I personally think that renny is a great coach but I think you have to call a time out after that 1st goal just to calm them down. Just a couple of thoughts. If the rangers play the same game against the pengiuins offensively and pick it up defensively they will not lose another game this series. Don't think the rangers aren't pissed off with what happend. I expect the rangers to shut down pitt on sunday.

Crosby dove, Crosby didn't dive - who cares? The Rangers were up 3-0 and Micheal Rozival made as terrible an all-around play as I've seen him make, and Christian Backman followed it with equal ineptitude, and in 15 seconds a 2-goal lead was squandered. Not to mention the team probably didn't play well enough to be up 3-0 anyway. The Rangers never should have been in a position where one call like that decided the game. That was far from playoff hockey.

One thing's for sure. If Pittburgh yakes the series, it won't be because Fleury outplayed Lundqvist. That guy looked eminently beatable last night, not to mention the Rangers had tons of other good looks. The Rangers will lose the series if they don't manage the puck better in their own zone and through the neutral zone. Considering they were as bad as I've ever seen them in those areas all night last night, and still only lost 5-4, I think this will be a good, close series.

Another thing - very clearly the way to beat the Rangers is to send in at least 2 forecheckers because our defensemen are either inexperienced and terrible. The forwards need to provide much better puck support than they have been so far.

Another thing - very clearly the way to beat the Rangers is to send in at least 2 forecheckers because our defensemen are either inexperienced or terrible. The forwards need to provide much better puck support than they have been so far.

The one positive from last night was the offense. Someone said they weren't that great, can't remember who, but they scored 4 goals and hit a post, not to mention a few other decent chances that forced Fleury into some nice saves. More of the same at that end of the rink tomorrow, please.

Defensively, it's simple. No turnovers. That's what killed us last night, the interference call only hurt us.

Dellapina made a good point on his blog this morning. Yeah, we were brutal after we went 3-0 ahead, but the fact of the matter is that it was 4-4 with under 4 to go and a terrible call allowed them to score the GWG. Of course we're gonna be pissed, and so will the Rangers. Does that make them whiners? Not a chance.

Bryan, it's not a league-wide conspiracy, it's a) unsportsmanlike behavior by a smart player who knows the right time to do it, which is obviously not all the time, behavior that he learned from his mentor, behavior that he is good enough to not have to resort to, which he might have learned from Jagr had the Pens been financially able to retain him, and b) the NHL's marketing plan, which is obvious just watching all of its promotional material.

As for Straka, you write, "I understand why he said what he did: he was frustrated. His team lost game one and it was partially because of something he did." But that's exactly the point, as you should well know from Straka's years in Pittsburgh -- Straka always, always, always deflects credit to his teammates and absorbs blame that should be directed at them. He is the most ego-less player I have ever seen. If he was frustrated at costing his team the game, he would have said exactly that. What Straka says is beyond reproach.

Jagr is a truly great player who is sometimes criticised for not attempting to have more penalties called because he refuses to "embellish".
Crosby is a tremendously talented player with speed, hustle, and desire. But his constant "embellishing" will always be held as working against his being considered great.
The kid was "embellishing" against Ottowa when his team really needed him to do it. Unfortunately, in every city except Pittsburgh, this is beginning to be part of his legacy. That is a fact that even his most ardent supporters will have to accept until he decides to change.

Bryan - would you agree with Dubi and Joe T's last posts? If so, I guess it becomes a philosophical issue as to whether embellishing is appropriate behavior, particularly for Crosby, arguably the best player in the game.

Funny thing about Crosby.......with most everyone in other markets noting that the guy is Greg Louganis on skates, the Pens defenders now default to "everyone dives." Listen, Mario invented and perfected the techniques, and Sidney is following in his footsteps. Again, this is too bad because he is a wonderful player and does not need to do those things. The thing I admire most is his drive and work ethic. He goes all out every shift. This is rare for someone with his skills and ability. However, the flopping around and constant bitching takes a lot away from him in the area of respect. North America saw it last night twice.......the last 2 penalties called in the final 28 minutes were artistic flops by Crosby and there are numerous others on You Tube. With all of that said, Dubi hit it right. 3-0 lead in a game where we did not play very well, the Rangers got what they deserved. They can play much better. Will they? We'll see. As for the "Demigod Henrik" crap spewed by Pens fans, we prefer "Vezina nominee for the 3rd straight year."

Yeah the rangers were very physical in the first period but it the second and third they were not.

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