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April 01, 2008


What happened to the Rodent's link today?


It was also wonderful hearing Emrick trying to throw the Devils into the conversation every half minute.

Funny how they mentioned the booing of Jagr a dozen times on Sunday but didn't even acknowledge Crosby's serenade everytime he touch the puck in the Garden.

#23 for the C.

Dubi, I hope this is just 1 April jock!:)))

That article is funny, but TRUE !!! To say that Cindy Crosby is the next one is an absolute insult to the Great One. I do not understand why the Penguin darlings (Crosby and Malkin) cheap shot players after the whistle. I expect that from other players supporting them, but not them. They both deserve a beat down. If you are gonna be penalized for touching them, might as well make an impression on them !!!

happy april fools!!

Big Big Win...for the second game in row we got the Pens to play 'our' game. Great job by the "D", penalty killers and of course Hank. The Pens big guns were neutralized...all of them. The veterans stepped up and 'our kids' showed a lot of energy and we proved without a doubt that we are very capable of playing with the NHL's "elite". Great team effort..LETS GO RANGERS!!

great post. Callahan had 8 hits and played quite a bit...

Staal is 21 and on the 1st D pairing, NOT BAD!!!!!!!!!!!

Prucha brought a lot of energy and needs to stay in the lineup.

Definitely agree Tom. I was discussing this with a colleague yesterday about how I can somewhat tolerate the fact that Crosby and Malkin (moreso with Crosby though) get a lopsided amount of the marginal calls...the NHL has sought consistency and that consistency comes in the form of favoring the star players , i.e. Pronger vis a vis Chris Simon. A lot of sports do that, so that's the reality we're forced to live in.

What I can't digest is the fact that Sidney plays dirty quite a bit. I know some people will say that it shows he has an edge to his game and that he's just sticking up for himself but I think it's because he exploits his star treatment.

He's also about as uncharismatic as a bucket of ice shavings and gives Derek Jeter level of bland press quotes.

Zaborsky signs with the Pack


At least Doc made it through the entire game without saying "paraphernalia", or stating that there was "100 seconds" left in the period.

Dubi, that may be your best article to date! And you've had some good ones. BRAVO!!!

See folks, it's wordsmithing like this that you miss if you don't subscribe to the Blueshirt Bulletin. GO FOR IT.

The thing I still don't get is all the discussion regarding Scotty's stick. Even if he hit the puck with a high stick, it still hit the goalie LAST and deflected into the net. Any way you look at that goal, it was good. I think the official didn't see it hit Fleury's mask, the crossbar may have been in the way.

Awesome post...I quoted it for some friends....keep the good work up!

In my opinion, the replay by the Versus crew that clearly showed that it was a goal was the only good thing they did/said last night. They need to stop b.s.ing about other stuff and call the game....I don't think they even knew we had a 5 on 3 coming to us until the puck was dropped.

Wonderful recap, Dubi! While it was disconcerting to be in a bar watching the Rangers game while listening to the Mets' opening day game, your piece reminded me that I didn't have to sit through the Crosby Lovefest, Part 2. (A couple of weeks ago, The Onion ran a tiny graphic on its sports page of Cindy's face with the caption: NHL out three to five weeks with sprained right poster boy.)

Best BB post of all time.

Do you think Marc Andre-Fluery plays soccer in the off-season, that was a pretty nice head ball into the net!! Marc Andre-PELE ????

Damn man that was great, and I thought the asslander blogger on hokeybuzz was funny. I also didn't realize the boys in blue had a 5 on three till I saw to pens in the pen. not to sound like a pen supporter I didn't see the other penalty, thought I was a bit distracted with my lil boy.

Paul, don't be too quick to give Versus credit for the replay -- John Giannone told me that was an MSG camera that is permanently installed at that spot, with the close-up capability that is not necessarily available in other buildings (I've only ever seen it used on MSG telecasts). If not for MSG and their mania for replays (that's a good thing), we don't get that camera angle and no goal.

Since I have the NHL Center Ice package I'll post on this site the score after each period of the Canes/Caps game tonight...if anyone is interested.......

Dubi...Thanks for clearing up the credit for the replay. Knew it was too good to be true for Versus to do something right for a change....Goes to show what a 'class operation' like the folks at MSG is all about.

Great article, Dubi. The NHL has made it easy for me to hate the Pens. No one has ever held them accountable for icing less than an AHL club while tanking as they approached the Malkin draft. For this and for the 4000 hardy souls who showed up to watch them, they deserved Crosby and a new building? Ha. They should be playing in Kansas City beginning next season. Now THAT would have been hysterical..........Crosby in KC. The NHL could not let that happen, and Buttman felt the need to pay back Mario. If the Rangers don't come out of the east, I am pulling for our boy Kovalev.


thanks for the offer but I'm more interested in the fishsticks/devils game.

Definitely need to share the praise here---this was one if (if not the) best/funniest posts I've seen in a long, long time. Humorous and yet, so true. Brilliantly done, Dubi!

Has anyone been reading Berlet's terrific coverage from Hartford? "After Stephen Werner scored on a 2-on-1 at 54 seconds, the Pack's No. 2-ranked power play took over. Greg Moore knocked in Lauri Korpikoski's pass, then two seconds after a second power play ended, Corey Potter broke in off the left point and scored off P.A. Parenteau's second assist." OK, Hutchinson is having a career year in Hartford and yes I know he has some defensive lisbilities but from the outside looking in would you rather have him up here or down in Hartford? Has anyone on the pathetic PP for the Rangers thought about this? What can be going through their minds? Yes, we potentially can lose him but hey, we have a window of opportunity so whynot grab it? We can most likely get past the Debbies in the first round if we face them and the biggest weakness on the Rangers going forward is the PP or lack thereof.

Btw, this was a great great post Dubi. well done!!!!

I'm with Sammy, Plus box scores can be obtained through various sites, but thanks for the offer.

Sam..you'll probably get the NYI/NJ game in NY/Metro area. How about this...since I'll get all the games I'll post scores for all games that have impact on the Eastern Conference play-off race........

Great post Dubi, LOL!
emscam thanks for the link.

Jess, I know we havent seen eye to eye but can you possibly elaborate on Zaborsky's chances of making the Rangers in the next couple of years. I mean his numbers speak for themselves but just wanted to know the likelihood of seeing him up with the BLUESHIRTS.



Dubi you out did yourself with this post. Hysterical. You cna do some part-timing for the Onion!

Great game last night. A real character win.


Thank you for the effort.

I'm excited for upcoming game with the Islanders. Clinching a playoff spot with a win over them is pretty sweet.

I feel like the Pens are going to have a year like the Pats had, great season, then all for nothing come playoff time. Pens out in first round.

Can't wait for the Ranger fans to fill the Fish stadium. I'll be looking forward to hearing louder chants and applause for the Rangers as opposed to what will likely be the outnumbered and dejected fish fans. Wish I could be there but I'll be watching and listening from home that day. I'm sure you guys will make me proud.

Brings back memories of the early days!

Oh yeah Dubi..hee-hee, great write up.


Jess, I know we havent seen eye to eye but can you possibly elaborate on Zaborsky's chances of making the Rangers in the next couple of years. I mean his numbers speak for themselves but just wanted to know the likelihood of seeing him up with the BLUESHIRTS.

Well I could tell you to go read yesterday's Prospect Park LOL. I gave Zaborsky the nickname of Zorro because of his efforts against the best OHL teams this season.

Seriously Zaborsky needs more body work than he does anything else. A very small 5'11 190 (and I am being generous here), Zaborsky is a good skater, smart player and a dependable 2 way forward.

The Rangers thought he was just an offensive weapon when they drafted him highlighting his 46 goals in 45 games in Europe but Zaborsky quickly showed he could play defense.

I have some reservations about his ability to deal with the increased physical play at the higher levels. The Spirit tended to use a protector on his line at all times.

I wrote on my site that I would like to see Zaborsky used with Anisimov and Jessiman at Hartford since I believe Zaborsky and Anisimov will mesh very well while Jessiman will ride shotgun.

The Rangers already have plenty of smallish forwards like Callahan, Prucha and Dawes standing in Zaborsky's way. Which will hurt his cause as Zaborsky will be top 6 player or nowhere.

He is too small to be a regular on a checking line and I really do not think he will become better than the 3 players I just listed.

I like Zorro but I think he is going to have a very rough time making it to the Rangers because of numbers and similar players.


You are getting slow in your old age, the Spirit announced the signing yesterday and I had it on Sunday. ;-)

Frohli - RE: Hutchinson. At this point I think any of the playoff teams at least in the eastern conference would claim him just to block that from happening. Even if he hasn't done anything. And that's not the case, so that's a pipedream. Hutch and Pock are in Hartford til next year.

Cant wait for thurs im goin to Mausoleum.Always exciting to be there few beers and im good to go.I love when Asslanders come out and they get booed in their own arena.Im expecting a lot of Ranger fans there thurs

One more thing Rob

The Rangers also have 2 other forwards still alive in the QMJHL playoffs who might push past Zaborsky in Ryan Hillier of Halifax and David (Sean Avery JR) Skokan of Rimouski when they get to Hartford.

for those that wanted Prucha traded, luckily Sather & Renney didn't. His presence on the ice is contagious.

Sensing a new chant at the Garden. SYD LOU-GAIN-IS!

Ranger Bob - It's Rodent's annual Fourth of July post. Last year his site turned into Rodent and Vermint Detection Specialists with photos of Gopher-sniffing moo-hounds (cows) at work.

I meant Rodent's annual April Fool's Day. Duh.

Conspiracy theories regarding refs and the league are usually just that, but there's no way around it after yesterday's game. Clearly, no one can hit Crosby. On some level, star players are always treated with the benefit of the doubt by refs, but players like Gretzky, though they might have been protected, were rarely cheap on top of it. If you're going to play a big-boy Bobby-Clarke game you should be held responsible.

But what bothers me even more than the refs was NBC's coverage Sunday. Pierre McGuire is one of the worst, if not dumbest, color men alive. The NHL embarrasses itself when that guy works. He offers no insight, gets his facts all wrong and shows incredible bias. It's a chore sitting through it. It really is. The only positive aspect of the whole fiasco is that he make Eddie Olczyk barely tolerable.

Just wanted to make a point about Lundqvist. For
most of the season, a lot was made about his inconsistent play. To be honest, that was probably
an accurate critique.

Still, if you look at the numbers, his goals-against this season (2.26) is actually slightly better than last season's (2.34).

And, he's not far behind his average as a rookie in
2005-06 (2.24). Just wanted to point that out.

However, I STILL think the Rangers need to generate
more offense. They were outplayed in the third
period last night and might not have gotten to overtime if not for "the King."

Then again, it is nice to see the power-play come
alive -- and I am surprised that they actually called a penalty against the Golden Child's team in
the third period.

I actually like Crosby. I think he's a good ambassador for the game, and he's only 20 years old.

But the guy does do a lot of diving and whining.

From the NHL

#1 Pittsburgh Penguins (idle) can clinch the Atlantic Division tonight:
* If New Jersey gets one or no points against NY Islanders.

#2 Montreal Canadiens can clinch the Northeast Division tonight:
* If they get at least one point against Ottawa.

#3 Carolina Hurricanes can clinch the Southeast Division tonight:
* If they get a regulation victory against Washington.

#4 New Jersey Devils can clinch an Eastern Conference playoff berth tonight:
* If they beat NY Islanders
* If Washington gets one or no points against Carolina.

#5 New York Rangers (idle) can clinch an Eastern Conference playoff berth tonight:
* If Washington gets no points against Carolina.

#6 Ottawa Senators can clinch an Eastern Conference playoff berth tonight:
* If they beat Montreal and Washington gets one or no points against Carolina.
* If they get one point against Montreal and Washington gets no points against Carolina.

So my friend won a pass to the Versus Studio from a charity auction. He asked me if and when I wanted to go. I said pick a night the Rangers were playing. So we went last night and got a tour of the facility and we got to sit in the room where they were giving the pre-game, intermission and post game talks. So we were hanging out with Keith Jones, Brian Engblom and Bill Patrick.

All great guys and we were chatting with them and asking questions. Keith Jones is an absolute comedian... he had us rolling the whole time.

Alright now for the part that anyone actually gives a crap about...right when the controversial goal happened..Engblom was all over it.. (he was wired into the versus main control via cia type ear/mic piece).. he was saying that it was a goal right from the beginning... and he was directing the versus tech guys to show different replays (on tv) and getting them to show the overhead shot...

It was really neat to watch behind the scenes... Engblom has a great eye for hockey... The only sticky part was when we were sitting there watching the game and my friend says hey Brian (Engblom) did you play hockey? I thought that was going to be our exit...

Oh and the whole time, while they were live, and the camera wasn't on Keith Jones he was trying to make us laugh...pretending he is falling asleep (listening to the other guys talk)... when they made a point he would throw his hands up, like what the heck is this guy talking about... I had to cover my mouth to stop from laughing out loud...

all and all those guys were a class act...

and when Drury scored the whole roomed cheered...


Yes plenty slow. My soon to be three year old runs me ragged. I blame her for the late arrival on my part.

Wow, that was hilarious Dubi. I couldn't help but laugh out loud while reading it. I drew a few curious looks from co-workers passing by my desk but I couldn't help it. But seriously, the article was brilliant. I'm going to print it out and read it again on the commute home. Thank you and keep up the great work!

Carolina will be gettin Ray Whitney and Justin Williams back for tonight's game. The top three lines have had such great chemistry that Whitney and Williams will most likely be eased into the lineup on the 4th line, so their forward lines for tonight should look like this:


...I have a feeling the Hurricanes will be clinching their division tonight.

Dubi: Hugely entertaining piece on last night's game, one played in a playoff atmosphere where all game plans (A, B and C) are secondary to the theme of "Whatever it takes to win!" The Rangers followed that mantra, and I, for one can tell you the Penguins definitely don't want to play the Rangers in the playoff if they can avoid it. We take no guff from them and we enjoy checking them to death. Note that we play great D without Betts in the lineup; that's a major statement about how good our defensive system is given Pitt's offensive prowess.

From what I can with my awsome powers of deduction A LOT GREAT THINGS can happen if Washington losses tonight. any people believeing in god praying now couldn't hurt, and while your at it also pray that hofstra will have an open seat for me come september because my app won't be descioned until after my LSAT and that not til june what a debacle. LETS GO RANGERS

and for tonight lets go islanders, wow my keyboard just lit on fire from typing that

Anybody catch JJ comments in the post about not liking the system that he has to play or did I read it wrong. You guys quit picking on Sid Knee. He's our AMBASSADOR for christs sake. You can't talk to him like that. What's that Mario...we're out of pampers again???okay...I'll go.. See you guys really got him upset...Thanks alot...Z

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