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April 29, 2008


Shoot first, pass later. How many years has our PP been pass,pass,pass,pass,no shot, pass, pass, turnover, clear. SHOOT THE PUCK! GET THE REBOUND!

I could be misremembering, but didn't Pittsburgh have 5 shots on goal their first powerplay in game 5? As for Jagr's comment about getting a good shot on the PP, he is absolutely correct. However, the way the Rangers perform on the PP will never get them that good shot.

In my opinion, the key to getting good PP shots is quick puck movement leading to quick shots. If you hesitate for just a second with the pass, the passing lane will close. If you hesitate for a second on the shot, the goalie will be able to get over to make the save. Now, you look at the Ranger PP and you see: Pass and hold the puck, Pass and hold, Pass and hold, skate around, pass and hold and then shoot. It is not surprising they rarely get shots through, nevermind score.

Wow, that Starkey article about Avery is a joke. That guy obviously has never played hockey. I understand that he writes editorials, but its kind of pathetic that this guy has nothing to add but vitriol. I'd love to see who the "coward" is if Avery and this clown every came face to face. People should email him: jstarkey@tribweb.com.

which coach works with them on the powerplay?

we pens fans do whine also but................... "we" also have a two game advantage and are going to sweep the ranger just like "we" did the senator and while "you" won't have far to go home i just want you to go home and try to find the money to "raid" this pens team again as all the ranger are is pittsburgh north

Hey Oscar, maybe the Rangers should tank games for a year like the Pens did so we can draft the next Mario. Or, we can go into the tank so we can draft the next Cindy-Diver or Malkin.

Wow OScar real inight. If you do not undersand the word insight maybe you can look it up in a dictinary. Hopefully you know what a dictionary is. I assume you have been a good loyal pens fan for the whole yr....

I am sure when the pens sucked, and had no money(because they have no fans) you were there rooting on DIck Tjarnstrom and the gang!!!!

Pens fans all 3 of them come out of the woodwork now that they are good and supoort there diving joke leader who has less class then yzerman, messier, and most great hockey leders had by far... Ift is amazing cindy can do a spinarama in the open ice and get a nice backhand shot on net but falls often while coming up the ice by touch's by Tyutin, phantom trips by dubinsky, and the infamous assault by martin straka and all 180 lbs of him.

Pens fans kinda like marlins fans a oxymoron...

Rangers north? Better than being Bettman's pegboys, you onanist.

I am hoping and praying that we turn around the series with a win tonight.
But if we don't I believe the epitaph for the Rangers woeful power play is the lack of a power play QB which we have lacked since leetch left.
They can talk all about shooting and passing and going in front of the net , which are all necessary ingredients to successful power plays , but without a PP QB you will always struggle.

Lets get it done tonight boys. Leave everything on the ice , because if we go down 3-0 it will be all over but the shouting.

Penguins North? First of all, New York City is just about due east of Pittsburgh. And who exactly did the Rangers sign away from Pittsburgh? We got Jagr from the Caps and the Pens sent Straka to L.A. before we signed him. Were the Pens interested in Rozsival after the lockout with all his injury woese? He's the only guy we got directly from Pittsburgh.

But at least you're realistic enough to admit that both teams are trying to work the refs, not just the Rangers. That's a rarity. I commend you for that.

If "Pen's" fans are so great why is it that they have gone into brankrupcy twice? and if they are so good to pittsburgh why have they alsmost moved to KC? Sindey dives and pittsburgh fans are fairweather at best. and they boo Jagr who brought them the cup in '91 and '92, no respect for that. when a player the rangers traded/lost to FA and the fans loved comes back we generally cheer them, Mess, leetch, I was living in cali at the time did Graves ever make an appearance while with the sharks? the only player I really remember booing is Poti, and thats just cus he was never endeared to us like mess, graves and leetch, also let us not forget #1 eddie jacomin he was sent to the redwings and the day he came back everyone cheered for the redwings. (its a lil before my time but from what i saw in his MSG video)

Yo, folks -- I suggest we not get into a war of words with Pens' fans. Let's show them that we can be respectful of them, and hopefully they will then show us the same courtesy.

Not that you shouldn't debate them if you disagree with them, though.

Petr Sykora, Adam Hall and Pascal Dupuis were all Rangers.

And what does that say about your team when they can't find the money to pay for their talent? What does it say about your city when the only sports they can compete in are those that are cost controlled and/or subsidized?

Pens fans LMAO....O man Dubi I can always come here for 3 things, great insight on the Rangers, good fan discussion and wandering bandwagon fans from other teams. Hey Oscar shouldnt you be on Crosby's mantle, he deserves you for the acting performances he displays.

Lets GO RANGERS!!!!!!

latest from tsn ice chips webpage:

The Latest from New York Rangers
Paul Mara manned the point with the first PP unit in practice, which he'll do again Tuesday. "He does have a very good shot," coach Tom Renney said, "and he's not afraid to use it" - as opposed to Michal Rozsival, who can be trigger shy.
As for even strength, Petr Prucha skated Monday on the right side of Scott Gomez, with Sean Avery on the left. That would add speed to Gomez's wing while moving Brendan Shanahan and his 59 career playoff goals down to the fourth line, a move the Rangers tried at the end of the regular season and one to which Shanahan seemed amenable. "I'm still working on this lineup a little bit," Renney said.
Petr Sykora and the Penguins have gotten just a glimpse of the Sean Avery who was the talk of the Rangers' first-round series. Tuesday, when they enter the Garden with a 2-0 lead in the Eastern Conference semifinal, they expect to see a lot more. "Avery will be Avery," Sykora said Monday. "I expect he will pick up the intensity with the home crowd behind him." - New York Daily News

The Latest from Pittsburgh
Gary Roberts is ready to go but head coach Michel Therrien does not want to mess with a winning lineup. Roberts will be a healthy scratch for Tuesday's Game 3. He had missed four games with a groin injury. - TSN

Crosby is determined not to let Rangers' superpest Sean Avery get under his skin with his antics and trash talking. "He's not going to change what I do," Crosby said.
Penguins coach Michel Therrien warned that if Avery targets Crosby, that the Rangers' stars would have to deal with similar tactics from the Penguins. - Bergen Record

Dustin Jeffrey was assigned to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, where he will join the Penguins' affiliate in the American Hockey League playoffs. - Post Gazette

That stupid writer that wrote that article about Avery amused me. He wants Avery to be suspended because he slashed Crosby. But it was perfectly all right for Marc Andre Fleury to stick avery in the balls and that shouldn't been looked at.

Stop the presses!!! Hockey player sore after game. WAH. Sean hit me. WAH.

Then his coach wonders what the kid's done to garner that reputation.

Fellas - Prucha is OUT and same with KO Orr.
From Zips blog:

It appears as if tonight the Rangers are returning to the same lineup that ousted the Devils, with Colton Orr, Petr Prucha, Marek Malik and Jason Strudwick as healthy scratches. Coach Tom Renney didn't acknowledge that, but those four were on the ice long after the optional practice ended.

I don't know if this has been suggested yet (apologies if it has been), but to get the fans going, here's an idea for my man, Sean Avery, to really stir the pot tonight:

Since the officials don't go out on the ice with the players during warmups and players don't need to wear their helmets during warmups, Avery should don swimming goggles and a snorkel and patrol the red line so every damn Penguin player sees it.

He should get into Cindy's head ASAP and let him know in his own eloquent way that he and the Pens don't stand a chance in our house.

Let's Go Rangers! Make us proud with a great performance tonight!


Shoot the puck first, ask questions later. How many goals have already been scored from odd angles or off of guy's skates and such? PUT THE PUCK ON NET.

That would be funny, Christian -- however, recall that Avery was warned about what he does during warm-ups after the two pre-game incidents early this season.

Folks, the point was, leave it to the players to figure out when the right time to shoot is -- don't hinder the power play by getting on their case. We're the home fans -- let's be the sixth man on the advantage, not a fifth penalty killer.

Since the officials don't go out on the ice with the players during warmups and players don't need to wear their helmets during warmups, Avery should don swimming goggles and a snorkel and patrol the red line so every damn Penguin player sees it. --- that was funny, juvenile but funny

marc andre fleury may have awakened a sleeping hyena when he poked avery in the ding ding. tonight should be interesting. if it's true that a goal would have been disallowed with shanahan in front doing what he was doing, then why didn't they call a penalty when he was doing it? because it's not in the rule book? it is only a penalty if they score? what do they think they're doing? they're making this sh!t up as they go along. the league and it's rule book is a sham if they can't interperet what is and what isn't a penalty before the season starts. f'ing nerd bettman and his lap dog walkom.

For those of you who have wondered why certain players were not called up from Hartford as part of the taxi squad, Bruce Berlet of the Courant tells us that "Wiikman wasn’t eligible because he had an AHL contract this season and the Rangers are already aware of what Pöck can do, plus the Austrian is getting married this summer."

A game strategy shift is lacking with this team (if that would have made a difference)
The confidence that D-men will cover aggressive offensive play must be difficult to muster up here but that would be very wishful thinking, delusional maybe
Is Shanahan spent? injured?; Gomez injured ribs? again?
When Backman gets on the ice for anything its potentially lights out---Backman + Malik equals 1 decent player and I don't mean as a tandem I'm talking on paper--hopefully at least one of these guys is a stopgap measure until next year

How to make Therien look brilliant? Just keep sending attack down Backman's side and wait for the coughed up puck, blind pass up the middle, hook or holding penalty, or Backman out of position or at least Lundquist being totally distracted by the onslaught he knows is coming. Watch how Backman's play is a momentum shifter, even a game changer.

Certainly he plays full out but his type of European/Swedish play never left him. His size may have covered up the deficiencies in his play--for one thing his center of gravity is up near his shoulders when he hits/is hit and that puts him out of the play-has anyone told him to bend his knees, bring his "one point" down for stability, toughness and taking his man out of the play? I think not. He joins Malik, Poti and a string of others. Good guys but outclassed in this league and playing because of the dearth of good d-men in a changing game.

Bottom line-this year is a "getting to know you", changing of the guard, if at least one QB d-man ala Leetch and/or pure d-man isn't signed off season then this post can simply be reposted 2009 with the same urgency.
MSG broadcast with Butch Goring is crazy--who does he know-well. Get Don Cherry if you're that hard up for color-at least he'll berate the outfit Gary Bettman's wife is wearing, tell us the ref must be on drugs, say he's going to pass the word to Avery to rearrange Fleury's face if he touches him again and whatever inappropriate pap comes into mind but not Goring, Danekyo, Chico, Potvin (is he next?)
Finally, hockey officiating is truly a mystery-if it wasn't so consistently uneven you might even think there was a plan in place-say, oh Kovalev go back to Russia in his Ranger days or Avery you make us look bad so take that, or you all stay away from Gretzky 2 he's our bread and butter.

SCRANTON, Pa. -- The captain of the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins was charged with indecent exposure after a police officer saw him running naked on a downtown street early Sunday, and a teammate was arrested for public drunkenness.

Nathan Smith told the officer he acted on a bet.

Officials said Smith, a center for the AHL team, was charged with misdemeanor counts of indecent exposure, open lewdness and disorderly conduct, as well as public drunkenness. He was released on $10,000 bail.

Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins forward Ryan Stone was charged with public drunkenness.

"I would like to apologize to the people of Northeast Pennsylvania, my teammates and to the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton and Pittsburgh Penguins organizations," Smith said in a statement. "I made an embarrassing and regrettable decision this weekend and understand I will face disciplinary action. My conduct was unacceptable and totally out of character -- it will not happen again. I promise to do my best to win back your trust and support."

The team said it will take disciplinary action against Smith and Stone, both of whom spent time with Pittsburgh this season.

I dont like the arguement that we as fans dont know the difference of when to shoot on a PP and when not to shoot. We as fans know the difference of a good pp and a bad one. We watch other games. I myself have played hockey in my life. Not just recreational either.

Anyway my point is....you need to pass the puck. Just stop looking for the perfect shot every time. Its a healthy combination of what Jagr said and what Dubi said. With that said, we have patience. But time and time again we have seen the same thing.

When we won the cup in 94. I believe we had the #1 PP in the league. We didnt always look for the perfect pass, we didnt always look for the perfect shot. We did stand in front. But we also moved the puck around. It was a healthy combo. With the units up front there is no excuse for not scoring. There is too much talent there.

So to tell me to have patience......and talk to the fans like we are not savvy doesnt go over well with me.

Sounds like that article about Avery was somewhat ---hmmm embellished.


Avery was voted most hated - not dirtiest.
Many of the LA players AND Fans were sorry to see Avery leave the west coast. Many of them came on NYR blogs and told us so when the trade was made.

I've got an idea, lets treat Fleury like we did Brodeur. I dont know what type of beef Therrien has with us "crashing the net," because in two games, we haven't done any of that and Fleury has gotten off lightly. I hope after tonite, he's complaining like crazy, because the Rangers better take every chance to knock into him. I really believe Fleury will blow a gasket if we do to him what we did to Brodiva..

Also, can we please play a full 60 minute game? I still dont think I can remember the Rangers playing a full 60 minute game this season. They seem to crash and burn whether its the 2nd period or whenever. Let's see some consistent effort from start to finish and take advantage of the fact that we can turn momentum around with a victory tonite. LETS GO RANGERS

A new dawn, a new day...

Do it right and do it tonight. This game is ripe for the taking. A blend of Game 1 and Game 2 will do the trick. MA Fleury can be lit up. We already lit him up in Game 1 and he was a goalpost away from OT. We did not really get to him in Game 2. But we will tonight. These NYR have worked too hard for too long to roll over and die. Hand them a loss and see how they react.


So, Crosby is still whining to the press? About Avery now too? This kid is ridiculous. He knows he plays hockey, right? It's amazing, they have not lost a game in the Playoffs yet and they complain constantly. They always have to be sure the "Crosby Rules" are in effect everywhere they go. Without the 'rules', their advantage disappears. Whatever though, Olczyk called him a diver on NBC when he tried defending diving overall. I'm sure Bettman loved that...


The Penguins will come unglued if every Ranger makes it a point to target Crosby. Face it; this is not a well officiated sport. It’s not like college hockey or international play, this is the NHL. Referees of the professional North American sport will only give out a certain number of penalty minutes per team per playoff game. The trick for the Rangers is to exploit their allotted penalty minutes with offences that Cynthia can feel, rather than waiting for Bettman’s minions to bequeath the obligatory number of nightly obstruction penalties. If a Ranger gets a hooking or holding penalty on Crosby, he should be benched. More violent offences are "hockey plays" that Renney will have to accept from his players tonight. It’s tough to go through sixty minutes without any PK time, so the Rangers need to make the PK minutes worth their while.

That accomplished, the Rangers need to be the ones that remain calm and cool while the wheels fall off the brand spanking new Penguin bandwagon.

It's the base way to get the job done.

the problem is it's hard to make those cross ice passes with the Rangers personnel. Backman is our puck-moving pointman while the Penguins have Gonchar. They also have Crosby, Malkin and Hossa up front. They have 4 all-stars on their powerplay and Whitney isn't too far behind.

I'm not saying that the Rangers can't score it's just IMHO the Rangers dont have good enough pointmen to play the type of style Jagr wants.

Instead they need to keep the puck down low and collapse towards the net looking for deflections, lucky bounces, and rebounds...

I have a good feeling the Rangers win tonight...Let's GO Rangers!!!!!

Say whatever you want about Sidney Crosby, everyone knows that you would take him on your team in a heartbeat. I can also guarantee that you wouldn't be complaining about him "diving" either. Crosby does his job to help us win games, and he does it well. There's no arguing that. Any team would take him.

Well sure, who wouldn't take Crosby? There's no denying his talent. But if he was a Ranger and pulled some of that crap, I wouldn't complain about it, but I wouldn't deny it either like Pens fans do. I don't complain about what Avery does, but I don't deny it. He obviously plays on the edge and often over the edge -- I'd be a fool to deny it. But it helps us win, and it's fun when he's on your team -- you'd enjoy having him on your team too.

Not to compare Crosby to Avery talent-wise -- they're in different worlds when it comes to talent. But as a Pens fan, if you enjoy all that Crosby does for you, legal and illegal, fine -- just admit it when he goes over the edge. Or don't admit it, I don't care -- just leave us the hell alone if we don't like it when he pulls those stunts. We know you don't like Avery, and we know why -- you know why we don't like Crosby, deal with it like an adult.

Put it perspective -- Are we complaining that he's hustling his butt off and scoring or setting up goals? No -- that stuff is great, even as an opponent. Are we complaining about Malkin? No -- he's great, and he doesn't pull the bush league stuff. Are we complaining about anyone else -- Hossa, Staal, whoever. We're not even complaining about Gill, Laraque, or Ruutu -- that's how they play the game, we expect that. And you guys aren't complaining about Jagr, Straka, Gomez, or Drury, now, are you?

There are two guys being accused of unsportsmanlike behavior. No one will defend Avery, and he pays the price. But all you guys have done all week long is complain about Avery and then give us a hard time when we complain about Crosby. And then you call us hypocirtes and homers! You're not making us look bad by denying what everyone knows Sid does -- you're only making yourself look bad.

I'm sure this comment won't get approved since it's objective and anti-Ranger, but....

@And This One Will Last A Lifetime

What does it say about the Rags when in 1998-2004, without a salary cap, and practically unlimited resources to sign whomever they wanted, they couldn't even buy their way into the playoffs!?

What a joke!!

Hey, Dill -- You're gonna have to stand in line behind every Ranger fan in creation in making that statement. We ranted and raved all those years for our team's ownership and management to change their philosophy. But we didn't desert the team either. And since March of 2004, they started rebuilding the team the right way, so we're good with their direction these days.

Jagr is right in theory: move the puck and get the PKers tired. But if you just pass the puck around the perimeter, the PKers don't have to move. The guys on the power play have to move their bodies and be able to shift positions and such. Living in North Carolina, I watch just about every Hurricanes game. Once they picked up Corvo, their power play started looking good with Corvo and Cullen on the points. All five guys were very mobile, and the forward on the point would often switch with the forward set up on the half-boards. One play they used a lot was to get the puck down low, then move it back up to Corvo, who would walk in and fake a shot. The PKers would shift to him, and then he would drop it back to Cullen on the point, who would blast it on net.

The point of all this is that the guys on the PP are going to have to move their bodies if they want to wear out the penalty killers, not just stand there and pass it around the perimeter.

What does it say about Pittsburgh that they have flirted with bankruptcy twice, tanked seasons during 2 eras to secure high draft picks while icing ECHL level talent and had 5000 people in the Igloo. Please, take that weak garbage somewhere else. Face it, Pittsburgh is a football town. They are only a hockey town when the bandwagoners jump on board.....like the last few years. It is enough that Penguins fans are poseurs......their best player feels like he needs to be one too. That is truly a shame. As for tonight.........Let's Go Rangers!

Dill, the difference is that when the Rangers are struggling (which has been most of the time), their fans still fill the building.


i'll take crosby any day of the week. He is the best player in the game but he still dives and even though I wouldnt complain about it I wouldnt pretend i'm blind either.

For example I am a Ranger fan and I think Sean Avery is a scumbag but I still want him on my team.



don't forget New York City and the suburban areas are enourmous. We have so many more people than they do but it still isn't an excuse for the fans for not showing up...



anyone bringing any diver down flags to wave when Sindi (stripper spelling) Triple Lindy Crosby goes down faster than a $5 tart?

I hear that the Rangers have replaced John Amirante for the anthem signing tonight.......with Greg Louganis. I also hear he will be wearing a Crosby jersey.

Good, accurate, overall post all around. All I have to say.

seriously hope big mo' jumps sides tonite and takes a nice long four game ride with the blueshirts....not much else to say, we all know this game is huge and rangers CAN NOT go down 3 - 0!! (so why even think it?!)

it's all about heart and desire at this point.

'nuff said...less than 3 hours to game time.


I never denied that he dives. I put it in quotes because I don't like to call it that. Personally, I don't have a problem with him being called a diver. There are a lot of players that dive, and I think it would be fair to say that there is a certain "gray area" for what is or isn't diving; everyone has their unique definition. Yeah, sometimes you can look at a play and think "Wow, he definitely dove!" I can admit that watching Crosby sometimes I feel like that. I think the point is over-emphasized. While the calling Straka for interference in the first game had a significant impact on the game's outcome (I stress significant), so did allowing five goals. Hopefully, blowing a three-goal lead and then getting shut out the next game will be enough motivation for the Rangers in itself. I'm looking forward to a really good game tonight.

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