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April 30, 2008


Let's Go Avery!

Damn pity about Sean. A bad break sure but not deadly. Mad props to Jags. He's been a force this series. He's reminded me of (dare I say this?) Mess. A true leader this series and he may lead us out of this mess yet.

Oh man, I hope Avery's okay. A friend of mine lost a team mate in a beer league when his stick got caught between the boards and it ruptured his speen. He was DOA. That is a serious injury and Avery is likely lucky to be alive.

you just don't sustain a lacerated spleen out of the blue. He must have been speared by someone. they should go over the game tapes and see if a penguin tried to injure him. I'm sure bozo Bettman wouldn't penalize anyone for it though.

Stan, it could have been a piece of equipment that did it after a hit, even a piece of his own equipment.

Some thoughts:

The powerplay needs new a few new people on it. Hope Cally, Prucha, will get some time over a few vets that haven't produced. Renney and Co can't keep sending the same people out there. The PP's hasn't jelled. DOn't think it will happen now.

Jags has been great. Really stepped it up. Being an emotional and dominant player in the playoffs.

Is Hank suffering from fatigue? He's played 72 games this year. He isn't consistently raising his level in the playoffs. Maybe he's suffering from playing too much.

Finally, all teams need top end talent ie., Ovechkin, Malkin, Crosby, etc (I think only Staal current fits that description). The Rangers need one or two lean years to get some high end players. The current way of doing things gives us for the most part, mid round selections (Course it doesn't help when you draft players like Montoya and Jessiman). People show up for the Knicks and they're horrible. All they get is eddie curry. I wouldn't mind having a bad year or so to get Tavernes. That's how teams are getting top players these days.

The Rangers are not tanking to get a top pick. they are not that bad. It is never happening and planning things to draft a Ovechkin is pure LUCK. SO that is a stupid ideaa that will never happen. The Rangers are a upper level team without any young mega stars but good players all over the place.

they need to do what all teams in there predicament have to do, make about 4 very good decisions such as signing liles for the PP. That would be a gamble because he is a smallish D man but he is only 27 and very skilled. A move like that may payoff but of course is agamble..

For the Rangers to get to the next level is difficult because there top end young players; cherapanov and Sanguinetti probably cannot dominate for at least 3 yrs. which is a lifetime so hey need to continue to add talent from within and when it makes sense talent and financially to add a couple of pieces thru FA....

a team with gomez, drury, staal, dubinsky, henrik, and others will not tank nor should they...NEVER HAPPEN more fantasy from a rotissiere GM..Standard nonsense

we would have to be horrible next year to get tavares... tavares will be donning the maple leafs blue for sure.... so just forget about him...

what stuart said... i can rest his case by saying alexander daigle?

Even in other sports Pittsburgh is putting a hurting on NY. The Pirates beat the Mets 13-1 today.

wishing avery all the best and for a speedy recovery. and same goes for other 2 wounded rangers, betts and drury.

we shall see how rangers respond to what may be final home game of this season. and maybe final game for jagr and probably a few others. hoping they can find the magic for at least one more win. friggin' pens are good but they're playing way over their heads right now and rangers ought to be the team that brings them back down to earth, specifically: new york, new york!!


I thought we were gonna run out of Centers yesterday, I really thought we had this series, its not just an uphil clineits pretty much vertical, if they can do its great but I am a little dis hartened, I really thought 6 for sure. I just don't wanna get swept, we dominated 5 on 5. Can we like decline the power play?

just want to edit what i wrote,
I thought we were gonna run out of Centers yesterday, I really thought we had this series, its not just an up hill climb its pretty much vertical, if they can do its great but I am a little dishartened, I really thought 6 for sure. I just don't wanna get swept, we dominated 5 on 5. Can we like decline the power play?

Alexandre Daigles happen on occasion but Pittsburgh had the first or 2nd pick 3 yrs in a row..

3 yrs. not once and Crosby was not exactly a tough choice or Malkin..Even you could have made that pick.

Too bad the fan bus can't pass by St. Vincent's so Sean could hear the love. :-) Thinking of Betts and Dru, too. Nuts. One report had Betts concussed, hope that's not true.

And yet, Jagr HAS been playing like a maniac so I'm actually feeling good about seeing a big NYR W tomorrow night!

ruptured spleens are common in blunt trauma such as motor vehicle accidents.a hard enough hit could easily explain this..observation is usually all that is needed.would expect a full recovery.remember forsberg had asignificant laceration and had his removed.

I hope Avery fully recovers ... he's been a bit injury prone this season and I can't recall him being so injured at any other time in his career so hopefully that won't factor into the top brass's decision on whether to resign him but it might ... in any case I think he fits here but one does wonder if some of the vets like mainly Shanny are gone next year(and he really might, he's really looked invisible lately unless he's hiding some sort of injury) then maybe Avery doesn't behave as well as he has, specially if he has a long term contract? Who knows ... I don't know ... I really cannot start thinking about next season because I'm an optimist who hopes against all hope that we can do what hasn't been done in the last 34 years ... in any case we need a win tomorrow to even think that way so let's see if that happens ...

BOO to ESPN they send me a text alert that Avery had suffered CARDIAC ARREST and was rushed to the hospital ... made me feel ill ... then 45 minutes later they ammended their story ... it's like why not check out their sources before posting that? Supposedly it came from the Daily News ... whatev.

So guys how are we going to win game 4 ... here are some suggestions ...

Put Shanny on Jagr's line. Straka should have had 4 goals yesterday ... let Shanny station himself in front of the net. Jagr is a beast ... Shanny does not need to skate, just deflect and put in rebounds ..

Play Malik with Rosival ... sit Backman
Play Hutchinson for Mara ...Hutch will play the PK
Play Moore for Betts

so if the playpens kid captain was injured like Avery was, would there be a suspension coming down? If I remember mr toronto goes by the extent of an injury. And I think someone did get a penalty against Avery. I'll have to go to the painful video.

Hope Avery get well soon.

And about the game tomorrow, we need to win. Can we win the series? My opinion, no, it´s almost impossible to make a comeback now including the fact that we have 2 key players injuried . However we need to win. No sweep, please Blueshirt!


Jagr has been a maniac, I hope we can over come this little bit of adversity. I also hope the guys realize everyone of those games could have gone either way.
Im curious as to who will fill in for our injuries??? Holweg should be traded for a bag of pucks, and a pilon.
will Moore, Lauri, or Artem get a little showcase??
thursday will be huge, Hank will rebound and steal the game, and JJ will be possesed.
lets see what we can do with our backs against the wall.

hutchinson has to clear waivers.... so thats not going to happen...

So we lost 2 forwards.
Any suggestion that who will play tomorrow?

by the way, Sather should resign Avery.

Three Chord Monte

From previous thread:
As I’ve said many times before, Jaromir Jagr is a great player and a horrible captain. Did you hear his quote, courtesy of Deb Kaufman/Placey? Taking a break from reading Einstein at his locker (hopefully Isaacson’s biography and not The General Theory of Relativity), Jagr opined, “The math looks bad.” Thanks for that, captain. I’m glad you needed to consult with one of the world’s greatest minds in order to become enlightened by that realization. Nonetheless, it’s an inspiring observation in preparation for a must-win game three. Let me paste it on my bulletin board next to “I have no confidence” and “I’m not good at shoot outs”. This guy must go. The NHL should be grateful that another team can pay him big money without making the mistake of pinning a “C” on his jersey.

Obviously, you haven't seen one damn game of this entire series! Jagr has been in this series, and was last night, far and away the BEST player on the ice for the Rangers. Nobody, NOBODY, played with more passion, more desire, and more heart than he did. So where does this crap come from? Shanny, and I am as much a fan of his as I am of Jagr's, has gradually faded from the scene over the last few months while Jagr stepped up and truly lead this team. Jagr's teammates have *repeatedly* said that Jagr is a man who leads by example. If they understand that, why don't you?

I brought this forward from my last post. Why don't you read it and learn something before you say anything.

[Jagr was just on MSG post-game. He was clearly disappointed. But I didn't detect anger at his team, but maybe some anger at the situation. But he still sounded determined. Like a Captain should. He has not given up on his team. "Have a chance to make history guys.", was what he said referencing the fact the Rangers will have to win 4 straight. It's the last thing he said that got to me. "Might be my last game, eh. Let's make it special."]

He's determined to win the next game at MSG. He DOES NOT want to let the fans down. And he's determined to get back into this series. It matters to him. It's up to his teammates not to let him down. Too bad you can't see that.

I just wanted to let you know that we are very glad to hear that Sean Avery will be ok. It's ok to joke about a player when he's healthy and playing, but it's no joke to hit a guy when he's down. As for the comment about going over game tape to see where he was "obviously speared" by someone. Seriously now... are you for real? Do you seriously think that someone speared him and no one noticed at all during the game? Even Sean? Hockey is the most physical game on the planet. These guys go and lay everything ON the ice and leave nothing ON the ice. He could have been hit by anything and sustained that type of injury. I'm truly amazed that we don't hear of more injuries like this. Look at what happened to Chris Simms last year!

Get Well Sean!


I HEART you!


Good luck to Sean, and a speedy recovery to Aves, Dru, and Blair. Jagr has played above what was expected of him in these playoffs (last in NHL?), and hasn't had much help. Our main weaknesses (defense, and PP) have been brutally unmasked this year and hopefully will be addressed in the off season. Once these things are fixed I'm expecting the team to be much more consistant, than the up and down Rangers we saw this year. We're not done yet, but I think we are running out of gas with the injury bug hitting us now. All in all, whatever happens, its a good time to be a Ranger fan!!!

Three Cord Monte,

I know you hate Jagr for whatever reason, but I don't know how you could say such things about Jagr. While he isn't the greatest Rangers captain ever, he's made a solid case as to why he isn't nearly half as bad as some of his detractors say he is.

What did you want Jagr to say, "We WILL GAME 3!"? Oh wait, Lundqvist said something along those lines (See Weinman) and he really played his part last night (sarcasm).

The truth is, there is at least one person this entire series who has played with passion and heart each game---like a captain should-- and it's Jaromir Jagr.

What has Drury, Gomez and especially Shanahan, done this series? All 3 players would supposedly be better captains right?

Give me a break. I don't want a captain whose trying to think of witty lines so the newspapers can quote him. I want a captain that plays with a purpose, that plays like it's his last game (no pun intended), and will go all out to win the damn game.

Jagr has done that, while (basically) none of the other Rangers have. I won't be surprised if Jagr doesn't have his best game of the season next game, regardless of the outcome.

I really wanna echo LisaMY's sentiments---leave your bias in the corner of the closet and try to give Jagr the appreciation he deserves.

I have been thinking this for awhile now so I'll put my opinion out there since I have read the comments from Jagr about it possibly being his last game(s) aa a Ranger. I think Jaromir had made up his mind months ago about continuing to play in the NHL past this season. Hence, the sub-par (by his standards) regular season where he didn't look motivated for a good part of the season causing him to lose his shot at the contract extension making it easier for him to find a path out of the NHL after this season. I believe that he still wanted to leave the HHL with a shot at winning another Stanley Cup and hence the great play the last month or so of the regular season and his awesome play in the playoffs. We all know Jaromir can be a 'moody' type of player and this kind of falls into that category. I wouldn't be surprised if these are his last NHL games, win or lose, and it will come out that his decision to leave the NHL was made many months ago. To see his play in these playoffs shows that he can still be dominating....if Jaromir wants too. This is just an opionion on my part and I have nothing to back it....

Back to Mr. Avery.

Get well, Sean, and the very best to you. An injury like that (lacerated spleen) is life-threatening and thank goodness he was aware that something was wrong and a doctor was there for him.

If you heard this story when it was first reported, you would've sworn the man was halfway to dead. Not kidding at all. It was reported that he was: 1) found unconscious, 2) not breathing, 3) and in cardiac arrest. What would you think? After 30 minutes of thinking "Should we be planning for a playoff game or a funeral?", the next report came that he had a lacerated spleen and was hospitalized at St. Vincent's. About 10-15 minutes after that, the news report amended the very first report saying no "cardiac arrest", no "not breathing", and finished with the Rangers expecting Avery to make a full recovery. That was a very scary 45-50 minutes, though. It was a reminder how irresponsible the news can be with their rush to get a story to air. Maybe we can laugh about it now, but at the time, those 45-50 minutes were very worrisome indeed. The news media should've taken much more care in their reporting. I noticed when I checked here that there was no panic-post from Dubi here at Blueshirt Bulletin when the story first broke. For that Dubi, I have to say "Thank You" for being responsible and not rushing to say something before you actually knew something and getting the full story straight.

Guys i'm sorry but after these playoffs i want jagr in our sweater next season ALOT more than before...we just need to motivate him liek this for every game...wonder waht that would take? another incentive fillled contract you think?? i want avery stayin and shanny...sorry but straka and rozy (especially rozy) can go...rozy is gonna want too much to keep...i think with these injuries anisimov shoudl get a shot...honestly what do we have to lose? we might even catch some lighting in a bottle here with a rookie whats everyone else think? If he played great and helped up win Renney would be praised if it failed ppl would be jumping down his throat

As a pens fan, I wish Avery best of luck recovering from this injury. It's a shame anytime a player has to be hospitalized, and I give him all the credit in the world for playing through it.

I'm curious why everyone is so intent on re-signing him in the off-season. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't his previous contract negotiation have to go to arbitration because the team felt he was a locker room cancer and a total disruption to the team? They hit him with a bombshell once already, what makes you so sure they won't do it again?


Did you see "Ghost"?



just read the SI article on Avery.

My kuds to the Penns, Roberts and Crosby, for their kind words about Avery. Despite all of the on ice antics, it's clear there's still some human respect between players.

heres to praying for hisotry to be made starting tomarrow.

They didn't say anything about locker room cancer, they said he took too many penalties basically.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't his previous contract negotiation have to go to arbitration because the team felt he was a locker room cancer and a total disruption to the team?

In the arbitration hearing, Glen Sather described Avery as a "detriment", as much as he is an asset. But that was in reference to his on-ice behavior. Yes, he drew penalties and scored some goals last season after he joined the Rangers. But he also took unnecessary penalties and drew some, let's say, excessive attention to himself. But he was never described as an off-ice problem. He was never called a "cancer in the locker room" as some NHL pests evolve to become. If Aves was a locker room problem, he would've never been re-signed. The Rangers should re-sign him because they need an agitator and we know Aves can do that very, very, well. He can also put the puck in the net and he wants to continue to improve that part of his game. And Avery fits the city of NY like a hand-in-glove so, I expect he'll be resigned at an agreeable price.

Okay, I want to say a few things, now that I have suitably calmed down after reading some really stupid posts after a horrible loss last night and the terrible news about Avery.

1. Hollwegg's penalty. It was stupid. It was particularly stupid when he knew two of our best penalty killers were injured and not on the bench! For those who wonder why we didn't kill off the penalty--um, no Betts, no Drury.

2. Lundqvist had a bad game. It happens. He outdueled Brodeur and now he's overpaid and terrible because he's gotten shellacked 2 of 3 games against Pitt. The fact is that the fifth goal (the real back breaker) was Backman's fault: take the man or get out of Henrik's view of the play.

3. Tyutin seems to have regressed some, too. I remember Mitch raising questions about Tyutin, and I'm seeing why these playoffs.

4. What will tomorrow's lineup look like??? Obviously Prucha will skate. I hope Malik will replace Backman. Anybody else have a sense of who will Center a line?

5. Jagr has been the best player for the Rangers this playoff season. Period. He has been a great captain for the playoffs--look at his play Tuesday to see how much he wanted his players to follow him.

6. Where is Brendan Shanahan? I hate to say it, but it may be time for him to retire. When I suggested at the start of the year that he was the overpriced vet keeping youngsters down, a number of you jumped down my throat saying we'd need him in the playoffs. Yep, we still need him in the playoffs and he's on the roster; fact is we need the Shanahan of five years ago.

7. Strudwick will be a coach next year. Straka will not be in blue. Jagr and Rosi will. That's my prediction, but hell--my prediction for the playoffs were way off....

I live in Western Maryland. 85% of the people here are Pens fans. I'm miserable.


man I need to learn to spell simple words

if a boston team can come back from 3 - 0 why can't one from NY, I may seem dellusional, but also an optimist, yes we lost a key kog in Avery Get well soon, hey dubi will you be starting any kind of online card that we the fans can sign? We also lost captain clutch (possibly), and our fourth line center, ok my glass is starting to dip slightly under half here, but the players that we do have are good! I gotta believe, beside if there is not my Ranger hockey, my wife won't tollerate other games.


I live in NYC and 85% of the people living here dont know the Rangers are in the playoffs.

NYR4L--- thats sad but true, but the garden is always full so thats a good sign, even if the Rangers don't play well the garden should be rockin all night.


unfortunately the Rangers have shown nothing that makes me believe they can win a game this series let alone 4 in a row. Not only that but this Penguins team has dominated the Rangers in every aspect of the game.

This Penguins team has dynasty written all over them. 2 world class players, a very good young goalie, young players all around and they even have some good prospects as well. They don't even have great veteran presence either. Imagine what they could do with someone like Sundin or Sakic next season. For those who think the Salary Cap will prevent this think again. The NHL will probably amend the salary cap to allow Crosby to have the support he needs to be a Stanley Cup contender every season especially since aSidney Crosby being mentioned every 5 seconds on a joke of a channel is apparently a better marketing strategy then playing on ESPN.

If you were Army it is always NEVER SURRENDER

If you were USMC it is always Semper Fidelis

So the Rangers are down 3-0,

So they are going to be without Sean Avery, Blair Betts and possibly Chris Drury for Game 4

Guess this is where we are supposed to raise the white flag and turn tail and run.

IF you choose that option, it is your choice and I will understand it. What makes me who I am does not allow me to do such a thing.

Tomorrow is my birthday and my wish is for the Rangers to win. Call it whatever you wish but I do not want my birthday to have anything but a Ranger win with it.


the below is not totaly accuarate

unfortunately the Rangers have shown nothing that makes me believe they can win a game this series let alone 4 in a row. Not only that but this Penguins team has dominated the Rangers in every aspect of the game.

5 on 5 we did play pretty well all of our goals came at even strength, and when we got set up in the pens zone they were dominant.

prucha and straka could play center... ive been saying forever that prucha centered the PP 2 seasons ago...

but im no coach...
or am i?

nah i just put holes in people

I may have come off a little down, but I totally believe in this team Jagr does not want to go down this way you can see it in his comments, its going to take a concentrated effort from everyone Hank needs to get his game back up to what we are used to seeing and i think Jagr can do the rest!

you put holes in people, thats an odd statment paul!

I AM A RANGER and I believe in this team

I know this has been discussed, but at the risk of being the 3rd (hundredth) man in ...

I've stuck up for Ryan Hollweg. I love the kid's story, his path to the League, and the edge he brings to the rink. I love the fact that he's the first one in to stick up for a teammate, and his tenacity on the fore-check.

If he plays another shift for the Rangers, then there's a problem.

The play with Sykora was pure bone-headed grabassery. He does not have enough upside to warrant the NHL-sanctioned "hit to hurt" target he has on his back or the brain-freezes he habitually has at big moments. My heart breaks for him, because I've read enough interviews to know that he loves wearing the Blue and that - in all likelihood - his desire to help his team last night with a big pop motivated that check.

But there comes a point when decision-making outweighs enthusiasm. I'm a lawyer. I'm in court tomorrow. My client may want enthusiastic counsel, but if my decision-making blows - no matter how admirable my intent or motivation - it hurts my cause.

Ryan. All the best, seriously. You're one of the reasons the Rangers have been a tough draw the last couple of seasons. You've got a lot to be proud of. But its time to make a change, and I really hope you catch on with another team, preferably in the Western conference.

No hard feelings, but its time to go, man.

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