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April 28, 2008


this might be the last go around for some players so lets leave it all out there. 22 other teams would love to have the chance we have still. SO LETS DO IT

Another game that highlighted my 2 biggest frustrations with the coaching staff - no in-game adjustments, and the Power-less Power Play (ever since Shanny arrived, Rucinsky left, and Prucha was demoted). The Garden will be rockin' Tuesday and Thursday, we just need to score 3 or more goals each game and it should be tied up! [ as long we don't play lazy or careless, or take too many penalties... ] Let's Go rangers!

We need more fire and brimstone up front. For that reason I change the complexion of the 4th line and the team by playing Orr and Hollweg with betts and sitting Shoestrom and Prucha. That line had NO BEEF yesterday. For sure they have no sandpaper to their game. When they play we lose balance something that the Pens have with Laraque and Ruutu.
What do you all think?

Let's be honest. The fact that we are all die hard Rangers fans is skewing our vision slightly, but the simple fact that the refs are this much a part of the discussion is a disgrace to the NHL. We just have to climb out of this hole and start with a win tomorrow. If we can do that, everything changes.

The fans can help at MSG by making it really rock tomorrow, and also by booing just as loudly everytime Poster Boy touches the puck. We can play that game too, and frankly we're better at it than anybody else in the league.

Let's Go Rangers..!!!

I still say Rangers in 6 when have we not seen the boys in blue bounce back from 2 tuff losses with an amazing streak?

I want the rangers to win, but they need to play with more spontaniety , they seem to be a little hesistant. They need to create more of a tempest.Let it all hang out. Little machismo!

some changes i would like to see for game 3:

1. avery going back to the agitator he was in round 1. we really haven't seen much of him other than the scrum at the end of game 2. he brings so much energy to not only the team but the crowd as well.
2. more forechecking from other lines besides the drury, cally and dawes line. the pens consistently forced us into quick decisions with the puck in our own zone, which ultimately led to bad passes and turnovers. the rangers need to do the same and force them to work out of their zone. they did a good job against the devils and scored a decent amount of goals off a hard forecheck
3. a lot more people in front of the net/crashing the net. a lore more traffic should create some confusing. i just hope that the more traffic in front doesn't mean that the ref will blow the whistle even sooner.

anyone have a clip of that no goal from yesterday?

okay, so i found the clip of where the ref was when he blew the whistle:

frustrating because he is just so lazy to get in a good position to see where the puck is.
if everyone looks at the highlights of Game 1 of the Sharks and Stars, you can see that right before the Sharks scored their first goal the ref was about to call the play dead but changed his mind at the last second as the puck squirted free. (if anyone watched the game on VS, they a reverse angle where it clearly showed the whislte was in the ref's mouth right before he called it a goal)
click on highlights for game one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VXKuorClW0
the ref skated behind the net to get a good view and made the right non-call. he also had the whistle in his mouth to blow the play dead but never did. the ref in the rangers game does nothing to get in good position and as the puck is sliding in to the goal still blows it.

i understand that once you lose site you blow the whistle but why the ref in the Sharks game not blow the whistle after he lost site and regained it and the ref in this game did blow the whistle after he lost site and regained it. little consistency would be nice

I think sitting Sjostrom and Prucha in favor of Hollweg and Orr is a bad idea. You can't roll 4 lines if Orr and Hollweg are both in the lineup, and then that line doesn't get enough ice time to make a physical impact anyway. I can maybe see dressing Hollweg in favor of Prucha...but I like that we can give Prucha a few shifts with the Gomez and Avery line and have Shanny take a few shifts with the 4th line. It helps keep Shanny fresh and it gives the Gomez line a great amount of speed. I don't think we got pushed around, we don't need Orr and Hollweg in the lineup. Plenty of guys in the lineup right now that can get physical, they need to just step it up a little bit. I'm sure they will at the garden.

I saw plenty of in-game adjustments, just not on the powerplay. Callahan played on the Gomez and Avery line a few times, including the start of the game if I'm not mistaken. Shannahan started on the 2nd line, swapped with Prucha, and then swapped back. I don't know what other adjustments you really expect, the lines are what they are this point, it's not a trial and error kind of time, it's the 2nd round of the playoffs...

'shoulda, coulda, woulda'. and there's also "if if's and but's were candy and nuts would all have a real big party' or something like that.

seriously, rangers may have been shortchanged a bit but they were outplayed and outcoached both games, from my view. pens exposed the weaknesses in our d-men and break out patterns. sorry but i got a bad feeling going forward in this series. just not sure the rangers can overcome more bad calls, more d-men (backstrom!) turnovers and more ineffective powerplays. unless there's some series changing event(s) i just feel like pens have rangers bottled in and (if they stay poised) can put rangers effectively away with a game 3 victory.

oh freak, that's just how i feel at this present moment, pretty down on a rangers comeback and win. (ok, there's a teeny bit of hope i'm clinging on to....win 1 shift, win 1 period, win 1 game, etc.)


Good luck, Ranger fans! It's been quite a series so far. Your team definitely has the firepower to do some damage. I agree with some analysts who say that whoever takes this series takes the East.

Looking forward to Tuesday and Thursday. I'm sure most of you are like and are trying to figure out what to do in the meantime . . .

Good luck!

For sure the officiating didn't help. But last nights loss is solely on the skaters. The offense did little to generate chances and the defense was in constant disarray. What the hell happened to "5 in the picture" that was so successful for a good chunk of the regular season? I love Shanny, but he needs 3rd or 4th line minutes along with some special teams duty. He seems hesitant to get the puck, and pretty much hasn't been shooting at all. Avery needs to step up his game too. I don't think he needs to be much more of an agitator, ESPECIALLY in this series....they'll call everything on him. He needs to play with more energy, get to the puck, get shots, take his hits and make the plays.

You know what the Rangers need tomrrow night? Not just a win, but an all-out, good old fashioned ass-whupping of Pittsburgh. Come out and jump all over them, physically dominate, score early and often, humiliate the Pens a bit, and get the garden crowd lathered up into a complete frenzy. The kind of win that sends Pittsburgh the following message: Don't be fooled by those first two games. We own you.

Something like that could carry over through the whole series and, I think, would be much more effective than a Devilesque OT victory. It would restore the Rangers' confidence and do some damage on the other side.

Boooooo Crosby? I think we should cry everytime he touches the puck:


But whatever, who cares. If they do not stop talking about Crosby or diving, they're going to get swept. It is time to shut up, buckle up, and put in a good Playoff effort in Game 3. Unlike many here, I did not see a good defensive game by the NYR in Game 2. Hank played a great game. But the rest of the team looked a step behind the whole time. I think they were forced to play defense most of the game. Even while defending, the Pens seemed to dictate which ice they were taking and not the other way around. Wave after wave, you could sense the Penguins were going to score eventually. Not so for the Rangers. I did not feel the NYR were generating enough sustained pressure to put one in without a fluke, lucky bounce, or Penguins mistake. They were outworked, outplayed, outskated, outchanced, outhit, and outscored. That is NOT a good defensive game....that is barely holding on.

Renney better have something other than Orr-Betts-Hollweg, because that's not going to cut it. If I am him, I go back to what worked on their streak that got them in:


That's the only lineup that has had chemistry all season long.

i agree pghas, the pens have come out of the gate harder and faster in both games so far. maybe a little elbow to 87 from the captain and a couple goals (ala, messier vs chihawks in '90) will have them foaming at the mouth (wishful thinking). but they do need a physical spark from someone on the very first shift to let the icechikins know whose house they're in.

Hey all. I think either a few of my comments were taken out of context, or some of you thought I'm a Pens fan. Lets get this out of the way, I hate Pittsburgh the way I hate the Braves in baseball (Big Mets fan) I'm still waiting for someone to knock out Crosbys two front teeth in this series.

What I was pissed off about most from yesterday were the extremes. How we get a little to loose in game 1 and blow a 3 goal lead, then instead of a nice balance of tighter defense with offense, we completely forget that we have to score to win and barely test Fleury and go all defensive. As I said, the first good shift of the game for the Rangers came at the 11 minute mark at the 3rd period, which is god awful. I didn't feel they were prepared the way they should've been. How can every forward have a bad game in the playoffs? To me thats not possible unless the coaching staff is holding the forwards back. And yes, enough with the talk on the PP. I've killed Renney time and time again for his inability to change up the two units. What he has together hasn't worked all season less about 8 games, he continues to go with it, we know it wont work. I hate when coaches play players just due to the fact they are veterans. Straka and Shanny give us no chance to score on the PP, whereas a Callahan, Dawes or Prucha easily would. But Renney chooses to have a bad PP with his vets on it, it's not going to change because he's stubborn about it, and we can't count on the PP for anything (which in turn means we aren't getting out of this series)

We have a better team than Pittsburgh, and I'm waiting to see the Rangers actually show up for 40 minutes, let alone 60..In the series vs NJ, we went at Brodeur, got in his head and abused him. We are handing this series to Fleury like a gift, not doing anything to him but Avery's spear at the end of the game. All year long when we were struggling on offense, it was because we were a perimiter team who didn't go to the net and thats exactly what happened yesterday. How could the coaching staff not make the adjustment or at least make the players aware they were avoiding the net at all costs?

I still think we can win this series and it starts tomorrow. Obviously we need more from our forwards, but like I said above, when every forward stinks, I have to question the coach, and I want more from renney, and I expect that he'll do what he has to so that we dont get swept out of the playofs. LGR, get it together!! More fire, please!!

Adam, it's not you, it's a Pens' fan with the same name who thought the only way he could "infiltrate" our site was by pretending to be a Ranger fan. Then the fool went back to his own site and crowed about how he fooled us -- meanwhile, reasonable people who root for the Pens were already posting freely from their point of view. So don't take it personally -- it was not you, it was the stupid troll. Don't worry, I can tell the difference between the two.

flyers fans get back at crosby for diving, pretty funny haha

will we see similar signs tomorrow at the garden?

I agree with everyone saying we have to put those losses behind us. Let it go. We also need to find the balance between offense and defense! Sidney Crosby, despite whatever criticisms could be leveled against him (fairly or unfairly), is a great player who makes every Penguin better. Our boys need to keep that in mind, forget about the officiating and everything else they can't control, and just go out and WIN. Really, there's no other option.

And if possible, I'd like it to be just like pghas described. :)


Oh geez, yes. Switch it up a little, Tom! Use them smarts of yours!

On a side note, I tried to look at that Pensblog thing. It's too bad basic literacy isn't required of bloggers; I could feel my brains starting to atrophy as I scanned the one-liners. Call me crazy, but I prefer Dubi's use of actual paragraphs.

And what's with the Photoshopping over there? "Bullspit Bulletin" is what passes for clever these days? I suppose I could work up a nice black-and-yellow logo that says "PenisBlog," but before I could bring myself to do it I'd have to admit the utter stupidity of it and give up. If we do manage to pull this series out, that sort of mental midgetry will make the win extra-sweet.

Though I don't share their viewpoint, I give props to the Pens fans who can disagree without being completely disagreeable.

Good luck Pens! We want to crush you! LET'S GO RANGERS!


Avery tried mixing the pot at the end of game two by going after Fleury and what happened? He ran, turtled and prayed for the refs to save him.

That's just, like, your opinion, man. He got shoved to the end glass by (the much larger) Gill before the scrum, sure, but turtling? Sorry, I didn't see that.

Fleury is still the best goalie in the NHL right now.

Maybe he'll be a finalist for the Vezina...next season. ;)

But man its been close...

Has it ever. In the 3rd period of the last game, my wife asked me if I was going to be all right. That's when I realized I had stood up and was clutching my head in both hands and yelling at the TV. :)


the problem is the Rangers havent been able to generate offense when playing "Renney's trap". Remember earlier in the season when the Rangers couldn't score. The Rangers were playing almost flawless defense and Henrik was on fire but they couldn't score. I dont think they can win 4 games playing like that...

Pittsburgh is one of the few teams in the NHL that are better than the Rangers. (not by much though) They certainly are beatable but the Rangers are going to have to bring their game up another level.

The best way for them to do that is to score on the powerplay. I know we dont have good pointmen so maybe it's time to take a different approach. Instead of working the puck to the point, keep the puck down low and look for the bang bang play in the slot and if it doesnn't connect the puck squirts out to the point where someone can bang it home.

if that is not enough and the Rangers are heading towards elimination i would send a future hall of famer in Brendan Shanahan to set his mark on the NHL and in his last shift send a message to the NHL's Golden Boy and deliver a Scott Stevensesque semi-legal cheap shot to teach the young man a series lesson about diving. Yes Shanahan is done folks. He's had a great career but he cant keep up with the speedy young guys anymore.

And by the way the Rangers should chant GARY LOVES SIDNEY!!! or at least they should play Stand Up by Ludacris everytime Sidney dives wait no embellishes to the ice...

rangers fans that is...


Say it with me folks

I AM A RANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

who cares about the last 2 ? Like Bertuzzi said, "it is what it is". Rangers better show something in game 3 or else its over.

Jed Orts, if anyone watched the sharks-flames series I think it was, there was one play, it wasn't a goal, but the referee went as far as climbing on top of the net to make sure he did not lose sight of the puck. They also called a pretty fair game in the game I was watching. I have to wonder where these refs are and if they can come out to the East Coast and save us from the horrible calls(On both sides) that we've seen the first two rounds.

It's so funny how many dives you can find on crosby if you youtube "Crosby Dive"

"Fleury is still the best goalie in the NHL right now."

Are. You. Serious. Granted, he has been great, but the best? I won't even use Lundqvist here, because you can also make cases for Marty Turco and Jose Theodore (though Theodore has cooled off). Lundqvist has had many more saves to make than Fleury in this series and is the only reason the Rangers weren't blown out, I think at best Fleury is just even with Lundqvist, and that's only in these playoffs.

IceBurgh -- It's called backing up your opinion with an expert opinion, that of a former NHL player. I don't recall that ever being a rhetorical crime.

As for what happened at the end of the game -- do you recall WHY Avery went after Fleury? Do you recall WHY the ref needed to help him? Nah, didn't think so, otherwise you never would have brought it up, now would you?

Look, you see things through the lens of Pens fans, we see things through the lens of a Rangers fan. But the camera doesn't lie -- Fleury slashed Avery first (he even said so after the game), and Laraque so courageously went in as third man. Please, go ahead and rationalize that -- I expect no less of a fan.

anyone else lose their VS HD feed?
just when i thought this channel couldn't get any worse...

good news, tomorrow's game is on msg! can i get an amen

I'll say it again: The rangers are showing the Pens too much respect. They need to come out tomorrow night and be the ones who dictate the game, who initiate the physical game, who control the play, and impose their will. I don't care how good Marian Hossa is supposed to be, he disappears in the playoffs. Hit him and make him disappear. I don't care how good Malkin and Crosby are - get in their faces at every whistle, every scrum, push them around and make them feel stupid. Forecheck hard, win every battle to every loose puck, work us up into a complete frenzy tomorrow night. Grab this series by the you-know-what and stop playing not to lose. Philly is showing Montreal zero respect, and when they're done with them, they'll show even less respect to whomever they play next, especially if it's whining Sidney.

The Rangers need to remember that they OWNED the Atlantic Division this year and can own it again on their way to the Cup. Blew a 3-0 lead in game one? SO WHAT. It was GAME ONE. Get back out there and win game two. Showed them too much respect in game two? SO WHAT. It takes four games. Get your butts out there and stop playing not to lose. Never mind this "oh, our opponent is so talented and we have so much respect for them because we're so classy." That is NOT WORKING. Show them NO respect. Crush them in your own house tomorrow night. We'll all be there going completely ape....

Montreal just scored a goal that was identical -- identical! -- in almost every respect to the Straka's whistled-down goal (the only difference was that the puck didn't trickle over the goal line, it only trickled to the goal line, where it was banged home). The other difference is that referee in this case positioned himself perfectly at the side of the net where he could see that the puck was still alive between the goalie's pads.

Yes I think it's time to turn 44 loose on any unsuspecting diaper wearing pen tomorrow night. And I also put Mr. Orr out there with him to make sure anyone who disagrees with my point of view is punished severly. Has anyone seen Shanny lately? He's kinda disappeared... Never ever put Tyutin on the PP. He hasn't put a puck on net since February. With all the call ups why wasn't Pock brought up??? Z

so far the difference is that in Game 1 both teams played to win...with the Rangers trying to play a defensive minded game against a strong offense, BUT generating offense themselves...they let the game slip away, bad bounces, etc...

game 2, the Pens, feeling their oats, played to win all over the ice, but the Rangers, not wanting to get into a shooting match, focused too much on defense, and as a result generated little offense, because they were fearful of falling 2 behind...

lesson: you have to "play to win," not play "not to lose"...it's largely about imposing your will on the other team, physically and psychologically...and you can't win falling into a defensive shell...

the way to beat a good offensive team is to forecheck hard and make their offensive players play defense...it's what the Devils did to the Rangers with good success, but they don't have the scoring talent of the Pens...but for a couple timely goals, it would have been a different series...that said, the Rangers always seemed to be on top of the Devils psychologically...

Avery should be back with Jagr and Dubi...that buys Jagr time and space and a man in front of the net...nothing against Straka, but he is still too deferential...Avery would distract the Pens in a way that Straka simply doesn't without losing much, if anything, to Straka in terms of skill and scoring

wow...Kotsopolous took the words right out of my mouth re: ref positioning...or maybe he reads these posts ;-)
if the SOLE criteria for blowing a play dead is losing sight of the puck, then there would be a whole heckuva lot more whistles! refs have to make judgments based on experience, the laws of physics, what the players are doing with their sticks and where they are looking to make a determination where to position themselves and whether to blow the play dead...it's not simply, "I lost sight of the puck!"

Earlier in the season when the Rangers power play struggled, Renny relented and added Dawes (who can pass creatively as well as shoot) to the power play and the PP improved. Admittedly, this took place at a time when Avery was injured or Dawes never would have have been given the opportunity with the extra man unit. Based on what I've seen so far, an etra man unit consisting of Drury-Dawes-Callahan would be an improvement over the so-called specialists we have been sending out on the PP. Quick puck movement is the key to PP success and the Drury line brings that 5 on 5, and would seem to have a good shot at scoring if facing the Pens PK units. Will we see 24, 10 and 23 together on the PP at MSG? I hope so. I consider it a key element in moving us in the right direction. The clock is ticking and it's time to use our assets intelligently. 19, 10 and 23 on the PP worked earlier in the season also; I don't recall seeing it vs. Pittsburg yet. Why not?

craig - if they tried to bring up Pock he could be picked up by another team at 1/2 cost his remaining salary (ie next yr) to the Rangers. I think the Pack actually used him at forward a fair amt of time.

The fan who came up with the idea of yelling "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" at Crosby instead of booing is a genius. We've been making that noise since the series started!!!!! Us Ranger fans are crybabies; even worse than Crosby. Our team needs to buckle down and win a game. Don't let the game up to the refs to decide. Excuses mean nothing when you're eliminated and golfing.


I hear that. Makes total sense.

I was also thinking that in light of Shanny not getting much while crowding
the crease, Renney should use him strictly on the point on the Power Play
for his hard shot, and on the 4th line at even strength.

Yawn it is sad to see America's IQ falling when we see remarks like these:

Avery tried mixing the pot at the end of game two by going after Fleury and what happened? He ran, turtled and prayed for the refs to save him.

Gee too bad off all people ESPN showed that it was Fleury who used his goal stick as a weapon (yes very classy of him is it not?) on Avery down low.

I have no issue with Gill going after Avery because he did not know what his own goalie did and even if he had it is still his job to protect him.

Got to love those Penny fans who have all the courage in the world to troll not only this site but other Ranger sites.

It shows that Flyer fans are not the only ones from the Keystone State that lack class.

How about we start bringing up those days when a certain franchise was facing bankruptcy and even thought to be headed out of town.

Can we ask about their loyal support then?

Where were your white shirts when your team was singing the theme from the Jeffersons?

What you exactly have you done to earn some respect? Wait I know earn a rep as a team that can not afford to pay their bills, that their star player has to take over the franchise to protect his pay, their newest star has his PEERS in the league calling him a diver, and came every so close to closing up shop and moving elsewhere.

Yep people should take Penguin fans seriously all right.

Respect is something you need to earn and you will never earn it by trolling on other people's websites.

And here is an FYI Pen fans, enjoy Crosby while you can, enjoy Malkin while you can, enjoy Malone while you can because when they get the chance for the bucks and the real stardom they will bolt Pittsburgh faster than you can spell TOWEL.

On the other hand, Ranger fans they may fight among themselves about everything but they never change sides when the team has poor seasons. Heck I get better arguments about what is wrong from fellow Ranger fans than I have seen from the Pen fans.

Ranger fans know how to win, how to lose and what it takes to do both. Bring some pencil and paper you bandwagon riders.

Ranger fans will not jump ship to root for the Islanders or Devils when things are tough. Even when we fight among ourselves we still have our fellow Ranger fans back.

We do not need to troll your sites because you are not in our league.

Ranger fans do not need to dress then arena in cute colors or wave towels to show that they support the team. The support is there without cheap lame gimmicks.

There is a reason WHY they call Madison Square Garden "The Worlds Most Famous Arena". It is because the people who show up there can turn it into the Worlds Loudest Arena.

Ranger fans invented Rocking the House and Blowing the Roof off.

And now you are about to learn it for yourself.

Welcome to OUR HOUSE children

You wanted some now we will give you some.

LI Joe thanx for that info. I wasn't sure if you bring someone up after the regular season was over. How did the red wings do it with McCarty??? Z

Didn't realize we were being audited by the DUBIMEISTER. Thought my cpu was broken...Z


Where were your white shirts when your team was singing the theme from the Jeffersons?

They were packed and ready to go to their new city, that's where they were. How 'bout sending them to Seattle? I hardly hear anybody talk about Seattle. Seattle can support teams from three of the major professional sports. Why isn't hockey on the menu? It's the Northwest, for crying out loud. Makes a lot more sense than Kansas City, IMHO.

(We need to inject some humor back into this site. It's been too grim and dreary around here lately.)

And IF it's true that the reason why the Pitts fans didn't do the "white out" thing in the last game was because it disturbed "The Child", well...that is super bush league. I mean, what else will he demand of the fans? It's a chilling scenario. I can foresee the Ick-gloo becoming like that Twilight Zone episode where the Kid with the God-like powers banishes people he doesn't like to the "corn field".

Damn Jess, I couldn't have said it better myself.

Rangers fans are a loud, loyal bunch. NJ found that out this year, when we turned their home games into OUR home games. Ranger fans were able to be boisterous in enemy territory. That is something that will NEVER fly in MSG.

If you don't believe, you don't bleed blue. LET'S GO RANGERS!

Dubi any suggestion on how the NHL should handle losing sight of the puck and over ruling the refs on quick whistles, frozen pucks, etc?


Did you ever know that you're my hero?


ANYWAY GOING TO THE GAME? Let's flood the garden with signs about the NHL's version of Greg Louganis. There's no crying in hockey Sid. So Avery's thinking outside the box is a disgrace to the game but Sid's dives are not? Let that jerk have it tonight!

I'm not completely sold on the idea of moving Prucha up to the 2nd line with Avery and Gomer if that is in fact Renney's new plan. Prucha has been out of the lineup for 6 weeks - and who knows what his scoring touch is like these days.

I'd prefer to see Dawes moved up to line 2, and Prucha on line 3 with Cally and Drury. (and putting Shanny on the 4th line)

I guess it's going to be a moot point if the Rangers dont come out hard and dictate the flow of the game....

My sense is the team is going to have a big game tonight: They'll be ready for it--I hope that Renney shows them some footage of how they drove the net against the Devils, how they pushed the Devils back on their heels, and how they have not shown that sort of tenacity yet against the Pens.


i -- As the Montreal goal last night demonstrated, the problem is not with the rule but the person making the ruling. The ref last night hustled and got into position to see that the puck was still loose, our ref was lazy and stayed in the corner.

The only change I can see that would avoid an unjust call like that is to add it to the list of reviewable items. I believe there was conclusive visual evidence that the puck was loose and heading into the net in a way that was not affected by the whistle blowing (i.e. it was going in either way, nothing happened or could have happened to change its course).

Finally, my last word (and I mean last) on the subject is this: Would there have been any complaints had the whistle not been blown and the goal counted? The Flyers made no complaint about the lack of whistle last night, and that was in a game in which they were complaining about everything else. There would have been zero question that it was a legit goal had the whistle not been blown.

according to the CBA the roster limit is 24. the rangers can call up 50 guys but they cannot use them unless injuries constitute an emergency. then the player would be subject to waivers (if approriate) in an official emergency roster callup. these call ups from hartford were not actually roster moves. they were essentially asked to come along for the ride. McCarty was added to the red wings roster with a signed contract before the eligibility cut off and sent to the minors for conditioning. he was subjected to waivers and no one took him. last year the rangers brought back strudwick for the remainder of the season, 10 games i think. but he was not playoff roster eligible because he signed after the eligibility cutoff. Jess, is that accurate?

From Zipay's article today: "They tried to put pressure on Marc-Andre, they tried to get in the crease, and we discussed it with the referees; they're not supposed to stand there and if there's a goal, it's not a goal," Therrien said.

Michel Therrien is really pissing me off. He ought to learn his NHL history.

The way he's interpreting that rule was the way it was until the final goal of '98-'99, scored by Brett Hull on the Sabres (to win the Cup!) with his skate clearly in the crease. Until that goal it was zero tolerance. After that goal, the rule was changed to a no-touch, no-foul interpretation, and it's been that way ever since. (Gotta hand it to the NHL; when a call is messed up, just change the rules so it retroactively wasn't a bad call.)

So, y'know, Therrien's the one who ought to shut up, quit whining, and tell his team to play the contact sport of hockey. I can't believe he's trying to convince the refs not to allow any pressure on Fleury. Man, what?

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