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March 27, 2008


Well, by having something else to needlessly worry about for the next few months has completely taken my mind off how terrible the Rangers power play is.

Still wondering what other fans think about the Roy/Roy suspensions.

Btw Jess, the "drawing the line at Cherepanov" post in the previous thread was mine. Not that I'm drawing attention to it or anything. :)

this is all a bit much...bordering on blackmailas far as im concerned..

but anyway!?
any news on whether or not gomez is lacing up today!?

We also can not forget to say thanks to Laurie too. Laurie repeated efforts to bring us news on the Russian front have been a godsend.

Not to mention a thanks to you folks as well for being a part of the discussion and contributing.

However I am having trouble linking Jagr and Cherepanov to each other.

Matter of fact I am having trouble will all of this and the more I look the more I see publicity stunts and nothing more.

The Rangers are not going to mind all this because guess what we are not talking about? Yup the power play and other issues facing this team over their final 6 games. For the last 24 hours we are not talking about what Renney should/should not be doing, we are not talking about the Rangers with a 3 point hold on their playoff spot.

None of this make any sense at all

Let us start with what Laurie posted: Cherepanov did not have the best of seasons for Avangard, whether due to injury or sickness. Laurie who also attends many Hartford games also mentions the different style of play in the AHL which I have to agree that would not help his development.

The Rangers also have a full time Russian scout in Vladimir Lutchenko so they know full well what kind of season Cherepanov has had.

As I pointed out, there are so many reasons to keep Cherepanov in Russia for another year. Whether it is to allow Cherepanov to further grow into his body and work on his game far away from the media glare of NYC and the Rangers fans themselves. Even better is that the Rangers can gain a full year of development at NO COST by leaving him in Russia.

Why would Sather pay now when he can get for free later? We are talking about a man famous for being cheap.

As for Avangard's interest in Jagr that too does not make a whole lot of sense because the new Open Russian League is reportedly going to have a salary cap of 22.5 million per team. How much would it take to lure Jagr to Russia?

If anyone thinks that no NHL team would want to sign Jagr after the season he is having think long and hard about that statement. Look at how many teams wanted Forsberg despite all his injury problems the last few years.

Can anyone one say Selanne? Jagr has slowed down but he still have 20 goals and 43 assists. Yes Jagr is having his worst statistical NHL season but how many games did he miss?

IF Jagr is about the money then given his age staying in the NHL offers him the best place to make the most money. Jagr can sign an incentive laden contract which a team can do just like the Rangers are with Shanny.

I can in fact see an NHL team offering him a one year deal that give him a base of 4 million in Salary and incentives (again pushed off until the following season) to let him earn a whole lot more.

Something else to consider which is Jagr's sense of self, if people do not believe that playing as an NHL player in the Czech Republic does not mean something to Jagr they are wrong.

Jagr is a hero in his native country and do you know who else is?

If you said Glen Sather you would be right as Sather has done a lot to help Eastern Europeans come to the NHL and they have never forgotten it.

Nobody and I mean nobody has even considered that when Jagr said he already knows what he will do next season is that it is to resign with the Rangers and play in the Czech Republic.

As for Avangard, well all the reports I have been reading about the Open Russian League says that they have tried to lure Western European interest in their league and so far none have shown interest.

Not to mention one other thing that Brooks and others have left out which is that Avangard is going to have a reported 22.5 million salary cap in this new league.

How much could they be able to offer Jagr and still be able to field a competitive team?

Given Jagr's age and the NHL CBA an NHL team (hello Rangers)can offer him a base salary and then backfill the rest with incentives that they can push off until the 2009-10 season.

Here is what I see happening:

Jagr will give Avangard a courtesy visit for PR purposes but will cause a media frenzy when he refuses to discuss what happened.

Glen Sather will give Avangard a cigar and send him on his way. He will tell Avangard that he will talk to them next year when he is there to pick up Cherepanov AFTER his contract with Avangard expires.

Larry Brooks will stir things up with a few stories speculating as to what will happen.

Avangard will use the visit with Jagr to show potential players that they are serious about putting together a good team for the new league.

You Ranger fans are going to put this story aside, start worrying about beating the Devils and how to fix the power play.


You are a rookie here so it is easy to overlook you sorry

Just kidding (Sheesh)

Serious if anyone is interested in reading material about Europe, the new CHL or the new Open Russian League I have several articles I can share from my media packets.

Let me know if you are interested by leaving me an email addy


The packets sound like a good excuse not to do my marketing paper. wehnerm86@yahoo.com
Thanks in advance.

btw, is there any way to watch Super League games or other prominent Euro leagues (online) or is it closed off to us Americans?

This new league will be a joke. It's going to be teams full of Yashins!

Ok, really, do I have to read another article today about the Rangers keeping the same damn PP unit together? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH TOM RENNEY? How can one man be so stubborn and unwilling to try something new. So let me get this straight, although Jagr and Straka have scored plenty in the past, they get the PP ice time over the better current players in Dawes and Callahan? I dont get it, and I'll tell you all right now, we'll still suck on the PP as long as Renney continues to do nothing to change it. The more this goes on, the more I dislike Renney. It's so obvious that he has scorers who go to the net like Cally, Prucha and Dawes, but he'd rather put the veterans out there who don't score. I'm shocked he wont make a change, even Jagr joked in the paper this morning "if I'm even on the PP" I've complained about this before, but Renney has serious issues with playing veterans for too long over kids, show some faith in our better players, who happen to be younger. So frustrating, it's like he doesn't want to make a change cause he's scared to put some faith into young guys. Meanwhile, in 94, Keenan had Kovalev out there for what it felt like every other shift, and he was about Dawes\Cally age. Come on Tom, this is just getting stupid.

I think I'd pretty much freak out if they don't get Cherepanov signed before his rights expire, which I didn't realize happened so soon following the draft (2 years, I guess it is?). This guy is the only chance this team has ever had of developing it's very own superstar talent, not having to go out and buy it after it's prime. He's also the best chance the Rangers have at ever having a superstar player at all, as no team in their right mind would let a guy of this caliber get away.

Hell, sign him to a contract just for the sake of getting him signed. Then at least we'd have some flexibility.


u said it Cherepanov might not be the next Malkin or Ovechkin but from what I heard he could be a 40 goal scorer down the road but this team desperately needs a goal scorer and the system is best way to do it.

The UFAs next season are not that great and the ones that can score are all up there in age and I don't see how the Rangers would be willing to acquire someone by trade.

I'm hoping Jagr somehow turns it around and the PP can at least be somewhat productive so we can make a run similar to last season.

I guess we're finding out why so many teams passed on him at the draft. Basically we need him on the team so another high draft pick is not wasted. Let's hope we get him here and he's more Kovalev than Pavel Brendl.

Why worry about something, that is totally out of our control? If the Rangers really want Cherapanov, they WILL get him here: somehow! Listing different scenarios of what might or might not happen, is just idle speculation. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, knows what is going on between the Rangers and the Russians, regarding Cherapanov. It will play itself out in due course.
Why not concentrate on tonights game; which last time I looked was kind of important, no? I mean we're not in the playoffs yet are we?

jess im down for the packet


I wouldn't mind taking a look either. jasonponty@gmail.com

Ditto to Adam's comment re the stagnant and (n)everchanging Rangers power play. No Dawes means nothin' doing on any consistent basis. To quote Psalms on the Rangers' coaching staff: "Eyes they have, but they cannot see"!

Jess - Can I get those links? I've read a bit about the new league, but mostly from the Russian side. You can send them to thetreefrog@yahoo.com.

Mark W - Sportbox.ru generally shows an RSL game or two a day (during the regular season) but is in Russian. The middle, peach-colored column here, http://video.sportbox.ru/, shows what's currently playing live (it can be any sport, not just hockey). If you're really serious about procrastinating on that paper, you can start at noon with game three of the RSL semifinals between Lokomotiv (Anisimov's old team, Yashin's current team) and Metallurg (Malkin's old team, former Ranger property Jan Marek's current team) here: http://video.sportbox.ru/smart/darkside/tl/hockey_200803181219

Enjoy! ;)


Which media player do you use to watch the sportbox webcasts?

Paul - Windows Media Player v10, through Firefox currently, though I've used both IE and Opera with the site as well.

Radio 660 just reported that Gomes will play today.
Very good news!

Joe G -- From the point of view of a fan, EVERYTHING is beyond our control except for who we cheer and who we boo, so why worry about anything? We can chant "Sign Cherepanov" all night tonight at the Garden and have exactly as much control over the situation as we have when we (well, not me) boo Malik. We're reporting all the news that's relevant to the Rangers -- you can ignore the news that doesn't interest you.

I don't think the Rangers are going to be happy about having these issues with Avangard brought to light. It's not distracting anyone except for us from talking about the power play woes -- that's the news everywhere else, in newspapers read far more widely than Blueshirt Bulletin. And they can't possibly be happy about public discussion at this point in time of Jagr possibly leaving for Russia next season.

Akayama -- Dawes has had 11:44 of power play time in the past nine games and hasn't scored a point. Of the Rangers who have gotten significant PP ice time, Dawes is sixth in point production -- the PP mainstays (Gomez, Drury, Jagr, Shanahan) have scored at a significantly higher pace, while Avery, who has played a shade less on the PP than Dawes, has a shade higher point rate.

So consider that no coach in the world is going to bench any of the top four guys unless he wants to get fired, the last two spots have to be shared (as they have been) between Dawes, Avery, Dubinsky, and Prucha (the latter two having scored at a lower rate than Dawes with more PP ice time). Then throw Martin Straka into the mix -- he has scored at a slightly lower rate than Dawes, but has done so from the point. He is now moving up front, making things even more crowded.

I've seen it mentioned several times in various places that the 2 year window to sign draft picks doesn't really apply to Cherepanov because there's no transfer agreement with Russia.

I honestly haven't looked into how that all works, but people have seemed pretty adamant about it being the case. I honestly can't remember if it was something in the CBA or something was negotiated with the various transfer deals (between the CHL and European leagues)

On to tonight!

Two very similar teams. Both have no idea where the net is, both have outstanding goalies, both have suspect defenses. The differences are one is moving up in the standings and the other down. If history is any judge this will be a 2-1 games, decided in OT or shootout. Rangers have more "big" names on offense, our defense is a little better, except for the "brain farts". Most likely the game will end 6-3 and the team with the 3 will be saying "3 is usually good enough to win!"

All the pressure is on the Devils. They are seeing their season going away fast. They need the 2 points and give nothing to the Rangers. I see them coming out hard, with speed and attacking the net. They will expect us to be playing our usual conservative game of poise and control. They NEED the first goal. Our PP began to look better even though we got nothing. This IS the game where Jagr, Shanahan, Gomez, Drury and Straka need to get it done.


Since the PP unit has been juggled, and Shanny has said that may be a factor citing early season woes not allowing for chemistry to develop on the PP,(paraphrasing) then why not put out a KId PP unit as some have suggested, if only to free the kids up from chemistry issues involved with "the perfect set-up" and replace it with KISS & youthful exuberance, ie shot taking and crashing the net? Dawes,Dubi Jr,Cally, Staal and say Rosival as the vet, forcing him to move the puck to someone other than #68.

Earlier this season on some broadcast the commentators said the reason Filthadelphia had a high success rate on the PP was because they want their entire unit to collapse in on the crease. IOW, they don't just want a man in front of the net, they want them all there.

Dubi: Ithink you've made my case that Dawes has gotten next to no PP time. You stated that he had 11:44 of PP time in the last 9 games. If my math is correct that comes to 1:27 a game which is a ridiculously low level. Look, Dawes has been a Ranger property for a number of years now and the team certainly knows his contributions at the lower levels when it comes to the power play. Historically, he has shone on the power play with his shooting and passing skills. I say leaving him off the power play keeps the Rangers from being as successful as they could otherwise be. I am a Ranger fan so I ultimately don't care who scores on the power play; however it's just my personal opinion that playing Dawes increases the chances of our doing just that. With 4 goals against Brodeur this season already, using him liberally against Jersey is another obvious move

sjostrom gets 80 pp goals tonight...


bet on it, lol

cant wait for the game tonight... only one this week on msg... hate versus and nbc...


Next to no power play time? He's gotten 25% of the available power play time -- 50% of the available power play time for his unit. He has split that available time with Avery. That's hardly "next to no" power play time. Double his power play time, two times zero is still zero. The problem is not the power play personnel (except at the point), it's the power play execution.

What he's done at lower levels is not going to trump what others have done at the NHL level for years and years, not unless a coach wants to commit career suicide. He hasn't even done as much at the NHL level as those NHL veterans even with those NHL veterans in season-long scoring slumps. We all want Dawes and other good young players to succeed, and he has come along nicely this season, but one young rookie is not going to turn around a dormant power play in an extra 11:00 minutes over nine games.

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