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March 01, 2008


Does anybody know if ticketliquidator.com is a legit website to buy tix???I dunt wonna b stock with fakes??

In one of those random rangers sightings you stumble across on the web...in an article on whether Alex Ovechkin can get to 70 goals, a side bar on "who's hot" has this:

Blueliners (combined age: 68) are the leading example of home-grown talent in NHL.


watch "Rangers Off-Day Interviews - 03/01/08" on In-Demand via http://rangers.nhl.tv/team/console?hl=true

Is that a mustache Dubi is trying to grow? lol

I think ders an inside joke to the mustache 1st struds den Hollweg and now Dubi

atlanta - 2

Boston - 1

3rd period

Atl and BOS in OT..

Boston now a point ahead of NYR ( BOS game no over yet )

Bruins win..

2 points ahead with a game in hand

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It is my understanding that because Gratton was on the AHL Rampage roster that in order to bring him to the Rangers would subject him to re-entry waivers. What I do not understand is why they think somone is going to grab a guy who has played in 3 NHL games in the last 2 years and cleared waivers twice in those 2 years.

His cap hit is 63,000 which I believe the Rangers can afford. It is making less and less sense the more I think about it.

But reading these blogs and sitting in the Garden and hearing people scream "shoot the puck" and booing certain players when they are doing nothing wrong makes me question if we are the smartest fans or if the majority are a bunch of knuckle heads

Do me a favor let me know when you find out because I wonder too.


He probobly does not have enough games left to score 20 goals but you never know.

Well if he can score 9 goals in 17 games I would gladly give him the money.

if you add that to all the other things he brings,he certainly is worth 3.25 million

I will have to toss in whether or not he was hurt when he was so ineffective upon his return from the last stint on the IR.

I would prefer an incentive loaded contract that would offer him the chance to earn that money. Give him a base salary of 2.5 mil and then reward him with the rest.

Too many people are claiming Jagr is creating space for them by getting double teamed by other teams.I am glad to see that the line is clicking like it is though.

I disagree as I think people are doing the opposite, giving Avery and Dubinsky credit for fixing Jagr's season. I am still seeing people wanting to dump Jagr at the first chance.


Among the younger players the best choice to be a future Ranger captain is Marc Staal. You know what I think of Dubinsky but Ranger fans have not seen what Staal can do as a leader.

When the Rangers make the playoffs I believe we will see the Marc Staal coming out party. Staal has this uncanny ability to pick a team up and carry them like I have only seen in a few people.


Thanks that was too funny, it looks like someone took a eyeliner pencil to Dubinsky


Oh well the Rangers can only control their own destiny and not depend on other teams.

17 games left if the Rangers go 9-4 in their division games and no worse that 2-2 in their 4 conference games they will be in the playoffs for sure.

Didn't see the Bruins game today, but I have caught their past couple of games. The B's are playing some good hockey, especially Chara who is having a Norris Trophy season. Chara got me thinking about all the talk about bad Ranger draft picks. As bad as the Rangers' picks were, I'd rather that then the fate of Islander fans, which is watching numerous top draft picks excel on other teams (thank you Mike Milbury).

Phil Kessel is a rock in the shootout, he is pure money. This kid has at least 7 or 8 game winning shootout goals. He did it to Nyr twice, he got one before, and the last 2 or 3 i think. Wow.

Its good that Philly won even though there 1 point behind us..Cause just incase the fish sticks beat us both games, were still a point ahead of them.

But Nyr needs to win those games, they gotta go in to the next 3 thinking they lost the last 3.

Hank needs to be the best Ranger, and the D needs to step it up, big time.

As for Cally and Dawes. Its so cool that there back with the team, it must be one of the best feelings in the world to make it. Lets hope Renney doesnt screw Cally over and send him back down. Id love to have Orr in the lineup, but id prefer Prucha and Sjostrom on that 4th line, or Cally in Pruchs' place.

Ottawa just beat Pittsburgh 5-4 final there. Have they gone top of the East again since the Devils lost last night?


Did you not read the updated article that Dubi posted and this part

Nigel Dawes and Ryan Callahan, currently on recall by the Rangers, weren’t on the Pack’s 22-man “clear day” roster announced Friday, so even if the Rangers miss the playoffs, the high-scoring wings won’t be returning to Hartford.

Meaning that Neither Dawes and/or Callahan will be sent back down to Hartford so your comment about hoping that Renney didn't screw Callahan wasn't really on point ... I think that Tom Renney has bend over backwards for Cally ... when he wasn't playing well after coming back from his injury Renney kept him with the club when it was obvious that a trip down to the minors would do him good ... he finally sent him down and as soon as he saw that Cally's game had come back to him he was recalled ...

Anyhow, I am looking forward to tomorrow's game, but not looking forward to hearing Mike Milbury's thinly veiled shots at the Rangers and Jagr ...

Milbury is a joke... who can take him seriously after how bad he screwed up the Islanders?

I wonder how long a rope Renney is going to give Backman before he yanks it. He's playing as if he's on a last place team like the Blues were for a couple of years. Every man for himself. The score is 3-0, the momentum is all with the Rangers, Brookbank goes to check him, and he brings his stick up. If he's thinking of the team, and the game situation, he's got to take that check. The momentum changes right there. Backman then went from bad to atrocious in the third period.

Carolina is not a rough team. Philly, next on the list, is. This guy has a reputation of being soft, doesn't hit anyone, but if he can't absorb a hit without bringing up the stick, he can only hurt the team. I don't know why we need him. Strudwick came in from Europe last year and was steady down the stretch. Hutchison has NHL experience.

You get what you pay for. St. Louis, still hoping for a playoff spot, wouldn't give away a good defenceman for a fourth-round draft pick unless they thought that's the best they could get for him.

Awesome !!

Cally, Dawes, Dubi, Staal, Pruchs, Girardi, & Tyutin. Anyone who still complains that Nyr isnt playing the youth, really has no clue.

Hopefully the Wolf Pack can do good without these two. Losing Cally, and Danny really screwed them up last playoffs, but they did awesome for Nyr.

This is a really fun team, any team that blends there Vets with alot of youth, is definitely fun to watch.

The Flyers/Islander game today highlighted the fact that both of those teams are definitely beatable right now especially if the Rangers continue their good play. Even though Philly has now won 3 in a row, they really didn't look organized. If the Rangers don't beat the Islanders to death in both games, then there is something wrong because that team just plain stinks right now. BTW, if you want tickets to the remaining Islander games, they are practically giving them away in blocks with "guaranteed seating for the playoffs"...HA

So I'm watching the Lightning/Canes game and the refs are doing the same thing to the bolts that they did to us. It's a mockery of the sport. It really, truly is.

yes i got tickets for tomorrow!!!!
sec 118...
rock dance!!!!

Devils/Habs tied after 2 periods. What are the chances they go to OT? Can the Rangers get a break tonight maybe?

Watching HNiC and the "Insiders" guys were talking and right before they went off to commercial one of them said that

the Contract Renewal talks between the New York Rangers and Sean Avery have broken off and that Avery will be a UFA come July 1st ...

Avery is negotiating his own contract which many think is not smart, I have to wonder if the contract talks broke off because it's too much for him to deal with and too many games coming up ... Who knows ... can't worry about that now

Damn that sucks. Avery is a God-send to this team. Just pay him his damn money and keep him on Broadway where he belongs

weak call against langenbrunner, devs are down 5 on 3

Habs scored, come on no OT

Les Habitants triomphe! Victoire!

2-1 habs final

Komisarek nearly took Langenbrunner's head off there for getting too close to Price ... he's a beast, too bad he's a Hab ...

they win in regulation so YAY for us ...

I don't think that the Rangers should pay Aves whatever he wants ... I think he deserves about 2.5-3.0 per year, in a Cap world the team has to think about numbers because they do make a big difference ... I have to wonder though if it's about $$$ with Avery or about length ... maybe he wants a lengthy deal and the team only wants to give him 2 yrs or so ... who knows ... these analyst for the HNiC aren't always right when it comes to U.S. based clubs ...

Great, Habs won. Nyr needs to catch up on the Devs, and Pens.

Cant wait for the game tomorrow. They need to continue to beech around the Flyers.

Danekyo said the refs stunk, and they were horrible. Fine him !!! But glad someone has the balls to say something aboot it.

Even Don Cherry is complaining about the Refs, saying that they are getting worse by the day ... "They are taking it upon themselves to decide the outcome of games now with these calls and non-calls" he's usually such a tool but he's right ...

Off to sleep now ... I'm still sick but getting better ...

anyone watching brent sutters press conference?
this is exactly what happened to the rangers when the refs screwed them.

im glad nj lost but its sad the state that the refs are at.

danekyo and fishler are right

Need help .Live in LA, have Direct Tv and the hockey package, what channel is the game on Sunday?? I will miss the game and need to tape it and the guide does not list it.



What is the direct tv #. It is not on NBC out west....


Try KNBC at 9:30 AM as the Ranger game is the only NHL game that NBC is showing on Sunday.

You might want to double check that info of yours.


I'm still sick but getting better

No offense Matty but while you have been sick the Rangers have been winning so please remain sick until June 16th.

Ranger fans everywhere will thank you for it.

Its amazing that on a team that pays some very mediocre players in excess of $ 3 mil a year ( our new softie Dman Backman will make $ 3.4 mil next year) Shanny makes $ 4.4 mil a year, Straka makes close to $ 3 mil a year,Sather won't pay Avery what he is presumably worth.
But here is the thing. Sather who has a life time job according to Jimmy boy Dolan and makes $ 5 mil a year , could care less about what Ranger fans think.
Sather is still living off his rep from 25 years ago. He has been the most over paid , underachieving GM in the NHL in the past eight years.
IF you are Garth Snow of the Isles , you are smiling from ear to ear. He needs to fill seats in that Mausoleum and Avery wants to stay in NY? No problem. I assure you the Isles will pay him probably close to want he wants.
We Ranger fans will be fuming. But remember this . Sather could care less about what you think. And he doesn't have to worry about filling the seats. Ranger fans will still come out no matter what.

there's going to be a lot of disappointed Ranger fans out there if Sather doesn't resign Avery...me included.

Check out what FoxSports has to say regarding Rangers remaining schedule...


...he needs 28 points in his last 17 games.

Jagr can do this. He's been sleeping all year and he is due for a run like this. Avery and Dubinsky have lit a spark, so there's a chance the sleeping giant can get going again. If he could pull something like that off, we'd take the East.

Philly is ripe for the taking. They looked like crap against the Isles yesterday. Biron looked pretty good though. They have been coming out of the gates so well lately. A good start today will bury these guys. That second intermission should kick in nicely this afternoon....

while you have been sick the Rangers have been winning

Not so! I was fine and healthy when they started winning!


You think that playing for the Islanders is the same for Sean Avery as playing for the Rangers? Even if that was so, you mention Shanny and Straka as soft players? They don't deserve what they make? Backman wasn't signed by the Rangers so what he is making was given to him by another team and he will count as 2.3 cap hit not 3.4 ... no one knows if the talks between Avery and the team really broke off, if they did no one knows why ... he has no agent and so it could be as simple as the contract talks are getting to be too much for him to deal with along with the fact that the Rangers will be playing a lot more games this month. Obviously you were giving your thoughts and opinions on the matter but based on what little facts have been released on the situation we really have nothing to go on ...

Personally I think Avery will be signed as the team doesn't want him signing with one of our rivals but that doesn't mean that they bow down and cater to whatever the $ is that he wants, they have a Cap to consider

Very nervously excited about todays game. I so hate 90% of our upcoming opponents that these games have some added meaning to them to go along to being important playoff standing points ... Go Rangers!

Hi Everyone... I've been a long time reader of Blueshirt Bulletin and really enjoy the articles in the magazine and on the board. Really nice job...

I didn't see this mentioned anywhere, but does anyone know if Colton Orr will be in the lineup today? I think his presence is necessary, especially against Philly.


According to Newsday and others Renney said that Orr was "good to go" which means that he will be playing today ... which is great for us against Philly

Hi Everyone... I've been a long time reader of Blueshirt Bulletin and really enjoy the articles in the magazine and on the board. Really nice job...

I didn't see this mentioned anywhere, but does anyone know if Colton Orr will be in the lineup today? I think his presence is necessary, especially against Philly.

Thanks Matty... That is good news, hopefully Dubinsky will let Orr handle Riley Cote and the other goons.

Gotta sit Hollweg out, or Backman, to play Strudwick. Cause Orr wont be enough. They have Orr's b**ch, COte in the lineup, but also have Boulerice, the guy Orr knocked out in pre season. So it would be safe to put 2 guys in the lineup that can fight. Oh yeah, Downie is in as well.
Big game, Lets go Nyr.


Glen Sather has pulled off 2 of the greatest trades I have ever seen.

Jaromir Jagr for Anson Carter and Washington pays most of his salary

Pavel Bure, the best player in the NHL at the time, for Igor Ulanov (bust), Filip Novak (bust) and a 1st round pick in 02 (Petr Tacitek bust) and a 4th round pick in 03 (James Pemberton bust).

If Bure didn't get hurt who knows what would have happened...

Stuart, game comes on NBCW on 2PM. Not scheduled on DirecTV.

Good point Orr... Even though Strudwick has his limits, we definitely need him in there today. Do you know if Sjostrom will drop the gloves if necessary?
One way for Backman to get in the good graces of Ranger's fans would be for him to stand up for a teammate and get in a tussle.

Even the opposing teams announcers on the Direct TV feeds grudgingly admit that Avery is a very good player, in spite of disliking him a bunch.
Anyone with eyes can see that since his arrival last year, we follow his example & are a much better team with him than without.
He is crucial to Rangers success & must be signed to 3 or 4 year deal.
He needs NY & NY needs him, & with him, stats tell almost nothing of his value, W/L says it all.
If Sather lets him go it will be a travesty. He sets the tone & we all know it.

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