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March 30, 2008


Probably 70% of the audience are Ranger fans, and probably 70% of the game was Rangers until the Hossa goal, and NBC is treating this game as if they are Sportsnet-Pittsburgh. Rangers get a goal, it's "Scooore!" Pens get a goal, it's "Scoooooore!!! Hooossssaaa!!!"

Pens get a coupla, three hits, it's "Oh, what a hit! And another one! Ohhhh!" Only a moment later does someone up there note, in almost a whisper, "Callahan had a coupla hits in there too."

Not to mention unprepared -- "Why no Gill against Jagr?" they kept asking. Uh, did you see Gill vs. Jagr last game, dude? There's your answer. At least McGuire is standing up to the Village Idiot on Jagr.

Rangers PP looked OK. Otherwise, they looked slow and tentitive. First Pitt goal was a good bounce to Hossa and he didn't miss. Give this team a 5-3 and you'll pay...and we did. Better stay out of the penalty box and better get some offense going.

I sure wish Maguire was coaching the Pens...


Thanks for the background! Hope you feel better soon, man.


They had to talk about the hits and keep flashing the stat. Otherwise they'd be forced to mention that the shots were 6-2 in favor of our boys.

Down with Picksburgh! GO RANGERS!!!!!

Milbury is not only an idiot, but also incorrect. He made it sound like Jagr called a press conference to announce a meeting with Omsk.

wow a penalty on the pens

Of course the Hossa call is a "new Era penalty"- it couldn't be the mighty Pens actually committed a penalty!

Wow.. did we get a bad penalty call go for US?

The reason I hate the Pens is because they have been catered to for years and they basically tanked for years, intentionally sucking to get the top picks. The Rangers sucked, but at least tried to spend money to put a good team on the ice. Sure, I'd rather have sucked like the pens to get the top draft picks, but ethically, I can't get behind the way Mario has manipulated the NHL to get him a new arena, and get handed Crosby and top picks.

God, I hate NBC. Watching Milbury and McGuire pretend to argue was just sad. I'm glad I have the Blueshirt Bulletin to let me know what is *really* going on.

No mention of the missed call on Callahan, but they throw a fit when a Penguin gets called for hooking.

SHOOT the damn puck Rosi!!! Jesus!! I can't believe he attempted that lame duck pass cross-ice to Jagr.

Eddie O seems to be the only guy who really sees what's going on.

We get 3 up high but the other two are in the corners??? What the hell was that?

It looks like we play a 4-corners with one guy in the high slot. Well, all you need is one guy to stay with the guy in the high slot and NOTHING HAPPENS!

That call on Hossa was weak -- but so was the call on Sjostrom, and maybe the call on Prucha, hard to tell. The announcers may be touting Pitt right now, but at least the zebras are screwing things up both ways. Now if the Rangers can only hit the net with these great shots...

Mara has been so good today, he's been awesome one on one against Crosby and Malkin.

Ryan Hollweg: Sweet Duster, Terrible passer

Jagr interfered with twice from behind, no call -- but don't touch Sidney Darling!

Jagr is having a bad second period so far.

Got NYR radio feed synced up to NBC with tv sound muted. NBC is unlistenable. Tired of hearing NBC verbally fellate Cindy and friends.


The call on Sjo wasn't the problem; it was the non-call on Mslkin for for hokking/interfering with Callahan. Malkin should have been in the box, not scoring the go-ahead goal.

No call on that trip on Gomez, unbelievable!!!

Good God! This team needs to practice shooting on goal!!!

these penalties better even out

You think we'll shoot the puck on goal in this period? I've lost count as to how many missed the net.

Nope, I think Pitt will be on the PP for an extra inference call.

God I hate that little girl Crosby!!!

So, NBC highlights 3!!! crosschecks by Crosby and never once said there should be a penality..only that Sid is tough. Wow!

All of a sudden Jagr looks like he wants the puck. Hope he keeps it up.

video proof of a ref watching a star get away with penalties

the announcers were laughing at rozy for putting on the breaks to avoid laroque. so was i. gutless play.


referees are ridiculous.

i am so sick of the refs in this leauge

Non-call on Crosby (ref standing right there!) for cross-checking Backman.

Another lame interference call.

almost impossible to beat the refs and the pens together, the fix is in even if it's not provable.

We're lucky to get out of the 2nd period only down a goal.

Milbury likes the west because he traded all the isles prospects there

That Crosby multiple crosscheck replay is a microcosm of what’s wrong with Toronto’s dictum on NHL officiating. Gomer can get tripped-up, headfirst, into the boards without a call, Malkin can be in distress from a skate cut without a conservative whistle to stop play and Crosby can crosscheck away to his heart’s delight, but it’s Jagr who gets called for a reach-around. Talk about a circle-jerk. Shanny is correct when he complains that these nickel-and-dime calls are not penalties unless the player is impeded. I don’t understand why the officials in Toronto can figure out what every player already knows; a perpendicular stick is not a penalty unless a guy is slowed by it. Meanwhile, dangerous plays like the three aforementioned incidents in today’s first two periods may have resulted in injury, but those are “hockey plays”. I love hockey, but the NHL makes me ill.

Blaze what are you smoking? Even with the penalties the rangers dominated....

hey does crosby have to commit 10 cross checks to get 1 penalty against???

the one 5 and 3 is the game so far......

-Three Chord Monte

best post in a long time

I'm not sure if I heard wrong,

Pierre discussing about Gomez/SHanny/Drury winning Stanley Cups and Milbury stated "ancient history"...

I wonder if that's his favorite phrase when asked about his GM work.

Let me say this! Ovechkin is the face of the future of hockey. He does it all, and isn't a crybaby like Crosby. I'd be more worried going against the Caps then Pittsburgh in the playoffs. Now, getting back to the Rangers, we need to step it up in the 3rd period with a lot of shots on goal. And stay out of the penalty box. Lets go Rangers!!!

sydney didnt get a penalty cuz he didnt break his stick. lol

The last I looked The Pens are up a goal.... could have been worse as the Pens had at least 4 really strong scoring chances on the PP. Thankfully we killed of two straight power-plays. Also...we're on the road as well as having to overcome shifty officiating.


Thanks for the background! Hope you feel better soon, man.

No problem Cutter, but I'm a girl ;)

Heck, if NBC is going to be in love with the Pens at least let them give credit to the person who's the biggest reason why they're tops in the division, Malkin. Aside from the skate in the face and his goal, they've barely talked about him. Earlier in the game they were talking about "Team Leaders" in the statistical sense and mentioned how Drury is the co-leader for the Rangers in goals/PPG and then they mention how Crosby is #2 on the Pens in PPG but that he also missed 20+ games...at least do Malkin a favor and give him his credit.

is sindy an actress now?

I'm tired of these BS calls by the refs that Crosby is selling!!!

Did Roszie pass that to Jagr instead of shoot it in the open net? Since he was at an ackward angle I will give him the benefit of the doubt because if he passed .....

Why do they put the mic on players and then spend most of the time showing us the plays saying "here, I got it" ect ... then of course showed Sidney telling the ref "I have the better job" and playfully bumping him ... or was that the linesman? Oh does it matter?


We are doing an excellent job defensively but we need to get more pucks at the net, and try to drive to the net as much as we can ...

At least NBC calls him out on it

at least someone does

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