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March 30, 2008


Working early this morning, Dubi--thanks.

The Rangers have an opportunity to show they can handle the Pens. Sidney is good, but he'll be rusty, and the Rangers have proven they can shut down the opposition when they want. And despite Conklin's GAA, having been a goalie and getting to watch the Pens quite a bit, I don't think he's as good as his numbers suggest. Fleury is their DiPietro....

As for the Rangers--stay int he system, be patient, and get the PP--which is starting to click--really popping: this would be the perfect time for that!

Let's Go Rangers!

These two games are going to be quite a challenge for three reasons. One they'll face Fleury, probably in both games, and he's hot. Crosby is back. And then there's Laraque. The last time the Pens had a bunch of rookies on the fourth line, but Laraque in combination with Ruutu, who's suddenly scoring at a goal a game clip, will be a real test for Backman, assuming he plays. I know Backman has settled down and has shown a good shot for the PP, but you have to impede Laraque with the body or he'll control play behind the net.

I am very concerned about the refs. One of the Isles announcers pointed out how good it would be for the league for WASH to make the playoffs, Ovechkin and everything. Well, that got me thinking: How good does it seem to the NHL for the Rangers to NOT make the playoffs. No Avery front and center; No discussions regarding Jagr turning down the NHL for the Russian Super League and maybe the great Broduer eliminating the Rangers on the last day of the season! I sound like one of those nutty conspiracy theory guys; I guess I'm just a little paranoid, but as a friend of mine once said, "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that there isn't someone out there trying to get you!"


The NHL really does believe that if Ovechkin and Crosby go deep into May that suddenly Johnny "Football 24/7/365" Doe will start watching hockey. It isn't going to happen. Try putting your games on a real channel, Gary. Idiot.

This shaping up to be some play-off race. I get the Center Ice package (down here in Florida it's the only way to watch my beloved Rangers)so I can tune in and watch the other teams compete. There is some real exciting hockey going on within the conference and at this point anything can happen. The Caps are on a tear just two points behind Carolina for first in the south east (they play each other this week), the Flyers tied us in points, Boston got a big win yesterday and so on and so on.....this is a tight race. These three point games make things real interesting (good & bad). For the Rangers, just don't look at the out of town scoreboard and go out and get the points. Yea, the game at Pittsburgh on national TV is worrisome because of the favoritism toward the Pens, but so be it...this is a home & home series and if things don't pan out today, we get to go at it tomorrow at the Garden. On the other hand, a win today and tomorrows game for the clinch at the Garden....PRICELESS. Strap yourself in folks and enjoy the ride....LETS GO RANGERS !

I was actually thinking that it would probably be really good for the NHL if the rangers went far into the playoffs, why because they play in the nations largest market and have the most exposure. Oh and Dubi that was a great line Sidney the great white hope.

Some bytes to chew on:

Goals against average: 1st in the conference, 4th in the league.
5 on 5 For/Agaist: 1st in the conference, 3ed in the league.
Faceoff %: 1st in the conference, 2nd in the league.
Penalty Kill %: 1st in the conference, 9th in the league.
Shots against per game: 1st in the conference, 3ed in the league.
Shots per game: 2nd in the conference (CAR), 3ed in the league.
Goals for average: 13th in the conference, 25th in the league. (one team with more points has worse)
Power Play %: 13th in the conference, 23ed in the league. (same team with worse has more points)

The number of major areas at which the Rangers's are elite is surprizing. Even strength superiority, better defense, more shots for, fewer shots against, and faceoffs...winning each category and loosing a series should be unheardof. The areas that could improve notwithstanding, if the Ranger's play to their statistical norm, they should be dangerous.

NHL doesn't give a shot about the Rangers. After 94 when the NHL was at it's peak BECAUSE the NYR won the cup in dramatic fashion what does our esteemed commish do???. LOCKOUT... One of the dumbest things to happen in all of sports. For the Sidney sweepstakes we get a SPECIAL draft so everybodys included but wait...MARIO says we have to move cause we can't draw fans in Pittsburg anymore without a suoerstar and walla...Mario gets Sidney and saves the Pittsburgh franchise. Meanwhile the Rangers pick 15th when they should have had a top 5 pick but thats okay because Ranger fans will always be there and NYR are a strong franchise. That year the only established team with a top 10 pick was MOntreal. Everybody else was new or shakey. The NHL doesn't need the Rangers or Bruins or Flyers or Blues or and other established team in the playoffs. They want Colunbus and Phoenix and Fla and Wash and other small market teams to get all the TV time. Me??? a conspirancy nut??? You bet!!!!! Just look around and see who gets what. Any long time established franchise gets pooped on regularly. Call me crazy but I'm very comfortable with my paranoia... Hey you...stop looking at me...Z

The Daily News sucks! After a great thursday night Rangers-Devils game, the story is buried and isn'teven a quarter of a page. Saturday,Avery is a full page headline.At least Brooks writes something every day in the Post, even if it is mostly B.S. You have to go to Dellapina's blog to find his trash.

I have no problem with Sidney, the problem is that the NHL fawns over him so much that they forget to market their other stars which is why they latched onto Ovie so much during Sidney's injury off time and thankfully for them Ovie didn't disappoint ...

While I 100% believe that the refs and the League are complete inadequate and inconsistant when it comes to enforcing their own rules ... I don't believe that they are out to "get" the Rangers since I too have Center ice and the bad officiating bites everyone

One would think that the NHL would like to see the Rangers deep into the playoffs because of the large market, but it appears that the NHL is bias to the Western Conference, and players like Sidney and Alex. Not to take anything away from them, the NHL has over the years been a little wacky with the marketing of the game. Even with the Habs (an original six, the Yankees of hockey) having an outstanding year, they don't seem to get the NHL's attention that the others mentioned above do. I'm sure the Habs fans are loving their success as us Rangers fans are equally excited about the way the season is turning out. You know what...I would rather watch a game on MSG (eventhough I miss J.D.)than NBC or Versus anyway............

Matty, first i meant no disrespect with my earlier post, but now i have a follow up question, when the Rangers are not on NBC or VS, both suck bgy the way, how do you watch the blueshirts? and how did you become a ranger fan so far south?


Great stats!!! They show why we are fighting for a playoff spot instead of fighting for the Presidents Cup!!! Where would we be if Jagr had 38 goals, Shanny had 29 and Straka had 27?

Paul R...I'll follow up on your question since we both agree that NBC & Versus aren't very good. Being in Florida, all one has to do is subscribe (and pay the $149.) to the Center Ice package via your local cable company. I get to see every Ranger game as Center Ice covers just about every game except ones that are on NBC and Versus (which I get anyway). For Ranger home games I'll usually get the MSG feed, and away games get the opposing teams announcers. As far as becoming a Ranger fan...Well, been a fan since I was six years old....some 45 years ago....it stays in your blood you know.

I hope hank robs sissy crosby all game long!!!
cant wait
go rangers!

Defenatly know what you mean with it staying in your blood for a few years I was in california, but I was in school so even if it was offered i would not have been able to get a centerice package. thanks for clearing that up.

I feel a little uncomfortable watching Rangers games on NBC and Versus LOL. It's not the same without Sam/Joe and Al's humor, plus the intro, the music, and all the little things we're accustomed to. The NBC/Versus broadcasts are too generic, but if it helps spread the love......so be it.

I hate playing the Penguins in the Igloo. Never have a good feeling in that place. Hopefully the Rangers come out strong and do what they gotta do.

I remember the game in late '01 immediately after Disco Dale came out with the 'skills to pay the bills' comment.. They CHOKED late and an otherwise refreshingly promising season went downhill on a 90 degree angle from there on out.

I think that was at igloo.. I agree with Mike

because of lost points during the long and crazy season now it seems to me the rangers must win four of remaining five games to remain in the top 8. so i guess what i'm saying is today starts the first real playoff series.

today's lesson for the rangers: how to put a team away, aka 'killer instinct'. can they do it? will they do it?

it'd be interesting to see how nbc handles the avery sideshow. (and will pens try to agitate avery with hooker comments on the ice?)



The magic number is 4, so two wins, regulation or not, and the Rangers are in. If they win 4, most likely they will finish in the top 4.

from tsn ice chips:
Winger Marian Hossa said Saturday that he felt good and expects to play Saturday against the New York Rangers. Forward Adam Hall returned to practice Friday, about a month after surgery to repair a sports hernia. Head coach Michel Therrien said Marc-Andre Fleury will start in goal Saturday, but he has not decided on a starter for the rematch Sunday in New York. - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

After saying last week he would meet with the general manager of his former team in Russia, Jaromir Jagr refuted the suggestion that this would be his last season in the NHL. "I never said I'm leaving," Jagr said. "You guys are already kicking me out. Maybe you guys don't want me here, but there are 29 other teams where I might have a chance." Head coach Tom Renney said Henrik Lundqvist is likely to start both games of the home-and-home series against the Penguins. - Rockland Journal News

I don't buy into the conspiracy theory. If anything, having the Rangers do well helps television ratings, simply due to the large number of hockey viewers in the NY metro area. Pittsburg vs. Montreal in the conference final will do poor TV numbers, no matter the big push for Sid. NY vs NJ would cripple those numbers, even if nobody outside of a fifty mile radius of MSG watched.

That said, there is no credible explanation for the horrible officiating that is status quo in the NHL. I keep looking toward Toronto but they never get it right. The inept conduct of NHL referees contributes to keeping TV ratings down even more than a Penguins v. Canadians series. People just want to see a fairly regulated contest. They don't get that with the NHL. It doesn't take a seasoned fan to spot poor officiating. For years American journalists dubbed the NHL a "regional game". Until Dallas started packing 'em in, that is. The NHL may not be regional anymore, but it is certainly second-class. Just look at the way the games are called.

Well, whaddya know? Today the first three paragraphs of Dellapina's story are about Dellapina's other story.

10 min. till game-time...

LET'S GO RANGERS!!! Sweep the home-and-home!

To whoever bitched about Jags being a bad captain with his distrations PLEASE GO READ THE POST LINK.Itll make u feel pretty small.

whoa, woke up just in time for the game. lol.

I hope a Rangers win relieves a hungover.

I just met only devils fan who doesn't hate the rangers, for a second i wasn't sure if i was still on earth


Dubinsky power play goal!



too many bodies low there?

Prucha roughing????

Joe T, nothing is worse than newsday in terms of coverage of the Rangers. The Islanders get more space than the Rangers despite the fact that even islanders fans don't care about what's going on with their team at this point.

Poor Sidney didn't get his icing call. That gets a replay, but Prucha's penalty doesn't. Typical NBC.

Love the non hook call and then the slash on us. Real nice...

Notice the Pens PP. 3 high, 2 low. Pass at the points and move in.

I hate the NHL.

You can't hook Crosby, what makes you think you'll get away with a slash? Stupid play puts us down early, that simple...

shawn you can't touch the golden boy

I'm aware it doens't make it any less annoying.

You've got to be kidding me... "They'll be happy with everything... maybe not the icing call, but overall they'll be happy"

I sure hope that nauseating guy was trying to be funny.

why are the announcers talking about a missed icing call so much? this is a joke.

you know why? cuz sindy crosby was complaining about it.

You would think NBC was the Pittsburgh feed.

Still plenty of hockey to play yet.

The Nobody But Crosby Network does it again. The funniest thing was Emrick saying the Rangers 3-33 Power Play slump is "uncharacteristic of these Rangers!" Way to mail it in, Doc!

Rewind your DVR to about 14:00 remaining. Hal Gill makes a drop pass to nobody at his own blue line with Drury coming in fast, realizes he made a mistake, and jumps right in front of Dru. How is that not blatant interference?

Picksburgh is getting on my nerves.

Also--and this is honest question--why do they boo Jags in Pitt? I thought the team traded Jagr away...it's not like he went mercenary on them. Is it?

GO RANGERS! Beat the Pens and the Refs!

Pierre, the voice of reason. That is strange.

Paul R, It's ok I didn't take it as anything bad ... anyhow I purchase NHL Center Ice every season so that I can see all Rangers games ... I mainly get the MSG feed unless it's VS/NBC or they are playing the stinking Panthers ...

I became a hockey fan back in 1988 during the Olympics and decided that the Rangers would be my team because #1 they had USA Goalie Mike Richter, and #2 they were from NY(I was born in NY) and #3 I thought the Islanders unis were horrible and didn't like the name "Islanders" lol

These refs so far today already started on a bad note ... Hossa hooked Cally all the way no call but as soon as Sid gets slashed we are down 5 on 3 ... I mean they were shooting at will on that 5 on 3 ... I really hope the Rangers get pissed off and start playing better ... despite the stupid call they are allowing the Penguins to carry the play ... how long has it been since we've had a shot on goal? Even before the Pengins PP's ... so we have to play with more grit here and be physical on Malkin because that completely neutralizes him and we have to carry the play more and not continue to allow the Pens to dictate to us ...

So hopefully we will have a stronger 2nd period ... we didn't have a bad first period, but after a strong first 5-6 minutes we just turned the ice over to the Pens and you can't do that with all their scoring power and expect to win ...

We have to sit there and listen to them talk about that missed icing like it was game changing yet not a word about the no-call on the blatent hook to Callahan on the penalty kill right before Sjostrom took the penalty to make it a 5 on 3. They even showed Renney on screen complaining to the refs that there wasn't a hooking call and these guys had no clue. I enjoy them when they're doing a game that's not the Rangers, but they seriously have such a biased towards Pittsburgh it's disgusting.


They boo Jagr because in his final season there he wasn't happy ... he didn't like the direction the team was going or the type of hockey they were playing and he made a comment that he felt like he was dying inside playing in Pittsburgh, so many fans are bitter about that and believe that he forced the Pens to trade him to the Caps because he wanted too much $$$ that he knew the Pens wouldn't give him ...

Personally I appreciate Jagr's candor and honesty ... if he isn't happy he says it and explains why and people jump on him for speaking the truth ... when other athletes always give the same response over and over so as not to raise any eyebrows ...

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