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March 25, 2008


per Bluenotes, Rozy is out. Mara will be playing tonight.

Lets go Rangers!


yes the PP matters and even though the Rangers have found a way to win games the playoffs are a completely different story.

The Rangers will need the PP to be effective if they stand any chance of moving past the 2nd round.

I posted this on the last thread right before this new one was started:

Some scoring and PP stats since the lockout:

Total GF: 250
83 PPG / 442 PPO = 18.8%
Leading goal scorer: Jagr (54)
Leading PPG scorer: Jagr (24)

Total GF: 233
75 PPG / 406 PPO = 18.5%
Leading goal scorer: Jagr (30)
Leading PPG scorer: Nylander/Shanahan (14)

2007-8 (75 games)
Total GF: 190
54 PPG / 337 PPO = 16.0%
Leading goal scorer: Drury (23)
Leading PPG scorer: Drury (11)

Playing the game of "what if's"...

What if they averaged as many PP chances this year as they had one and two years ago? They would have 5 and 10 more PPG.

What if they were as efficient on the PP (given the same amount of chances) as they were one and two years ago? They would have 8 and 9 more PPG.

So there are two routes to increasing PP production, either draw more penalties or increase efficiency.

so what are the new d pairings going to be??
im hoping to see:

Malik- Staal (ive been wanting to see them together all season


Mara-Struds(but were stuck w/ backman)

there may actually be some shots from the point on the PP tonight... rozsival probably needed a blow anyway, he plays a lot of minutes.

The Rangers are the only team that wanted Strudwick. Backman is on a higher scale than Strudwick will ever be.


Flu sucks ... :(

I am not thrilled that Pruchs won't be given any PP time but then again it has been over a month since he has seen any NHL game action so I can understand why he won't see PP time, initially at least.

I think the Flyers are semi-confident right now but that can be easily shattered if we play the way we know how to play and can play. Had we played the entire game last time like we did the 3rd they would've lost in regulation. As it is it is up to our team to get the job done. They don't need to worry about what's in front or behind them because if they care of their games then everything else will work itself out ...

*off to sleep, again*

That last part should've read "If they take care of their games" =P

I blame the meds

Two Words - Hit Them

They Rangers need to make every Flyer who touches the puck to pay everytime, especially Briere.

Relentless hitting and checking will reign the Flyers in. Each Ranger has to go out there and check and hit. That includes Jagr and Shanahan. Now is not the time to shy away. Now is the time to take the body.

Hey matty is sick again, whooo hooo looks like we'll be playing well again, if only that were true. we can beat these guys doesn't matter who is in net Vally or Hank, we got there number. I am hoping that the number is 0.

oh and LETS GO RANGERS!!!!! the garden should be rockin tonight, little help from the scoreboard and it will be all good


Here's hoping he nets a trick tonight, but really I'm just happy he's back playing. Can't wait for the game... Le's go Rangers!

Big game tonite, lets get the win.

Will Mr Stubborn Tom Renney still try and put Rosival on the PP even tho he is not playing? I feel like he'll be screaming for him to get out on the point! :)

Finally, he HAS to make a change on the PP. Mara is back, I'm willing to bet the Rangers score 1-2 goals on the PP tonite, when everything points to it not happening is often when it occurs. Go Rangers!!!!


You better look at the stats before you jump on Renney or Rozsival. Our leading PP goal scorer in 05-06 was Jagr ar 24, in 06-07 it was Nylander and Shanny at 14 each. This season the top PP goal scorers are Drury (11) & Shanny (10). 4th overall is Rozi at 6 followed by Girardi at 5. Last season JJ finished with 7 PPG; yes, just 7! This year he has 4 PPG's. Like the shootouts, Renney should replace JJ on the PP unit with somebody else. The defense is providing more PP help then in the past, it's the forwards that are not getting it done. And Mara has no idea where his "great" shot is going, so his shot is not that much help. He has made some good, hard passes for re-directs and tips in the games just before he got hurt, so if he keeps that up, then he may be of help.

Marting Biron, who looked sharp in stopping 32 of 33 Islanders shots on Sunday, will be in goal against the Rangers. - Philadelphia Inquirer

i agree with hurley. hit 'em and hit 'em hard! flyers will try to play style like last time. rangers need to control the flow and tempo of the game right from the opening face-off.

looking forward to seeing prucha doing his usual wild and crazy shifts. hoping he nets one for being a good soldier and sitting patiently, without any negative press statements (whining).


Rangerbill-Sometimes stats can be misleading. Most of Rosivals goals came before we hit 2008, he hasn't done much the past few months. The fact is, he is tentative to shoot and always forces to Jagr, and his power play line rarely ever produces.

Just a general comment, I read that Renney is going with Jagr\Straka\Dubi and Drury\Shanny\Avery on the PP. Does it ever occur to Mr Renney that the reason we dont score on the PP is because two of our hardest working and most productive players, Dawes and Callahan, dont get any ice time? There can't be one case made for having Straka out there ahead of Dawes, unless you aren't looking to score. As for Callahan, you find a spot for him. I'm not looking to crap all over Renney, I do respect him and the job he's done, but issues like the PP have to be addressed, and he turns a blind eye towards it and just hopes the 6 guys who haven't gotten it done all year will all of a sudden "get it" and start finishing.

The problem is teams arent afraid to leave Dubinsky, Avery, Malik/Staal or Roszival wide open and until Jagr gets a linemate than scares the opposition he will continue to be double or triple teamed.

How about Drury and Jagr together. Drury goes straight to the net and Jagr would get more space then put someone like Dawes or Prucha on that line that can score when left open.

Big things tonight for Průcha. He's not goig to go unnoticed in this game....

I am little nervous about the "D" tonight with Rozy out. Mara's first game back after a month could be a factor...especially in the third period. If Mara plays the point on the power play and can get his shot on net maybe good things could happen. Rangers got to come out strong in the first period at home and dictate the flow of the game. Philly is probably going to try to play the same kind of game they did last Friday. Playing from behind without Gomez and a broken power play is not the game the Rangers want to play tonight. Drop the puck and LETS GO RANGERS !

This could be the biggest game of the year for the Rangers to win as it will give us a little breathing room. I agree with Margaret that we need to hit this team repeatedly to keep them off their game. Also, smart play in our own end is key. Go Rangers!!!


While you argument sounds reasonable and to some extent is true, I will look at the lack of scoring from a different perspective. Teams that double and triple team JJ ARE giving up goals to those you mentioned. I don't care who scores as long as we get the puck in the net. Teams should be afraid of Dubi, Avery and some others because they are putting the puck behind their goalie. However, the real solution to the JJ double team is quick, accurate passes and players that catch the puck. We seem to make "soft" passes, easy to anticipate and react to. If we made those kind of passes the two guys covering JJ would have nothing to do. That means 4 on 3 in the attacking zone. Not a bad thing! If one of those guys decides to release from JJ then Jagr becomes an active man in the play. I notice, game in and game out, that we don't make those hard, accurate passes and when we do, somebody can't catch it. What Boston, NJ and BUF. They through the puck around the ice very quickly and with intent. That, IMO, will help far more that getting somebody to "team up" with Jagr, espectally when he may only be here for another year, if that.

Pitts scored on the power play against devils. quick hard passes with Malone's one timer finishing it off.

Hope the Rangers have some success on the power play tonight!

Brodiva looked quite vexed with that goal, slammed his stick on the ice and everything ... I was quite amused, even made me feel a tad better from my fight with the flu bug

backman puts the best shot on goal...low and accurate. ever notice that 2 people shadow JJ all the time allowing others to get open...Let's play the game and deal with everything later. Z

Jagr scores!


Damn it all, my feed has technical difficulties. I just got the feed back now!!! Glad we are up though!!!

the new power play lines are looking better than previous games.

Way too many odd-man rushes.

Jagr is looking very strong tonight ... but that is usually the case after the team has a longer than 2 day layoff ... I like that he felt confident and shot the puck instead of trying to pass it off ... it was a great shot ...

However I am happy that Henrik has been sharp because through the middle portion of the period the Rangers were more reactive than proactive and they need to stop that pronto ...

Much better movement and shots on our PP so far even if it hasn't beared fruit ... although the Drury unit was the one unit with the best chances imo ...

Rangers are really taking it to the Flyers. If they keep this up, without having some kind of defensive meltdown, it'll only be a matter of time before this is 3-0.

I might as well be listening to the Flyer feed as these Versus guys stink!!!

JJ looks good, seems to have confidence. The PP is looking better, however the measure is to score a PP goal. Not too many good scoring opporunities for Philly. Using the body smart, finishing checks and not getting into an scrums.

You so much as touch Daniel Briere and he’ll
hit the ice. I love the dive trying to get a boarding call there at the end of the period.

I miss sam and even joe

You so much as touch Daniel Briere and he’ll hit the ice. I love the dive trying to get a boarding call there at the end of the period.

I don't like Briere at all ... I think he is way overrated and that he disappears when the going gets tough ... he constantly dives and hardly gets called for it, and he has a bit of a dirty streak with his stick when things don't go his way or when he is mad at a player for hitting him ...


Amen. Can't stand Briere either and was happy when we got Drury instead.

i feel like the rangers are playing a lot more desperately, like this is a must win game, haven't really seen a lot of solid chances though

I just ... well hell ... our PP fails in every way ... even when we get good movement by one unit it is undone by the lack of progress from the other unit and yet ... the same people keep being send out over and over and over, making the same decisions on the ice that lead to 0 for the last 15 straight PP chances I believe ... sigh

No roughing on kukkonen against prucha?

These Versus idiots just got Prucha confused with Colton Orr!!!

I remember the first game after the lockout, we were on VS against Philthy and they had Sam and JD as the broadcast team. How come we can't do that anymore? Hate these clowns they have, always smooching Crosby and Ovechkin's asses. Can't wait for Monday when we'll hear about Crosby and nothing else for 2 and a half hours.

Did I mention Versus sucks? Missed a good chunk of the game there.

Whats Dubinsky thinking on that icing???

What a bush-league outfit this network is...

That didn't look like a penalty on Backman. Richards was hugging his sticking under his arm-pit & wouldn't let go.

Hank the King!!!

Hank is stepping his game up at the right time.

Good period of control, however we need that PP goal. With a one goal differential neither team is going to press for a goal. Containment will be the order of the day. If the Rangers get that second goal, Philly will open up. If Philly gets the next goal, the Rangers will continue the style they are currently playing because we are outplaying them. Hank looks dialed in.

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