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March 27, 2008


Anybody know what the Rangers 'magic points number' is going into tonights game? I think after Tuesdays game it may have been five or six points...not sure of the number and who the teams are now that can help us out by giving us some points. I do know for sure that a win tonight is worth two points..LETS GO RANGERS!

I have a feeling that Jagr leaves after the season, which is fine. He has done a good job and has been a good soldier. The Cherepanov thing is more worrisome. There is no way that Slats can run the risk of losing him by not signing him. I am betting that Cherepanov has decided he wants to stay in the RSL rather than go to Hartford.


Thanks for the link, much appreciated. Time to brush up on my Russian.

good piece on Avery on Foxsports.com today:


magic number is 5, if the rangers win tonight they essentially only hafta worry about washington. But basically the magic number is 5 and it's really only them and washington for playoff positioning. If the rangers win tonight and washington loses in regulation the rangers have all but clinched a playoff spot

I was not aware that Cheraponov had a sub par season. 19 years old in a men's league and scores 15 goals and that is a sub par season? Guess expectations are always too high for some.

emscam Ovi played there since he was 17

Scott Gomez skated following practice but will not play. Michal Rozsival is expected to return after missing Tuesday's loss to the Flyers with a strained leg muscle. - New York Post.
(that's from tsn site, their dailY 'ice chips' webpage.)

playoffs have started for rangers and even though the powerplay has stalled it's the defense that's got me more worried. will they be able to handle the pressure? and will they be able to move a big body scorer away from the crease??!! not too sure now, especially the way lil' danny briere was able to move about past few games.

i'd like to see both jagr and cherepanov here next year. oh well, by the sound of it maybe both won't be here. maybe it's all hype right now anyway, with people trying to negotiate via the press?

sutter will have devils hungry for a win and wanting to score more than 1 or 2 goals. rangers have to endure the opening surge by the devils to score and control the game, crowd, etc. i have a bad feeling about ths match, hope i'm wrong.


Look for Jagr to have a big game tonight. He needs to show mettle.


How about this one

In 2003 - 2004 season of RSL

Alexander Ovechkin was 18 turning 19 in his third pro season with a good Dynamo team. He put up 13 goals and 10 assists for a total of 23 points in 53 total games.

In the 2007 - 2008 RSL season:

Alexei Cherepanov is 18 turning 19 and in his second pro season with a bad to mediocre Aavangard team. He has put up 15 goals and 13 assists for a total of 28 points in 46 games.

Mark - You're welcome! For those not following along at home, Alexei Yashin and Lokomotiv Yaroslavl are headed to the RSL finals after sweeping their series with Metallurg today.

emscam - The goal for any player at Cherepanov's age is to improve every season. (Almost) matching last year's production does not make this season a success, no matter who's numbers you compare it to. If you asked Cherepanov himself he'd tell you this was a disappointing season. Expecting improvement from a 19 year old player in his second professional year is not setting the bar too high. Comparing him to Ovechkin and Malkin, however, is.


Numbers do not always tell accurate picture. The Rangers have 2 prospects who put up solid numbers during the season but that does not make them better than Cherepanov talent wise.

Maybe the word subpar is harsh, maybe expectations on him are bordering on the extreme BUT reality is that Cherepanov did have a rough season this past year.

Clashing with Sergi at the start of the season, suffering a concussion, then a shoulder injury, then bronchitis at the WJC can not be called a strong year either.

What I saw of the WJCs (taking into account his bronchitis) was up and down.

Our other source Laurie who provides Russian translations also says that Cherepanov struggled.

Still another source who lives in Europe and knows Cherepanov also says he had a struggle.

I will take 2 different but very credible independent sources over just numbers anyday.


Just trying to get to a reasonable explanation of what is sub par which is defined by everyone as different. Glad to hear he feels he could have done better but for me his season is just not a disappointment or sub par as a 18-19 year old I will take inconsistency but as I said, I guess expectations are just too high for some.

I compared him to Ovechkin at 18 not Ovechkin at 22 so that is fair and Malkin was never mentioned by me.

What's with all the comparisions to Ovechkin and Malkin? I have not read ANYTHING ANYWHERE that claims Cherepanov is of the same calibre. If some NYR fans are expecting that from him, they will surely be disappointed. I'm not even sure where they come up with some of this stuff.


...at least if the Devils lose, they won't really care anyway....right?


will take 2 different but very credible independent sources over just numbers anyday.

Fine by me, but one can still use numbers as some reasonable form of judging a players offensive capabilities, right?

Eyes on the prize boys! The Devs are hurting and their offense is even more futile than ours. I hope we can exploit that and give Marty a good workout.

Hypothetically speaking, let's say that we have neither Jagr of Cherepanov next year. Shanny has already said that he wants to play another season, but it's undeniable that he has lost a step. Shanny is still putting up good numbers and I think the style of his game will allow him to continue to do so. But this is the NY Rangers, and we always have at least one potent superstar player. So who is it? Are there any big scorers as UFAs going into next season?

I'm not saying that we should go blow a butt-load of money on an overpriced player. But I can't think of too many elite teams that are without a 40+ goal scorer. Asking Dubi, Dawes and Shanny to carry that kind of load is asking too much. Maybe looking at the big picture a good point man will help production across the board.

thoughts? LET'S GO RANGERS!

Joe -- Shanny has been ineffective (and non-existent) at even-strength for an extended period of time. He's been key in shootouts, and been a solid player for two years, but throwing money his way next year would be foolish. It's time to move on...this team is in need of goal scorers next season. We may lose three top-six forwards.

emscam, Are we doing some wishful thinking over there? The stats show a player who is running in place statistically, which is sub-par for a player who is supposed to be progressing. If he was 17 going on 18, his stats and his scouting report this season would drop him from a potential first rounder way way down the list. He went from WJC star in 2007 to injured in 2008. Jess cites one source of his from Europe who has seen him play. He's obviously not ready to come to the NHL yet -- and he doesn't even want to come to North America next season, which tells you that he himself doesn't think he's ready for it.


Wishful thinking on prospects, it would not be the first or last time that has happened by all concerned.

I guess the definition of sub par is different for all people and not everyone speaks for everyone in regards to that.

A 19-19 year old who is inconsistent. No problem there.

One more question on Cheraponov.

Was there an area(s)that he improved in this past season?

Beat the Devils tonight.

I know Cheraponov isn't Ovechkin but he has some serious upside and his play in the playoffs was very good and he scored 21 points out of 28 total against RSL playoff teams and 12 points against the top-5 RSL teams.

Fine by me, but one can still use numbers as some reasonable form of judging a players offensive capabilities, right?

I do not anymore because of so many other factors that have rendered numbers almost a non factor anymore.

Can you honestly say that you know the league he plays in by knowledge or reputation? People say that the old Russian League is below the NHL but above the AHL but what is our own first hand knowledge of the league?

Do we know the how or why Cherepanov scored his goals? Did he score them in bunches going long extended periods without scoring? What about his goals to assists ratio? Did he have guys who failed to finish on his setups or was he very bad at that?

Did he score his goals in garbage time or in crunch time? Did Cherepanov create his own offense to score those goals? How did Cherepanov handle being hit? Was Cherepanov willing to take a beating to score a goal?

Will he go though traffic or stay on the perimeter? Does he hand at the blue line waiting for a breakout pass?

And before anyone takes all this and thinks that I am saying that Cherepanov is going to become a bust please think again.

Cherepanov has the skill set, he has the tools and he does have the potential to become a high quality NHL scorer. I watched enough of his tape to see that he has a natural goal scorers mentality.

What nobody here (and that starts with me) can say for sure is how will he adapt to North America's smaller rinks, the much more physically demanding play and lifestyle (traveling and scheduling)?

Nobody here (again including me) knows for sure what his mental and emotional makeup is for certain as going from Russia to NYC is a Twilight Zone trip.

Seems to me that any season which ends with Cherepanov not making the move to North America would be the very definition of disappointing.

Was there an area(s)that he improved in this past season?

I do not know if this is an improvement but I am having a hard time seeing this reported attitude problems that have been rumored about Cherepanov.

From what I have seen and heard he has not been the supposed attitude problem some have painted him out to be.

At the same time maybe people also forget that he is 19 which means he is still a teenager and all 19 yr olds still have a ton of growing up to do.


I have hopes for the kid no doubt as all do.

No using numbers to judge a players offensive capabilities. That should boost your writing skills :-)

Seems to me that any season which ends with Cherepanov not making the move to North America would be the very definition of disappointing.

I do not because I liked that he took the high road and said the right things when it became clear Avangard was not going to let him walk.

I like that he is talking about improving his game and getting better as a player along with starting his off-season workouts already.

Those are good signs to see from a young prospect.

Of course he could start eating Hot Dogs and think he already has made the roster like Brendl did


Truth be told I got burnt because I used numbers too often in the past to judge someone.

6:45 pm as per Sam Weinman

Gomez looks good in warm-ups. I’d be shocked if he doesn’t play. Confirmation later…

Anyone see that goon Begin of the Flabs break a bone in Marc Savard's back?

I hate how on OUR CHANNEL we have to talk about the Debbies and Islanders. They have MSG+ now, talk about them there.

Gomez in tonight, so sayeth MSG.

Uh, Joe, if you didn't notice the scoring chances Jagr set up and had tonight, then you're purposely looking away so as not to notice them.

So if Hank is the King, Dawes should be the Wizard, since he has that old black magic, but does not really want to be called that, no matter how much Gomez repeats it.

Can someone clarify this for me. A Ranger fan told me that Cherepanov may just choose to stay in Russia and play his career there and that he would make up to 8 mil a year or something like that. So I don't understand, just because you draft a player doesn't mean that he has to play for you. I mean, the Rangers drafted him. So he couldn't just go sign a contract with say the Wild for example. The Rangers own the rights to him. But what about Europe. Can he choose to stay there if he wanted to, even after his contract expires with omsk (sorry if spelling is off). When I was listening to this it made no sense to me because then there would be no point in drafting any European players. I'm confused. The Rangers would have to get some type of compensation if this were the case right? If someone can clarify this for me I would greatly appreciate it.

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