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March 27, 2008


you know im sitting here saying are they really gonna call shanahan for a slash?

and they did

Difference here is the Rangers defense is backing into their own zone letting the right in while the Devils defense is standing them up at the Blueline.

First test. So far, I don't like our poise. Just no handling the puck well.

I'm not a big fan of Marouelli, and he'd with Massenhoven so anything can happen...

assenhoven is one of the refs?

not surprised

Lucky to escape that domination tied...

They need to start finishing their checks for one. Thats one thing the Debbies have no problem with. Marouelli has already missed (yeah right) a few calls on the Debs and called that slash on us so I'm wondering how the cards will stack against us...

Notice the Devils PP. Three up top, one near the paint and one in the slot. Once the play settles down, the puck gos to the wing up top and the first thig he does is st\art to close in on the net. The slot man goes to the net and the wing takes a low, hard shot. Happens fast once the wing gets the puck.. We did a good job on defense.

The Devils came out like the desperate team that they are and you have to give the Rangers credit for withstanding the first ten-twelve minutes, starting with Lundqvist. I thought the Rangers started to equalize toward the end of the period. If the Devils press, the Rangers might be able to counter. I hope I didn't jinx Backman -- he looked awful in the first period.

didn't you guys get the memo....tackling and picks are legal now


DOMINATION? What game are you watching? Early the Devs had the advantage with the forecheck, but the Rabgers handled it well. They had a great chance with Madden and JJ and Straka had a great chance of their own. The period was pretty even. Our PK gave them fits and never got anything really set up. The only trhing I didn't like was our fumbling of the puck. That resulted in a few "keeps" for NJ when we should have had the puck cleared.

I like how the Devils are coming with the blitz and shooting a fullback though the gap.

They are playing a solid football game and I am so glad the refs are letting them play football.

Oh wait a second this is hockey season

Wish someone would tell the refs that

That looked like a dive to me!!!

Springboard or 15 meter diving?

Rangerbill -- If you don't think that it was territorially lopsided, I can't help ya. They were in our zone the whole period. How many good forechecks shifts did we have?

I wonder what do the Rangers need to do tonight to get a power play.

What a pass by Gomez.

Yes!!! Finally on the PP!!!

great skating by Shanny to the open area and scores!

power play goal!

The POWER Play!

IT'S A POWERPLAY GOAL!!! So that's what one looks like!

Those damn stupid line changes!!! Good save by Hank though...

4th line for the Rangers is consistently being pinned down in their own zone.

Thats what happens when you let people stay in the slot...

I like the old lines better i dont get why they switched it. maybe avery to protect gomez

dandy save by henrik!

That save keeps us in it! Horrible play by Backman and Staal!!!

Thank you Backman!!!

Parise from Backman. 2-1 NJ


what is that now? 4 assists in 3 games for Backman?


Just don't look comfortable with the puck. Two periods of the same thing.

Just throwing the puck around randomly in our own zone, nothing new.

This team needs to go back to hockey 101!!!

OK, I take it back -- an injured Salvador is better than a healthy Backman.

Even when the refs get it right, they get it wrong -- that was either a penalty on Avery for falling on Brodeur or on Brodeur or both, not White.

Parise grabbed Mara's stick, pulled it into his midsection, and dove. You gotta fine the ref for calling that one the wrong way.

Backman has flashes of brilliance to make you forget his obvious problems on the blueline. He really gets caught out of position way too much. Having one of the better shots from the point isn't really saying much on our team and that I think is his only upside...

Same problem...do not get the puck out of our zone cleanly. How often do we have to see this? NJ always makes the safe play. The Rangers just try to make a play. THINK!!!

Backman gets it back!!!

Boy! Anyone who has ever played team sports has got to be happy for Backman. 2-2!

Like I said


Backman giveth and Backman get-eth back. It's a Power play goal. 2-2

We're allowing NJ to create too much chaos in our zone. It's just a matter of time before they get a lucky deflection.

How did Aves just get right up after that? The sound of him hitting the boards pulsated through-out the surround sound system. Oy vey.


Power Outage

You can tell Gomer desperately wants this game.

Calm down, head on a swivel. Puck support.

Next goal wins!

Arrrrggggghhhhh!!!! Cally was robbed!!!

I'm stuck in FLA with no TV! Help! What's the score. How much time left in the third?


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