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March 31, 2008


when was the last time we had a regulation time loss?

the fact that im asking that question is an overall good sign.

i only watched the game with one eye because i couldnt stand the overall bias.

Dubi, you got the wrong Staal brother in your article :)

Great work as usual though!

The NHL needs to wake up and realize just how badly they are messing things up.

Starting the game at 9:30 on the West Coast means that those who attend church are denied a chance to see the game live (although many a Ranger fan would suggest praying for fair officials) is bad enough.

Having such a key game be so badly called is a truly terrible way to market their product.

To be honest I really do not bother watching NBC games anymore (and I have to think really hard about those on VS) because the Anti-Ranger nonsense that repeatedly takes over broadcasts is getting out of hand.

Why bother? I do not feel like spending 2-3 hours having my intelligence insulted by 2 clowns that Ranger fans know have a deep rooted bias against them.

The Rangers should have realized by now that the league is sympathetic to Sidney, so they need to be alter their game and play it extra clean. I know it sucks, but it sucks more losing, so they need to beat Pittsburgh at their own game.

I have a strange theory, and I invite your thoughts. Do you think the Rangers are so talented they're psyching themselves out? Like, during a power play, Jagr will say to himself "That's Brendan Shanahan, who has one of the most lethal shots in the NHL. Let me get him the puck.", instead of, "G'damn it, I'm Jaromir Jagr, and I'm taking this f#@king shot!"? Rozsival is the most guilty of all of them. Opponents KNOW he's gonna pass. Everyone except Avery. Jagr jokes that he doesn't pass, but at least he's pulling the trigger. Our only goal of the game comes off a great 2nd and 3rd effort. The GWG against NJ came off a great rush to the net. To lose a game 3-1 in which you only allow 20 shots sucks.

Anyone ever see that commercial on the NHL network where the coach is talkign about how his offense will be his defense, and the defense will be it's offense, and that will leave the other team defenseless? It's meant to be funny, but it's the damn truth. When the Rangers have the gas mashed to the floor, we utterly control the game, which we did for parts of the 3rd. But when we start cruising, we tend to get caught on our heels and giving up chances. Instead of keeping the pressure on and dictating the course of play, we coast and allow the game to open up. It'll be awful hard for an opponent to win if they can't get the puck.

whats the deal with prucha?? he has not played in 18 of the last 19 games...
Is he in the dog house? will he be traded before the draft?

Steve, Prucha played today. He's been out because there is no place for him in the line up with Freddy on the 4th line.

I hope they don't trade him because depending on what happens in the off-season, there may be a spot for him next year. He's young and talented


Milbury was bashing the Rangers so bad that Pierre Mcguire (who has no love for the rangers as we know) ends up defending the rangers from his bashing in 3 different instances on the intermission today.

This is an utter embarrassment to the sport.


Refs. Shmefs. Are you kidding me? I knew they were finished the moment I saw Orr was not in the lineup and he hadn't been replaced by Strudwick. Typical Renney late-in-the-season-from two-years-ago-down-the-stretch-going-down-the-tubes move. Laraque ran over Backman like he was a six-year-old girl. Ruutu had five hits, Malone had four hits, Therrien made it the game appear to be even by just by limiting Laraque to six minutes. The recorded hits were 33-20, but after the first 10 minutes the Rangers went home. That is unacceptable, but with that lineup what else do you expect? When you don't hit, you reach and strike out with the stick and you get penalties. You can play guys like Backman and get away with it if alongside him you can put a Hatcher or a Gill or a Witt. We don't have that luxury.

Great post Dubi...good work.

As of last night...I'm presently preparing a letter to The Hockey News. What I've written so far is almost identical to what Dubi posted about NBC's love affair with Sid therefore giving off an anti-Ranger sentiment.

There's a section at the start of the magazine called "Spit it out...Get it off your chest"

Feel free to e-mail them too. You never know they might end up printing it in the next edition. They’re not afraid to print letters that knock the league.

[email protected]

Interesting responses to the game, my perspective is a bit different. I felt the Rangers did an awful job playing Crosby last night as instead of previous games when they played physical and got in his face, they sagged and let that line skate around. I know about the shot totals, but the fact is, if you play the Pens, you have to get in their faces, much like Ottawa. Disrupt the flow. And please, never, ever again have Hollweg on the ice against the Crosby line, what a joke.

They have to be better offensively. BTW, I'm one of the people here who not only constantly rip Renney's choices on the PP, but yesterday continued to prove my theory that Rosival is so mediocre it's ridiculous. This guy passes up one timers from 15 feet away from the net so he can force passes to Jagr. People want to know why our PP is so poor? Two reasons, Jagr and Rosival. Straka doesn't do anything to help the cause either. Every time they get on for a PP they can't set up, they can't do a damn thing. You may all respond with "Rosival has 13 goals, blah blah blah" Guess what, half of those goals came in 5-6 games for him, he hasn't scored in forever, and he NEVER shoots, all he does is force to Jagr when he's not open. Its truly disgusting. I thought the game was evident that the Jagr line is as close to useless as you can get on the PP. Again, how about Gomer\Dawes\Shanny\Mara\Backman and Dubi-Drury-Callahan-Rosival-Tyuton.

I have no prob if Rosival plays the PP point if Jagr isn't on the ice. He only has blinders for him, and after all this time, Renney needs to be a good coach and finally make the change. Lets face it, Jagr isn't going to be here next year, and I say this with the utmost respect at what he's done, but thank god. I'm sick of the drama already, I'm sick of his constant use like he's a #1 player performing at a 3rd liners level. Are we going to offend him if hes taken off the powerplay? SO he'll score less than the 5 in his past 30 or so games?

The pulse of this team lies with Drury, Gomer, Dawes, Cally, Dubi, Avery (who's been awful since leaving Jagr's wing, he's playing himself out of his big contract, as is Rosival BTW) And what was most evident to me was how the Jagr line would play the first half of the PP, not set up, not shoot, and play a perimiter game...Then on the ice comes Drury and Avery, who crash the net on the first play and we come close to scoring a goal. DOes that not speak volumes of why our PP doesn't score? Dump the perimeter players Tom and put the guys in who crash the net. You preach it, so why not follow through on it?


I agree totally with you. I did go to church early to accomodate the game but I think I sinned more by watching it. What I wished upon the refs and Sidney Sissy is best left untold. The clowns bashing the Rangers on NBC is not only unprofessional but embarassing for the league---are these two morons the best the league can offer on a major station?? The conversation focused on the crush all felt for Sidney in particular and the Pens in general. I have never heard so much gushing over a guy since I was a freshman in high school---but we were 14 year old girls at an impressionable age.

I ask myself why I foolishly wasted my time watching a game on NBC when I knew what would assault my intelligence. Tonight's game has already given me a headache. The blatant hatred/bias of the NY Rangers is absurd---the NHL should be embarassed.

In the long run no one will care about Sidney the chump nor the Pens, it's the Rangers that make the media noise.


I am thinking that I really should write to the Hockey News. What I have to say won't be pretty though.

Poor Backman, he must have gone home with a really sore back compliments of Sidney-who-never-gets-penalties-because-the-nhl-has-a-serious-crush-on-him.


I agree with some of your points especially the fact that Rozsi drives me crazy as well. His shot is useless if he never uses it.


good article by Dellapina in todays paper.

[see link in main post above to read it]

Being the team everyone else hates only makes it that much sweeter when you win. Someone mentioned a Devils' blog the other day (In Lou We Trust), and on it there was a long winded article on why he hates the Rangers. He blamed us for everything from causing the lockout with our money to why no one cares about the Devils. Well guess what, I like being the bad guy. I'd love for Milbury to have to watch us lift the cup sometime soon.

That said, the officiating is atrocious. And on the Jagr thing, does anyone really think that he won't play in the first NHL reg. season game in Prague?

why can't the rangers sign him and allow him to play in Russia for another year.

People still go to Church?

The Rangers were terrible, the refs were terrible, and the announcing was laughable, really seriously lacking. All in all, the production value and the actual product on the arena floor reminded me of something.. ARENA FOOTBALL

This is basically what the NHL has become and the quicker we get some kind of competitive/joint venture league in Europe the better.

The NHL is embarrasing. What happened to my sport?

Good stuff, Dubi. Well said. Far cry from Brooks, who rips the Rangers (surprise, surprise) with nary a mention of the amateur officiating (which regardless of what anyone says, impacted the game in a huge way) in today's Post.

Ok so the thing that bothered me the most is this "OH OH OH I DIDNT DIVE SEE I GOT HIT IN THE MOUTH AND THE TAPE CAME OFF ON MY MOUTH GAURD SEE PIERE SEE!" like...ok i play hockey i dotn see how in gods name that can happen, liek the tape come off and stick to the guys teeth of mouth gaurd, two what he take it off his mouth gaurd and hold on to it to show the broadcasters later??? like are you f#$@ing kidding me! like wth! like does he take it off and go ha i can show them i dotn dive let me save this for later liek on the off chance tape actualyl did come off gomers stick and stick to his ugly face, what hockey player would save that to show the broadcaster in the middle of the game! like you gotta sell it THAT much...and of course nbc is lihe "omg we insulted the golden child! he was right!" then he keeps explaining himself in the post game interview again and pierre gets on his knees for him at center ice...i dotn see hoe not everyone here is not as up in arms over this "i have the tape on my mouth see!" bs he pulled..........


1. Time to shake up the power play. It can't look any worse. Deploy Marc Staal to the point in place of Backman. The kis has played a full season, I think its time we gave him a look see, he's ready. Put Prucha out there with Jagr and Avery or Gomer. Dubi as much as I love the kid, shouldnt be on the PP. Guaranteed you will have someone in front of the net.

2. The officials were horrible. I questioned them a bunch of time during this game. But its been horrific all season long. So what else is new.

3. Dont ever broadcast another game on NBC, ever! Worst coverage ever! If I am forced to watch another TV feed. Put it on hockey night in canada. At least you know you will get announcers who know stuff about hockey!

What are ya going to do though? I knew going into this game that the refs were going to be strict and the announcers were going to talk All-Sidney-All-The-Time. It is going to happen again tonight when they're on Versus. I disagree with Dubi though. Overall, I feel that fining the refs would make the problem much, much worse. What you almost need is an outside video editing expert who can cut a DVD that shows an hour or so of bad calls made at critical times. Then you get it out to the public via YouTube or something like that. And you label it as something that is "potentially pointing out the 'fixing of NHL games' by referees" and you'll get some attention. Lump it in with the NBA referee gambling debacle, and it will get attention. It may not be the best way to do it, but it will not be ignored or go unnoticed, IMO.

But, I digress...

The best part of yesterday's game is the NYR got a quick snapshot of a team higher in the standings that is playing better than them right now. And they get a 2nd shot at them tonight. Even though the PP did not come through in the clutch, they still have gotten 3 PP goals in their last 2 games....and both units have scored also. That's better than they have been. I'm expecting more of an effort in tonight's game. I think yesterday's game is a nice barometer of where the NYR need to be playing for the Playoffs. And they get a chance to redeem themselves right away.

I'm expecting a fast, physical start by the Blueshirts tonight. Sidney is on a wonky ankle. They have to push him around....

on a side note whats up with all rangers going down with foot ailments, Betts, Orr who's next?

Jeez, I am seriously considering watching the next NBC Rangers game with the TV sound off and the Rangers radio commentary on. I really, really, really, hate this biased trash they keep putting out.

Notice to NBC: If you hate us so much, why do you keep putting us on your show? Why not put on Florida-Islanders and let us watch our team on MSG.

David your not a fan and your ignorant thats great go away this is RANGER board, not sindy Crosby's house.

hey buddy! sorry we didnt tank for years to get a team of all young stars, We at least attempted to put a good product out there on the ice and tried to win! SECOND before your girl of a captain came around and made you ppl actually start caring about your team you guys would be the Kansas City Penguins. You guys are a bunch of bandwagon fans then come out every 7 years to root for your team when they are good and then during the 7 years of TANKING to get the team better you guys hide your faces and let your team rot and go bankrupt and almost get run outta town. We at least are loyal to our team no matter what and dont wish our team tanks to just get a squad of top 10 picks.

Yea and why you even here dude? dont you need to be starign at cindys ugly mug whole doign god knows what to urself

Look guys its an actual member of the Pens be cause he says WE are starting the backup, yo stupid who is winning the season series right now OH right the RANGERS that must really eat at you.

We have some monkey from Pennsylvania and he can write!! :))

I guess its true what was said yesterday things are so bad in Pitts they can't even get there own boards

Hey mental midget,

You know you're from Pennsylvania if...
You have more miles on your snowblower than your car.
You have 10 favorite recipes for venison.
You have an uncontrollable urge to buy bread and milk when you hear the word "snow."
Driving is better in the winter because the potholes are filled with snow.
You think sexy lingerie is tube socks and a flannel nightie.
You owe more money on your John Deere than your car.
The first day of "Buck Season" and "Doe Season" is a school holiday.
Your snowblower gets stuck on your roof.
You know which leaves make good toilet paper.
You only buy your beer and soda by the case.
You know the four seasons: Winter, Still Winter, Almost Winter, and Construction.
It is required that a woman have a permit to wear cosmetics.
Horses are not to be tied to parking meters.

umm my facts are straight?? haha like its not some hidden info...you guys were gonan move and you went bankrupt but mario (and not dissing him i completely respect hi mto the fullest) saved your orginization from certian bankrupts and hes the only reason your able to go still them play. You guys had no interest in your team until crosby, staal, and malkin came along.

we need sighns PLEASE DON"TFEED THE TROLLS, i know I did but I need to laugh a little.

Ok.... Who let their 10 year old play with the computer?

Geesh, he whines as much as Sidney. Must be par for the course in Pittsburgh. A crying owner who taught his prodigy to cry even more than he did. It's hard to tell sometimes if it is sweat or tears dripping down Cindy's face.

ok i kno i've been the worst with attackign this guy but i jsut decided the better thing to do is take the high road and show some class and ignore this fellow cause hes not even worth it

How about a tip for your posts? Turn off caps lock already you ignorant !

guys come on really ignore it...be the classier team and ignore it..i kno i sound like a hypocrite but yea thats the better thign to do

You missed ad this point - Don’t forget umbrella when you go to Mellon Arena.

Dubi - I'm with Paul R. on this one. You have censorship rights on this site, don't you? Why are jerk-offs like DAVID allowed on our site to bash our boys for no obvious reason. He doesn't say where he's from or who he's for. I don't think he'll go away on his own so you'll just have to eliminate him. He's a disgrace to hockey fans everywhere. I'm sure we'll all find out how much of a disgrace he is when he responds to this post. Hit me with your best shot DAVID. I'm completely impervious to pain, especially when it's coming from you.

GUYS really your fuelin the fire! he wants us to get all pissed off and ur lettign him get to u if he stoped getting the enjoyment of seein u angry he'll go away on his own...lets be the classier organization

HA HA HA.....lmao!

"We sucked because we were bankrupt." ooooooh, you got us there. That is hilarious.

Let me guess, you're only ugly because you're fat?

Damn it, I give up. Those capital letters are killing me even more than your poor use of the english language. David you win. ALL HAIL QUEEN CROSBY!!LOLROFLMAO!!!1!1!!!!

We cannot help it if Pittsburgh is a "fair-weather" city....

We'll see who has the last laugh in a few years when Pittsburgh is unable to pay for the talent they have on the current roster. Ryan Malone is almost out the door already. They gave up two talented young players to acquire Hossa, who has yet to produce in the post season. They won’t be able to pay/sign Hossa after they’re knocked out in the first round of the play-offs & they have issue refunds the tickets for round two.

wow ok nvm lol i think it would be better to not let him get to us but no one is listening

Guys David is a bit upset because cindy cant come off this seson with a winning record against our boys in blue best he can do is tie them, so using your logic davey if we suck then you must suck worse cus so far the season series belongs to the BLUESHIRTS

you just conseeded to the poitn that your team sucked too but didnt go out and spend the money to try and be godo so they could load up on draft picks

No ones saying the pens suck buddy? yea they are good this year...and? doesnt mean the other facts arent true as well...and with 6th in the east and goign into the playoffs pretty hot its jsut ignorant for you to say we suck

(yea i gave up on ignorign him cause no one else is lol)

Come on, guys -- you know I can't be sitting here all day watching out for idiot trolls like this guy. So just ignore him until I get a chance to block him and delete his trash.

Time to match lines and play Avery against Greg Lougainis tonight. Give him a real reason to go down. As for trolls from Pittsburgh.....there is nothing else to do there but troll on Ranger boards and have intimate relations with relatives. At least the Rangers never required a league sponsored buyout and a rigged lottery to keep their team. When the free agents start flocking out of Pittsburgh and the new building is half empty again, it will be a huge laugh for us. Penguin fans are front-running frauds, but then the entire league knows that. NJ has more and better fans that Pittsburgh.

thanks Dubi

This guy cracks me up. He's almost as bad as a Flyers fan. Choking in the playoffs? Right...because the object is to get run over in the first round. You guys win that one!

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