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March 02, 2008



Sjostrom wont drop the gloves. Im pretty sure. Not many Swedes fight.

in their next 10 games the Rangers should be able to go at least 7-3 considering the only teams they face that are higher in the standings are the Devils, Bruins and Penguins.

this schedule is quite ridiculous. Two straight weeks in which the Rangers played only 2 games a week, and now this long strech of several games against teams in their own conference. The NHL seems bent on creating excitement instead of letting it come naturally.

Love Renney's move of keeping Sjostrom in the lineup today.

We need toughness against Philly, but Hollweg hasxn't showed much lately and we
can use the offensive upgrade in Freddy.

I'd actually like to see Bettsy and Sjostrom working together while Orr clears some space upfront.
Should be an upgrade-

Is Orr deff playing???

yeps, confirmed by Zipay and Weinman blogs.

girardi has to prevent anyone from getting in there

another weak goal by henrik

2 guys go to the same Flyer and we pay. Just a fantastic start.

If Tyutin is going to play big games like this bench him. That pass was horrible and put us down early...

Get over the Henrik-bashing. Tyutin turned the puck over 15 feet from the net, and Henrik made the first save on a tough shot.

How in the world is that a weak goal? That first save was PHENOMENAL. That was lackluster defending.

I get out of work early only for there to be a major accident on the highway, sucks! I am almost home but I will miss the first 10-15 mins grrrr

u want to bench Tyutin b/c of one play haha

Totts and Girardi pair has not been good defensively pair over a handful of games ...

ole how was that weak???
first save was great, giradi has to prevent anyone from getting in there he wasnt where he need to be to stop anyone from hitting that in

that isn't hank's fault oleo someone has to pick up prospal

Toots should've pass to Girardi but try to thread a pass to Dawes..

Power play GOAL!!!

yes, it came through!!


the puck went right through him but at least they got it back

1-1 straka


Agreed, Lundqvist needs help in front on that play. Tyutin with a bush league pass is the problem there. Good way to get back on the PP!!!

ole was that weak too? straka was allowed to shoot from the slot undefended?

I post, they SCORE!


was that a good hit by Backman or penalty?? lol.

Friggin Backman, I already hate him...

Another terrible call by the refs.

I thought it was a good hit. both players around the puck..

thats not a penalty
its a penalty becasue briere was hit

No way that was a penalty. Briere had touched the puck a quarter of a second before the hit. No way that's interference.

that was retarded

Girardi and toots out of position again. lol.

i'm not blaming Lundqvist i'm just saying that pucks should not be slipping through him like that.

and no the 2nd goal wasnt weak either

Tyutin out of position, 2-1...


Not encouraging. We have the offensive punch to make up for these errors, but the D is placing wa-aa-ay too much pressure on the O and Hank ...


Pucks should not be slipping through him like that? The fact that he even got a piece of that puck is amazing. A hard pass to the complete other side of the net for what should have been an easy tap in. Goalies generally have no chance of saving shots like that, but Lundqvist saved the first. His team just couldn't help him out.

one more call like that im turning the game off.
nhl can shove there ratings if they wanna have refs like this.



Yeah Sjostrom!!!

holy crap sjo!!!

Patrick Sjostrom nice one Emrick

OMG TOOTS..what was that!! bad pass

Now if the D finds their game we can win this...

this is gonna be a high scoring game!!


wow imagine how good the Rangers would be if Jagr could spin and shoot like 2 years ago instead of only spin and pass

wow dawes passes have eyes!!! rangers are being aggressive Im pumped that this game is on tv in canada!!!

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