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March 28, 2008


Hey Jags-

Take your boy Straka with you too.


^^^^^^^^^^^^Why dont u tag along with them.Poser

Jagr already has one foot out the door.He sees the writing on the wall.It's not HIS team anymore.It belongs to Scott Gomez,Chris Drury and Henrik Lundqvist.

Slats looks better and better with his decision to not give in to Michael Nylander's ransom demands of $5 million for a 35 year old center in order to keep Jaromir happy.

Distraction? Really? It seems like the newspapers are the ones making a distraction out of it. Dellapina wrote a whole article to surround quotes like...

"(Omsk) finished their season. They're coming here. I played there for a year. There's no reason not to talk to them, not to meet them."

It's a non-issue. It's a mole hill. No need to make a mountain out of a mole hill (unless you're John Dellapina or Larry Brooks).

And how about that win last night?? GO RANGERS!


Talk about an overblown situation....

Jaromir Jagr is asked for the umpteenth time what he plans on doing next year and someone mentions that Avangard GM is coming to town and wondered if Jagr was going to meet with him.

What's he suppose to do?

Maybe he should play stupid next time. But then when word leaks out that Jagr had a "secret meeting" with the Avangard GM, all hell breaks loose and Jagr's the Ranger's albatross for the rest of the season.

Distraction? Hardly. Today a slow news day or something?

"Good riddance bro?" Try telling Jagr that 2 years ago and one year ago. Hell, imagine the team without him this year. Where do you think we'd be?

My opinion... since nobody asked! ;)

1. Jagr will be back for another year. He will start his farewell tour with a visit to Prague, and maybe even drop in on Omsk, with the Rangers next fall. Unless, of course, the Rangers win the Cup this season, in which case all bets are off!

2. Cherepanov will spend another year in Russia working on his game and come over when his contract is up and he feels he's ready.


This is a weaker team offensively without Jagr, that's a fact. You can say all you like. I think he's more important than re-signing Avery, even.

Thank you to those who are not doing the freak out.

I totally agree with Laurie as that is exactly how I am seeing things happening as well.

The one thing I keep seeing when I read what the Omsk GM said is PUBLICITY STUNT.

Did anyone stop to think that the main people who go the the Avangard website are fans of the Avangard? That they would put out messages geared to make it look as if "this is what we are doing next year, we want to bring in Jagr, we want to bring in the Rangers to play and we are keeping our talented players here"

They are trying to sell tickets for next season and their new league. They are doing nothing more than what the Rangers would be doing in their own off-season while trying to encourage Ranger fans to purchase THEIR tickets for the next season.

Can we stop freaking out over what was said on someone else's website and go back the millions of things Ranger fans are already freaking out over?


good stats

I believe that Jagr's confidence problem is a result of having a bad shoulder. He passes up oppurtunities b/c he feels his shot wont go in regardless if he is good shooting position or not.

It's just my opinion but until he showes otherwise that is what I believe.

Talk about a distraction, the flyers have games tonite and tomorrow against debs and isles. they could win both and we could wake up sunday behind the flyers. you gotta figure the debs can't lose another, right? have i lost my mind? i'll be rooting for them tonite. it's more likely the flyers will beat the isles, so go debbies! (it made me sick to write that)

I agree with Laurie and Jess ...

Furthermore I don't see Jagr as being any kind of distraction ... he told the writers, weeks ago, that he wasn't going to talk about his plans for next season until AFTER the season and the writers have continued to ask him questions about his plans for next season despite him telling them that he will not talk about it ... most of the time the things he says he is joking as they even write that he is ... this is being blown WAY out of proportion and I think it's all because Jagr is involved ...

The main thing I hope for the game between the Flyers and the Devils tonight is that someone wins in regulation ... that's all ...

As Jess pointed out, yesterday and today, this is all talk. Why would Avangard want to talk to the Rangers about playing in Omsk if the Rangers don't have Jagr with them? Answer: they wouldn't. And Avangard's GM made a big point about meeting w/Jagr when he gets here. From a public relations standpoint, it would be a huge problem if Jagr stood him up. Ok, maybe Ranger fans wouldn't care, but hockey fans in Russia would consider it a snub and that would put JJ in an awkward place he doesn't need to be in right now. Remember, he's a star player in North America and Europe and he gets a lot of attention in his home country. GM Bardin will come here, he'll speak to all the right people, generate a lot of publicity in Europe and then he'll leave. Unless he drops some bombshell while he's here, this should have negligible to no impact on Jagr and Cherepanov for next year, as far as contracts go.

And Jess, hope this rookie didn't ruffle your feathers yesterday. :)

I only got to see the 1-hr replay last night. And I saw some of the post-game interviews. I have to give major props to Scott Gomez (ol' Blood and Guts). What a game he played! He knew the Rangers needed the win, and he went out there and played his butt off against his old team. No sentimental feelings there, folks. Scotty's a Ranger now and he made his point loud and clear. If anybody thinks he's not a full-fledged Blueshirt--they're brain-dead. He's made the transition much better and faster than other players that have come over from the Rangers biggest rivals. I admit I had doubts he'd make the transition in one season. All doubts removed--I give him major respect.

The last time I saw Brodiva so frustrated and perplexed by the Rangers was in, er, um, never. I don't think he was even this freaked in '94 or '97! Brodiva must hear alarms now everytime Dawes is on the ice. Even on his back, w/o touching the puck, he scores on the Jersey Diver! Dawes (Dawesome! Love that, Andrea) completely pwns him. Avery agitates and falls on him. Again. Then, there's that "weird" goaltender across the ice who keeps beating him. God, I love this. This is Earl's karma working for the Rangers. How many seasons are the Rangers owed here?


Agreed! Please, please, somebody win a game in regulation for a change.


Did you read Brooks article on Brodiva and Henrik from yesterday? I loved how classy Henrik was about it all ... When told that Brodiva felt insulted that Henrik didn't say hello to him at the NHL Awards thingie Henrik said that he normally doesn't go up and start talking to people he doesn't know but that "It takes two to say hello, right?" ... our goalie rocks, plus he doesn't look bloated after games ... sorry I know that was a low blow but it's Brodiva, I'm allowed

I also agree with the latter crew who think Jags will be beack next season.

Funny how when this team loses, all people do is talk about the loss, how bad the team is and how we are going nowhere this year.

When we win on the other hand, most people acknowledge the effort and analyze the game positively, some folks only find something or someone to complain about.

And now less than 12 hours after the win in the heat of a playoff race, the topic of discussion turns into something totally irrelevant and highly speculative.

Gotta love Rangers Fans.
All I want is a strong finish to the regular season with good chemistry and momentum going into the playoffs.


our goalie rocks, plus he doesn't look bloated after games ... sorry I know that was a low blow but it's Brodiva, I'm allowed

Yeah, what is up w/that? He looked like a Macy's balloon after last night's game.

And Henrik is so right. What? Brodiva is too good to walk over and say "Hi, Henrik"? Especially since, as he (Brodeur) was the one who pointed out, that Europeans are normally more reserved. Good for the King for sticking a pin in Brodiva's "bloated" ego.

Why would the Rangers want to play a game in Omsk? The answer I thought was pretty obvious -- it would be a way to help Omsk make a bundle of money in exchange for releasing AC in a way that would not appear to be a transfer fee. But the dudes at the NHL are too smart to let that happen -- we've already learned that the NHL will not sanction such a game if Russia continues to defy the NHL-IIHF PTA.

I don't see what the big deal was about what Jagr said. There is a published report that the GM is coming to meet with Jagr. All he said was that it is true. So what? We also have a good draft pick that Avangard owns right now. None of this is a coincidence...

This is just Dellepina trying to find something to write about since Brian Leetch officially retired. I'm not sure if he's gotten over that yet....

Chris, not a fair statement about Dellapina -- he had plenty to write about last night with the game. We're driving this story here with our information out of Europe, and the beat writers -- Dellapina, Weinman, Zipay, and even Brooks -- are following up on the stories as they appear. Weinman and Zipay were in Greenburgh when we first reported Bardin's visit to talk to Jagr, so they talked to Jagr then -- Dellapina wasn't there that day, so he followed up after the game last night.

BTW, his relationship with Leetch also created a relationship with Jay Grossman, Leetch's agent, who is also Cherepanov's agent, so JD has a source of information at his disposal there that others don't have easy access to. He's doing his job of pursuing Ranger stories and doesn't deserve a comment like that.


guess devils/flyers going to OT. darrrnnnn.

Jags will be back. And I, like many, want him back. Say what you will but his leadership has been clear. As has been discussed here ad infinitum, he's not the rah-rah type of leader. He just goes out--every game--plays hard, good shoulder or not, picks his teeth up off the ice, draws two-three defensemen, stays late after practice, and makes every player he plays with (including Hossa!) a much better player. My wish is for the big fella to hoist ol' Stanley one more time--this year! THEN we can go kibitzing in Russia looking for the next generation of Blueshirts--with Jags holding the Cup as the main attraction! I can dream, can't I???

I just saw the score. NJ-Philly--end of OT, 4-4. Are you kidding me? Jeez, can't anybody win in regulation. Montreal losing to Buffalo right now, but we know that can change in a hurry.

Biron is swiss cheese in shootouts. Unless everyone on the Flyers scores they can't look to Biron to bail them out at all.


Yeah that can change in a hurry becaue it's just a 2 goal deficit.
Has any team other than the Rangers blown a 5 goal lead this season?

I don't think so....


Yeah Biron is terrible in shootouts.
He did somehow manage to block both Rangers attempts when we lost to Philly on March 21st in the shootout.

Dubi... I was more joking at the end there. Sorry if that came across wrong.

I agree with Mark W. I think signing Jagr this off-season is more important than Avery. I do think the slow production this season is more of an anomoly than a coming trend. It's not like he is 46 years old. The whole team's production has been down this year. But collectively, they're playig pretty well. At this time of year, that is all that matters to me.


I think Shanny's shootout attempt that night was a miss; not blocked.

Montreal just scores with 14.6 seconds to tie it up...watching it live.

Crazy crazy

And Habs win it in regular OT, of course-

I'm with the many here: Jagr should be re-signed, and will be.

Let's go Rangers!


And Jess, hope this rookie didn't ruffle your feathers yesterday. :)

Ah no problem Rook

Just be a good rookie and carry our bags and equipment in while fetching us some coffee and donuts like a good rookie should


To whoever paniking that we might wake up behind philly.DONT WORRY WE GONNA HAVE 2GAMES ON THEM

To follow up on what Jess said regarding Bardin's trip and comments bieng part of an elaborate publicity stunt, he's absolutely correct. Except in Omsk's case, its not about selling tickets -- like the Rangers, they don't really have too many problems in that regard. But right now they are looking to attract a whole bunch of players in order to upgrade the team after a disapointing season. They announced today that their top-line right winger will not return (leaving the door open for Cherepanov to move up) and whether their their first line center will return is in doubt. The possibility of Jagr signing there next year makes the team an very attractive option to other players. By simply refusing to rule it at this point, Jagr is doing his pals in Omsk a big favor.


One can not blame Omsk for doing what they are doing as it is great marketing, it is great publicity as let us be honest who here would even be talking about a team in the Russian league if not for the Jagr involvement?

We also have to take into account (not that we are bragging ah screw it yes we are) but the team New York Rangers is popular all over the world. No other team has fans in as many countries as the Rangers do.


The Rangers are America's Team, but only outside America.


Alright, fine. But if I have to foot the bill for the team dinner, I'll be flat-busted.

Question to anybody: After Shanny scored the PP goal last night, a couple of his teammates said something to him, and he was shaking his head and said "No". Does anyone know what Shanny was asked?

...let us be honest who here would even be talking about a team in the Russian league if not for the Jagr involvement?

Just me! ;)


Alright, fine. But if I have to foot the bill for the team dinner, I'll be flat-busted.

Ah no problem as we also offer a rock solid loan sharking service with easy to handle payments.

You just turn over your pay to us and we keep it.

Does anyone know what Shanny was asked?

Ah that one is easy as Shanny was asked: Should Girardi remove the restraining order he has on Matty?


Just me! ;)

Did someone say something???????????????????????


I'm really suprised that Cherepanov isn't jumping at the chance to play with jagr!?
look at what happened with dubinski?! jagr takes him under his wing and now the kid is tearing it up!
But anyway!? what do i know!? hahaha
big game sunday cant wait to see it on tsn!! (not too impressed at the prospect of listening to milbury and/ or pierre)
have a good weekend folks

OK everyone go to this link immediately:


Look at the front page.

And you thought Jagr and Omsk might be a distraction.

Hmmm. Who do you think this will help when it comes time to re-negotiate a contract? Or was it a Garden exec (or someone else) who visited the call girl under the name "Sean Avery?"

Frankly, I believe Avery's denial. And it's more funny than anything else. I mean, talk about relieving pressure during a playoff run, this ought to help.


Yeah way to take the heat off Jags, Sean. Actually, I believe his comments, too. But ooooooh, Canada's gonna LOVE this!

Hey, we're finally on the back page!

Oh, man. I really despise the US media and their treatment of hockey.

But you know what, of all the players in the world, I think Sean Avery can handle a controversy like this. It may even energize his game...

good promo for NBC tomorrow. hehe

Just a thought after watching the Philly/NJD highlites... Does anyone know Miss Brodeurs record in game played after he played the Rangers??? JUst curious...Z

LMAO i for one believe that its true about Aves.BUT SO FN WHAT????Who cares

That blond chick is sexy tho lol.

Girardi put a restraining order on Matty??

Not a surprised. Matty was probably mad at him for not acknowledging her when he scored a goal during the rangers/panthers game. No reference, nada.


Can't wait for tomorrow's game. Need all the points we can get.

Whatever happens re: Omsk, JJ is done in my opinion and its time to stop centering around him and his czech buddies as the centre of the team. Here comes heresy(start the catcalls) but I'd let Jagr go to Russia and sign Mats Sundin in the offseason as he will be a UFA. Mats is up there in years but he's a very good leader and he can still play at an elite level. Jagr was great for the Rangers but I'd rather be a winner than a sentimentalist. But we all know Slats will re-sign him, don't we.

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