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March 28, 2008


This win felt good. I personally hope we play the devils in the 1st round, us as the 4th seed them as the 5th seed.


Jaromir Jagr absolutely is an impact on the other lines. The fact that the Drury line plays against the 3rd D pairing enables the Rangers go have a balanced attack.

That said, that still doesnt give him a free pass. The fact of the matter is, for whatever reason, he simply cannot shoot the puck like he did on a daily basis 2 years ago and at times last season.

Teams are able to shut down Jagr on a consistant basis and that is a huge problem. I still want him on our team next season but he is going to something more than 2 15 goal scorers on his line to make it happen.

*need something more

This was a strong character win for the team. Showed lots of patience & guts.

Hey Dubi, Just want to say thanks for taking the time to post at 1 am. Gives people like me who can't sleep because they're so excited that we won a little something extra to read beside the short article at TSN.


You know you really are a broken record as we get it, you say the same thing after every game about Jagr.

Jagr can not shoot, Jagr needs more a real scorer on his line.

Jagr is double and triple teamed so having a 50 goal scorer on his line is not going to make a difference if they can not get the puck to him.

For a guy who can not shoot Jagr's passing skills seem to be rock solid and I for one can live with that. He never had a hard shot to begin with.

Ya, thanks for excellent writing at 1am. I did even know it was that late when it was posted but damn... great writing.

Great win. Gomez was great in the post-game interview. After hockey is done, Gomer can be a color guy for sure I feel.

Gee, do you think Dawes should stay up next year?

Good to see Bachman redeem himself. Nice wrister by him.

Shanny's goal from Gomez had a bow on it.

Cheers to Gomez for playing through pain.


"Backman's turnover drive...". Awesome play on words. Too bad I'm old enough to remember their songs when they first made the charts.

You know, you know, you ain't seen nothin' yet...

We live in hope. :)

Dubi, the writing (and tone) gets better and better.

Great team win. The one thing Renney has done with this coaching staff that no other Rangers coach has been able to do for awhile is to get the players all thinking as a team and not a bunch of mercenaries. part of this is the young core of Rangers youth--no doubt--, but part of it is the level of pride and the culture the coaches have created for the team.

They wanted this one--even if early on they were a step slow.

I'll gloat a little on this one. ND as advertised here makes things happen. He gives the Rangers an edge in the offensive zone, and is a likeable, articulate young man. His hits, given his size, are impressive. While he's not yet the entire solution for the team's problem, it's nice seeing him notably contribute as I believed he could or would.

I hope Jagr stays next year because I think he’ll have a bit of a bounce back year. He could very, very easily be 25-55-80 right now if he wasn’t playing with a 19 year old kid and Sean “off-sides” Avery. That would put him in the top 20 in NHL scoring. Would everyone take that from a 36 year old? By the way, I know Avery is a fan favorite and everyone seems to love his act but the guy has set a world record for being ahead of the play over the last month, it’s almost comical. He’s good for 3 a game.

Jagr has 63 points this year playing mostly on what is essentially a third line, talent wise. Dubinsky will be good but is still learning and Avery is a puddle with the puck. He also (I know some of you won’t believe this) works hard and has been backchecking as well as anyone this year. I saw him dive to break up a play in the last five minutes a week ago in a game they were up 5-2.

I’m not big on line changes but I would like to see Jagr with Dawes because I think Dawes is a guy who not only can finish what Jagr starts but also has the vision and play-making ability to potentially get Jagr going.


if he has a 50 goal scorer, he doesnt get double teamed or at least as much...

GREAT character win last night.

You really gotta hope that one of the young guys turns into a big goal scorer. A team needs that.

Jagr has NEVER been the same since the shoulder injury. It is obvious his shot doesn't have the same zip and he has no confidence in it. That being said, I still think he is a presence. That move and pass to straka at approx 11:50 of the first period was a thing of beauty.

Got to give brodiva props for what was an unreal glove save on Cally on that breakaway.



Will everybody stop with the "this guy or that guy will get Jagr going" stuff. Jagr is a "worldclass" hockey player. HE IS SUPPOSED TO MAKE HIS LINEMATES BETTER!, not the other way around. What ever his "funk" is, it's all JJ. He still presents a real threat to opposing coaches and therefore requires special attention. Somebody needs to explain why a 50 goal scorer on his line will break him loose. If we have a 50 goal scorer, then we won't need JJ! Hopefully he will work out of this when the playoffs begin, you know, the NEW SEASON thing. But as long as he presents a threat on the ice, he has value.

I know we joke and talk about it a bit but seriously for next season if you could basically trade jagr to get cherepanov here do you do it?


Spot on. As long as opposing coaches feel Jagr presents match-up problems, he has value as (as has been said many times before) it opens things up for his linemates and consequently, for other lines (Gomez).

From a Devils blog (In Lou We Trust):
"And so they lost to Nigel Dawes' arm pushing a puck into the net. Thanks to the refs, Toronto, and the NHL for changing the rules of hockey where hand passes aren't allowed, but pushing the puck with the arm while sliding for a goal is absolutely OK. There's questionable calls, but that was absolute garbage. If any of you can find what rule allows that as a goal, I would love to see it. The Devils were felled by a man sliding on the ice who directed the puck in with his arm. An inadvertent deflection? Please. Dawes stretched his arm out like that for a reason; he knew what he was doing."

Nice to know that other fans feel they get the raw end of the deal with the refs, but funny how he doesn't mention the whole reason Dawes is on sprawled out on the ice is because his checker hooked/tripped him to the ground. I'm not sure this guy realizes that since most replays are done in slow-motion a play like Dawes' will look more deliberate than it really is.

Ponder this:

Since Feb 9th we have played 20 games, lost 2 in regulation and got 31 of the possible 40 points available. Not bad.

One more point on the Dawes goal.

"Brokedoor" called it a "lucky" goal, a tough way to loose a game. Well Marty, the Devils have made a career out of winning games on "lucky" goals. Pretty hard to swallow when it goes against you, eh? Well, T.S.!!! Learn to live with it, more is coming with that "steller" defense in front of you now.

Milbury gave straka the tough guy award for his shot blocking against chara!
i havent found the link yet but check out tsn. it might be there!
big win last night!
keep it coming!

Brodiva said that perhaps it was karma coming back to bite them after dominating the Rangers for 7 years .... if I had a hot iron I would hit him with it right accross his stupid face ... sorry but I don't like him at all ...

I just read yesterday's Post article that Larry Brooks wrote on the goaltending rivalry between Brodiva and our Henrik ... it was an excellent read about the things Brodiva said about Henrik to SI.com back in January (inlcuding that Henrik was weird and that he was insulted that Henrik didn't acknowledge him in the awards thingie) ... Henrik was very diplomatic about it all but I am certain it adds a bit of fuel to his fire and desire to beat Brodiva and the Devils ...

I particularly liked this part of the article:

When the Devils owned the Rangers through a 24-3-13 run over seven years preceding the lockout, Brodeur crowed about his team's superiority. He luxuriated in kicking the Blueshirts while they were down.

Now, though, with the Rangers 6-0 this season and 13-6-3 against the Devils since the lockout, Brodeur claims it's no big deal.

That's weird.

hehe ...

The boys are off today according to the bloggers ... so hopefully they get recharged and ready to play great hockey this Sunday and Monday as NBC and Versus will be falling over themselves over Sidney Crosby ... Henrik will most likely play both games ...

Great win of a tough game last night.

Interesting that Avery was not on Jagr/Dubi's line with Gomez back in the lineup. Perhaps Slats realizes that off of Jagr's line Avery is nowhere near a $4 million per year winger and wants to prove it to Sean?

While I absolutely love that Avery got under Brodeur's skin early in the game, Avery deserved a penalty for diving atop the netminder. He was barely touched by the Devil's d-man and had to jump a foot or so to even make contact with Brodeur. Sean should forget about his hockey salary demands and get his agent to field offers of $4 million-and-up per film for his Oscar-worthy acting skills!

Another observation...
With Renney shortening the 4th line minutes, the lone exception being Sjostrom, I'd like him to take a page out of Buffalo's book and put together a 4th line with offensive potential as opposed to brawn. Upon Betts' return, a line of Sjo/Betts/Prucha is what I'm talking about. The (lack of) skill set that Hollweg and Orr bring to the table are largely useless in the playoffs. Betts is not making any goalie shake in his boots but he's leaps and bounds better than Hollweg. It would also give Renney personel options for the powerplay.

Total aside from this banter but did everyone see who was first in line shaking hands at the locker room door? That's right Smilin' Marek Malik! That makes me feel good about our team and the chemistry that has had everyone worried, Let's Go Rangers carry this over against the Pens and we control our fate.

I've been wondering this all year...Mike Mottau? Karl Rachunek? Who's next, Dale Purinton? Peter Smrek?

With a few fans wanting to resign Nylander and being upset with getting Gomez, last night was a little bit of vindication for the majority of us.

Instead of complaining that Jagr doesn't have 50 goals, how about being excited that our 3 top scorers are all on different lines. Isn't it better to have depth in scoring rather than rely on only one player? Now if we could have a 4th line that could score too, that would be even better.


Jagr does make his linemates be better.Take Avery for example since he got moved off Jags line hes been invicible (except for a beatiful pass on Ot to a philly player)And like i said couple of times W/O JJ Avery worth 1.5 mills no more.

I was looking around rotoworld.com and found some interesting bits on jagr and cherepanov, i'm hoping i'm not infringing on any copyright material here....


Sather will meet with the Omsk GM - Cherepanov's boss - to see if some sort of agreement can be reached that will allow the youngster to play in North America next season. The NHL and the Russian Hockey Federation still do not have a transfer agreement set up, which means that each player's transfer is handled on a case-by-case basis.


Ranger GM Glen Sather is already scheduled to meet the Omsk GM about prospect Alexei Cherepanov coming to North America. With Jagr scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent this summer because he failed to meet performance bonuses, he may be too pricey for the Rangers to re-sign. However, this meeting with the Russian team could simply be a negotiating tactic on Jagr's part. This will be an interesting story throughout the off-season.

Can anyone explain why Prucha was not in the line-up? I thought he played an inspired game the other night.
I imagine the problem is who to sit and where does he fit.

Fact is, Jagr still draws the top d-men in the league. No matter what, opposing coaches still do not put out their 2nd or 3rd pairing against Jagr. That leaves Gomez, Shanny, & Drury playing against subpar d-men on a regualar basis. He may not be dominating games like he has been, but he is still a big player that is discussed by opposing teams before each game. It's when they stop defending him with the top d-men that indicates to me that his game has officially subsided. In the past, no matter what you did you could not stop him. Now you have a chance to slow him down. But if they let up just a little bit, he will still dominate the game.

I for one believe there is a lot of hockey left in Jagr. Shanny too has slowed with age. He does not dominate like he used to. But he has made adjustments and I think we all can agree that he contirbutes regularly to the team. Jagr just may not be a 123 point player anymore. That does not make him worthless...

He still is 2nd on the team in points and the team is in the running to improve their place in the standings for the 3rd straight season.


Never said Jagr didn't make his linemates better. But Avery is not a good example. The way you make it sound, Avery is a nothing without Jagr and that's just not the case. Avery is 8th in scoring, has great speed, will continue to develop into a very good player and has the "edge" the Rangers need. He is not a $4.4MM player, but he probably is worth $3.5MM. You may not like him, but many teams search for players like him. As sather correctly said, he has qualities and sometimes he is a detriment. The Broduer thing last night was an example of his upside; drew a penalty and stayed out of any confrontation that would cost his team a PP. He should have also drawn a penalty when he went hard into the boards; he was interferred with, but he kept his cool. If he plays "under self-comtrol", he is a big asset, if not he is a big a$$.

Post saying Garden is nor moving and they going to renovate instead

Last night's game was a prime example why hockey is the best sport to watch. Passion, hitting, great goaltending and a touch of the unexpected. Reminded me of the Rangers-Isles in the '70s and '80s.

"Black Aces"- Orr, Hollweg

noone can deny the fact that Jagr's presence alone makes a huge impact on the other lines but that is not enough.

That said when your leading scorer has 23 goals that might be cause for concern during the playoffs when goals are at a premium.

From the "DON'T LOOK NOW, BUT" department:

If the Rangers go 2-2-1 over these last 5, they'll have equalled their 17-6-6 finish to last season; going 3-1-1 would improve that record to 18-5-6 and they'd then finish with 98 points. Not bad. Still think the only crack at winning the division is to go 5-0-0 and beat Pittsburgh in regulation, which is a pretty tall order. Still, they could pass Ottawa and Jersey and wind up with the four seed, not bad at all.


Jags is the reason why hes 8th in scoring.


Why are you failing to see one important thing.We might not have one player with 50 goals but OUR WHOLE TEAM IS SCORING.How can that hurt us in a playoffs?

If the Devil blogger wants a rule that explains why the goal was allowed, he should check the
rule book: it says "hand" not "arm" -- while it may appear that the puck slid up his arm, it definitely never hit his hand. But even if arms were not allowed, there is the video replay rule -- you need conclusive evidence to overturn an on-ice call, which in this case was "goal". What looked from the overhead angle as if the puck slid up his arm after hitting his shoulder was actually no such thing -- his arm was actually up in the air, not sliding along the ice. You can't tell that from the overhead replay, and that's why they say they need conclusive evidence.

So Joe, if creating scoring chances is also included in the definition of "impact", how can you possibly argue that Jagr had no impact on the game? He had at least two quality shots and at least two quality set-up passes that not even you in all your zeal can minimize, and otherwise he had control of the puck in the Devil zone that put the Rangers in position to make something happen (even if it didn't always happen) and if nothing else kept the Devils out of scoring position, possibly the best form of defense.


a 50 goal scorer is asking alot. My concern is we dont have a guy who is a threat to score whenever he has the puck.


"Quite frankly I thought both calls on White were BS. On the second, he gave Jagr a typical tap on the stick, not a slash, crappy stick just split in half. It was not a slashing call. turned the game back in the Rangers favor."

"I do have a question about the winning goal. The puck appeared to strike the glove of Dawes before his shoulder and Marty was unable to play the puck since Dawes was sliding and blocking him out. A pucjk can not be directed into the net by a glove it's in the Rule Book. I know after his glove it his shoulde. I have seen goals like this disallowed in several games why did this one count and how did this differ from the disallowed goal against Pitt? Marty was run into by an opposing player and had no way of playing the puck the same way they claimed Fluery had could not play the puck. I really would like to see more consistent calls on these plays or clearer rules."


I LOVE reading a Devils blog after we beat them.lol

Hey all, anyone think we have any kind of chance on Sunday against the Pens in their building on National TV? I would be really shocked if We win that game. I'm not looking forward to it. I'm sure the NHL will have them on the PP the entire game.


Avery has averaged 36 points per season in the NHL. He has 30 this year with 5 games remaining. So if Jagr is the reason for his scoring, then JJ has hurt Avery's production. Look, the issue isn't Jagr's impact on Avery, it's Avery's impact on the Rangers. It has, for the most part, been positive. EOS!


I like this as a fourth line. Orr has done nothing wrong and filled his role well. But with Prucha on that line, it becomes a real fun line. And actually I think Prucha is more effectively physically than Orr... Prucha does get flattened ever once in a while, but he isn't afraid of anyone. He is fearless in scrums and often wrestles down guys who have 40 pounds on him. Orr hits but Prucha is a step faster overall and more importantly a real good forechecker.

I think Renney still has in his mind the one game last year where Orr was out of the lineup and Jagr and others were getting abused ... and Rangers didn't counter. But with Shanny, Avery, Callahan and Dubinsky and even Drury I think we have enough 'middle-weights' for the playoffs...


I think we have an excellent chance of beating PITT. If Fleury is in goal, our chances go way up. Yes, we'll get a few bad penalties called on us, but we are now used to it and are ready to kill them off. The important thing is if we can get that PP goal when we get the man advantage.


remember Avery missed what 24 games this season. Over an 82 game average he has around 50 points

I never saw the puck hit his glove, but even if it hit his glove and then his shoulder, it's a good goal, since it wasn't directed in with the glove. You're allowed to use your glove to control a puck -- if he'd directed it to his stick with his glove and shot it in, it's good, if he knocked the puck down with his glove and then it hits his thigh, say, and goes in, it's good.

I do agree that Colin White did not deserve a penalty on the Avery-Brodeur incident -- it was Brodeur who should have been called. But how they can complain about how light the slash was or not after accepting the slashing call on Shanahan, that's out of bounds.

Jagr doesn't even have that many opportunities to shoot, I don't understand where you get off saying he can't shoot. I've seen him take shots the past few games that most players would never be able to make at least not with much power. He came around the net last night once or twice with someone on him, and he had his back to the defender and goalie, would turn to his right real quick and fire a wrist shot on net. Jagr's obviously not who he once was, neither is Shanahan, but give me Jagr and Shanahan right now on my team any day of the week, the kind of experience they bring to the table is the kind of experience that is going to come up big when it matters the most in the playoffs. Jagr will get out of his slump, and he'll prove you wrong just as he and Gomez did mid-season when you continued to say there was no way Gomez and Jagr could ever work repeatedly.

Just because someone isn't shooting as much doesn't mean they can't shoot.

The Blueshirts have lacked finishers all season -- 5 on 5 or on the power play.

For the past 2 games, it has been Straka. Apparently with his love of passing, he has forgotten how to shoot. Against Philly, he fanned or misfired on several shots when he had openings including a oouple of nice set-ups from Jagr.

Last night, he totally blew the beautiful set-up from Jagr in the 1st period that was mentioned above. When goals are scarce like against NJ or in the playoffs, you have to finish these.

Thanks to the goaltenders, the 3-2 score could have been 6-5 based on some of the breakaways and other opportunities that Henrick & Brodeur stopped. Quite an engaging game.

Dubi it dont matter of white was called on brodeur/avery accident the penalty still wouldve been called white or brodeur.

As for the slashing calls both of those calls shouldve never happened.Shanny gave him a lil tap and he got called for it.Same story with white lil tap and the stick broke.So us or them shouldnt complain about those 2 calls.Thank god tho it worked in our favor

Hope your right Rangerbill!

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