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March 29, 2008


Aren't brothels legal in most provinces in Canada? Why wouldn't he just go there? lol

Distractions. Part Deux.

Once again, Rangers fans are rudely reminded of what it really takes for the Rangers to get the front/back page in the tabloids. And I'm annoyed that Rangerland.net doesn't have something up on this yet. I could use a good laugh.

I woke up this morning. Walk past my Daily News. Look at the headline and keep walking. And then I really wake up, and go back and look at the paper again. WTF, dude? First, the Avangard business, now this. Aves, I hope you're vindicated. There's two things to be glad about here:

1. Guilty Innocent until proven Innocent Guilty. Even in the tabloids. I have faith that the general media, especially the New York media, and the sports fans in our area, will handle this sensibly and won't blow this story out of proportion. Now I will go stick my head in the sand, cover my eyes and my ears and ignore this story until it all blows over. Good luck with this, Aves. You're gonna need it with these vultures.

2. At least this doesn't involve a hooker and a crack pipe. Remember those days? The Rehab Rangers? Drunk or hung-over players showing up whenever, or not at all? Fun, wasn't it? We can be glad for small mercies.

Please, can the Rangers just make the playoffs and leave all this for after the season? Is it too much to ask?

But who knows? These distractions might just be what the Rangers need. To get away from what's happening off the ice, they will need to focus solely on what's happening on the ice. If distractions=wins...then bring on the Islander girls! Lundqvist can't wait to ignore you.

Oh dear.. I bet he's smoked weed to, probably knocked back a beer or two in his day also.
Terible person, obviously headed to H-E-double hockey sticks.

Seriously, his rebuttle he gave Weinman is good enough for me, first of all I believe him , and second of all, who the hell cares. Sam's headline was a beauty haha..

Tommorow should be a fun..

To anyone who is not a Blueshirt Bulletin subscriber- Guys, I just got my first issue and this publication is awesome! I am a 56 yr old hockey playing transplant here in Fl who eats up this webpage for news on the NYR and I have to say the magazine is much more than a supplement to this column. You are doing yourself a disservice by not subscribing if you are a fan. Thanks Dubi and co., keep up the great job!

Brothels are NOT legal in Canada.. But they are in the beautiful state of Nevada.

Although judging by the # of 'ladies of the night' I see going to and frow hotels whilst I'm on the road leads me to think nobody cares up here.. Nor should they.

What I love most about stories like this are the comments -- "Distractions Part Deux", wish I'd thought of that, and H-E-double hockey sticks, I guess if I'd grown up in Canada I'd have heard that one before, but I love it.

I cannot see Cherapanov making the Rangers next year , so it wont hurt anything if he plays in omsk . If he plays in omsk and we might lose him due to not sighning him ...Sather has to nab him soon , if this happens , we wont be able to ship him down to hartford , cuz the agreement will be that he doesnt get shipped down . This player is bred and raised acrooss seas , they will not send him here to grow up in our farm systems and we get all the credit for molding him . Euro mangetment want him to be called thiers , so if we cant accept that Cherapanov is ready , and we may not have a choice cuz we dont wanna lose him.. Jagr came in and never was in the minors , cherapanov will do the same . Up to sather to risk keepiing him there , ( i say he should stay for everyones sake) let him soak up all he get from them...send him here when most ourvets have retired . Best case senario...we get him here next year ( no risk in losing him ) have him play with dubbie and Jagr ...Tour russia , omsk ...play in the outdoor game ,,,have a heck of a celebration ..tribute the Rangers aLL year , cuz if they win the cup this year , they will be all poster boys havin fun ..considering Avery and Jagr are sighned , Cheap cheap Shanny wouldnt hurt :)

So, I'm watching the Bruins/Senators game on NESN (Center Ice), and the NHL news crawl at the bottom of the screen says:

"Rangers RW Jaromir Jagr to meet with Avangard league official to discuss his probable return to Russia next season."

Now it's "probable" Jagr's exiling himself to the Siberian Gulag next season?! I just slapped my forehead. This is getting ridiculous.

I'm really disappointed in Avery. He was only utilizing the mid-range services from the hookers and not the premium treatment. This is obviously due to his meager contract. Sather better take note and give him the 3-3.5 mil/per he's asking. This is unacceptable, I expect my Rangers to plow nothing but the finest hookers NY has to offer.

Joe, that gave me a good laugh thanks.

I'm watching Boston-Ottawa right now with the B's winning 2-0. That Chris Neil is such a POS. He put a Bruin player out of the game with another blatant elbow to the head. Looked identical to what that dumbass did to Drury last year. Thornton pounded him pretty good later on, but when will the league do something about head hunters like Neil?

Joe in DE, that is hilarious!

I hope we bring our A game tomorrow as its really getting to be a fight for the last playoff positions. Boston owned Ottawa 4-0, and we are only 1 point behind the Sens with 2 games at hand. The B's however are only a point behind us and we have a game at hand over them. A couple of important games later on...

Seems like the Rangers will have to exceed Avangard's 7.5mills if Jagr is to be back, non?

As much as I would want Jagr back next year, to pay him 7.5 million would be ridiculous based on this years performance. That money would be better used on getting a PP specialist and a decent dman. So if Jagr is using this as a means to up his salary,(which is pretty sleazy BTW) then I say its time to part company. I myself do not believe that he is trying to use this situation as leverage but I guess we'll know soon enough...

you guys think that drury was trying to recruit campbell when they last played in buffalo? i think he would be a really good addition in tyhe off season but his salary maybe a little out of reach.

Best comment on the Avery story. In hockey it's only two minutes for hooking.What's the big deal?

I think that Campbell would be a great acquisition, but I agree about the price. I'm sure San Diego will be hot to keep him, but maybe Drury could help sway him over...

San Jose that is... Sheesh I'm getting senile...

of course the record would lance into jagr meeting with omsk reps. the record is so bias towards the devils. after the rangers win in jersey when dawes got the shootout goal, the headline was "devils let rangers off the hook." after six wins, shouldn't it have been "rangers don't let devils off the hook"? living in jersey, i HATE the recrod.

TSN commentary on this summer's ufa shape up:


I really like Rolston or Stillman. They're old but would be a good addition this summer for 2-3 years especially if Shanny/Jagr/Straka don't come back. Get one and promote one or two of the young dudes. I've always been a Mike Commodore fan too.

Off that list I think Rolston, and Orpik would be players that would change the Rangers for the better. Rolston is very good on the PP, and Orpik is a hard hitting defenseman. Other good names as well...

Can anyone help me out? The Rangers are on what time tomorrow?

12:30 pm EST on NBC


Pitt announcer early this season said Rangers in 06-07 almost swapped Pru for Malone. If true, might he still be on the radar? Getting him could weaken Pitt in 2 ways.

Now you see if Avery was in Long Island and/or Newark his mug wouldn't of been on the front page of Newsday, he would've been lucky to be a footnote ... yet another reason why he would be stupid to leave the Rangers :D

Excuse me ... The Daily News .... its the meds =P

Of all people to do this it would be only expected from avery...hes basically a rockstar

Yea that is quite the sales pitch you have there Matty

"New York We do hookers right"

I just cheered an Islandorks goal.

the worst team ever

Thank you folks. Anyone hear on the Isle telecast that Billy Jaffe said the Isles were playing passionately? LOL! They blew that lead quite passionately.


A perfect evening for Ranger prospects

David Skokan and Rimouski advance to the 2nd round of the QMJHL playoffs

Ryan Hillier and Halifax won to take a 3-2 series

Danny Hobbs had 2 assists in Ohio's win

Carl Hagelin and Michigan advance to the Frozen 4

Damn, I actually feel bad for Dubielwicz. 51 saves in a losing effort, that sucks. I can't believe that I was actually rooting for the Islanders. I was hoping that the Prudential Center would fall down last night, but that wish didn't come true either.

As far as the Avery thing goes, it's common knowledge that hockey players are no angels, Avery especially. I was concerned that his standards were slipping (which I guess was well founded) when he starting hanging out with the Olsen twin that wound up being linked to Heath Ledger's death. So I guess the hooker is a safer bet. Avery has been a stud this season, so maybe we can get some more hookers for the rest of the team. I dunno, maybe we could even use that as a bargaining tool in next year's contract negotiations. If Avery hits certain stats, he will get "incentives". Would hookers go under the cap? Seriously, I couldn't care less. The guy is a poon hound, good for him.

other teams schedules

Mtl – at Ott; Buff; Tor
Pitt – NYR; at NYR; Philly; at Philly
Car – at Wash; TB; Fla
NJ – at NYI; Bost; at Philly; NYR
Ott – Mtl; at Tor; Bost
Philly – at Pitt; NJ; Pitt
Bost – at Buff; at NJ; at Ott; Buff
Wash – Car; TB; Fla
Buff – Bost; at Tor; at Mtl; at Bost

I do find it interesting that Bardin names his price here:

"Each team will have $7.5 million for a star player," he said. "Theoretically this sum could be spent on one [player like] Jagr."

Coming over right before The Playoffs, talking about Cherepanov, talking about NYR games in Omsk, naming his price for Jagr. All VERY interesting. Something is going on. Jess... it may not be a publicity stunt, but something is up. This definitely sounds like there is some back room negotiating going on...

Hey Matty, there is no nice way to say this but are your a bubble child? the only person who gets sick more is my sister.

this jagr drama is pissing me off. very unprofessional of the CAPTAIN.

ive been saying it for over a year. jagr will play in russia.

tax free.

the 15th richest man in the world can foot that bill.

i want straka back next year. and rozy. and avery.

jagr? i just dont see the production or the hustle anymore. so what if he draws people to him. thats something but not enough.

dont get me wrong. when he wants to dominate a game, he does. he just doesnt want it as much anymore it seems.

it sure would be nice to see him show up big in the playoffs.

i also dont think he can find another coach in the nhl that will coddle him like he needs (and gets now with the rangers.)

Chris QCT

This definitely sounds like there is some back room negotiating going on...

Sorry Chris but you are looking for something that is not there.

As long as there is no PTA between the NHL and Russia there will be no game in Russia involving the Rangers.

As long as there is no PTA then the NHL will not approve the Rangers purchasing the rights to Cherepanov for any amount. The Russians must come back to the PTA before they receive any money.

Let us also point out that there have repeated inconsistent statements by Bardin that Dubi has pointed out. Those statements have come out of Bardin's own mouth.

Sorry but none of the information I have read on the Open Russian League has said one word about a 7.5 million exception. Everything points out the 10 million low point and the 22.5 limit.

Sorry Chris but the X files have been canceled and soon so will all this talk

PaulR, no I am not but I do live in South Florida where at this time of year it is bright and Sunny and 80 degrees one day and then cool and chilly and 50 degrees the next day ... add rain to that and the fact that I have to up and about every morning when it's the coldest(5a) and you can see why I get colds/flus often ...


While that's a good slogan what I meant was that Avery matters and gets all this attention because he's a NY Ranger, otherwise he wouldn't even be a blip on the radar screen ... you know is true :D

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