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February 23, 2008


Another case of the Rangers running around in their own end, and a Sabre left unmolested in front for a screen on the point shot.

Which is why a physical defenseman rather than a scorer or a PP QB is more needed if a trade does happen

Dawes!! What a game already.

is Mara back on the bench or still in the locker room?

Boy, do I ever agree Matty!!!

Rangers look pretty scary in their own zone.

Why is Mara in the locker room? The BUF dudes haven't mentioned anything on it .. they were talking about the unfairness that the Rangers have played 2 games in the span that BUF has played 6 ...

Rangers look pretty scary in their own zone.

As do the Sabres in theirs ... neither team is playing sound defense

Mara got hit by a Buffalo player and both bodies went flying. Mara skated toward the bench and into the locker room.

I could care less about Buffalo's defense. We need the Rangers to pull it together in their own zone if we're going to keep the Sabres off the scoreboard.

God, I hate that Jeanerette idiot...

The BUF color guy is so .. loud .. he made a big deal out of Avery not being called for 2 because he says that he intentionally bumped Miller after he got the original penalty ...

We need to kill this off since it's toward the end of the period ...

Go Boys!

Gomez recover from the other end of ice and intercepted that pass. he can play the pk!


Matty I'm watching the same feed it's so crazy how biased they are.

Good for Avery as that kid tried to goad Dubi into something ... But Avery better not hurt his wrists again ...

Considering how all over the place the D was in this period it was a very good period as far as the physical and offensive side of things ... and Henrik was on top of his game ... BUT the D better tighten things up in the 2nd

refs suck.. someone tripped gomez in front of the net 2 minutes into the game, no doubt.....

the kaleta hit on mara was cheap. it was 1.5 seconds after the puck was gone and he left his feet.. If hollwegg did that hit he would have gotten 5 minutes...

Isn't it a penalty to fight with a visor on? Thought I'd heard that before. Either way the refs are ready for the playoffs it seems; no calls for a trip on Gomez and a blatant high hit on Mara, yet Avery's little arm tug must be punished. Incompetence is astounding. Good period though, gotta keep shooting as Miller looks shaky.

Mara looked like he was favoring his left arm, maybe a cut? Not sure.

Looks like the 3 blind mice are out in force. Missed a trip then a late hit on Mara but got Staal for defending his teammate. I didn't know you could still hit a guy that late, the hit was at the faceoff circle and the puck was in center ice!

NCsteve I will also be at the Carolina game,on my way to Hilton Head.Hoping I can scalp decent seats outside the arena.Any info on available tix would be appreciated.

Gomez Dawes 2 on 1 looked like it ended when Buff defender pasted Dawes away from the play. Isn't that s'posed to be interference?

No way are we going to win this one with our defense playing like crap.

I was hoping we'd keep Pominville off the score sheet because that whole "Population..." is so annoying.

Another goal scored from the slot, how strange!!!

That goal had nothing to do with an agressive BUF defense. We had NO POISE. Just took a hack at the puck when we had time to get it out. That was the same problem in MON...POISE.

And finally a PP!

c'mon, power play!!

nice effort by Callahan to draw a penalty.

laserman the play should have never happened, see how not clearing the zone led to two unnecessary goals

No disagreement there Chris...

Straka really sucks on the point!!!

What the hell is wrong with these friggin bums????????

there goes the season!

rangers doesnt really know how to clear the puck at this point..


what a goal!!!

great pass by Rozy!!

Dubi scores

What was that Blaze??

You saw that happening a mile away.

Jagr's inability to shoot leads to a goal...nice

Both teams are stinking the joint up!!!

atleast Buffalo having the same trouble as the rangers.

going to be an up and down gamee..

okayyyy...i take that back :)


This game is giving me heart problems


should be 3-0
three failures to clear led to three goals that shouldn't have happened.

Well, it's not exactly playoff hockey!


That Mark Owens guy said it perfectly. Renney sucks ! If Nyr wins the cup, or doesnt win the cup. Renney will always suck ! But hey, that's just me.

You are right it is just you because if you are unable to give Renney credit for when the team does well while being quick to trash him it says a lot about you very little of it would be good.

it all depends on tonights game. This team needs to start a big streak, the Isles lost 7, and then won 6. It can only get tougher from here on in.

No it does not depend on tonight's game as the only ones who are thinking that are the fans and the misinformed. The whole season is going to come down to how the Rangers in their games against their division rivals.

If I recall everyone was freaking out about the sky falling when the other teams made up their games in hand. Everyone was so sure that the Rangers were going to get blown away.

Hardly anyone is talking serious deals right now so Sather is no different than any other GM. It does take two to make a trade and if nobody is serious how can the Rangers make a move?


I follow the team very closely but am not an insider like you and Dubi.

I do not consider myself any kind of insider when it comes to the Ranger team itself. When it comes down to the prospects there I do believe I am an insider.

I was not aware that Hossa is still on the roster while in Hartford

People read what you write and took your article to push their own point of view. Those who also do not know the rules regarding conditioning assignments are thinking how dumb Renney is for not having a full roster.

You also questioned using Strudwick as replacement forward and asked if that was the best the Rangers could do. To replace Orr's toughness then I agree with Strudwick over Moore and that was the idea. I would make the same move too against a Hab team that had been running Rangers.

but I do tend to second-guess alot of his decisions.

If you are going to do that then common decency and journalistic ethics demands that you bend over backwards to make sure that your information is accurate and fair.

FYI the move I would have made to open the roster spot would have been to put Prucha on the IR retroactive to Feb 11th (the day after he last played)


Just say it with meaning


A defensive clinic on both ends...

could someone tell me where i can find a stat list for hits, im having a hard time finding it

Of all our players, I'm most concerned with Tyutin. He looks unsure of himself.

Boston winning 2 - 1

Philly winning 1 - 0


espn.com box scores have hit stats

Hollweg at Casino Night...yikes. He looked like an insane wedding guest, the cousin everyone avoids.

Let's tighten up in our zone this period, come on I can smell 2 pts.


See you should have let me trade Tyutin when I wanted to and not Dawes like you did (just kidding)

Seriously you are right Toots is very shaky tonight

thanks cr, im wondering if i can get some season stats as well?

Mark W

What are you talking about? Hollweg was the only one dressed for a Casino night, all those others all wearing the same outfits are ones to be worried about.

Hollweg is a choir boy

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