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February 23, 2008


If I'm not mistaken we play Florida at the Garden tomorrow, 2/24

great analysis but Florida is tomorrow...Carolina is Thursday

I'm surpised glen hasn't made a deal yet. U would think he would want to get someone in now so there is not such a getting to know period.

Might want to try the caffeinated coffee. The Panthers are in town tomorrow night. We head to Carolina on Thursday.

Rangers play the Florida Panthers tomorrow, 2/24. I'll be there.

Lol guys calm down i think DUbi got the point.

i'll be at the game against Florida too hopefully Lundqvist plays

When it comes to trades, Sather is the "stealth bomber". He seems to like to trade with friends, quiet is no indication of anything and when he pulls the trigger...no telling what he will shoot. If a GM is planning mulitlpe trades that could put his team in a very good cup position, he wants no one to know anything. Some GM's will kill a deal if they think the other GM has loaded up already. That's why there was so little discussion regarding Drury and Gomez. Sather was worried that if it got out that the Rangers were interested in BOTH, maybe another GM would up the ante, just to shut out the NYR.

Hey everybody, I was just checking in to let you all know that I still have a pair of tickets in section 115 row B for the Rangers and Devils on March 27th that I'm trying to sell. I have some issues that came up and I can't make it. The face value on them is $80 a piece. If you're interested in purchasing them from me, let me know at [email protected]. There won't be a charge for shipping but if you want to pay me with Paypal you can but I'll have to add a couple of dollars to cover the charge they whack me for. It should be a good game and that close to the end of the season the Garden should be rockin'

Mitch,if you don't sell the tix-contact me .I have a paypal account and would love those seats.

There was a piece in the Times today that the new Penn Station, MSG project is falling apart.
It reads that the Garden is likely to announce renovation plans in March.

I fear that renovation plans may mean closing MSG for a period of time and we play in the Swamp.

Bee there

Why would they let us use their arena?Essp when we didnt let them use ours this season

Who is they?

The Devils play in Newark.

NJ Sports and Exposition Authority runs the show and they would welcome NYR.


To be honest everyone knew the Rangers were targeting Drury and Gomez but nobody not even the Rangers thought it would be possible to get both. Cameron Hope structured the contracts that allowed it to happen.

As for the trades, I do not believe it is Sather who is calling the shots this season as I believe it is the 3 man team of Hope, Schoenfeld and Gord Clark who are calling the shots.


Cmon please be kind to Dubi, he is old and sometimes he forgets things so if he wants to redo the NHL schedule let him.

well I dont care who pulls the trigger but the defense must be upgraded ASAP especially with Henrik playing bad

here's hoping that 'time heals all wounds' and rangers bounce back after their montreal meltdown. buffalo has been steadily gaining confidence and paying attention to 'detail' as renney likes to say.

today's rumor is an interesting one. marcel AND marian hossa to montreal??!! check out this line from web:

"The Press of Montreal is standing by its story reported Thursday claiming the Montreal Canadiens had ordered gloves in the team colors for Marian Hossa, saying that his brother Marcel also ordered glove but the two stories were separate.

The Press also reported negotiations between the Canadiens and the Atlanta Thrashers are serious although there's no evidence at this time that a trade may be concluded."

Source: http://translate.google.com/translate?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.cyberpresse.ca%2Farticle%2F20080222%2FCPSPORTS0101%2F802220952%2F5128%2FCPSPORTS01&langpair=fr%7Cen&hl=en&ie=UTF-8

i always thought these 2 would be united some day, maybe soon? it's gonna be a wild ride till the end of the trade deadline, as it usually is.

is it 7 yet???


I just hope the bench reminds Renney that their is still 60 minutes in a hockey game.... Mercy rules or first to 5 don't count.

Renney's Use of 4th Line Leaves Team on Thin Ice
February 21, 2008
By Mark Owens

Simply put, Ryan Hollweg and Colton Orr should only be on the ice when the opponent is pushing the Rangers around, or perhaps when playing two games in two days. The illusion that they along with Blair Betts somehow form a checking line capable of dictating tempo and shutting down the opponents' best players is just that - an illusion. Yes, they had some memorable efforts, such as one early-season game when they held Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby off the score sheet, albeit when the dynamic duo were playing their second game in two nights. However, they just don't have the puck skills or skating ability to garner regular ice time, much less shut down top players in meaningful games.

Renney's use of the fourth line in Tuesday night's astonishing collapse was especially questionable. With Colton Orr out sick and Jason Strudwick playing out of position (sorry, he's not a forward), Renney exposed this line - and his team - in an important, playoff-like atmosphere. Has Strudwick ever played right wing before? Should he be expected to do a respectable job against one of the fastest, highly skilled teams in the league? We now know the answer is no. Renney should have known that and not used this line unless/until the game was well in hand in the third period, especially with three days off until the next game. Instead, the fourth line contributed zero shots on goal and was on ice for two second-period goals that got Montreal back in the game.

With Petr Prucha already sidelined and Marcel Hossa in Hartford on a conditioning assignment, why didn't Renney have Greg Moore on hand in case another player contracted the flu that already sidelined Marc Staal last weekend? Guess what, Orr got the flu and had to miss the game. Is Strudwick the best the organization can do in the middle of a playoff push? Don't these games matter?

If Strudwick and Hollweg had any use Tuesday night it would have been to control the punishment handed out by Mike Komisarek and Steve Begin. Why weren't they - along with Sean Avery, Brendan Shanahan, Paul Mara, and Marek Malik - answering the bell instead of (or in addition to) Brandon Dubinsky? If Hollweg can't make a statement in a game like that the Rangers really have no use for him. Hossa can't replace him in the lineup soon enough.

Renney may be holding this team back. It's hard to argue with his defense-first approach given its relative success in his first two seasons. However, regular ice time for the fourth line can only be construed as a "play not to lose" mentality, the equivalent of football's dreaded "prevent" defense, which usually only serves to prevent the winning team from putting a game away. Is that a wise strategy when you have two of the best offensive players ever and one of the league's best skaters and playmakers?

Betts, Orr, Hollweg and Strudwick are role players. Betts is a great penalty killer, Orr is a great fighter and Hollweg is a sometimes-effective physical winger. Together, they do NOT form a dependable checking line that is worthy of important minutes. Renney's effort to develop them as players is commendable, but is starting to look ill-fated in the middle of a playoff push

Any indication who is starting in goal tonight?

That Mark Owens guy said it perfectly. Renney sucks ! If Nyr wins the cup, or doesnt win the cup. Renney will always suck ! But hey, that's just me.

Devs beat the Isles today, so that's good. But the Pens just blew a 3 goal lead against the Sens, hopefully the Sens win it before OT.

Big game. Cant stress that enough.

Sorry but that Mark Owens either does not follow the team very well or was writing for reaction.

I am no fan of Hollwegs but this constant blaming of how Renney uses them is old and lame. Really which top lines have had great games against the Rangers?

Other than Gaborik the checking AKA Betts line has kept the best line of the other teams from doing serious damage.

This sexual obsession with how much ice time they get borders on the foolish.

This guy wants to know why they did not recall Moore as an insurance policy but either is unaware that Hossa despite being on a conditioning assignment remains on the roster so what move do you make to create a roster spot for Moore?

It is always very easy to sit back AFTER the fact and write about the woulda coulda shouldas but most who do write do not take the time to put themselves in the shoes of the coaching staff.

Send your resume in and apply for the coaching job if you can do better.

Last check is that the Rangers are over 500, that they are in fact in the playoff hunt and remain a dangerous team,.



That's just my point. If Sather let it be known that he was after BOTH, I doubt he would have gotten both. However, Drury calling Gomez or the other way around certainally helped get both of them.

Congratulations -- you all passed the test. I was just trying to see if you were paying attention.

Well, the Sens won. The Pens blew a 3 goal lead, and lost in OT. Still not as bad as Nyr though.


Nyr is either gonna make 6th, 7th, 8th, or just 9th and 10th. They havent proved yet that they are making the playoffs. Im not gonna get cocky and say there automatically in. If the Flyers continue to play like garbage then they have a bigger chance. it all depends on tonights game. This team needs to start a big streak, the Isles lost 7, and then won 6. It can only get tougher from here on in.

And for the record, i am very surprised that Sather hasnt made a deal yet. but its safe to say were stuck with Malik for the year, and Jags probably wont get moved. but say goodbye to Mara, Montoya, and probably Pruchs. Im gonna miss good ol' Petey Pru. I hope where ever he goes, he can go back to his scoring ways. Renney signed Prucha's fate the day he molested Pruchs' confidence by playing him with Betts & Orr / Hollweg.

See, Pittsburgh was up on Ottawa 3-0 halfway through the game and lost 4-3 in OT. AT HOME. I know, it still isn't a 5-spot, but it happens. we'll see if they move on. 20 games left, and in order to get to 96 points they're going to need to win 14 of them (or win 13 and lose 2 in OT, etc.). The Devils are starting to run away with the division (need 20 points in their last 20 games to reach 96) so clearly they'll be tough to catch unless they play .500 hockey and the Rangers win 15 of their last 20, which is no small feat. On the other hand, they play Philly 3 times (bet they go 2-1), the Devils 3 (1-2, since they've had a little too much success against the Devs), the Isles 4 times (3-1), Pitts 3 times (2-1). That leaves them at 8-5 in the division and needing to win roughly 6 out of the remaining 7 - 2 against Buffalo, Florida and one each against Carolina, Tampa and Boston. All of which are winnable games. So it is still eminently do-able. Not to mention, I'd fathom that this year a team won't need 96 points to make the playoffs because basioally that would mean 3 of Philly, Boston, Buffalo, Rangers, Islanders have to win 14 out of 20, which seems impossible to me.

The real trick will be trying to push for the sixth seed. I think 1-5 are going to be tough to catch unless those teams really start to falter. Then again, given their goaltending situation, if Ottawa does in fact draw the one seed and we're 8, I wouldn't bet against the Rangers. now if the Habs win that division, its a different story.....


Lol, sorry buddy, but i have a feeling Vally will play that one. he was pretty damn phenominal in the game he played against them, but Nyr couldnt seal the deal for him with the 5 on 3, then the OT PP. Then lost in the shootout, after Vally made 2 outstanding glove saves, and Dru couldnt tie the game up.

So you might get stuck with a back up again.

orr what game are u talking about


Tomorrow's game verse the Panthers.

after thinking about it long and hard, altho mark owens makes some intriguing points in his article, there are a certain amount of flaws in his argument.

"regular ice time for the fourth line can only be construed as a "play not to lose" mentality" is a foolish statement to make when you consider that the fourth line's sole responsibility is to shadow and defend the opposing team's top line. Making a comparison to the NFL's prevent defense is also misguided because the style of play in both sports is incredibly different.

My biggest issue with the article is his lack of alternatives. The idea to bring up greg moore in my opinion would hardly solve the issue, as Moore still needs to develop in Hartford, and he is hardly known for his defensive prowless down there. For everyone who bashes Renney about using the fourth line, nobody seems to remember that he is simply playing the hand he has been dealt. It would be nice to have 2 players skating with betts with more speed, playmaking abilities, and overall offensive upside. The only problem is these players do not currently exist in Hartford. Too much blame is placed on Renney, and not nearly enough is thrown at Sather's lack of transactions.

Considering the Rangers were predicted to be a top team in the eastern conference this year, Renney hardly deserves a free pass. But very few of us anticipated such a poor year from Jagr, an inconsistent year from Lundqvist, and an injury plagued year for Straka and Avery. Couple that with the transition that Gomez and Drury had to make in a new system, and there shouldn't be any surprise of where the Rangers are this year. There is no question however, that they have a bright future, and Renney should be a part of that future.

Dubi (lol)

I know you're just as excited about the Hurricanes game as I am! Can't wait till Thursday! Wish the game were tomorrow.

Rangers-Flyers matchup already being touted by NBC. They've got Gomez telling us how great it's going to be . . . NEXT Sunday.

Playoff rematch in 45 minutes. Rangers on the fly!

Dubi.. The other day you were sayin how the Canes' were done due to the 'sellers' trade they made last week.. I think they're a lock now in that division and to me they got a better AND younger player at each position. Eaves and Corvo for 52 year old Stillman and Mike Commodore.. You wouldn't make that trade if you were looking to get better now?

Not with Eaves basically out of the season and Corvo a major liability on defense. If it was just trading Stillman because you already have enough offense, that's one thing, but to add Commodore, a defensive defenseman, when you have one of the worst defenses in the league, with both players impending UFA's, this was clearly a future for now deal for Carolina and a go for it now deal for Ottawa.

Hollweg and Orr are not skilled NHL hockey players end of story.

Hollweg can skate semi-fast and hit people and absolutely nothing else. Orr can fight and hit people and absolutely nothing else. Asking them to do anything more than that is just asking way too much.

That guy Mark Ownes was dead on. Strudwick is an awful forward. Staal should have sat out again as he was not ready to play and Moore or someone should have been called up to play on the 4th line with Strudwick staying on defense.

I like Renney as a coach but sometimes he makes bad decisions like Drury on the point, Betts as the extra attacker with 30 seconds to go and last game where he allowed Montreal to manhandle the Rangers both with their hitting and their skating. When you are up 5-0 you play a full out trap like the Devils do.


Regarding the Mark Owens comments above...I follow the team very closely but am not an insider like you and Dubi. You're right, I was not aware that Hossa is still on the roster while in Hartford. The text that "zzyzx" pasted above is from outsidethegarden.com. I never said Renney sucks, but I do tend to second-guess alot of his decisions. I just enjoy writing about the team and will gush when it's called for and question/criticize when I think that's called for. Can't wait for tonight's game. Let's go Rangers!

oh will you look at that ... Chicago had a 5-1 lead in the third period today and lost 6-5 vs L.A. in OT today ...

I mean people get over it .. blowing the lead sucked, it happened, now move on ...

Let's hope our boys, unlike some, already moved on and are focusing on tonight!

Go Rangers!

ETA: Chicago won, I meant to say ... but the point remains ... the Rangers aren't the only team in the history of time that has blown a big lead and lost or almost lost ... so just get over it ... unless they go out and lose tonight and tomorrow then panic =P

I forgot Eaves was injured.. Silly me.. You win again! muahaha

Hey MSG,

who is Lundquvist?

Jagr deflection goal!! woooo!!

OMG Toots made an accurate shot from the point!



Awesome Penalty Kill, wonderful to see Henrik engaged and ready!

Jagr scores!

So Jags deflected that one? I am getting the BUF feed and they weren't so clear ... Even better

Jagr's pass got deflected into a goal..

going to be a tough gamee...

Toots & Girardi not doing thier jobs once again in front of thier own net.

Tyutin is now a -4 & Girardi is a -7

The 1st Buffalo goal should never have happened. Another case of the Rangers running around in their own end, and a Sabre left unmolested in front for a screen on the point shot...

what a sniper,

Dawes scores!!

Thank you Nigel...

Nigel Dawes!!!!


we are on top again!


sorry for the typo...watching the game as Dawes just scored.

Toots & Girardi not doing their jobs once again in front of their own net.
Tyutin is now a -4 & Girardi is a -7

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