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February 27, 2008


Backman cant be worse than Malik, can he?

And I didnt know Phoenix had any fans, let along dedicated blogs....Good for them


Sister Christian.

That makes me feel so much better aboot trading for him.

See now you people will regret being such meanies to Marek Malik.

I can see sales of Number 8 jersey's increasing now


No need to rush to judgement on Backman. We know we're not getting Chelios, Lidstrom or Zubov. But our coaching staff has been effective getting improved, productive play from other young veterans such as Avery, Betts, Roszival.

Yo Ant

How about a Malik/Backman pairing?

Off topic:

Is anyone else totally pumped about Bobby Sanguinetti? I admit that I haven't seen him play, but those numbers are unbelievable. The OHL has become the top league for his age group and he's dominating. Who is the last defensive prospect throughout the NHL with these type of numbers? I don't dare make the comparison, but he sounds like he's going to fill the void left by you know who.

Jess: This is purely hypothetical, but is there any way the Rangers could add him to the playoff roster if Brampton's season ends early? I imagine he's at least definitely going to the Wolfpack like last season. Thanks.

if as a 3rd pair i have no problem.Im not a really big Malik hater i accualy met him in person outside of garden had a little chat and u can see that the guy is dissapointed but u can also see hes doing the best he can.I seen malik/struds and im pretty sure dat malik and a speedy partner would be pretty good.Plus Malik been outstanding last couple of games.

Harry/Backman/Mara/Struds.Rotate them.


This is purely hypothetical, but is there any way the Rangers could add him to the playoff roster if Brampton's season ends early? I imagine he's at least definitely going to the Wolfpack like last season. Thanks.

Actually it is not all that far fetch as you may think as it has happened before. If it was me and the Rangers are still playing then I would bring Sanguinetti along just to practice and soak in the experience of the NHL playoffs.

That is just my own POV as you are right Sanguinetti will most likely be joining the Pack (well that is if they are still playing given their recent failures in AHL playoffs). I also think you will see David Skokan, Ryan Hillier and Tomas Zaborsky also getting ATOs.

I would be a bit surprised if Jordan Foote and Billy Ryan get ATOS given their season.


I am no Malik hater either as he was friendly to me when I covered the Rangers, nice guy who does care more than people realize.

Anyone remember the last Ranger defenseman to wear number 55? I hope this one will be different.

can u people please stop thinking we are moving up in the standings and catching teams like the devils and pens. lets get in right now since we are 3 pts ahead with buff and phil having a game in hand. we are not catching the devils 9 back so its in out best interest to have them beat teams closer to us.

Eric what the hell u talkin about.We playing Devs i believe 3 times and pitts 3 times if we back and we win dem wel tie dem.Now im not saying dat wel deff will beat him im sayin dont say we not catchin them when deres a big chance that we are

Yeah my bad for spelling im too tired today

Hey, Jess,

What's the deal with Pyatt going down to Charlotte to make room? Is he not ready for AHL or perhaps not making adquate progress in Hartford? Is his stock falling?

marty McCorly I think wore it last. Nope it was Ulnaov sorry

marty McCorly I think wore it last. Nope it was Ulnaov sorry


Here is a list of the top 30 goalies in the league based on save percentage, and they're broken up here based on how they got in the league:

undrafted: conklin, backstrom*

second round or later: thomas, bryzgalov*, garon, ellis*, vokoun, huet*, osgood, miller, legace, nittymaki, turco, gerber*, harding*, nabokov, labarbera, lundqvist*, toskala, theodore, smith*, khabibulin

first round: leclaire*, luongo, brodeur, giguere, biron, lehtonen*, price*, dipietro*

The asterisk means they were drafted or signed in 2000 or later (since your statistics were based on that time). First of all, there are clearly a LOT of current, quality starting goalies who were not drafted in the first round (as of today, almost every goalie in this list is his team's current #1). Over the last 7 draft years, if you skip the first round, you do miss leclaire, who's excellent, dipietro, who's okay, and lehtonen and price, who both still have to prove themselves. You have an opportunity to get Hank, mike smith, bryzgalov, harding, ellis, gerber, and huet. Oh, and if you miss all of those, you can always sign backstrom as an undrafted free agent.

Goaltending is the position in the NHL where depth pays off least. You need one or two excellent goaltenders every 5-15 years to contribute to an elite team. When a team has more than one elite goalie, one of them is always eventually abandoned (almost always for cheap). It seems like as many of the elite goalies come from the second and later rounds as come from the first round.

You're better served using the higher-probability first-round talent to get players from the pools of talented scoring forwards, high-scoring d-men, and the ultrarare chris pronger/scott stevens types. At least when those guys fail to live up to expectations, they can still add useful 3rd and 4th line depth and often aren't wasted picks. Mediocre goalies, on the other hand, can't do anything else.

Nobody in the East is out of reach IF we stop giving away points.
But each of us can probably point to 5-10 games already, when the team let points slip away.
This current spell is the 3d or 4th this season where they seem to finally have it all together, but they've followed those with weak stretches.
I believe Rangers can play with anyone, when everyone plays hard and smart. They have talent, depth, leadership, energy and an effective system that works, yet allows for skill and instinct to make a difference.. If only they'd play their best consistently...

Don't be concerned about Pyatt in Charlotte. Most of our players have been there in their first or second pro year. I am a bit surprised they kept all 3 of Owens and Ouellete and Graham over Pyatt. But I expect he will play more down there, he's been a healthy scratch alot lately.

According to Larry Brooks in his Post article we've not only got Sjostrom but also some guy called Sjoberg!)))

It seems the NYR go after certain type of D men, and it's not the physical type. Must be some good reasons, but I prefer a tough, gritty guy to be a part of that corps.

BTW if u think we didnt get enough for Montoya dont forget Bryzgalov was lost by the ducks for nothing and im pretty sure he is much better goalie den Montoya

Renney is a good coach, no question about it. But his flaw can kill this team at this time of year. That is, he is too slow to pull the plug on a guy who's a dud or worse. Giving Hossa chance after chance for three long years when he should have been out of there after the first is one example. Maybe Hossa didn't hurt the team that much, and did have rare spurts of offensive production, but he blocked the way for others who had potential for improvement. The dime finally fell with Renney in the last few weeks. Then there was Ozolinish. That year the defence was tight and this guy screwed it up royally, but Renney stuck with him to the bitter end.

I say this because we don't know these two Swedes from a hole in the ground and I don't think if after a few games they don't demonstrate they can step into the chorus line and kick in synch, then we should go with what we've got. This is no time for experimentation. Even the great Forsberg failed to jell in Nashville and they went from a team cooking on all cylinders to one that sputtered out of the playoffs.

"Nice guys finish last," said Leo Durocher and that was Renney with Hossa and Ozolinsh. I hope he won't repeat past mistakes.

Ivrydov u blame Renney for Ozo who do you think couldve stepped up that yeay to take his spot


Dave Liffiton wore it last if i remember correctly. What was wrong with him ?


Thats a good point. Im already over it. Im just pissed that we got a D man who probably wont even play the rest of the season, especially since we already have a 7th man, with Strudsy. But eh.

I got nothing against Sjostrom, hopefully that 4th line will get more offensive.

I will start a "Fire Renney" chant every time i go to a Ranger game, if he sends Cally to the AHL.

I expect the lines to be...

Avery - Dubinsky - Jagr
Shanahan - Gomez - Dawes
Straka - Drury - Callahan / Prucha
Prucha / Callahan - Betts - Sjostrom

just so you know the eric that made those comments is not the usual eric thats on the site!!

wow. sens fire their coach today!! paddock gone after a bad stretch, what a statement about state of affairs there. the sens were flying so high for so long now they are crashing and the coach gets pulled.

i hope backman gets a new lease on life with rangers and elevates his game to meet or exceed past expectations. will he be put on the point during the power play? with what unit?


i am not a fan of the Staal-Rozsival pairing. Staal has offensive skills that he should be using but pairing him with an offensive defenseman like Rozsival forces him to take less chances and become more like a stay at home d-man.

pairing him with Strudwick doesn't work either b/c if Staal gets caught pinching, Strudwick doesn't have the speed or ability to stop a 2 on 1.

My suggestion for next season is this:

Staal- UFA

Sanguinetti will probably not be ready next season and the same probably goes for Sauer. The Rangers should sign a physical veteran stay at home defenseman like a Brendan Witt for a 1 YEAR CONTRACT ONLY and allow Staal to play a more offensive game.

I really hope that sjostrom playing in place of orr means just the rw and he moves to lw when orrs back and hollweg sits. Otherwise what was the point of trading sather/renny......


if Sjostrom is that good defensively then maybe come playoff time you might see a 4th line of Sjostrom-Betts-Callahan/Orr that can be used a defensive group late in games

yup oleo... I'm just worried that people are hinting that orr hollweg and prucha might get preference when orr and prucha are healthy which is rediculous then why trade?

lines should be


Elsie basically covered the Pyatt situation for me (Thanks Elsie) as this is a chance for Pyatt to earn more playing time.


Not sure which Eric is the usual Eric since we do not have a daily Eric poster so please consider wearing a uniform when posting.


Totally strange move by a franchise well known for their strange behavior

It is just another reason why I am happy to sit on the see-saw wearing my straight jacket thinking the Rangers could steal the Eastern Conference.

Paddock is being blamed for problems beyond his control (like the GM not getting rid of Emery a cancer) so Murray who deserves the blame escapes it.

"Ivrydov u blame Renney for Ozo who do you think couldve stepped up that yeay to take his spot."

They lost their last seven games in a row including four in the playoffs.Renney finally benched Ozolinsh in the last game, but then MVP Jagr got hurt in the first period.

The top 7 were four who are there now, Kaspar, Poti, and Pock, until Ozolinish came. Then Ozolinsh got to play the most minutes in many of the games.

Renney finally benched Ozolinish in the last game, which didn't have to be the last game. I say he could have moved earlier because the defence had become a sieve, which wasn't the case before this guy showed up.

U still didnt tell me who u wouldve put in for Ozo

I think when Orr comes back you will see Hollweg sit unless we are playing a team such as the Flyers


the Rangers lost to the devils b/c Hank/Weekes played awful. Jagr damaged his shoulder permanently and he was pretty much the whole team that year and the defense was awfal.


I was only pointing out that the words "probably never" with respect to your comment about drafting goalies in the first round would miss a bunch of guys. Yes, taking a goalie in the first round OVER a better choice might not be the smartest thing to do. However, if the team is in a bind, like the Rangers were, then it could be worth the risk. Blackburn was down and out and Richter was either post concussion or within 2-3 years of the end. I do not fault the Rangers for that selection. My choice would not have faired any better. It was Adam Munro and I have no idea where he ended up. Very good goalies are very hard to find at 17 years of age. So a selection of a goalie is probably more a crap shoot then any other position. The have a tendency to come from all the most unusual places with in the draft and even from outside the draft. Like Tim Thomas & Ty Conklin, some just get an opportunity and make the best of it.


Munro is in the AHL playing for the Crunch

"U still didnt tell me who u wouldve put in for Ozo."

The guys who were there before he came and even with injuries, the guys who knew the system. Just like they've done this year.

There was never any criticism of those defencemen that year except they were looking for a PP QB.

i am diehard ranger fan season tix holder in section 330 been reading this site for 6 months or so and i have to say there are valid points. but most people here think this team is back again. all i am saying is we are 3 points ahead of 2 teams with a game in hand and we just saw pitt get better while they added gill who for one i think on the rangers would have been a waste however we all know jagr has problems with when going against. i hate to say it we are not catching these teams the devils and pens because they dont go into funks. besides we have beaten them every time this year dont u think they will beat us once over next 3 games. lets focus on getting in. too many of u think everything is swell again. as most of u root against the devils and pens i think we should be pulling for them vs teams like boston buffalo phil isles. any thoughts?

You still not naming me one name.If you have no clue who played on that squad maube u shouldve not brought it up then

I'm in!!!! Two rows from the ice!!! Rangers at Carolina!!! Awesome tickets. I am very fortunate. Can't wait. Looking for a good game out the Blueshirts. I've seen a couple of stinkers there. Should be a great matchup. GO RANGERS!

Thanks, Elsie and Jess, re: Pyatt

"You still not naming me one name.If you have no clue who played on that squad maube u shouldve not brought it up then."

Maybe you should read what was written before you keep repeating yourself like a broken record.

I said this. "The top 7 were four who are there now, Kaspar, Poti, and Pock." That's three names figuring you know the other four -- Roszival, Malik, Tyutin, and Strudwick.

These guys were solid playing a system until Ozolinsh came. There was no big come from behind run, they were up in the standings.

My point to repeat it for the 15th time was that Renney waited until what turned out to be the last game to bench Ozolinsh and go back to the guys who got us to the playoffs. He waited too long. If he had done that three weeks earlier, just as San Jose now has given up on him, he might have been able to tighten up the defence before the playoffs.

Now again this year the defence is playing well (except for one period in Montreal) and we're bringing in some guy named Sister Christian. If he pans out,fine, we got 8 Ds for the playoffs. But if the system starts breaking down, as happened then with the undisciplined Ozolinsh, then Sister Christian has got to get the hook before the team gets to the point where it has one foot in the grave and go with the tried and true.

This is not nuclear physics. What part of this do you not understand?

an historical question for anyone: nov. 1, 2000 vs tampa bay, a 6-1 win. anybody remember if that was the night fleury had a hat trick? it was my son's first game and he needs the info for school. or direct me to where i might find it? ihdb doesn't have it. thanks in advance.


yes if Backman plays poorly he should be benched but I think he will be better than Malik in every single possible way however not by much.


Did I catch you saying that the Rangers won't keep beating the Devs and Pens because they've so consistently beat the Devs and Pens, which I guess makes the Devs and Pens due? The law of averages doesn't apply to hockey games (the better team usually wins). The fact that the Rangers beat the Devs and Pens so much would imply there's a reason for that and that they would therefore continue beating them (although with the Pens changing so much there's no telling with them).


Got you covered!!


off topic guys, but I have a request

I'm an avid reader of this and other ranger sites...great work all!

does anyone know of any sites similar to this or hockeyrodent that covers pittsburgh penguins as in depth?

thanks in advance!!!


Ozo and Backman are both defensemen, but fulfill(ed) different roles.

Ozo was suppose to and expected to be our powerplay quarterback.

Backman is not. In fact, all he's expected to be is a depth defensemen, until Mara comes back.

But who knows? This is Backman's opportunity to take advantage of. He may end up stealing Mara's job afterall.

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