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February 22, 2008


so i see chris holt reported to hartford yesterday. is that to be a back up to wiikman and therefore mean that montoya is headed somewhere soon?

montoya is hurt

he's hurt? that sucks on a couple of different levels. what kind of injury?


Groin injury


Yzerman is one of the greatest captains in the NHL. But what could he do late in his career ? With Shanny, Chelios, and all that leadership of a dominating team. They choked every season after the last cup win. Messier was a great cappy, but what did he do after 94. Jack. He couldnt get this team back to the cup finals. It doesnt come down to a letter. It comes down to the real leaders of the team stepping up, not just the captain. If Dubi, Dawes, Pruchs, or Cally were the captain, id love to see how they would get the team going. Like i said, it doesnt come down to one of the many vets. All have to step up and lead by example. Jags isnt doing it, but Dru is.


Jagr said if the Rangers didnt want him, and he left the organization, then he'd want to play for a Canadian team. Thats what he said on TSN.

Im glad to see the Rangers team has a better attitude the 99% of the commenters.

all of this negativity has gotten OLD, eh?

I am so bored at work, does anyone have any good trade rumors for me (Thanks, much appreciated)

if your bored at work and want a good laugh go check out the fodder that eklund is spewin out... this is definitely his "time to shine"... maybe hell get a couple of em right this time...

with him the rangers are involved in everything... lol

This deadline sucks big time.

The only thing I would want out of the deadline would be a physical defenseman more than a PP QB imo ....

Mark W.

I can cook but I don't particularly like doing it even though I am good at it so I compromise and cook 3 times per week lol


In the upcoming issue of BB besides your interview with Bobby S. Will you be giving us an update on what he's improved on so far this season? We all know about his gifted offensive game, but will you touch on the rest of it? :)


Will you please never, ever, praise Renney during a game again? I think that the Hockey Gods couldn't handle it ;-)

I 2nd Matty enough of the grand moves give me a Jay Mckee Dman(he is only 30 with 2 yrs left on a deal, i think) and ship out the pylon and Mara if possible and that is it.

d would be toots and girardi, staal and roszival, and mckee and struds or keep mara and it would be Mckee and mara.. Not the canadiens of robinson, savard, and lapierre but solid and smaller and tougher with Mckee vs malik.

give STL Malik and a 3rd and 6th round pick......


You don't have to worry about that.Any coach who's behind the bench when his team blows a five goal lead is not a coach I will ever praise again!

right cause it was Renney who let in 5 goals. It was REnney who collapsed on D right czech?

CZECH .Your like an old record that keeps playing and playing and people get tired of listning to with all this crap about how you hate RENNEY///Get a life and go cheer for the Devils or some other team that that has a coach that might live up to your expecations.

Ok I will defend Czech here as he was not trashing Renney during the game and in fact was giving him some credit.

Attacking him now is kind of unfair to do because Czech was in fact changing how he was posting and was being constructive in his criticism.

I may not agree with him but I am also not going to trash the guy for doing nothing wrong.

I too was not happy with how Renney handled the blowing of the 5 goal lead and agreed with Czech on it.


I will do the breakdown on Sanguinetti at the end of the season, this current interview was about talking to him about things and I do not like putting kids on the spot regarding their performance.

You can know how to contact me if you have any questions or did someone hide your high chair and you can't reach the keyboard LOL

Orr (and others), the Montreal game doesn't matter. It's past tense. What matters, now, is how this team reacts to it. Can we stop whining and wait for AFTER Saturday's game?\


Friends gave us four tickets on the glass next Thursday. 'Canes hosting the Rangers. I'm stoked. Not sure of the section yet. Pick up the tickets Monday (what a gift!). I think the tickets are in the corner at the Rangers' end. Maybe get to see Lundqvist up close two times. Alright!

I have tickets to the game against Florida. Anybody know if Lundqvist is going to play as I don't have a chance to go to games as much as I used to and I have yet to see Hank play in person.

Since the lockout I've gotten Weekes and Vally but no Hank.

Damn its quiet. Anyone know how many trades there were last year at these point.



I can barely make toast so if someone can make macaroni and cheese I'm impressed lol

btw I know no one cares as its a Western game but Phoenix just tied Colorado 2-2 with 3 seconds left, the Avs announcers sounded like they got punched in their stomachs. On that note, with Buffalo coming up (and their guy with his scooooooooooooorrrrrrrreeeeee, sounds like he's passing kidney stones), I was wondering who everyone thinks is the most irritating announcer(s) in the league? Consider this a vote for the Buffalo guy.

I'm on board with you Mark, I detest that guy. "Oh the opposite scored..." but Buffalo, oh man, it's like hockey's equivalent to "Gooooooooooooooal"

I have to agree Mark, Rick Jeanerette (Sabres announcer) is the most annoying announcer I have ever heard. I'd like to stick is head top shelf where grandma hides the cookies!!!

NHL Network seems certain that Hossa is headed to Montreal, though I've heard Minnesota (radio I think)

btw on this date (2/23) in 1989, Pittsburgh blows a 6-0 lead in Detroit to get a 6-6 tie. They won the cup two years later. Just putting it out there...

Hey wait for me as I want on THIS bandwagon.

Never has an announcer been so annoying over one word as Jeanerette is. I root for the Sabres to be shut out just so he can't do that stupid goal call of his.

Mark W

Rumor has it that Matty makes a mean microwave. Nobody pushes buttons like she does.

And you should see how awesome she is with takeout LOL

(Sam is making me post all this Matty stuff so it is all his fault)


I will not in kind respond to your blatant and unwarrented attack against me.That being said,I did not know that you speak for everyone on this blog.If you read the posts during the game you would've been SHOCKED at the amount of posters who's point of view was similar to mine.In fact if went on some of the other blogs and read those,you would have seen that my point of view was very prevalent that night.You see George,you also would have seen that I praised Renney through the time that the Habs tied the game.It is his inabilityto handle in-game situations that irks me.His over use of the fourth line,and his insistance in playing players in positions they have no buisness being(strudwick at forward,Hollweg anytime).I have no personal hate towards the man,just his coaching.But instead of reading my posts and making a reasonable response to me,you chose to talk out of your ASS and trash me.But hey,I can take it,but also remember that I can dish it out.Just remeber that the next time.

Jess-thanks for the assist against that weapon of mass destruction George!

Wow all these bottled up Jeanerette feelings. Let 'em out guys, let 'em out

Sorry Jess and Matty, but I am the world champion of microwaving. As a college student, I have an intimate relationship with mine, it's like a zen thing. Lean Cuisine is frigging RuthChris when I get done with it lol.

Yzerman was pretty damn good in the playoffs in his last couple of seasons.

Mark W. my two least favorite announcers are:

1. The guy who does games for Tampa. Go check out the vids on youtube. Sounds like a demented Gilbert Gotfriend.

2. Mike Emmerick. His voice is terrible. He might know the game inside out, and be able to call a good game, but he screws it up by overdoing everything.

Mark W

See you kids think you cornered the market on microwaving, sorry but some of us have been nuking the meals since before you were born.

Besides true microwave chefs do not do frozen food they nuke canned Spaghetti O's and you call yourself king, how disappointing.

Doc Emrick sounds like chalk squeaking on a chalkboard.
I mute the games when he's on.

Before I moved back to Manhattan, I had to listen to that broken record on Center Ice often when we played the Devils.
How can people so annoying get and maintain a job like that?
Only in Hockey :)

tampa's radio announcer makes ken harrelson and rick jenrette seem like unbias observers......

Jeanerette and Doc Emrick are two of my faves next to Sam Rosen.

Mark W.

Thats nice to here. Now i can look forward to the 2009 - 2010 season when Nyr wins the cup. Im not trying to be an a hole, but what does the Pens blowing a six goal lead, and winning the cup in the next two years have to do with anything? Id feel alot better if you told me they blew that, and won the cup that year.

no doubt Jeanerette is unbearable with his homerism, but it's honestly not worth getting upset over since he's never been able to utter the words "and the buffalo sabres are stanley cup champions"

seriously some nights i sleep easy knowing that buffalo has never won anything relevant in the world of sports. Next to philadelphia, they withold the most biased, classless and pathetic fans in the U.S.

I'm glad that I'm not the only one who cringes at Emerick. "He spikes the puck". No he doesn't Doc. Nobody spikes a puck. People spike volleyballs. The man has his own verbiage and now others are emulating him, making Emerick's bizzare lingo part of the hockey announcers' lexicon. Now I even see him on VS Network. Give it a rest. Give me Sleepy, Dopey or Grumpy, anybody but Doc.

The worst announcer is Chico Resch. Strict homer with a voice that would take paint off the wall. NOT TO MENTION HE's A FORMER ISLANDER!! Dennis Potvin is ok in FLA because he's closer to South America than he is to New York. Keep on truckin', buddy!

Thank god somebody finally mentioned Chico! I actually love Emerick, even if his voice is a little odd. Chico, on the other hand... well... how does he enunciate that cleanly with Marty Brodeur's b@11$ in his mouth?


Here are my worst announcers:
1. Atlanta - J.P Dellacamera & Darren Eliot - Dellacamera knows soccer, not hockey and Eliot adds nothing
2. Dallas - Daryl Reaugh - only seen a couple of Stars games and he's been wholly unimpressive
3. Florida - Denis Potvin - he never shuts up
4. Tampa Bay - Don't even know who they are, but it's bad along with the Centre Ice feed - all around bad.

I actually don't mind biased home announcers - unless you're talking about the Chicago White Sox announcers - awful!!

The best non-NYR announcers:
1. Boston - Jack Edwards and Andy Brickley - just really enjoy their broadcasts
2. Pittsburgh - Bob Errey

When my nephew's of legal age, we're going to play "Hi, Bob" whenever Emrick says the word "ricochet" during a game. Listen for it--at least twice a period a puck ricochets and we hear about it. While he's erudite and does his homework—how many of us realize he puts together a pronunciation guide to new foreign player names before the season starts—he HAS to be one of the hardest calls for me to sit through.

Now, I'll incorporate "spike" along with "squib," a word I'd never heard as a verb. Until I looked it up. No wonder they call him Doc!

Chico reminds me of an eighth grader: Eager to please everyone.

And I've been pleasantly surprised by Joe Micheletti's honesty. He's been blunt about player performances. And yeah, it was fun to hear the open mic the other night in Montreal. Only wish it had been on again before they dropped the puck for OT.


I find him hilirous the scooooooooooooooooooooorrreeeeeee guy.VERSUS got the worsr announcers because Cindy Crosbys name pops up in any game everytime.Then they followed by the Devils fans

I agree with Czech's email vs George, I think you have to give Renney credit for some things, but to me there is more bad than good with Tom. Look, we haven't played a full season of even close to consistent hockey in the three post lockout years. Year 1 our collapse sends us to a low seed and play NJ in round 1 where we get absolutely embarassed. Last year, we sucked most of the year, terrible PP, and had to battle our butts off just to make the 6th seed. This year? Same crap, totally inconsistent, barely any changes made through the first 40 games as it was clear something had to change. Renney continuously sent the same 5 guys out for PP through 40+ games.Result? Same as always, our PP is a main reason we are in 8th right now..And as Czech said, and I couldn't agree any more, Renney's in game coaching leaves a lot to be desired.

Look, there is a reason I believe negativity has taken front and center with the Rangers, BECAUSE THEY DESERVE IT. I love this team as much as anyone here, but I feel like so many people are ridiculously optimistic about them when all they've shown under Renney is an ability to underachieve, make terrible mental mistakes and completely and utterly unable to play 60 minutes worth of hockey. Please, other than the ATL series last year, what in gods name has happened here thats been so good with Renney?

On the positive side, Dubinsky, Dawes, Callahan, Staal, Tyuton, Girardi..Many youngsters have taken positive steps, and I am happy about it to see that youngsters are taking big roles with this team. I'm keeping the faith that next year more are incorporated...Anisimov, Sanguinetti, Baranka..

BTW, in todays NHL if you spend big on one defender it means a few cheap ones have to play. So if we can deal for Boyle and sign him for 6 mill per year, that means that Rosival, Mara and Malik need to take a hike, especially now that we have the highest paid goalie in the NHL. As much as I love Henrik, I cant fathom that he's the top paid goalie, frankly I haven't seen enough consistency out of him to warrant being highest paid...Go with Girardi-Tyuton-Staal-Boyle-Sanguinetti-Baranka-Hutchinson-Strudwick next season and that'll save the money you spend on the big d man in Boyle.

Lets go Rangers, huge game today, no OT garbage either, must get regulation win. By Thursday we'll be caught up with everyone in the east on games played, these two days of games are as important as any games remaining. Lets play 60 minutes of great hockey and enough mental lapses!!! Jagr, start driving to the net again, Renney, play the top 3 lines for most of these games, and Henrik, lets pick the play up!!! :)


Sounds like a showdown is in order. Just remember while you're sleeping, I'm microwaving.


It doesn't have to be exactly 2 years. The point was that Pittsburgh team had a cup in their near future, and they also had a decent season in 88-89. They lost in 7 in the second round. Some people here seem to think that the Rangers will shrivel up and die and it doesn't have to be that way. There is a precedent, and while I know it doesn't always happen that way, it's something interesting to keep in mind.

let me remind everyone of the fact that the Rangers are in better shape then they were at this point last season.

Hopefully Sather improves the defense and Jagr magically learns how to shoot a puck again and then this team can go far.

Another 6th place finish and a first round win looks very reeasonable at this point as long as Henrik plays better.

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