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February 25, 2008


Here seriously is something to think about:

As people are pulling their names out of the trade market, is it possible that all the Rangers might do tomorrow is exchange minor leaguers?

What happens IF the Rangers fail to trade for a defenseman like everyone thinks they need?

Now ask yourself this question if you are the Sabres:

Why would you trade Campbell to the Rangers when you are battling them for a playoff spot? Nobody and I mean nobody has taken that tidbit into consideration as if I am running the Sabres I send Campbell out west.

As for Tampa Bay, a bidding war is starting for Boyle's services and the Rangers lack the one player the Bolts want and that is a goalie.

Really unless the Rangers can provide the Bolts with a legit goalie prospect or ready made one then why would Tampa want to trade Boyle to the Rangers when someone else will give them a goalie?

Can I make a real suggestion for those of you who insist on pretending to be a GM, go to the team that you are going to want to deal with and take a hard look at what they need and see if the Rangers could actually off real value in a deal

Hal Gil Makes 2.1 million for next season

Philly tied Buffalo to go into OT. Can anyone in the east win in regulation?

marge coaches are almost now trained to at least get one point rather than none.

ye and philly was down 3-0 and came back btw


I know, but lately it seems like the coach who's winning is trained to let the other team catch up.

Jess if the Rangers make only one deal tomorrow and you're the GM, what is it?

vinny prospal traded to flyers

Philly picked up Prospal from Tampa

Prospal to Flyers for Picard & pick.

o no prospal to the flyers

I dont see why Philly needed Prospal. They gave up Picard, a good young Dman.

That bites because Prospal has been heating up.

The Lightning on Monday night signed defenseman Dan Boyle to a six-year deal thought to be worth $40-million.

TampaBay.com just reported that Dan Boyle just re-signed for 6 years at approx. $40 million.

Oh and Jess, yeah I have your back on this topic of "let's trade any of our picks thats names aren't Sanguinetti or Cherepanov".

Borderline ridiculous.

Keep the imagination at home, within your XBOX 360 and your copy of NHL 2007.

Yeah, Prospal has been hot... too bad he is about to hit a cold streak...

Tampa Bay is a joke. 6.6 million for Dan Boyle. Hal Gill was Scratched tonight I hope we get him.


your right I dont believe the Rangers are going to make any big trades now that Boyle is locked up but I don't see how they can be satisfied with the defense they have now.

I think the Rangers desperately need defensive help amongst all other things. I can settle for having one of Malik, Mara or Strudwick in the lineup but not 2 and if god forbid someone gets hurt then all 3 could be playing.

There is absolutely no reason why a defenseman that's better than Malik, Mara or Strudwick can't be acquired for a relatively low price. Strudwick is definately staying and Mara is hurt so the only way the Rangers bring in a d-man is if Malik goes and I don't think that is going to happen.

By the way if the Rangers werent making any moves wouldnt someone have been called up from Hartford. Maybe its too early or someone already got called up but announcing Mara's injury should have no effect on what Sather's plans are.

Other than Campbell, and Liles all the big name d-men (at least who can play d) are taken. Do we take a chance on the others, or do we stand pat and take a chance with what we already have...

I'm not sure I'd scratch Dan Boyle off the trade list just yet -- it is admittedly the longest of long shots, but its possible that the Lightning couldn't get what they wanted for him as a rental and needed to have him signed long-term in order to trade him. If New York was indeed his top destination, Sather did say he wasn't interested in him unless he had him long-term.

But like I said, that's extremely unlikely -- signing him probably means they're keeping him. I guess what this really means is that Brad Richards is about to go somewhere else.

Whats going on with Brain Campbell? We have a shot at him?

i'm sorry but if the Flyers can get a 30 goal scorer for a 2nd or 3rd rounder and a decent defenseman then there is no reason why the Rangers can't get a decent defenseman for a low price.


very very slim to none


Great Point I think Richards is going to Dallas for Smith the Goalie. I think Dallas is crazy Richards is not worth 7.8 million for 3 more years. But like u said u never know.


Campbell is getting traded. The Rangers have alot of talent. Why dont u think they will not get him.

Forsberg signs with the Avs and Rob Blake suddenly is willing to waive his NTC??



Making the admittedly unlikely Boyle trade even more unlikely is the NTC.

Avs still suck. They should learn from the Rangers that you cant live in the past

oleo -- The Ranger equivalent of Picard is Ivan Baranka, roughly the same age, same size, same type of defenseman, similar draft position. I'm not sure trading Baranka and a relatively high draft pick (2nd or 3rd) for a 33 year old UFA-to-be is something I'd want the Rangers to do. The Flyers are hurting, so they had to make a move like this, and for them it's not too steep a price. But the Rangers? Not right now, not for a rental player.

According to TSN, Boyle resigns for 6 years, $40 mil.


Not only is Campbell going to cost the Rangers 7 mil a year its gonna cost them at least one of their best prospects.

Their best bet is to go after a solid veteran defenseman that wont cost the Rangers an important player, prospect or draft pick.

ESPN is reporting that Lightning are mulling offers from Blackhawks and columbus for Richards. Boyle will be staying in TB it seems. Rangers should take a shot for cAmpbell or Gill.

im sorry but i keep hearing hal gill- um isn't he terrible? A huge ineffective defenseman that can't skate or provide any offensive skills, don't we already have one of those in Malik?


i definately agree with you but the reason I wouldn't trade for Prospal is not because of what they gave up but that his numbers are much higher due to the fact that he played with Lecavalier and St. Louis.

You put Prospal on a line with let's say Dubinsky and Jagr and your looking at around a 20 goal scorer not a 30 goal scorer.

as for Hal Gill he's better than what we have, but i wouldn't give up more than Malik and Greg Moore

According to this Giacomin got nine shutouts in 1966-67 and if you consider 1930 as part of the modern era, so did John Ross Roach.

Henrik and Valiquette now have 10 together. Giacomin, 8, and Villemure, 4, got 12 in 1970-71 when they won the Vezina, which was given then for best GAA.


I would take GIll. $2.1 for next yr. if accurate is OK, he is only 32, and muh more physical then Marek.. Marek and Mara will be gone for sure next yr. so that is 2 slots add gill and add someone from the minors or make a big signing if someone is available.

Campbell will be to expensive, pass...

the rangers have a good pipeline of talent don't blow it for a rental......

play Gill on the 3rd pair of D......Move staal up.....

Hal Gill might not be that great, but he's definitely an upgrade over Strudwick in just about every area. If money was the only issue, I'd do it for $2.1 million. But who do you give up to get him? Therein lies the problem.

Hal Gill is god-awful and I will get sick to the stomach if the Rangers come even close to acquiring him.

Hal Gill is prob not going to be a Ranger but he has 2 goals and 18 assists in 63 games. He has an even +/- rating on an awful team. He's basically Malik with a bit more speed, a longer reach and much more physical. He would definately be an upgrade but it depends what you would have to give up to get him

Prospal is a good pickup for Philthy, they needed a forward to replace some of the scoring they lost when Gagne went down for the year. Prospal did put up his numbers playing with Vinne and St. Louis, but I assume he'll play with Knuble and Briere in Philthy. So they just got better, although their defense got worse and I think that's where they have the most holes.

And honestly, Montreal, once they add Hossa - and that sure looks like it's gonna happen, at least the rumors are swirling - they'll start to look damn scary.

I don't know, I guess the Rangers could conceivably worsen their position by doing nothing, but then again, our team is doing a great job of building from within while establshing a solid core. I wouldn't want to give that up.Lundqvist, Staal, Girardi, Tyutin, Dubinsky, Dawes, Prucha, Callahan along with Drury, Gomez, Avery, Jagr - add a solid stay-at-home from the UFA market, add Sanguinetti, a few smart grinding forwards who can put the puck in - beyond this year, going forward, things are really looking up for this franchise.


Picard was in the AHL and only played 4 games this year for them so their D really wasnt affected but yea it was good for them.

I don't know if Sanguinetti is ready yet but i'm very curious to see how Cherepanov does next year. His numbers in Russia were very similar to Ovechkin and Malkin but only time will tell how good he really is.

I have no idea what the deal with Jagr is. I think its the shoulder and that the only goals he's gonna score from now on are like ones he put in this weekend. He's got the moves still and his legs are working but he lost his shot. Hopefully his shot comes back but I wouldn't hold your breath.

Why in the world would we want Gill? He's a slower Malik if that is possible. Ugh. Go after Salvador or Staios not Hal Gill.... Man thats horrible.


Keep the imagination at home, within your XBOX 360 and your copy of NHL 2007.

LMAO thanks for the support and laughs. You know most young guys used to dream about hot babes not who they would be trading on their XBOX. How sad today's youth are.


I'm not sure I'd scratch Dan Boyle off the trade list just yet

Sorry but I would because Boyle got to keep his NTC and that was the attraction for resigning with the Bolts.

Mark W

Jess if the Rangers make only one deal tomorrow and you're the GM, what is it?

I send Mark W to Dunkin Donuts for a 18 pack of donuts fresh ones not day olds.

Seriously I do not play this game because it is no win, I understand the reality of making a deal so if I say who I would give up then I will have to read a bunch of garbage either way.

I do know a couple of things:

(A) The Sabres are not going to send Campbell to the Rangers while both teams are fighting for a playoff spot. The Sabres will send Campbell to either the Avs or the Red Wings both will be very willing to overpay for him.

(B) The Rangers are in fact (as of this writing according to my sources) are talking to the Kings but not for Blake (heading to the Avs as the only team he will accept) but for Brad Stuart. When you need help you turn to a friend and that is Dean Lombardi a old old pal of Sather.

(C) I think this year's trading deadline is going to seriously disappoint a lot of people for what will not happen which is a ton a trades.


Their best bet is to go after a solid veteran defenseman that wont cost the Rangers an important player, prospect or draft pick.

Which is why I am saying Brad Stuart.


I think that the Rangers are dangling Prucha who will not have a place in the lineup when he gets healthy.

"I think that the Rangers are dangling Prucha who will not have a place in the lineup when he gets healthy."

Could be Dawes, Cally or Prucha. They are all essentially the same players. The other two would seem more likely considering their health.

I agree with Jess. i dont think this deadline will turn into what everyone's thinking it will be.

Obviously Hossa, Campbell, and possibly Blake will go. but everything else will be small deals.

It seems like Pruchs will get traded. Ill miss him. Sather is giving up on him to soon. If he does go, hopefully he goes to a team that will stick up for him, and a team that actually has a coach that knows his potential, and doesnt stick him on the 4th friggin line.

Its BS. Why cant we just have...

Avery - Dubinsky - Jagr
Shanahan - Gomez - Dawes
Prucha - Drury - Straka
Callahan - Betts - Hossa / Orr

Its BS. Thats all it is.


i'll definately take Stuart but i'd rather have Visnovsky especially if i'm giving up Prucha.

looks like Yahoo sports already has Richards going to Dallas and Hossa to Montreal


Let me say how great this site is...pure Rangers 24/7. My feelings are that Purcha is expendable. He's an undersized forward and we have lots of these in our system. Hal Gill is old and slow-he just hits more than Malik. Draft picks are overrated. The leetch trade has failed to yield anything NHL worthy yet-Kondratiev is medicore and Korpioski seems to be headed the way of Jim Malone and Michael Stewart. I would welcome Campbell but at what cost?

I definitely agree...lets bring in Visnovski, that sounds shway.

Yuck, the Isles re signed Comrie to a 1 year deal. Great, now we gotta see his ugly gnome face for another year.

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