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February 25, 2008


Wow, if you read any of the reports from the Panthers local press it seems that some of their vets have pretty much given up on the season. And at the same time they're still within spitting distance of the division title (which I think Washington or Carolina will take), is there such a thing as over-parity?

I just can't see us making any big trades. At best maybe we acquire a depth defenseman, especially if Mara has more an injury than it appears.

Before we even get to the idea of a trade and sign scheme - and ignoring the debate about whether we should hold onto our youth, do we even have anything that Buffalo wants for Campbell or Tampa wants for Boyle? I'm sure that Buffalo wants to do us no favors since we're some of their biggest competition for a playoff spot. If Tampa moves Richards I think that will be enough to clear cap room for Boyle.

Plus, if you take Gomez, Drury, Lundqvist's salaries and then throw in a top tier D-man's salary on top of that you've got about half your cap tied up in 4 players for the next few years.

How come angry Avery can't score on breakaways?!
Kudos to Dubinsky for pulling Avery away from Campbell last night so he could fight him. I like Dubinsky more & more everyday!

Dubinsky is playing well, but that was a dumb move last night. He can't fight, he is the #1 center, and Avery is fine in that role. I bet Avery wouldn't have got the extra 10 minutes. If they were playing a real NHL team, they would have been in trouble.

And if the Rangers don't get McCabe (tough and a PP QB), they should set their sights on Ruslan Salei (who with Brenden Witt I lobbied for 2 years ago). The pric will be lower, and he fills a need. I like Boyle and Campbell, but the price will be too high. I prefer Rozy to either of those guys dollar for dollar. I bet Rozy stays cheap, and our money can be spent elsewhere better. Add Salei now, you can add Marian Hossa later.

I like how Jokinen talked about the Rangers' combination of skill level and work ethic -- they are both there, which is a credit to the management and coaching staff. Where are the people who are so certain that the latest lines changes were so stupid?

Avery has been great lately, but if he had a better scoring touch, he could have had a hat trick yesterday, the way Jagr set him up so many times.

Rozsival won't come cheap -- why would he, with his stats and the way he has anchored the "D" of a playoff team the last three years? Soms team will offer him a Rafalski-like contract. The cap is going to be a pain in the future, as our kids mature, unless it jumps by 10% annually.

I like the way Hossa fit on the fourth line. He is so much better than Hollweg at controlling the puck, and he hits just as hard, if not as often. He has such a quick and hard shot, it really is hard to believe he can't score. Be that as it may, he is perfect for the fourth line, and he also is only one of three players on the team to have scored in a shootout this year. I'd like to see him play with Betts and either Orr or Hollweg a few games.

Hossa gets his brains beat out for not being his brother. But Hossa can play in a lot of different situations, and unlike any other winger on the team (except Jagr), he can be strong on the boards. I wouldn't give up on Marcel.


i'll agree with u on salei but marian hossa no thanks. I've seen him play many times and i don't see that desire and determination. Ranger fans would be all over him with a week.


hossa should play when the rangers are playing less physical teams but when the Rangers are playing the Islanders, Philly, etc. i want Hollweg in there

With the emergance of Dubinsky, Callahan and Dawes as reliable shooters and scorers, we see Jagr and Straka making better passes to keep the puck in play rather than trying to skate it out of trouble. The past three games I have seen Jagr pass to the point instead of trying that curl move, getting double teamed and eventually coughing the puck up. Jagr's faith in Dubinsky can be seen on every shift. The give and go with Avery was vintage Jagr. Good passing relieves the pressure, keeps the puck in the zone and increases the pressure on the opponent.

Jagr has the sense that he doesn't have to do it all. The last few games it looks like he is having fun, again. It took about 2/3 of a season for these three rookies to get hold of their game, build confidence that they belong in the NHL and translate that into a force on the ice.

Dubi probably has all these stats, but it would be interesting to see what % of goals scored buy these youngsters has been since the Feb 9th Flyers game. Since that game we have taken atleast one point from every game. Through the first 57 games we avaraged 2.46 goals/game. In the past 7 games we have averaged 3.7 goals/game.

Also, Dubinsky is looking more like Gomez on the rush every game. He attacks the opponents zone with speed, good stick handling and is a real threat to score. That puts everybody back on their skates. FEAR, that is the biggest weapon coming into the zone. Now all that needs to be done is to teach the kid to fight! And I believe that will come. He may be baby faced, but this is one committed, tough kid and we have not even come close to seeing his full potential yet! Dubinsky is an example of a player that could not fully develop in the minors...he wasn't challanged enough. Sometimes you just need to put some of these prospects in a sink or swim situation. Right now, Dubinsky looks like a dolphin!


Al Strachan posted a really eye-opening article over at FoxSports.com today about the myth of first round draft picks leading to a successful rebuilding of a franchise. I think you will find it good reading, as I know you are always harping on keeping the kids and indeed, building through draft picks. Let me know if you agree or if you find a flaw in his logic...

Tommy G

Actually to be honest this is the same stuff he says every year. I guess since it was old stuff for me then it was not really eye opening.

What he did not show is what those teams have done with their first round picks, did they keep them then develop them, did they trade them away or were they simply bad picks.

A lot of words simply to say that it is not where you draft, how often you draft but how you use your draft.

Yes having high first round draft picks does not always work out because what he should have said is your draft picks are the foundation and you use the other means to fill the holes in your franchise.

My initial reaction to Strachan is that he's an idiot. Reading his piece, I'm convinced! Why did he write this piece? What he said was...not all draft picks work out, you can get some gems in the later rounds if your staff looks hard and bad team draft poorly and good team draft well. Now there is some real investigative reporting for you. His formula and mathematical analysy is truly a simpleton at work, and working very hard to demonstrate what we already know. Virtually every team builds through the draft. Some by trading for highly drafted players and others by developing those highly ranked players themselves. How about looking at the draft this way. For the past 8 years look at the % of NHL players, currently on NHL teams by round. You will see that there are a higher percentage of players from the first round than there are from the second round and so on. Once you get past the 4th round it's just a crap shoot. (It's interesting to see that in a weak draft the numbers get closer to each other as you go down the draft, I think that's because of the number of role players making NHL teams). The draft is the ONLY way to bring top talent onto you roster. Yes, every once and a while you get a Girardi, undrafted and he becomes something special. Not very often and if you rely on those guys, you better plan on making many first overall selections, so you better be getting a good scouting staff. The issue one needs to review is the mental condition of many GM's in this league. Very good GM's build very good teams and they do so through all the tricks of the trade. Poor GM's rely on the draft, big name players to fill the seats, smoke and mirrors and the like. Find a strong team and you will find a good draft, a good farm system, a good coach, a good mix of youth and veterans, a willingness to change over time and a commitment to excellance. Strachan writes and sometimes speaks, but never with authority.

Shocking no trades yet

Forsberg signed with the Avalanche.

No one really has a problem with Hossa.

IMO, it's the fact Renney cannot help himself and eventually begins day-dreaming of that 3-week span where Hossa played well with Jagr. When used in the right role (where he was last night) he can be effective. The problem with Hossa is his coach keeps giving him 1st line minutes and playing him outside of his capabilities...

Forsberg signs with Colorodo

Forsberg article:

And I suppose so many are like "wow Forsberg signed with the Avs what a shocker?"

Not to me as I wrote here in December that I thought Forsberg was going back to the Avs for his swan song reuniting with his pal Sakic.

So if I say that there are not going to be any super sized trades tomorrow will anyone get mad?

Zipay is reporting that Mara is out 2 weeks with some broken bones in his face.

Paging Dan Boyle....


I'll get mad because I want to trade Dubinsky for Forsberg now now now! This team needs more old guys, I don't even recognize them anymore.

at least that should get Sather going on getting a d-man

not too concerned about forsberg. the line on games played has gotta be 10 tops, with maybe 4-5 in the playoffs. either way, dont expect him to be this outstanding player

Chris QCT,

The problem with Hossa is his coach keeps giving him 1st line minutes and playing him outside of his capabilities...

How many moons ago did Hossa get first line minutes? Furthermore when he did get those minutes this season was because we had people out with injury ...

Anyhow ...

EVERYONE ..... A little help?

I need to know if there's a website who will be updated regularly with trade reports ... I can access ESPN's mobile site on my phone but I wonder if they are quick in their updates, know of any other site?

Boyle is good, But i want Liles. Sather needs to get crackin on that.


Just try TSN.ca/NHL

There usually up to date. There the best.


Thanks .... I will check that out ...

BTW why would Colorado, who has just signed Forsberg deal Liles now? It seems that they might want to go for it now ...

You can always try HokeyBuzz.com, if your interested in seeing how delusional one flyers fan can be.

I read in the Post how sather wants robbie Schremp and is offering Jessiman. if he can pull that off it would be huge. other reports say Bourret for Schremp. Either way the kid is a scoring machine who needs a change of scenery.

Mark W

Rich Pilon is sitting at a Dunkin Donuts just waiting for you to take him home. Only thing is that he does not share his donuts.


Yes now that Sather has let the world know that one of his defensemen is out injured is when you make a trade.

Sorry but did you ever consider that maybe for 2 weeks that you take a look at Baranka or someone else?

It is not like Mara was an important cog in the Ranger wheels

lol Jess' bust of the day, I love it. Rich effing Pilon.

I know this is probably old, but Yahoo! rumors says that Bobby Holik is a perfect fit for Jagr, a physical center. Probably nothing but still somewhat interesting, though we definitely don't need any more centers, let Dubi mesh with Jagr.

Also when will we find out about Boyle's availability?

im pretty sure brandon dubinsky is a much better fit for Jagr, as he too is a physical center. Why haven't the rangers traded for him yet? oh wait

im pretty sure brandon dubinsky is a much better fit for Jagr, as he too is a physical center. Why haven't the rangers traded for him yet? oh wait

Ahahaha Ted!

BTW I am hoping that you guys will be reguarly posting and continuously updating us poor souls stuck at work tomorrow during the fireworks ... erm, trade deadlines shenanigans ...


that wasn't a request folks!



no I dont want Baranka, Strudwick, Malik or Mara on the ice come playoff time. There is no reason that the Rangers cant get a solid defenseman or 2 thats better than our trio. It doesn't have to be a household name.

Just look at what the Rangers did last trade deadline. The Rangers completely overpaid for that aging over-the-hill veteran Sean Avery. I can't believe the Rangers gave up Marc-Andre Cliche. He was a real keeper and now idiot Sather completely damaged the farm system. Sather should be fired...


I cant agree with you more. All Jess cares about is the Hartford Wolf Pack. We cant have a team with all young guys. Believe it or not Marek Zdlickey (which they traded to Nashville for Mike Dunman) was really the only young guy Sather Traded away that was any good. Dubi,Staal,Cally and/or Dawes they are all good players now you have to build around them.

Ted please tell the fools at Yahoo sports about Dubinsky

One of the most exciting times in hockey has turned into a boring rumor reading day!This is the first time I can remember that not a single trade was made the day before the deadline!I bet we see two or three minor deals tomorrow league wide and that's it.As for the Rangers,I don't think we will make any trades and are going to go the rest of the way with what we have.Even Mara's injury won't change that.To force a trade for the sake of just getting to the playoffs is also stupid and should not be done.What is unfortunate is that the team has been too inconsistant to really judge what they will ultimatly do if they make it to the playoffs.This team is very flawed,from the coaching staff to the defense and even to the makeup of several lines.It is worth noting that the lines as they are now have played very well and have shown a great amount of chemistry.I hope that continues.Should these lines falter,I don't believe there are anymore solutions to change it without reaching down for some help into the system.It might also be necessary to reach into Hartford for help on the Defense and take your chances.With all that said,it is important for the team to get further than last year for this season to be a success.Anything short of reaching the conference finals will for me at least be considered a failed season.


thats a bit of a stretch Jess wants the Rangers to do well but sometimes he gets a little too caught up with the future.

Remember for every Marc Staal and Brandon Dubinsky there is a Jamie Lundmark and Pavel Brendl.

Yeah Matty, TSN updates NHL news faster than an Al MacInnis slapshot! And it delivers:


According to the Buffalo News (via Sam Weinman for me), Campbell's agent fully expects him to be traded by the deadline. Although Weinman doubts the rangers would get involved.

Oh and by the way, on Forsberg to the Avs - ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Wake me if they manage to grab the 8 seed out there.

the only thing that sucks about the TSN thing is that people with T-Mobile are S.O.L. but if i'm wrong be my guess to prove me wrong...i'd actually prefer it lol

Is there anything more amusing, and comical, than reading the Hockeybuzz.com site? This dimwit has the Flyers chasing every player known to man. And people subscribe to that garbage. Not surprisingly, it's loaded with Flyers fans, most of whom are clueless dopes to begin with.

Whats even funnier about the site is that people actually pay money to see his "expertise" when it comes to rumours. Gotta love it lol.


Your comparison of Kaberle/Campbell/Boyle to Sean Avery holds no water.

First of all, different positions. Avery also wasn't this "perennial" all-star, nor was in high demand in comparison to Kaberle/Campbell/Boyle, who either were all-stars, and/or are in high demand.

Avery was perceived as a "locker room cancer" and was basically traded for a bag of pucks because the Kings DID NOT want him there. They basically gave him us.

If the Bolts, Sabres, and Leafs were in better positions whether it be in the standings or in contract negotiations, you really think they'd want to trade their respective d-man?

plus one must remember that the "Los Angeles traded RW Jason Ward to Tampa Bay for Tampa Bay's 5th-round pick in the 2007 Entry Draft."

And by comparison, I mean with respect to the Rangers trading for any one of the three.

Al Strachan's theory is cracked -- it only takes into account draft position, not whether those draft picks were used properly. The Rangers, for example, when they had that series of top twelve picks, chose Manny Malhotra, a career fourth liner, 7th overall, Pavel Brendl, a complete bust, 4th overall, Jamie Lundmark, also a complete bus, 9th overall, Dan Blackburn, lost early on to injury (which is one of several reasons why you never draft a goalie that high), 10th overall, and Hugh Jessiman, a likely bust, 12th overall.

How would the Rangers' fortunes have gone if they instead chose Scott Gomez or Simon Gagne, Barrett Jackman or Martin Havlat, Alexander Frolov or Anton Volchenkov, Ales Hemsky, Alexander Seming or Chris Higgins, and Zach Paries or Mike Richards or Ryan Getzlaf -- and in the process held onto Niklas Sundstrom, Dan Cloutier, and Marc Savard.

The truth is, you absolutely cannot win a Stanley Cup with having had a series of high draft picks that you capitalized on. I did an exhaustive study of all the Cup winners from the Rangers in 1994 for the next ten years, and the three elements all three teams had in common in building their Cup winning rosters were a series of high draft picks, good deadline day deals, and a good one-time windfall of players obtained from elswhere, which these days translates to good free agent signings. A quick perusal of the three Cup winners since I did that study confirms the pattern.

But here's the catch: Capitalizing on your high draft picks doesn't necessarily mean keeping them -- it includes judiciously trading them. Tampa doesn't win the Cup if it doesn't trade top ten pick Paul Mara as part of the package for Nikolai Khabibulin, and Anaheim doesn't win if they don't trade top ten picks Lupul and Ladislav Smid for Pronger.

As someone already pointed out earlier today or yesterday -- and as Glen Sather said as far back as when he traded Barrett Heisten after talking him up as a good prospect (which of course he turned out not to be) -- some of the prospects you acquire fulfill your needs by becoming trade bait. Future potential is high risk/high reward commodity that can bring back a good return for players that end up going nowhere -- or going through the roof, that's the chance you take.

Someone else said that Sather hasn't traded away any prospects that became good players other than Zidilicky -- while that may be true, the flip side is that he has traded away a number of prospects, it's just that they never amounted to anything. So is he a canny prognosticator of whom he can safely trade without them amounting to much? Perhaps -- but he was not that great of a prognosticator in drafting those players in the first place. And his record in the latter case -- Jessiman, Montoya, and Korpikoski -- does not reflect well on him, at least in the first round.

Has Montoya's stock fallen that far that he wouldn't bring much in a trade? I see Dubi has listed him with Hugh Jessiman, which isn't a favorable comparison.

Jackman re-signed by the blues.


You missed the original point, IF the Rangers really were serious about trading for a defender then why in the world do you announce the day before the deadline that one of your defenders is going to be out for 2 weeks?

Think about it seriously for a second, all the Rangers need to do is hold off announcing Mara's situation until 3:30 tomorrow. Why tell the world that you are now hurting on the blueline which is just begging for a
trade partner to (A) raise their asking price or (B) get a playoff competitor to step in to either drive up the price or trade for themselves to keep someone out of the Ranger hands.


Yawn is your continuing lame attack on me supposed to get me upset? Seeing how you have been repeatedly shown to not know a thing even if someone supplies you with free clues then you are like a Mike Milbury, just another loser taking up air.

After all you only show up after a Ranger loss so one does have to wonder if you are happy when they lose.

Phill. That guy

Thanks for the laughs and Phil the point you are making will escape those people like Roc because it makes sense.

Can you imagine how people are going to react at 3:01 tomorrow and the Rangers have not pulled the trigger on any trades?

Mark W

Montoya's inconsistency along with now being injury prone is damaging his stock in a hurry. Factor in his losing his starting role and what would you pay for him?

Just Curious but do Larry Brooks and JD not like each other? It always seems that they are always trying cut each other legs out. They are both great beat writer I was just wondering. Also with Barret Jackman off the table I think Dan Boyle is the best guy to play here. We really need the QB for the PP and he would fit perfect. Also what about Hal Gill I dont think he makes much money and would be a great fit. Just food for thought. Also so Jess doesnt get mad a me. I think Cherepenov, Astemov and Dubi will all be Stars and they should not trade them for anyone other then Crosby, Malkin or Oveckin.

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