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February 29, 2008



what are you using as blogging software? moveable type?

damn dvorak keyboard

moveable type blog engine?

Jess –
I don’t use my real name because I choose not to. But even if I do hide behind a screen name – you know, like your "sources" -- it doesn't undermine the authenticity of the arguments in my posts. You use the fact that I haven't given you my street address – like it matters – as a straw man to avoid answering charges. But like I said, I think you're a lightweight bully.

My employer, by the way, is always trashed by the public, as am I, in my work. In fact, we go out of our way to give voice to those who are mad at us. The more the better. It's the best thing we can hope for in our business. Debate is a good thing. Controversy? Even better. If you were a journalist, you'd know that.

And I don't take "cheap shots" at Dubi's writers. I give my opinion.

Dubi and Jess your on going "conversation" w/f-champs was boring as hell. It was pure childish drivel. Why do you bother even corresponding. Give us all a break and don't repeat it!

How funny that you would write "I make my argument and let them stand" just moments after you deny making one of the comments that I quoted, accusing me of fabricating them (they are all still online here where you originally placed them), and guessed (wrongly) that you made the other comments at last year's trade deadline -- you made them in July, shortly before Cullen was traded and Dawes and Dubinsky made the team. What happened to letting them stand? You don't even know what you wrote or when you wrote them.

And that's why I bring them up. Because of all the comments you ever made here, half of them prove to be inaccurate (a word I use in lieu of "utter laughable nonsense") and the other half attack the credibility of me, Jess, and Mitch (you did that to Mitch last summer, in case you don't recall). You're as wrong to attack our credibility as you are wrong with your "inaccurate" opinions about the team. We have our sources; we are not just making wild inaccurate guesses; and the damned insult of it all is that we do it to get information for Ranger fans, of which you are putatively one.

You therefore have no basis on which to question our credibility, and doing so undermines the value of this site. Feel free to question our opinions or the facts we garner from our sources -- and if you do, be prepared to be "censured" in return, because we reserve the right to defend our reporting and analysis as much as we allow you the right to do so here.

But question our credibility again, and you will be "censored" -- and permanently. This is my site, I pay for it, I use it to support my publication, and if the best support you can offer, after coming here and taking advantage of the services we provide for free, is to attack our credibility, then you will no longer be allowed to do so. Period.

Paul, yes we use Movable Type, but only (to date) through the Typepad interface.

Sorry, Steve -- it's going to end shortly.


ever try wordpress? its very user friendly and the plug-ins and templates are awesome....

I have to defer those kinds of issues to the off-season -- I'm too pressed during the season with daily updates, the next issue, subscriptions, and advertising, among other things (not to mention the games themselves), to start re-designing the site.


And I don't take "cheap shots" at Dubi's writers. I give my opinion.

So let me get this right IF I say that I think you are a phony is it my opinion or an attack upon you? I will be curious to see your response here.

I believe (my opinion)that you are neither a journalist or author because a real one would not behave like you are. I know I have meet dozens including those who have be so kind to "teach". None hide behind screen names when online.

I believe (my opinion) that the real reason you are continuing this thread is because you are looking to be a disruption nothing more.

In all 3 responses from Dubi, Mitch and myself we have not called you any names but you have:

called Mitch a Know-Nothing

called me a Know-it-all

called Dubi a poor writer.

Now tell me how a professional journalist and author behaves like that?

Oh and for the record, I have never heard Dubi or Mitch ever call themselves journalists but I do see them accepted by the real ones. I am not one either but I am a trained scout who is taking journalism classes to help improve my writing skills.

This is a fan magazine and I am shocked that a professional like yourself did not see that a mile away.

You call it your opinion so here is mine, you are a cheap shot artist who makes a lot of excuses for your bad behavior. You are a phony who has done a lot of name-calling hidden as an opinion.

That is my opinion you know


Ahh, i didnt know that. Well i think Gratton should get the call, or Strudy should just come in for Sister Christian (Sorry, but i love that nickname)

Either way, Nyr needs to continue there dominating performance against there division.

Jeez..Buncha babies in here.


Why dont you just toss this reject outta here. Instead of talking with them, if they act like morons, just ban them. You'd get alot less freaks in here.


I use blogger for my spot because I tried using Wordpress and found it very frustrating to learn.


I apologize you are correct that this is and has been a waste of time.

So what should we talk about instead?

Orr -- Gratton is stranded in the AHL because of the re-entry waiver rule. You have to wait until next year with him.

Wow, this conversation is gross and I will never ever read this blog again. Dubi, Jess, etc., your relentless tight ship has run the comments section of this blog right into the ground (although Dubi, I do enjoy and appreciate your actual lead-in substantive postings). But with respect to people who come on here and rant and rave (I was one), Dubi, Jess, etc. just let it go. It's a blog - one of its purposes is to allow frustrated fans to vent. I feel like you guys take it personally if an anonymous fan comes on here and vents. If you don't agree with someone then you don't agree with them. Agree to disagree. The more you respond to anonymous ranters, the more you stir up controversy and this worse this blogs gets. Just ignore them. And I'm sorry but a lot of the posts do give off a holier than thou vibe. Just my two cents.

In any event, it was fun while it lasted. Thanks for your coverage and hard work. Good luck!

And one last thing, Renney should still be fired and we should have traded Jagr. ;-) Peace.

How about them Rangers. . .?

I kid, I kid. The Rangers playing so well lately has been making these gaps between games hard to deal with. I'm overly anxious, excited and hopeful. I know I sound like a ten year old on Christmas Eve, but man, I can't wait until the Rangers (hopefully) destroy Philly. I hope this isn't an anomaly and that this is the *real* New York Rangers the pundits thought they would be before the season began.


i hear ya... i guess its different for everyone... i tried joost a couple months ago and chyrp and didnt like either of them....

keep up the good work....

So I did some searching and paularensburg seems to be right. It looks like Leneveu is scheduled to become a UFA this summer which means he was just a throw-in to make the deal look better for the Rangers than it actually was.

Some big tests on the way folks with Philly and the Islanders. I don't care if Philly had some rough games, they are never easy to beat and the fish...fugetaboutit, they had our number all year like we had the Devils number. We need a win big time against the fish, can't say I would have any confidence facing them in a post season match without a couple a wins in the regular season.

Anyone beside me think that "f-champs" is Eklund? I found this statement funny "...I'm been a pretty successful journalist and author." here I thought that to be anm author or journalaist you would need a good vanacular and ya know have some use of the english language.


I understand what you're trying to say. Every gameday the majority of the posters here complain about the refs and their vendetta against the Rangers.

THE OFFICIALS DON'T CARE WHO WINS THE GAME. you make it seem like the refs are saying O I hate the Rangers so let's give someone a penalty for no reason. People actually believe that and it's hilarious.

You were absolutely right UNTIL you went too far. Dubi doesn't censor/censur people unless they say something innapropriate not b/c they disagree with him, Jess or Mitch which I don't even know why you brought him up as he barely posts here anymore.


I have never had a problem with anything you have said and since you actually talk to the players and stuff, I value what you have to say


I agree with what you are saying but I have never seen you or Dubi attack someone without reason Jess on the other hand will SOMETIMES attack someone b/c he disagrees with your opinion. Remember everyone's thoughts are OPINION not fact.

The thing that bothers me the most is the actions of 2 or 3 ppl who are NOT named Jess, Dubi, f-champs, czech, There are a few ppl here whom I will not name just so problems don't arise that love to kiss up to especially Jess. It's one thing to agree with him b/c even though we have our arguments he makes valid points and he knows the prospects better than anyone else here.

I'm sure i'm not the only one who notices it but it's getting really really annoying and I ask you to please stop. I'm pretty sure you know you are.

by the way luckily i am not a journalist or author so thats my excuse for poor spelling but you get the jist.

So, who are we rooting for in today’s Montreal-Buffalo game?
I believe we should root for Buffalo.


I think the key to the deal was Sjostrom to begin with but Gratton was the throw in not LeNeveu. LeNeveu is that Allaire believe can still be developed.

Montoya was not showing any real forward progress towards the NHL. He was about to become an RFA and since he was on an NHL contract he would have been entitled to a 10% raise just for the Rangers to keep his rights. That would bring his NHL number to over 1 mil.

LeNeveu on the other is as you said a UFA (and is 643,000) so IF Allaire can somehow fix him then resigning him would save as much as 400,000 in salary for a backup goalie.

The more I see in this trade the more I think it actually makes a lot of sense since down the road it helps with the cap.

I think Vally has earned himself another year as Ranger backup and even with a 200,000 dollar raise would have been cheaper than Montoya next year.

zz -- I'm never going to let this space devolve into relentless rants, mindless rants, and flame wars. There are enough places elsewhere on the web for that. I'll shut the comments section down before I subsidize that kind of conversation. I have never deleted anything other than personal attacks and obscenity, and I've never called anyone out for their opinions or behavior until they, in my estimation, start to stir things up worse than any Islander troll ever would.

You may not be able to tell from the number of people who comment here, but this site gets 30-45,000 unique visitors a week. There were 25,000 hits on Tuesday (deadline day) alone. Somewhere around 95% of those people never click on "Comments" -- they come to read the main posts and check out the links -- and somewhere around 95% of the people who do read the comments don't ever leave comments. So if a small minority of jerks want to come in here and piss me off to the point where I just shut the whole damn thing down, they'll only be doing those of you who do comment -- their fellow fans -- a disservice.


Geeze what is with the tough questions dude?

The one thing for sure is we want a regulation outcome no going to overtime to create points for both teams.

Rangers are 3-0-1 against the Habs so we know they win that tiebreaker. They are 3 points behind the Habs who could wind up with Northeast division championship.

Rangers are 3-0 against the Sabres with 1 game left. Sabres are 7 points out of the division lead. 3 points behind the Rangers in the playoff race.

Me I am going to root for the Canadians tonight to keep the Sabres behind the Rangers.

My purpose isn't to be disruptive and I don't want to ruin the fun for everyone, so I'll leave. Though it's hard to believe that more BB visitors aren't distressed by the holier-than-thou group-think that's perpetuated here.

But all I want is peace.


Hey, it's great that you have an opinion. But I don't feel compelled to prove anything to you. You're right, in fact, I should not have posted anything about "successful journalist and author" because it's irrelevant and condescending and none of you have probably ever heard of me, anyway. I just wanted to let you know, I have some knowledge of how sources work, how they are cultivated and what they mean.

Also, I regret calling Dubi a "bad writer" -- though, actually, I don't believe I ever called him "bad". I was aggravated that he would censor comments just to protect you. I mean, you've never broken a story -- or none that I can remember -- you only link to the "free" hard work of real journalists. So, as you have no credibility to challenge on that front, I shouldn't waste my time.

I will say, it's great seeing someone so strident be so sensitive.

Dubi --

As I said, they were opinions and "even if I was wrong ... well, I'm wrong all the time." I went out of my way not to deny that they were mine. My point, which I did not articulate, was that anyone could post under "f-champs." I was not implicating you as a liar.

Furthermore, judging from history, there was nothing "wild" about my guessing that young players would not be given a proper chance in this organization. In fact, those cherry-picked comments aren't half as wild as most of the speculation that go up on these message boards -- or your run-of-the-mill Larry Brooks column, for that matter. But clearly, they are not a "history of inaccuracies" as you claimed them to be. I can assure you, my knowledge of the Rangers and their future is as valid as anyone else. I won't undermine your credibility by going through the archives and posting all your poor guesses. That sort of game can be played with anyone.


yea i agree we have to be concerned more with making the playoffs then getting a higher seed. The 6th seed is much easier to advance from anyway and given our recent play as long as Henrik plays well there is no reason why we can't reach the finals

"Rangers are 3-0-1 against the Habs so we know they win that tiebreaker. They are 3 points behind the Habs who could wind up with Northeast division championship."
Good point Jess (as always!)
That’s explaining everything.


I disagree with Jess all the time but not once have I been censored/censured or whatever you want to call it. Before you say something like that at least know what you're talking about...

Ok oleosmirf. I must have been mistaken.


You know I was hoping that this would have died out but you left me no choice since once again you attack my credibility.

No I have not broken the big story but that is not my role here which is to introduce to the readers of the Blueshirt Bulletin their future. Those who read the magazine have credited me for being correct about the pro potential of Ranger prospects.

Since you just read this site and not the magazine you have no clue as to what stories I have broken.

FYI you are talking to the only member of the NYC media to get Sather to do a one on one interview since the lockout. Does that make me better than anyone else NOT A CHANCE as I freely admit I stumbled onto that story by Sather not knowing who I was. Does that count as a big story?

You want my resume? OK fine allow me to introduce you to the only person who projected Dubinsky, Dawes and Callahan as Rangers in 2004. Everyone else said they were too small.

I was the person who wrote LAST APRIL that Staal would be a Ranger this season and playing a key role.

I make mistakes just like everyone else as I am doing here in responding to your attack again.

However Mr F-Champ, I work my butt off to bring the readers of this magazine the information about Ranger prospects and I will not let someone who hides behind a screen name trash my hard work.

I don't want to beat a dead horse -- I appreciate that you want to let this go.

But for the record, I have to state that Jess breaks stories on a regular basis -- he interviews one or two (usually two) prospects in each and every issue of Blueshirt Bulletin, which you might have known if you'd subscribed to the magazine.

He broke the story about Mike Sauer not having a concussion after WJC camp two summers ago, a story he got directly from the player, whom he is contact with. He broke the story of how Dubinsky was working out last summer with Paul Gaustad, intent on making the Rangers, months before MSG ever told the story. He and he alone has gotten and told the story about why Eric Hunter chose to go to college instead of Charlotte. I could on and on.

He has direct contacts with players, their families, their coaches and managers, their teams' PR departments, and Ranger scouts. As a journalist, if that's what you indeed are, you could have taken the time to learn about these things before defaming him -- and it would have been as easy to do as reading his blog or reading Blueshirt Bulletin in print.


I don't agree that we "have to be concerned more with making the playoffs then getting a higher seed". That simply sets the bar too low. Our goal needs to be 1st place in the division and only as a consolation, 4th overall in the conference. Home ice should be a big advantage for us (except for Malik if the boo's don't stop!) and that should be the goal. This is not unrealistic, especially the way we are playing right now.

Great shot of Dubi, and I don't mean the guy who runs this site:


So it would indeed seem as if David Leneveu will qualify for Group 6 free agency as a player 25 years old with three years pro experience who (as a goalie) has played fewer than 28 NHL games -- he's played in 21 games, although I haven't checked whether he played the required 30 minutes in all those games (doesn't seem to worth checking, as the Rangers are not likely to give him seven games of thirty minutes or more this season unless someone gets hurt). The only possible hitch is when his age is calculated for Group 6 purposes -- he turns 25 on May 25th -- I couldn't find anything in the CBA that defines it explicitly, though logic dictates that it his age when his contract expires on June 30th.

So it would seem that the Rangers traded Montoya for him with no claim on him beyond June 30th, which would seem like a waste of a trade since he is not worth (along with Hossa) Sjostrom and Gratton. That would be a bad trade. The only explanation is their belief that the time spent with Benny between now and the end of his season will prove to both the team and the player whether Lenny and Benny belong together, in which case it would seem a lock that he would resign with the Rangers, possibly even before he reaches free agency.

You could counter that the Rangers could have waited until July 1st to get him and still hung on to Monty, unless they felt that they needed the time to evaluate Lenny in person in order to make that decision.

That's fine Dubi, I guess I was wrong about it all. (I do read his blog and I read him here.)

Jess, I'm not going to go back and uncover the many other players you loved who will never sniff the NHL. But listen, bottom line, you should be a little more cognizant of how you treat other posters.


its definately not unrealistic but with the way Boston and Buffalo are playing right now we should be more worried about who is behind us then who is in front.


whether Leneveu resigns or not, how much of an impact will he really have on the Rangers in the first place? Wiikman deserves the icetime over Leneveu anyway and I think Wiikman deserves a chance to make the team anyway given his play in Hartford.


Remember everyone's thoughts are OPINION not fact.

(I have to make this fast because I'm at work.) You are very right about that. And if everyone saw it that way, then there wouldn't be the raging arguments that you've seen here. However, I think the problems begin when people think their opinions ARE facts. They can't objectively differentiate between the two. And facts cannot/shouldn't be disputed. So when someone points out flaws in their arguments what do we get? Board Blow-up.

That's just my opinion. ;)

Anyway, I'm new to posting here. But I've been reading since July 1, 2007. Lots of great stuff, but honestly, I've stayed away for long stretches of time because of all the arguing and negativity that has broken out at times on the boards. It wears on you. Having said that, I just wanted to offer a simple thought.

The Rangers have nothing but huge game after huge game coming up. I hope we can all agree we want to see them keep up their winning ways and make a big statement in the playoffs, yes?


I understand what you're saying, however those who look back crash into something ahead of them. Look, if we focus on what is in front of us, we won't have to worry with what is behind us. If we continue to win, it doesn't matter what is happening behind us. When we play BOS, we have to win that game. It's a 4 point game. Look at the last 10 games and worring what is happening behind us becomes meaningless.

Jess, you shouldn't assume I don't read the magazine.

And it's mr. "f-champs" -- all lower case. Named after America's greatest musical creation: www.dragcity.com/bands/fchamps.html


well i dont know about you but I would rather be the 6th seed then the 5th seed but I know you can't play it like that. I'm just saying you can't let your guard down like the Mets did but you're right they just gotta keep winning and Hank needs to stop letting in soft goals...

LOL OK And I apologize for the double post


My bad I did not explain my thinking clearer because to me the 4 games against the non-division team are not the key to their season. I am more concerned about the 13 division games the Rangers have left.

I think the Rangers have to go 9-4 in those division games at the worse to make the playoffs. The Experts say 92 points make the division and 9-4 (not counting those 4 games BTW) gives the Rangers that magic number.

I do not think the Rangers can afford to worry about the Habs since they will wind up either as a division champ or 4-5 seed.

They do however have to worry about those 4 teams in the Atlantic division.

The Devils have 9 division games left, the Penguins 10 games, the Flyers 12 games and the Islanders 12 games.

Whichever team does the best job of beating their division rivals will win the division plain and simple.


To me the key is more about Game 7 as IF you have to play that game, the home team has a huge advantage in so many ways.

Right now the key is to first secure a playoff spot then try to get as high in the standings as possible.

If this was say the Islanders/Devils I would root for the Islanders to win in regulation because I know I am crazy but I still think the Rangers can win the division


I agree with you 100% but as per the 6th and 5th seed both teams are on the road to start off and the 3 seed is so much weaker than the 4th seed.

I'd much rather face Washington/Carolina then Montreal/Ottawa/NJ/Pitt in the first round regardless of whose home or away. Unless we in the division the 6th seed might be our best bet in the long run


But listen, bottom line, you should be a little more cognizant of how you treat other posters.

But listen bottom line, you should be a little more cognizant that when offering advice about how to treat others that you "walk your talk not talk the walk"

You want to talk about how I treat people and all you have done is cheap shot me all day. That I believe makes you one huge hypocrite.


OK now I see what you are saying and from where you are coming from it does make a whole lot of sense. I also see why others are missing your point because we are guilty of looking at seedings not who is in which seed.

I was just as guilty as I was looking at the Rangers winning their division and at worse a 1-2 seed though out the entire Eastern Conference playoffs.

Ultimately, I don't think it really matters if we end up in the 6th seed or the 1st seed. We played and steamrolled through Atlanta, only to face the (2nd or 1st seed?) Buffalo Sabres, of which we then lost to.

The best team wins, period.

If I had to choose a position though, I'd have to say I'd want the Rangers to win their division so that if it ever came down to a 7th game, it would be home.

Wow I missed a lot today, guess it wouldn't be a great time for another Rich Pilon joke? Anyway, I'm new to this site, started reading in September for camp news. My two cents (should anyone care) is that Jess and Dubi are credible, informative journalists who genuinely know what they are talking about when it comes to the Rangers and hockey in general. I wouldn't be here reading if they weren't (and neither would anyone else here.) I mean come on, Dubi was on the Brian Leetch bio on MSG! This man is a NY celebrity!


defiantely i'd want the division title but if i had to choose between 4 5 or 6 i'm taking the 6th seed without a doubt as unless there are a whole lot of upsets your gonna be on the road the next 2 series anyway

I also think the 6th seed is ideal if we cannot win the division since we'd play a southeast team who I think we would obliterate (again.)

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