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February 26, 2008


Dubi, I think is a bit premature to say "Montreal took a big step backwards". They took a very risky step, but it may work out for them. Did anyone really thing Huet was the real deal? As for Pittsburgh, good move - especially for the PP unit. Although they still have goaltending questions to answer. I thought the Devils made a nice move - Salvador is a good defenseman, but they needed some scoring too.

Hal Gill is a Pen too...Now they have someone to bully Jagr.

Juuust great. good work Slats !

I'm not worried. Montreal is weaker, I agree, and Ottawa still has no goaltending to speak of. The Devils will be tough because of Marty, the Pens will be a bit better now, but our team is proving right now that Jaromir Jagr preoccupying your defense is almost as good as Jagr scoring a ton. Let Hal Gill claw him all day, we've got plenty of scoring depth and its just now starting to erupt. Nobody else will take out the Rangers this year.

we were talking montoya and stuff for boyle he was suppose to be our big trade chip and anyone of you sayign your happy about this montoya deal are in denial

Avery - Dubinsky - Jagr
Shanahan - Gomez - Dawes
Prucha - Drury - Straka
Callahan - Betts - Sjostrom / Gratton / Orr

Hollweg better not be in the NHL after tonight.


I agree, completely.

Monty might not be what we though he could have been..But i think he was worth some more, which the right sugar in the pot, for a guy like Boyle or Liles.

Orr so hold on we shouldve traded 2 draft picks for gill just because he gonna abuse jags???

Let me ask you this what would you do if u was Sather???and if u gonna say i would get him and him please provide the players u wouldve traded.

Well, Boyle wasn't going anywhere, obviously. It isn't that they didn't like the offers they got for him so they signed him - they decided to keep Boyle.

Campbell was traded for Bernier, who is roughly SJ's equivalent of Dubinsky. Not to mention, bad enough the Sabres were trading him in their position, worse, they're gonna trade him to the Rangers? Not a chance.

Sorry but those of you who thought a goalie who couldn't make the #1 slot for the AHL squad was going to land us a top-tier defenseman are the ones in denial.

Looks like Simon's time on the island is over, how'd he get lucky enough to get traded to the wild?


When did i ever say i wanted Gill ?

And we may not have heard the last of things - the Rangers, with Backman and Sjostrom, now have 24 players on the roster. Something's gonna give, and I don't know what it is.

I knew it would happen, when the fans started booing has ass. Simon is pathetic, he'll never get the beatdown orr wanted to hand him..Even though Orr did abuse him twice this year.

reading some of the PHX boards, they seem pretty happy to get rid of the three guys...for example:

"Lenevue showed promise early but never showed that he is a top goalie prospect. He got very limited time in the NHL when our goalie situation was terrible, and probably didn't even deserve that. Gratton is an enforcer in the old sense. Meaning that he can't play. Sjostrom is in and out of the lineup as a healthy scratch. He has really fallen out of favor with this team. His offense only appears once or twice a season, and this year his effort hasn't been there."

hope it's just a mindless opinion


Didnt every team say there done, except for the Avs and Flyers ?


Is Backstrom on the books next season for 2.3 million or 3.4 million? If its 3.4 million this deal is even worse then I thought.


Which Backstrom are you talking aboot, the Wild one, or the Caps one ?

I'm sorry Backman

Backman people, B-a-c-k-m-a-n.


With all due respect. How cares. He sucks

What a terrible deal. Last year I talked to Don Maloney during the Ranger Sabres series and asked him about Montoya. To put it short, he said they were entertaining offers for Montoya but would not accept anything less than a 1st rounder plus. My how things have changed.

This was Maloney's pick, the one on the draft TV special he said was a "no-brainer" and they "can't go wrong with this pick." How ironic they now trade him to Maloney for nothing more than "Swedish friends" of our real goaltender of the future. What a waste of a top pick - a real shame. We couldn't pry Carcillo away from Phoenix? Hopefully the conditional pick is somewhat high. Not a great day considering Hossa going to Pitt. It'll be interesting come May.

the deal with PHX was a "change of scenery" deal, nothing more. montoya was hurt too often and lost his job to wiikman. backstrom is here to replace malik for next season.

Sometimes I wonder if the people who post here are even living on the same planet as me. Is it really that much fun to be the first to post news of a trade? To make what appear to be completely baseless guesses as to what trades are going to happen? To suggest future (and even present) lineups that are more strat-o-matic than realistic?

Looking at the 350 "real time" posts, it appears that, aside from Jess, who at least had the common sense to recognize that teams in a playoff fight are not likely to deal with each other, no one got a single trade right. And, by the way, this would apply to a large majority of the real pundits in the world - did anyone have Hossa going to Pittsburgh? Look at all the names rumored to be on the move that didnt go anywhere...Marek Malik...Olli Jokinen...John-Michael Liles...Tom Preissing...Ladislav Nagy...Ron Hainsey...Alex Tanguay...Michael Ryder...Miroslav Satan...Bobby Holik...David Vyborny...Mike Peca...Chris Gratton...Brooks Orpik...

If someone is going to suggest a trade, he or she should be required to explain the (1) cap ramifications, (2) why the other team would accept that trade, and (3) how that trade fits into a 30-team league run by executives with dozens of collective years of real-world-NHL experience, and not someone trying to sound knowledgeable or quoting rumors or sources that pan out as often as my lottery tickets. Its almost as important to know who the GMs are for the teams when suggesting a trade, as it is to know the players involved.

My immediate reaction is that the Rangers did little to improve themselves short-term or long-term. Backman would appear to be the kind of 5-6 defensemen we have a ton of on this team. He doesn't seem to have to the offensive upside (not a PP producer), or fill the holes we have on defense (strong physical intimidator). And he is under contract for another year, possibly eating up a roster space and 2.3 million of cap space.

A few more fourth-line bangers are always nice to have. But players of this type tend to be replaceable and interchangable, and we need ones who can combine that physical play with decent (or at least regular) offensive production. I don't know if Sjostrom has an offensive upside that is waiting to blossom. If so, that could make this a sleeper trade.

The other immediate reaction I have is to the (Marian) Hossa trade. Pittsburgh should have the cap space necessary to sign Hossa to a long-term deal. From my really quick calculations, they will have about 32 million tied up in current players (and Gill) under contract for next year. Dupuis is a UFA, as are Orpik, Ruutu, Laraque, and Malone - and if they stay at current salary levels (unlikely), the Pens roster goes up to 37 million. Add in Marc-Andre Fleury at a decent raise (he's restricted), and they could be up to 42 million before Hossa. Add in at least 6 million for him, and they are getting payroll up to about 50 million. But that could still be a good 5 million below the the 08-09 cap (setting themselves up for a long-term extensions for Malkin and Staal near the end of next year). And they gave up 2 decent players, and two low first-round picks (hardly sure things in this league). This will be very interesting to see how they play this year...but if Im Hossa, why would I be rushing to leave this group? The chance to play with Crosby, Malkin, Staal, Letang and Whitney for at least another year? This might be an awesome trade for the Penguins. And it could make for some awesome Rangers/Pens games over the next few seasons.

damn chikin swedes, back-strom-man malik. who cares. stl booed him out of town and into ours.

From what I'm hearing out of St.LOuis is Backman is St.louis version of Marek Malik they were so happy to get rid of him. This was a worse deadline day then last year. 2.3 million next year for this guy. What a joke!


Well said. It is disapointing. Monty, Jessiman, and Korpikoski, and even Bourret possibly are all looking like grand busts. Hopefully our other first rounders can show they were worth it. Its a shame we couldnt get Carcillo, i would have thrown in Jessiman in that deal, for the kid.

I just hope these deals mean Hartford is getting a replacement for Monty, and Cally, and Dawes.

For those of you that got bored of booing malik welcome on the new whipping boys! Lets give em an MSG welcome

BTW, the ice chikins traded a lot for a playoff choke artist. sens and habs fans are going banans.

roc -- Backman cost $2.3 million against the cap, even though he will be paid $3.4 million. He will then be a UFA. All the other guys are RFAs at season's end.

At least last year we got Mara, who did decent. These guys seem useless. Should have went after Liles, or Stuart, like the rumors went.

Im happy Pruchs is here to stay. We cant give up on him yet.

If anything the chemistry isnt ruined. But still, i expected one deal and one deal alone. A vet d man. Hopefully Backman is half way decent. Cause we already have 4 lazy D men, like Rozi, Strudsy, Pauly, and Harry, we dont need another.

Thanks Dubi

Pittsburgh assumes it'll outscore its opponents to the Stanley Cup. Not going to happen.

Yo bad the Isles traded Bergeron. Now they get less lazy. But eh.

Hopefully more deals will come.

And Hossa sleeps walk through the playoffs..


I don't think that these guys are useless at all. Backman will play instead of Strudwick (less physical games) and until Mara gets back and the same with Gratton (more physical games until Orr is good to play) and Sjostrom (less physical games where speed is needed more).

Also, why would Colorado want to deal Liles when they're gearing up for a run with signing Forsberg and the deals they made today? Stuart I do agree with tho.

saget, good analysis of Pitt's cap situation, but just because they could sign everyone for $50 million doesn't mean that they plan to have a $50 million budget for salaries. Some small market teams don't want to spend anywhere near the cap. I assume they will try hard to resign Hossa, since they gave up so much for him, but who knows.

Orr u said

Hal Gill is a Pen too...Now they have someone to bully Jagr.

Juuust great. good work Slats !

Posted by: ORR Says "Win the Cup" !!!!!!!!!! | February 26, 2008 at 04:23 PM

My question to you is what would u do different


With a new arena on its way and the sell outs they get every game, I think they will certainly use the cap to it's fullest.

Saget go back and read my posts and tell me which one of the trades didnt happen.

my god I cannot believe the reaction to a couple of trades that in my eyes were nothing more than tweaking the bottom of the roster. I admit I know next to nothing about the players we got, other than seeing backman in a couple of games. But to me he is a bit better than malik and strudwick.

Also everyone wants to make all these big moves what would the salary cap ramifications be? All we have been hearing all season is that the rangers are carrying a bare bones roster with no backups because it will save cap room. Also there is a hit on next year's cap with the Shanahan contract.

Since the lockout, look at the job the organization has done integrating young players into the lineup, Lundqvist, Tyutin, Girardi, Staal, Dubinsky, Callahan, Dawes. Prucha is still young. Do people really wanna give up a prospect for a Hal Gill? He hits, yes but cannot skate and is a mediocre player at best.

The rangers were not gonna get Boyle, or Campbell, especially Campbell because they were in the same division. Rob Blake wasnt gonna waive his no trade to come to the rangers.

From what I have heard, Sather and company are not looking at this year as the go for it all year, for a lack of a better term. They look at the team as a work in progress, that will be able to compete for a cup in the near future and didn't want to mess with that plan. I give them credit for sticking with the plan and not going for the quick fix, as appealing as that must have been with the general mediocrity of the eastern conference.

backman is guaranteed 3.4 million NEXT season!!! just when you thought the bad contracts on our defense were gonna finally be taken off the payroll

Ted, as Dubi has confirmed, his cap hit is 2.3.


I agree with everything you said except Pitt's cap analysis. The Penguin's UFAs will clearly demand more than their current salaries especially because the cap will be raised. Hossa will certainly demand much more than his current $6 million as well, and they will need spend more money in the summer to fill out the roster for next year if they lose any UFAs. I could see Hossa accepting a one year deal if he really enjoys playing in Pittsburgh but when Malkin and Staal cash in 2009 they won't be able to keep Hossa as well.

I know if I were a Habs fan I'd be going bananas. Maybe some of you feel like Slats didn't help our team, but in Montreal they have to be feeling like Gainey torpedoed their team.


The cap hit for Backscratcher 2.3 million still a waste of money.


With your tag, I don't doubt that you agree that Carcillo would've fit perfectly with this team. Youth, toughness, and talent. I've been hoping all year Maloney would return a favor with him. Guess not. I would have sweetened the pot a lot more for him. Like others though, glad to see Sanguinetti and other keepers are still here and we'll wing it this year and see what happens.


how can you say the Rangers got worse.

Backman is definately a better play then Strudwick and probably Malik and Mara too. Hossa was either injured or a healthy scratch the majority of the season so trading him is no big deal plus there are no shootouts in the playoffs and that is all that matters.

Sjostrom is a better goal scorer and if I remember correctly was on their powerplay when they beat us and he scored a PP goal against the Isles so there is offense there.

Gratton was probably added to help Hartford more than the Rangers but he can fill the fighter roll over Strudwick when Orr is out but i'd rather give Jessiman the chance personally just to say he played an NHL game for us if nothing more.

The farm system was not touched outside of Montoya who is useless to the Rangers and since he was the BACKUP in Hartford his value was going to drop even more. They should have traded him last year but Montoya was doing great last year so I can't blame them.

Getting rid of a 4th round draft pick is no big deal. Callahan in 04 worked well but there are alot more busts there just look at Nate Guenin in 02, David Kveton in 06 and only time will tell about Corey Potter in 03 and Tommy Pyatt in 05

I know you wanted Hossa but he cost the Penguins a fortune. That would be like the Rangers giving up Anisimov, Dawes and Callahan for a guy thats contract expires at the end of the season. Its a great move for them but not for us.

I have an idea, lets not worry too much because if we play like we have been playing (scoring the goals we knew we could 5 vs buffalo, 3 vs Anaheim, 5 vs montreal, 4 vs buffalo, 5 vs florida) we will be fine.

Besides the way this works out we will lose hollweg, unfortunately orr too, although i have a feeling that come playoff time prucha/dawes will be swapping time in the pressbox to make room for orr.

as for lines i see this for the next game


and guess what!
we didnt give up anyone who will be missed!!
id say pending the rest of the season sather gets a "B" for today

Maybe Malik's first goal and hit of the year (against Florida) saved him from being traded. Here's to hoping Christian Backscratcher (nice name for him roc) can do something. All must remember when the Rangers acquired Avery last year Kings fans were just as happy to get rid of him as Blues fans are of this guy. Maybe him and Malik can fight it out for who is the one that gets booed the most on a game-to-game basis

also on montoya
does anyone realize he is injury prone, got hurt last year(dont remember for what) and the groin last week.

and before the groin he played his way to the bench

I'm warming up to Malik, but every time I see him make a blind pass anywhere the slot i seize and flash back to the Buffalo series last year... Frankly, as long as Backman's best passes aren't to the opposing players, he'll be better-liked than Malik.

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