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February 28, 2008


Heading to Raleigh in a few hours. Only about an hour drive. Looking forward to a great night! Hope the Rangers can stay hot and shrug of this pesky Hurricanes' team. Dubi, you called it: how Carolina is remaining afloat with the injuries and trades is unreal. Matt Cullen is seems to be surging right now, so that helps too. Reminds me of last season when Cullen really picked up his game going into the playoffs. GO RANGERS!

Marian Hossa Stated today that money will not be the only thing considers when he makes a decision this off season. Did the Rangers blow there chances of getting him by trading Marcel? We really need a scoring winger and he would be perfect to play with Gomez.

We'd have extreme trouble fitting Marian Hossa under the cap next year; any reasonable number would not be an option. We pretty much blew our chances of signing Hossa when we got Gomez and Drury, and I for one am okay with that. If Marcel attracts him, all the better; it would be great if he signed out west. Besides, players like him traditionally flop on Broadway. We need to look to homegrown scorers.


That's a great question. I don't know either. I watch 'em and then the puck go is...some how? Beats me, but I hope it doesn't beat the Rangers.

I'm looking for only a few things from the new guys. Backman: Hockey sence and poise under pressure. Sjostrom: Simply Hossa with hands.

As a Rangers fan living in North Carolina, here's what I see as contributing to the Canes' ability to stay afloat:

1. The Albany River Rats. Wade Brookbank, Tim Conboy, Casey Borer, and especially Ryan Bayda and Keith Aucoin have all contributed positively when needed. Brandon Nolan was great in the few games he played, as well. The third line of Bayda/Aucoin/Walker has been just a little bundle of energy.

2. Sergei Samsonov. I think Jim Rutherford sent time travelers back to 2001 to bring *that* Sergei Samsonov into the future.

3. Eric Staal. He's really picked up every facet of his game; not only is he scoring, but he's also been making good defensive plays, killing penalties, and winning faceoffs. Rod Brind'Amour must be proud.

4. Joe Corvo. Seriously, Joe Corvo. Their power play looks completely different with uh-oh Corvo directing things back there. He's sure of himself with the puck in his own zone, unlike Frank Kaberle who looks like he wants to get rid of it as quickly as possible.


5. The Southeast Division sucks.


Point well taken on Backman, I agree. It just seems that many here assume he'll be a bust just because he doesn't hit like Pronger. He hasn't even played for us yet and he's getting bashed for being soft when many here, be honest, haven't seen him play anywhere near enough to make those judgments. Just because you read on some Blues blog that he's a wuss doesn't necessarily make it so. Look at some of the crazy posts on here.

Backman will present a $3.4MM hit to the cap next year. He better be worth that. Clearly, Malik and Mara need to go to make room for his cap hit.

The cap hit is actually 2.3mil. The average of his contract. 3.4 is what he'll pocket next year.

john - excellent post. i agree with all your points, and the coaching (team preparedness) is not too shabby either.

and the dubi post was great, thanks man.

clicking on the links was good, especially liked the jagr wisecracks. he's having fun, gaining confidence and that can only make the rangers offense more formidable!! i hope jagr scores a few more tonight! and hope backman gets a power play tally too.


Anyone else read the Post article? Is it just me, or does it say that Sjostrom scored 26 points in 10 games at one point this season? He doesn't even have 26 points this year, and 26 in 10 would be 2.6 points/game. I don't think even Ovechkin scores that much. Am I just reading it wrong?

He had 26 shots on goal in those ten games, not 26 points -- he did have 9 points. I think the writer looked at the wrong column in compiling his stats.

Things are good when Jagr is joking around.

You really cannot hold anything against Backman yet. Give the guy a chance. He's only played for the Blues and that whole team has not been that great for a few seasons. Just let him play and make judgements at the end of the season. It will probably take all 18 games to get a good impression.

Just think.... What would the blogs have said about Mr. Jagr when we traded for him? Or Sean Avery for that matter?

A change of scenery can make a world of difference...


Thanks, you're right! That's a little better.

After 2 days the deals feel even better to me.
Yeah the fantasy-hockey types didn't get a big name that pleased them.
But we are a better team this year if these new guys find their game.
If we go into games against some teams with Sjostrom and Prucha skating, while Orr and Hollweg watch, thats 4 talented lines, whatever the combos. And none of Malik, Mara or Strudwick have been excpetional. Backman will very likely be an upgrade. But yeah, I am one of those always optimistic fans.


the only problem with that is if you have Orr and Hollweg both sitting then Dubinsky and Avery have to fight which disrupts the offense.

One of them should always be in the lineup at a time and when we play the Flyers and Islanders both need to be there

its amazing I went at looked at the archives to see the response to see how the people here thought about the Avery trade and I just laughed

It was as if Jan Marek and Marc Andre Cliche were top prospects. Sean Avery was considered awful. People were calling for Sather's head.

Jan Marek - never even made it out of Europe

Marc Andre Cliche - 30 games in the AHL, 4 goals 2 assists (very impressive)

The moral of the story is give it some time and if Backman makes Malik look like Leetch then let the ripping begin but let's wait a few weeks ok.

I would agree that Orr should be present in the lineup when "throwing down in fisticuffs" is desired, but I think that Hollweg has been made 100% redundant. Between his lack of scoring at the NHL level (which is disappointing, considering his AHL numbers), his middling ability when the gloves come off, and the sign around his neck that says "whistle me every time I hit someone," its tough to find a slot for him in the lineup. If Sjo brings sufficient energy, regardless of his scoring contribution, Hollweg unfortunately is left in the cold.

Its a shame too - I really like Ryan and have since he cracked the lineup.

Oh, and again about the Hurricanes...their fans really hate the Rangers now, specifically Colton Orr for his hit on Cullen, which they see as the dirtiest thing since McSorely brained Brashear.

John, what I find funny about that, was the League admitted that he was trying to pull up and rescinded their decision of Orr's hit.

Why did the Ref blow the whistle there? Grrrrr

Gomer would've scored! >:

Where was the quick whistle with 7 some odd seconds in 1994 McCreary?

That was an absolutely HORRIBLE whistle. When did Ward cover that puck? Ridiculous..

woohoo..Great moves by Dubinsky!!!

Dubi!!! Great play by everyone on that line!

dubinsky loves that move...

Dubinsky is a stud!!!! What a pass by Jarg!

wow. gotta give malik that one.
what a great play

Drury gets mugged in the slot and they call that on Malik?!?!?

Where was the penalty there? This is going to be a LONG game.

i wasnt being sarcastic, what a horrible call by the ref

wow, Bettsie almost got one in..

Dubi is the man.Jagr is on the streak and nobody has nothing good to say about him.

Why would you expect any different from McQueery? He is one of the worst against the Rangers!!!

Drury gets mugged in the slot and they call that on Malik?!?!?

Carolina is one of those teams that interferes and picks all over the place and the refs hardly ever call them on it ... pisses me off ...


The Rangers have to bury a few of the chances they're getting. BTW that was a beautiful pass from Jagr on Dubinsky's goal...

Wow what a hit by Malik

I wonder if Eric Staal has ever considered taking up acting?

Is anyone elses feed cutting in and out?

refs lose sight of most pucks shot into a goalie, but they are inconsistent whistlers, especially Mc Dreary

Tell me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't that have been a two line pass?

The two line pass is in tact for passes that go past the three right? Or was it completely abolished?

that rule doesnt exist anymore


last time I checked there wasnt a two line pass or a 3 line pass afor that matter

first impressions of our new players
they look pretty good, no mistakes.
Sjostrom i saw him get to the net a few times which is always good.

if anything they look a little uneasy but that will get better when they learn the way the rangers play

boston'sup 2-0 on Pen's

wow Avery on a roll..what a shot!

Ok thanks guys. I'm surprised teams don't try to take advantage of that more then if you can pass through as many lines as you want..

Goal! Avrey


Avery! This line is amazing!

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