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February 24, 2008


Dubi why won't Sather talk to the NY press? Maybe he's the one advising Avery.

The conventional wisdom among the members of the local chapter of the Professional Hockey Writers Association is that he Rangers' PR staff has forbidden Sather and Avery from talking to the local media for fear that they will say something embarrassing to the organization.

The hit by Kaleta was late. He didnt leave his feet. Replay showed his feet gave out after he hit Mara. Mara got hit up high by Kaletas helmet and I think thats was did the most damage. Definitely a late hit. It was AWESOME to see Staal come in there and mess up Kaletas world; even if it was for only 1 period. That was a big penalty kill, cause you dont want be behind 2 minutes into the game.

Is this because of the arbitration fiasco between Avery and Sather we had over the summer?

it's quite funny how montreal wins big over rangers and then proceeds to get no boost from their historic comebacker and then wilt away under the pressure of pittsburgh and columbus. and oh yeah, columbus loss on their bob gainey night as well. and oh yeah, manny malhotra scores first goal in something like 27 games. haha. the montreal meltdown fast becoming a distant memory. thankfully.

seems like the rangers offense is on-track and gaining some confidence and momentum. the powerplay needs to do the same, hopefully this too will finally gel in time for first round playoff action. maybe with the acquisition of a strong blueliner??

florida is hurting but hungry team, well coached and playing with pride and probably not a playoff spot. hoping jagr continues goal breakout with a few more tallies.


Dubi is any words who is starting today at net?

They had a poll on TSN over what was the biggest moment in recent Canadians history; stuff like the too many men goal agaisnt Don Cherry's Bruins in the 1979 semis, the 86 playoffs, 93 vs. the Kings, and the overrated comeback from this week, with the later winning by a huge margin. That was just ridiculous. Either these were very young fans who voted or there's a lot of revisionist history going on here.

Mike A,

I have to agree with you there. Seriously, this game had nothing more than playoff implications, but it's not like this is the last day of the regular season with both teams' futures riding on that very game. It wasn't like Game 7 of the Eastern Conference championship was on the line either.

It was a regular season game that was decided by a skills competition. Honestly, the 4-4 overtime was more exciting than that shootout (I do believe the Rangers would've lost regardless). It was almost anti-climatic. It's not like the Rangers lost in regulation either, so it wasn't such a huge loss as first implied.

Nor has it determined anything for anyone. The Rangers and Canadiens have been going in opposite directions since that game (like other posters have pointed out). Granted, the Habs have played one more game within that timespan, but have lost an OT game and were shut out by the Blue Jackets. We all saw what the Rangers did last night and I expect nothing less from them tonight.

Definitely the most over-rated anything to happen to either team this season.

Newsflash: Marcel Hossa who did nothing in Hartford was recalled today. You'd think they'd give a dman like Baranka or Potter a shot?

Mike what does callin up Hossa has to do with Baranka.Different positions.

Its sick how people MUST get a reason to bitch or their day wont be complete

Are the Rangers going to send the tape to NHL headquarters? Two issues are at stake here: first, the late hit; second, the high hit. It is plays like this that make the NHL look so bad. The GM's talk about reducing the size of goalie equipment and players are hitting guys LONG AFTER they released the puck and are in a more vulnerable and relaxed position, leading to injuries and retatitory fights. What's with these GM's and where the heck is the NHLPA? The number of high hits and in particular, intentional hits to the head this year, MUST be higher than last year.

I guess we all need to wait until Sid the Kid gets hammered and the poster boy is out for a season, eh?

Dubi, you're right on with the trip, that was so blatant it's hard to imagine how ANYBODY could miss it! I sure hope the Rangers send these to the NHL. I still feel that some kind of discilinary action needs to be taken for officials in order to hold them accountable. How about sending them to the AHL and a top AHL ref called up to replace him? Here is a place where the GM's and the NHLPA should be working together for the betterment of the game. It's clear that Bettman and the NHL won't do anything.

Since it was a d-man that went down with an injury, that might be why Mike is questioning the call-up of Hossa. I'd rather try Baranka then see Strudwick on D...

Stop calling Hossa a call-up. It's not a call-up. He was injured and put on a conditioning assignment. He's still on the NHL roster. I'm pretty sure he'd have to clear waivers for them to keep him in Hartford.

Re-called then, feel better???

Regardless of who's going to be playing tonight, this game is actually just as important as last night's, especially since the Rangers have so few losses they're able to give out at this point, and Florida is a team they play two more times and need to beat 2 more times. Cause - news flash - they likely aren't going 8-0 vs. New Jersey, or sweeping all 4 remaining games from the Isles.

Tonight is business that must be taken care of. I hope they realize that and we don't see them come out assuming they'll win just because they're on the ice, as has happened too often all year. It's games like tonight's, when blown, that you point to at the end of the year if you don't make it, not the "montreal meltdown" which actually represented the Rangers getting a 9th out of 10 possible points from the Habs.


It's not a matter of feeling. When MikeA implies Hossa is being called up instead of another player, he's wrong. Hossa was recalled (thank you) from a conditioning assignment instead of no one. It doesn't matter how Hossa performed, as our only other option is to waive him.

I'd love to see Marian instead of Marcel playing for the Rangers. Why? It seems Boyle will re sign with Tampa.

anyone know who is in goal tonight???

Hossa still had a few more games to be conditioned, Rosen even said so last night. It seems that they called him up early after the injury, but I'd think you'd want to call a more mobile dman before Hossa was done with his conditioning stint.


Hossa takes up an NHL roster spot even on a conditioning assignment. Hence it doesn't help anyone to not call him up (just keeps someone in Hartford from playing).

In looking at the conference standings shaping up, does anybody else think that the rangers are just toying with the conference so they can finish in sixth place and play the Thrashers or Carolina in the first round?

i saw a very interesting rumor saying that Malik would be traded to St. Louis for Rucinsky and a defenseman. Jackman, and Salvador are both UFAs and cost less than Malik.

I don't see why the Rangers would make this move unless they had a deal with another team sending Mara, Prucha and either Callahan or Dawes for a top defenseman such as Boyle, Kaberle etc.

Rucinsky would go to the 3rd line and Mara and Malik would be gone with Kaberle and Backman/Salvador coming in.

If Mara can't go, then Hossa may play so Strudwick can fill Mara's sopt on defense.

why would ruscinsky go to the 3rd line he stinks... Newsflash just because you are not over 30 does not mean you cannot play ask cally, dawes, dubinsky, prucha, and others all better then ruscinsky no contest

It is incredible how Marcel Hossa has been given more lives than 10 cats.He’s done nothing as a Ranger,and now he’s done
nothing as a Wolfpack and even though he’s on a conditioning stint,he should not have been called up.I heard Sam Rosen say he’s got some more time available down there.Instead,we get to see Strudwick who for all his lockeroom presence has the skill set and speed of an echl player.The only way I find this move acceptable is if Hossa takes Hollweg's spot,otherwise this move would be very tough to understand.I mean who do you scratch in favor of Hossa? Could also be they are showcasing him as a throw in for a possible trade.I certainly hope that is the case!

Sather not talking to the media is not the call of the PR department, it is part Sather, part the Dolans who feel all media that they can not recall is evil.

Sather talks to old pals from his Edmonton days, basically guys who know not to ask the controversial questions. Sather will talk to the Europeans because they still view him as a hero for his signings of Eastern Europeans.

It is a matter of control, for Sather to sit down with NYC writers he would not be facing writers who will fluff him with questions thus they get only statements.

I talked to someone about Avery and it is right now Avery's own choice not to talk to the media not the PR staff. It is a game for Avery right now as he is getting attention for not talking and nobody loves the attention more than Avery.


Here make it simple for people, players on a conditioning assignment remain on the roster and count against the roster limit. The term recalled is used because nobody has figured out a better way of saying, returned to active duty.


To recall a defensemen the Rangers will need to a separate transaction. If the Rangers were talking trade for a defender then the Rangers are not going to advertise how bad Mara is injured. For one game they will use Strudwick back there as if Mara is hardly injured.


I don't want Rucinsky either but i'll take him if it means our defense is upgraded considerably. If the Rangers can get Kaberle, Rucinsky and Salvador for Malik, Mara, Callahan, Prucha and a mid-level draft pick you'd be crazy not to do it.


What purpose does it do to showcase somebody that doesn't do anything?

I don't know Bill.All I know is 6 games,1g 0Ast,-1,4pim=Nothing!
Maybe someone is intersted in seeing if he can ice skate.


Players who are on conditioning assignments VOLUNTEER to go to the AHL and because they volunteer the team is required to keep that player on the active roster by the CBA. By recalling Hossa it gives the Rangers some flexibility in case some else has to miss the game today.

Recalling Hossa has nothing to do with anything other than following the rules. If they were going to replace Hollweg in the lineup then someone else on the roster would have to be moved.

If you are talking trade with someone and you are trying to keep your price tag as low as possible then would you advertise to the world that one of your players is hurt and could miss some time?


Do you simply slide Strudwick back to the blueline acting like Mara's injury is a minor thing trying to hide how bad Mara might be hurt.

If the Rangers are trying to make a trade for a defender then would you announce that your already weak blueline is that much weaker?

You do not give anyone any ammo to raise the price of a trade now do you?

You live with Strudwick for a game.

Hey why not offer away Dubinsky and Sanguinetti too?

I mean if you are going to give away the kids and draft picks then let us do this right, give everyone away for one run now.

Let us return to the days where the youth were sold away for the present

Hey I had a great time watching the Rangers miss the playoffs for 7 years didn't everyone else?

Hey I had a great time watching the Rangers miss the playoffs for 7 years didn't everyone else?

Oh oh oh can we give away our first rounder in 2009 as well????

only if we are getting back a player that is age 35+ and diminishing skills. I would throw in a second rounder for 2010. Only fair.

Hey folks

If you miss those days when Lady Liberty stood for give me your old, your overpaid, your worthless NHL vets then have we got an offer for you.

That is right come on down to Slat's Buy A Kid where you can watch the Ranger future go right down the drain.

And if you act now we will toss in with every talented kid a future draft pick as well. So if you have a worthless veteran eating up your cap space come on down as no bad offer will be turned down

So hurry on down to Slat's Buy A Kid located at 33rd and 7th Ave.

Aw but Jess, don't you know our kids are worthless? Surely, we can't possibly be a Stanley Cup contender with the dogs we have on the farm or even the kids we have on the team now ... so why keep them? Trade them all ... Give me Ruchinsky(even though the Rangers didn't want him when they could've had him for 2-3 yrs two seasons ago but what the heck, they are in the mood to make St. Louis better for nothing, call it a friendly nudge to good ol' J.D.!) get McCabe and/or Kaberle and Salvador(oooh he's so worth Callahan, Prucha and a 2nd or 3rd round pick! after all how many teams are beating down St. Louis's door for him????? ... No no wait .. We all know that Bobby S. won't really amount to much and let's trade Dubinsky while he's hot, no better time than the present, as Toronto just might be silly enough to part with Sundin AND MacCabe! WooHoo! Future? What stinking future?

BTW I get the DREADED Panthers broadcast ...

I seriously hate Dennis Potvin, he is such a cocky bastard when he is doing the commentary on the Rangers games ... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Weinman says Hossa will skate in Orr's place today.

Damn, Ive never seen someone as emotional as Jess, when someone says to trade a kid. Jeez.

Anyway, Lets go Nyr. Hopefully Avery ends Hortons career !

Oh and Henrik's in net too, for all those who asked.


I personally had a fantastic time watching all those playoff-less seasons. Listening to the musings of the fair-weather Devil fans in my area every damn April, watching Chris Simon and Valeri Kamensky (to name a few) contribute absolutely nothing. Yeah those were the days alright. At least I could get tickets then though.


Emotional? Well coming from someone who's name wants to see a trade for an underachieving Cheechoo, I have to laugh.

Tell me why is it OK for people like yourself to suggest poorly thought out moves but I am the emotional one? Yes let us toss out names of players we know next to nothing about and trade them and call that a smart move.

Cmon Orr who should they give up for Cheechoo?

That is exactly my point, people want this guy or that guy and not once do they take the time to look at their desire from a today and tomorrow standpoint as to how the trade will affect the franchise.

And from a selfish standpoint; seeing how people have been reacting to a team with a winning record this season I hate to see people would be if this team was a last place team.


LOL well said, give Potvin a hug for us as he will spend his game trashing everything Ranger

Mark W

Well buddy make sure when you come on in to say so and we will give you that Jeff Taffe autographed jersey with your next purchase LOL


I really hope "hopefully Avery ends Horton's career" is a joke. Even if it is, it's not a particularly funny one. And what's with the Jess bashing? I guess I understand though - he really is crazy for thinking of the future. After all we should only worry about this year. That was just oh so successful for 7 years in a row. I just LOVED watching Sylvain Lefebvre and Valeri Kamensky light up the Garden.

Anyway, good to hear Henrik's in net. Hopefully he can build up some confidence from yesterday's game. That save on Vanek was huge.

Hossa is in because Orr is out with an injury and Prucha is not 100%, with Strudwick in for Mara.

Robbie Schremp, eh?

I think I would like that...


What’s the status of Orr's injury??? I didn't even realize he was hurt. Prolly because I had the Buffalo feed last night.

Maybe we can get Ulanov and Karpa back for next to nothing! Getting a Jackman, or Boyle, or for that matter anyone else at the deadline will cost us something. We shouldn't make any deal if we get fleeced of our prospects. If we do get a chance at a fair deal, then we should be able to give said player a contract, or why even bother. Playoff rentals just aren't worth it, and last year is a perfect example of that...

I'm as much a "play-the-kids" and "build through the draft" guy as anyone. But, there is a happy medium. Not every kid drafted by the Rangers is going to make the Ranger lineup. The are two reasons to build a strong developmental system - 1) obviously to cultivate the young players who best fit with the organizational gameplan to win a Cup, and 2) to have plenty of assets to make the right trades to complement the core. There are players in this organization who should go nowhere - Staal, Dubinsky, Anisimov, Cherepanov and Sanguinetti are clearly in this group. And a couple more - Sauer, Callahan and Korpikoski come to mind - who just a notch below, which would make me think long and hard about including in a deal. But, one of the beautiful things about what has transpired since 2004 is that this organization has unprecedented depth, which means they can deal from strength to get needed assets. Knowing that a Dawes has proven himself to be a capapble scorer at the NHL level allows the luxury of trading a Prucha IF the right deal comes along.

when Prucha returns...who's spot in the line-up will he take?

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