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January 30, 2008


I do not think the Rangers players are the problem. I think it lies within the approach to the game plan put forth by the coaches and the vets who have some say. It is totally wrong. The scoring is down and the defense looks flat because the Rangers style of play is not forward moving . It is side to side and to the center zone. No momentum . No second and third shots. and no possesion due to the fact that the team is being drilled into clearing it first and catch up to it after. This creates no flow and absolutely no sustained pressure in front of the net. On defense , this approach of clearing it first translates into looking flat and disjointed. Coaching kills teams. Not players. These player have played for many coaches and many styles and have succeeded to the point of graduating to the NHL. So in other words , in despite of a variety of coaches that each player on the Rangers has played for, they are in the NHL. Coaches can kill teams. The coach holds the keys to ice time and to when and in what situation the ice time is given. This is a major problem . The few opportunities that present itself to score in a clear it first strategy, adds to the frustration and the lack of production. A coaching change to an offensive minded coach is what the doctor ordered for this Ranger team. No doubt in my mind.

Dubi/Jess: why is Drury playing so poorly? I remember watching him play for the Sabres and he was a very different player back then. Gomez is doing just fine in my opinion, but I really can't understand what is going on with Chris.

Stephen Walkom has to address the atrocious refereeing ... it is beyond ridiculous. Why is there no European refs? Jagr, Rosival, Malik all get the shaft from the refs. Still a shakeup is needed on the Rangers.

BTW I am going to Cosby again tonight to grab my BB copy. Thanks for the great job you guys do here. I will renew my subscription next month.

Lost in a rangers loss was how poor the refereeing was. It was by far the worst I have ever seen. But still Glen Make a trade.


I disagree with your idea that this loss was on the players. I believe it's also on the Coach. If the Coach's plan worked in the first period but the players decided on their own to abandon it in the second/third periods then it falls to the Coach to recognize this "problem" and correct it in short order. I didn't see the Coach make this effort. Instead, he appeared to go along with his players in thinking this change in plans was fine. While the players made several bad choices the Coach also had choices he could make but apparently decided otherwise. This Team's position in the standings is a result of bad playing and coaching throughout this season. I wish I knew what it would take to correct both but I don't believe they'll correct themselves without some type of outside intervention.

Dubi -- Great piece, but it's not a matter of fans jumping off the bandwagon. It's not about being "fair weather," which I assume was your insinuation. We're 52 games into the season, and there's not much to grasp on to with the Rangers, is there? There's no consistency to their game, they've become atrocious on the road, and any win streak has been short-lived. What am I missing? Only a handful of players -- Gomez, Staal, Dubinsky and, for the most part, Lundqvist -- have reached expectations. The team, especially on the wings, is small, never sustains a forecheck, and plays with little urgency or desperation. Prucha is awful, and he's got plenty of company. For God sakes, the Columbus Blue Jackets, and the Phoenix Coyotes, have more points. The hated Islanders, which basically signed FAs that were left from the scrap heap, are tied with us in points. Whatever message Renney is sending, isn't working. I hope I'm wrong, but this team is on a treadmill and going nowhere -- fast. Sather should have seen this coming, and made some moves. I'm sure he's on the case now, but it may be too late. All in all, this is a very disappointing in the making. Hard to fathom, no?

It is hard to fathom.. We always talk about there defensive breakdowns because they cannot score.

this team has the least goals scored in the NHL.. Why is Tyutin such a gambler on the ice? The guy should play more like a stay at home D man, he cannot hit the friggin net and has about 3 goals.. High risk low probability plays lead to losses.......

I do not understand why this team is so bad. I will continue to harp against the 4th line logic.. When a team needs offense why have 1 line that has 5 goals in 52 games??? They rangers will not have a 30 goal scorer this year so they need contributions from all over the place. I only play Orr and Hollwegg against Philly and maybe 1 or 2 other games.. It looks like Callahan has regained his touch they should bring him up and play callahan, moore, and whoever even(hossa on the 4th ine0 they should be able to score on occasion... Avery should be moved off Jagrs line i would put Dawes on it he has much more offensive ability....

I am not jumping ship but cannot believe how bad they have played this yr. There road record is embarrasing, it is the worse in HOCKEY...

I said it was time to panic in December. I was right.

Maxim Kondratiev anyone?

I will not write them off.

The way the schedule was set up this year, it is hard to say anyone is out of it. Beginning in March, our last 17 games are all against Eastern Teams and 13 of those last 17 are against the Atlantic Division only. That is 34 points right there (not counting OT). 26 of those points are against their own division.

So unless they lose just about all of their games in February, the NYR will be in the thick of things up until the very last day. The whole conference has been close almost all season. The East can and will be decided in the last month of the season. As it is set up, the standings can change drastically in the last 10 games alone.

JOHNM, totaly agree, I was going to post something simmiliar, but you said it best. On the fourthline, it is time for Calahan and Byers, enough of Orr, Hollweg.

Rangers have won 7 games on the road all season. Tied with TB for the worst, and have 17 of the last 30 on the road, so unless they can start winning on the road they don't make the playoffs. By winning I mean 10 of those 17 games they have on the road.

Enough of Hollweg. If Renney leaves Orr alone and stops telling him whato do, then you'll see more of what he did last night, which is a major ass kicking. The Canes cant stop Orr !

I hope Glen makes a big trade at the deadline. I really hope there's a possibility we can get Cheechoo. He's having a terrible year, worse then Jags. Recchi, Samsonov, and other players, do alot better when they get traded. I think it would be a good move. Cheechoo has the talent.

Last night was exactly like the last game. great first period. Crappy second, and half a crappy third.

I like Drury, if we make the playoffs, i really hope he steps up his game. But last night i was really pissed when he didnt score on that open net, and hit the post. This guy is really struggling, and that sucks to see.

They continue to give points away, and it's not early & they can't win all 30 that are left just as they couldn't go 82-0. But thet were good in November, and that's been mostly it. I'd have to believe the coach changed the D first approach, while the O has hardly improved. The PP is nowhere close to it's potential. And the line combo shuffle is the coach's decision. Then the expectation is for the players to execute, not likely. Add a distracted goalie, and you get an O talented team struggling to make the playoffs in a parity (mediocre) league .

I don't get how this team just can't score. I watched a avs game in december that was 7-6 in the 2nd and they don't have nearly the talent we do. it doesn't make sense why our guys can't just find the net like players of lesser talent do consistently every night across the leauge. (see metripolit last night with 2 goals)

Bulldog and Orr - you think the problem is the 4th line?
If we were getting 3-4 goals/game from the all the offensive players on the other 3 lines, we wouldn't be losing so much. Also, Hank just ain't making the big save these days.. and we are sloppy with the puck lately.

Chris, I know it's not a popular answer for a fan base that yells "Shoot!" every time a Ranger touches the puck in the offensive zone, but I've been saying all season that they shoot TOO MUCH. They continue to hold down the #3 spot in shots on goal as they have all season, and that doesn't include the insane number of shots that are blocked or sent wide. These guys shoot from anywhere, anytime -- and still, the Garden fans yell "Shoot!" as if they're afraid to let loose.

I tell you, I cringe sometimes when the crowd yells "Shoot!" -- sure enough, a guy takes a shot that is blocked and the other team gets the puck and breaks out. It's insane, I tell you. We complain about there not being enough traffic in front of the net -- maybe they're shooting too soon, before guys can get there. Maybe there was more to "passing the puck into the net" than just a concept worth mocking -- maybe it's not Nylander that the Rangers miss, but his patience with the puck.

You guys think Henrik is gettin $7 million a season now? 22nd in the league in SV%, 11th in GAA, certainly not top 5 numbers, i sure hope sather is using this as leverage as the rangers will need all the cap room they can get, now that they're payin Drury (or Holik re-incarnate) a ridiculous contract to play like Matt Cullen

JOHNM, I completely agree with what you're saying about the coaching. The "system" has never worked this season, and even last season considering we barely made the playoffs. Our only consistency in winning this year came from superhuman goaltending which we can't reasonably expect from Lundqvist on a nightly basis. Watching the Rangers is comparable to watching paint dry; no sustained pressure, no real physical play, mediocre transition play where the rushing forward dumps and chases...none of this equates to a championship team.

Jagr played a great game Tuesday, and I was amped to see him drop the gloves. But look at the catalyst for the whole fight...Avery. He went at the Carolina player that hit Gomez like he owed him money. Colton Orr was a beast, kicking people's asses in 2 periods. Anyone who says that brutal physical play has no place in the new NHL needs to look no further than the 06-07 Ducks to see that it's simply not true.

Hollweg needs to go. There is no room on the team for a player who can't score or fight. There are plenty of guys that like to hit, but also know how to find the net every now and again. Callahan immediately comes to mind.

Malik is better than Strudwick and Mara. Not that that is saying a lot, but next year we should get rid of all of them and start over. Can someone explain to me why Mara makes 1.1 million more a year than Avery?!

When the Devils blew a 3-1 3rd period lead in a loss to Montreal, what did Brent Sutter do? He marched their asses back onto the ice to practice, to show the team that slacking off wasn't gonna cut it. We've watched the Rangers put in a lackluster effort all season, and what does Renney do? He stays composed and talks about how nice is was to get back to the prairies of western Canada. If I were him, I'd be flipping over tables.

We need more hitting, more intensity, more passion, more scoring, more fighting, less excuses and less Renney

So many fans are so quick to turn their backs on a player.When Rnagers signed Gomez and Drury everybody said that Gomez is gonna be a bust and Drury is a superstar now people are saying Gomez is so good and this and that and and already suggesting to trade Drury for a bag of pucks.Its pathetic.Lol this season half of the team was critizes on this bulletin alone.Hossa Malik Henrik,Jags Pruchs,Shanny and now new whipping boy Drury.Dont you think its enough!!!Goddam we should critize our selves not them.WE SUCK AS FANS.I go to a lot of away games and only in the garden u will hear fans yell things like Malik kill you self Jags with your purse and so on...Only in the garden the fans boo the player when the player tries to do his best.Only in the garden the fans start supporting their team AFTER Rangers score.


Sutter didnt do that. That was a dumb rumor. All they did was get on there bikes, they never went back on the ice.

Hollweg sucks, plain and simple. Id rather have Downie then him. He doesnt even hit. Its a waste. Ortmeyer should be there, but noooo. Instead he's blocking shots and killing penalties with a boring team like the Preds.

TSN just said that Sather is shopping Malik. It old news pretty much, but they say alot of teams would want him. Hopefully that means he is gone.

Coaching is the problem... When your team doesn't play for 60 minutes and lets face it, the rangers haven't played 60 minutes all year...the coach needs to go. Renney is a white man's Herm Edward..PLAY NOT TO LOSE...HELLOOOOOOO...We need a coach that get our players to over achieve...Renney is not that guy.

ORR, OK, point taken, the Sutter thing was a rumor. But he did make the team exercise instead of letting them lick their wounds and make excuses to the media. Action instead of inaction.

There will always be a market for a 6'6" D man, but not at the current asking price. Seriously, we have bigger problems than Malik. Getting stuck with him for the rest of the season is only the tip of the iceberg

What I wouldn't give for Pat Burns and Scott Stevens to come back for one more run at the Cup. Okay, Scott Sevens will not be able to get back in shape in time - but I would dress him over Malik even now.


Players usually hit the bikes after a game. Dont get me wrong, im not trying to trump everything you say, i agree with you 100%. They should be punished. But Renney doesnt have any balls. He's probably the worst coach in the league next to the Kings coach.

I wish Renney was gone, i really dont like him. When they win or when they lose, i just dont care for him. He's not a good coach, im sick of hearing how he brought them to the playoffs. No, it was Jagr and Hank, then last season it was Hank and the D. Thats all.

The only way to get rid of Renney is to have a terrible season. where we do as bad as the Kings. But i would never want that to happen.

The bottom line for me is that this club is simply difficult to watch these days. They never go to the net. All the shots are from the perimeter. The dominate puch posession and shots from the perimeter, and lose by giving up odd-man rushes and flukey or dirty rebound goals. Henrik has lost his magic........on the Brind-Amour goal he looked like he was a fish out of water. Good news? Dubinsky, Staal, the other young players are gain ing avluable experience. Henrik's price tag is dropping precipitously. However when/if this team will be good enough to contend for the cup, Jagr and Shanny will be long gone. That is why they and Rozy, Mara and others should be gone at the deadline for picks and prospects.

So if the team played undisciplined, what did Renney do to address it? Did Renney address it in post game?

I think all I heard was that we can't do this, can't do that, when we do this, we lose out on that or something to that affect. I'd really like to know if he said anything, what he plans on address it practice and in game situations.

Straka turns over the puck, next shift, he's out playing point on the powerplay? Woulnd't it have been better to bench him ?

Dubi- I know what you mean, there has to be a shooting lane and quality shots, and alot of times this team has alot of shots but from all easy angles for the goalie to cut off.

I just find it baffling that these guys miss the net all the time, Jagr did it twice last night, Tyutin did once I can go on and on counting up the times its happened this season. I dont understand how they just dont score on stuff like that and every night teams with 1/3 the talent have no problems finding the net. Its not like Ward is a great goalie, hes a league average at best goalie, and we do this all the time making mediocre goalies look amazing.

Its aggravating like when the Yankees lose 3-0 against Tampa Bay because they for some reaosn they dont feel like hitting against a 5th starter on one of the worst teams in baseball.

The power play stinks. You live and die with the PP in this league. Its stagnant. No puck or player movement and they are too slow with their passes. They still don't have a person to control the PP at the point. Until that gets fixed it doesn't matter;they will not win a whole lot of games. Renney has not addressed this all year. I don't understand why nothing changes. If he is telling the players what to do and they aren't listening then he should not be behind the bench. As I said before same team, same effort, same result different day. Something has to give!!!

"They sat back and trapped their way to a dominant first period". Sounds like the Minnesota Wild. Just finished watching the 1st period of the Wild vs Ducks on Versus. They interviewed Sean O'Donnell about the Wild. He said they're tough to play and have played the same way since they entered the league. Their boring to play but very tough to beat, he said. What's wrong with that? They also rotate captains on a monthly basis so more players get a shot at leadership. What's wrong with that. It may be boring, unexciting, and unentertaining but it is also WINNING. Maybe the Rangers need to take a page out of Minnesota's book and play disciplined hockey like the Wild. Just because we play in NYC doesn't mean it's got to be all glitz and glamour. If it produces a constant winner, I'm sure the "Garden Faithful" would be very pleased with boring. Right now, the Rangers have 54 pts and are 9th in the East. Minnesota has 59 pts and are 1st in the Northwest Div and 3rd in the West. They're doing something right. The Rangers need a whole new mindset and perspective. Maybe emulating the Wild would bring success. I think that the players we have could adjust and adapt to a total defensive system. The ones unable or unwilling to do so could be moved. The playoffs are all about defense. Maybe being about defense all season would position us well for playoffs. It couldn't be any worse than what we have now. What do we have now?? Just some random thoughts.

The system can not be the problem. We were not scoring much better in November, but we did very well. The problem is scoring. We have two future Hall of Famers who are scoring at a pace of 1 goal every 3.25 games. Shanahan is just a shell of his old, pre-Knuble crash self. And as someone else pointed out, Jagr must have a more serious shoulder injury, one that caused permanent damage. Jagr's game has improved, although he is still projected at less than 80 points by season end.

And I am tired of Shanahan's "it us" proclamations. He needs to follow the lead of the captain and keep his mouth shut. He should talk, scoring goals at the same pace as such notables as Robert Lang, Jochen Hecht and Mike Knuble!

It's time for these "leaders" to shut up and put up. Renney is not the problem. We have 3 very good, experienced D'men; one rookie that shows every sign of greatness and three 7th (at best) D'men. How long do you think these 4 defenseman can play in one games, a game by BTW in which we score only one or two goals? As a result, the top guys will take a few chances when an additional goal is possible. In November, Hank made those stops when the puck went the other way and we won. Not now. Not blaming Lundqvist, just pointing out that some of those more risky plays worked, now there not working.

RB they are not playing the system they were playing in November. They have slacked off on TEAM D, while the O & PP have not improved, and Lundqvist has not been on top of his game & overplayed. You can just blame the players if you like, but the two bosses Sather & Renney are a part of this as far as I'm concerned. Managements' moves & lack of have helped produce the results so far. If they make the playoffs they share in the credit, if they don't they have to share in the blame. Everyone should be held accountable.


the rangers are playing the same system,the difference is that they are scoring at the same pace as in November.The difference is that the King cannot possibly play at the level he was playing in November for the whole season.My point is that Renney has a system,and it is a poor one.It stifles offense and creativity and needs at it's very core a goalie who has to have a gaa of less than one goal a game to win.
That to me is an impossible physical and mental burden to bare both on the players and the goalie.Renney is a poor coach who fails to adjust to the course of a game.One only has to look at last night's game and how laviolette adjusted his teams game after the first and Renney once again had no answer.

rangerbill if we have only three very good and one that is above average then why does the coach play the other two 18 minutes ?He sould be cutting their ice to ten to twelve minutes .And yes THAT is on the coach .

I'm pretty split, actually: on the one hand, 50% of a coach's job is to motivate players, hold them accountable and discipline them enough so that they don't waste points by making the same mistakes over and over and over again, I've said it before and I'll say it again - our NY area counterparts have done more with less, and that has to speak to the coaching.

By the same token, I would venture to say that this team's problems all seem to occur when they fail to play within the defensive system that's been outlined for them. If this team was, in fact, the offensive, goal-scoring juggernaut, then in fact when they challenged the other etam to a game of pond hockey, they'd still score more and end up winning. The problem is that these guys disregard the system, try to open it up and cannot score any goals. They are offensively inept!! So Renney really has no choice but to try to play New Jersey Devils hockey.

Dubi- I know what you mean, there has to be a shooting lane and quality shots, and alot of times this team has alot of shots but from all easy angles for the goalie to cut off.

The Rangers power play is powerless and cannot find shooting lanes because the players are stationary . If anyone caught the XM interview this afternoon with John Stevens of the Flyers, you would have heard a coach speak about shooting guys through the seams to create shooting lanes on the pp. Flyes are at 26% on the PP. I would listen to every word John Stevens has to say. Stevens is a smart coach. Stevens spoke about Mike Richards. How he plays against the top lines and competes against them . Not just check them. Richards scores too.The Flyers have balanced scoring on all 3 lines. Stevens took Scott Hartnell and showed him video replays of all his goals scored when Hartnell was doing well in Nashville, and Hartnell realized that he wasnt around the net like he was when he was scoring regularly. Hartnell has 17 goals this year. Stevens spoke of Danny Briere and his willingness to go to the net. The Flyers have 2 lines that play the PP .26% Man. No magic. No overabundance of super hero hockey players. Just a coach who is fresh, aggressive on offense, and intelligent. It is an amazing story. And an amazing turn around with great credit going to John Stevens. A new coach in the league. Not a re tread. It must change in MSG.


I'm not saying the coaches are blameless. But the puck goes in the net only from a stick on the ice. Therefore, most of the blame goes to the players.

mr. sooke

Remember, both Malik and Mara have played better in the past. What can Renney do? He can bench all three! Who does he call up? Pock or Hutchinson...both will be picked up off waivers. Hutchinson by Carolina to work their PP, the ONLY thing he did in CAR and Pock by somebody and we'll be stuck with half his salary. Baranka, who is currently hurt? So, you tell me, who do you play. As I said before, I'd play Struds and tell the other two that whoever plays a good game gets to stay in the line up. Neither of these two are very good and I'll agree that Sather should have moved them before the season started. I said it then and I say it now. Sather made the same mistake last season, keeping about 8 D'men including Kaspar. Sometimes, when you try to cover all the bases you end up with no coverage at all. Two years in a row, that's a GM problem. Maybe we can trade Malik and/or Mara for something at the deadline, I don't care if it's a 6th round pick. If not, I'd simply waiver them after the deadline and try some youngsters in Hartford, maybe Sauer. I think Liffiton is also injured, maybe somebody can fill me in on his status.

I still think Sather is working on a trade, but I don't think it will be something really big.

Try this: Name the veterans currently on the Rangers roster that will start the season for the NY Rangers next season. A vet is a player with 4 or more years of NHL experience.


Avery, Betts, Drury, Gomez, Tyutin, Rozsival.


and Jagr he's not going anywhere

The thing I chuckle at is people who think we're not getting the Drury we expected. Take a look at yourself if you are one of those people, cause your expectations were way too high.

First thing's first - people who think Drury was a great defensive player? Absolutely not true. While +/- is never a great stat, its got some validity. And his career best is +9. His career worst is -11 (2 years ago with a Buffalo team that scored 49 more goals than it gave up). Last year he was +1 on a team that scored 60 more goals than it gave up. This year he's -14...so he's not that far off his "bad" year pace. He's never been considered a "shut down" defensive player. A "smart" defensive player, yes...but so what? Marty Straka is a smart defensive player.

Second thing - his goals, assists, and points are all down, but not horribly. Taking this year's stats from his career numbers, his stats look like this:

Career average PPG -.74. 2007/8 PPG - .62 [down 16%]
Career average GPG - .31 2007/8 GPG - .23 [down 25%]
Career average APG - .43 2007/8 APG - .38 [down 11%]

And I would argue his career stats, especially his goals, have been unjustly inflated by the last two years in Buffalo, when he scored 30 and 37 goals [including 16 and 17 power play goals respectively]. If you take those two years out, you see that he is not as far off his "career" pace.

Career average PPG [1998-2004] - .70 2007/8 - .62 [down 11%]
Career average GPG [1998-2004] - .27 2007/8 - .23 [down 15%]
Career average APG [1998-2004] - .43 2007/8 -.38 [down 11%] [no change]

In short, we're getting a "bad" statistical Drury year, but its not nearly as "bad" as you might think. Heck, he has 6 power play goals, which is .11 PPPG. That is dead on to his entire career average - .11

But lets be honest, no one signed Drury for his regular season numbers. He was signed because he has this reputation for scoring "big" goals in the playoffs. This is exactly what I said when he signed [http://ordinaryleastsquare.typepad.com/blueshirtbulletin/2007/07/monday-morning-.html#comment-74668530] and nothing he has shown me this year is any different than what I expected.

Anyone who thought otherwise bought the over-hyped media angle - that Chris Drury is "Greatest Clutch Player of All Time" blahblahblah. He's a 2nd/3rd liner, and he's playing like a 3rd liner. Get over it and hope he comes alive in the playoffs, like we're paying him for.

About a year and a half ago I stated that Swedish goalies come into the league and play out of their minds for a while and then they become little more than average. I hope this is not whats happening but Henrik is playing like he would rqather be someplace else. He's not winning any games for us... That being said, the Rangers are not winning any games for Henrik either. It has to be tough to only be able to give up 0-2 gpg in order to win. We may put up a lot of shot numbers but I never saw a team miss the net as much as we do. We are just so predictable. Same game night after night, and its so boring. I can't blame Renney cause when the players play according to the system we win. There is just too much talent on this team for it to be like this. There must be something wrong somewhere that we as fans know nothing about. Imdon't know...maybe they decide to play the last 30 games with some heart and pride and we make the playoffs...or maybe not and next years Rangers look much different. And don't get me started about the ref's. I once got suspended 6 months for smacking a referee. He deserved it for being so stupid but he actually got a job as a linesman in the AHL...Z

Well I think part of the problem is emotion. The fact that the team DOES come out chippy in a lot of games and then seems to lose its edge. The game last night was a great example of this! I really feel that renney needs to turn them loose so to speak. For what ever reason, it seems that when they really start to take the emotional, aggressive edge, renney deliberately calms them down. I just think that is the wrong move, when Jagr is dropping gloves and aggressively joining the fray, the last thing you want to do is caution the team to play "safe" and unemotional. I think in a sport of aggression and emotion you have to let some aggressive play and emotion go from your players, especially when many of your players are at the top of their game playing that style. I put the blame mostly on renney, I like his composure, but he really needs to let his players play and at this point of the season needs to be a little more emotional himself.

rangerbill , you play your top four dmen twenty two to twenty five minutes a game .The five /six men play ten or twelve minutes a game and agianst the other teams third or fourth lines .Its not thatb hard most jr B coachs hide their bottom dmen that way . They don't have to call up anyone , just use the players they have in the right spots .That is what coaching is all about , puting the players in the best position to excel .

i still think Jagr needs to come back next year. Granted he's already said he only wants to play in New York, but my point is he's still hands down the best player on this team, and injecting him-gomez-drury with a younger roster (one that is hopefully rid of shanahan, avery, and even straka) will be an exciting and hopefully winning formula. Shanahan is simply too old and inconsistent to keep up with an 82 game schedule, straka though talented has too much difficulty staying healthy, and avery though exciting is a third line winger at best. If they can get an affordable offensive player and try filling the other spots with guys like Anisimov or Callahan or Cherepanov than i think they might be a rising squad.

Although chances are that roster will be too young and may struggle more than this season.

Ted, I disagree with you on getting rid of Avery and Shanny. It's awful hard to get on Shanny's case alone for being inconsistent when nobody on the team is putting up big numbers. If you hadn't noticed, he's leading the team in goals and is 4th in points currently. Not to mention his pedigree and presence teaches the young guys a lot. He scored 29 goals last year and sat out a good portion of the season with a concussion, and a 25 goal season isn't out of the question for him this year.

Avery is the shot of adrenaline this team needs now more than ever. His work ethic is contagious, and with his salary currently under 2 million, he's costing us less than Malik. OK, maybe he's a 3rd liner. So what? Put him on the 3rd line and let him raise hell. If I were Sather I'd throw a long term deal at him before anyone else. He's the ONLY player we have who consistently goes to the net, and the Rangers are a grittier, harder working team with him in the lineup. The stats don't lie.

Getting rid of Straka might not be a bad idea, but Jagr might look like a lost puppy without him.

I like the idea of developing young talent, but getting rid of all the vets isn't a good idea either. Jagr and Shanny can teach these young guys a lot, and without their guidance we're doomed. We need to find the balance

I've been watching the Rangers and an endless parade of coaches for 35+ years. Although the prevailing sentiment is almost always to fire the coach, the only 2 times a coaching change has truly had the impact that was expected was Shero in '79 and Keenan in '94. And both those impacts fizzled out after one year.

Despite the fact that the Rangers' defense is woefully not physical, they generate absolutely no offensive threat from the backline. Wthout it, it's easy for opposing teams to tightly check the forwards. I think the Rangers' fortunes lie with the development of Bobby Sanguinetti to start with. The problem is that by then Jagr, Shanahan, Straka, etc. will need to be replaced. But they will never be a top echelon team without more talent on the backline, no matter who the coach is.

We're wasting our time whining about Renney & the 4th line.

JerseyDave & oleo

Tyutin is only going INTO his 4th year, but I agree with you. Oleo, I hope Jagr is not on the roster. My point with that question was also this: Now we will get to see if Sather is really interested in building from within. Over the next month we will know if he is going to trade our youth for veterans or will he stay the course?

mr. sooke

We can not play any of the 4 top D'men upwards of 25 minutes. None of them really have the stamina to do it, yet. Rozsival may be the best bet, but he has plenty of "brain farts" throughout a game. To play those minutes you either have to be a horse of you have to learn how to pace yourself. Tyutin, Girardi are still in the "learning" stage, while Staal has the "horse" qualitits. If he continues to progress, I think by sometime next year we could see him getting 25 or more minutes a game. So, we are still stuck with the 3rd D line getting 7-10 minutes. Changes will happen next year.

For all those who want Renney, who do you want to replace him? If you are calling for his head then come up with someone to replace him. I would like to here what people think. There is one caveat, don't give me the name of Jim Schoenfeld. First off, it is an easy cop out and second of all he had his chance to take over the Rangers in mid-season - and passed on the chance.

Do I think Renney deserves the job for life? No, but I also don't think making a change in the middle of the season would be that big a boost for the Rangers. IF a change needs to be made, it should be done during the summer when the pool of available coaches is larger than it is in season.

you cannot replace 3 of your top 5 forwards with rookies or prospects and expect to make the playoffs.

at least 2 of those spots must go to proven NHL goal scorers.

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