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January 26, 2008


Rob Blake – 38.
G 4
A 21
+/- -12.
Do the Rangers really need him and who should the Rangers sacrifice?

they dont need him....to be honest id be happy if they traded malik for draft picks and just go from there. we've done fine with malik scratched...i dont think blake is worth more than the gum on my shoe but thats just me....bring back zidlicky!!!

I have to agree about Blake. He is the stereotypical player the Rangers grab in his twilight years and winds up being a bust on Broadway. I'd be looking for younger more physical help and if its not available now, look to free agency...

Im happy that Henrik is not gonna play in the all star game but i dont understand how Vocoun and Thomas got picked before him

form one of the other blogs there is a story on a chicago internet sports radio station that Malik and Prucha have been traded for Cam Barker.If true I'm a little torn as far as Prucha is concerned but also happy for him in that I think that after finally being out of Renney's "style"he should now flourish.As far as Malik,It's about time.As far as Barker goes,he's been slow to develop but is still young and big,hopefully he can become what everyone hoped he would when he was drafted.

Dubi-can you please look into this possible trade and see if it's real?

please be untrue, prucha embodies the type of player the rangers should be striving to keep and develop, not as a player who can flourish in someone else's "system"

I just got this from the IIHF:

New York Rangers to play European champion Metallurg Magnitogorsk for the first Victoria Cup.

“Broadway Blueshirts” also to play SC Bern in exhibition.
NHL to open 2008-2009 regular season in Prague and Stockholm.

Read the full story here.

Ok, blake on the Rangers for Malik/Montoya/etc...fine....however if Blake comes here, so is Frolov or Kopitar :)P

Blake is not going to waive his No movement clause to come back east.

He wants to stay on the west coast or with the Avs. He is not going to waive his clause on any team that is not a sure fire playoff team.

And before people think Peter Forsberg, skip that one too as Forsberg has turned down 3 different attempts by the Rangers to get him. Forsberg will sign with the Avs since he wants to go out as a legend.

The Avs have a remote shot at getting Forsberg, but odds-on-favorites at this moment to get Forsberg are the Flyers. Their scouts have been watching him like a hawk. Forsberg is yesterdays news IMO, and I'm glad we are not in the running to get another past his prime injury prone player...

chezh which blog is that from

BTW Barker is another underachiever and career minus player, so how exactly will that help us??? Malik straight up should be enough for him...

Re: Blake -- I've also heard that he will not waive his NTC, not even for Colorado, that he wants to finish his career in LA.

Re: Forsberg -- The last time Philly was at the Garden, Forsberg's agent sat next to me talking on the phone about how he was finished playing hockey, period, because of injuries. IF that assessment has changed since then, it will only be because Forsberg wants that one last paycheck -- he will not make it through the end of the season for whoever signs him.

Re: Chicago trade -- Not only do I not have any way of chasing that rumor down, I don't see the point of chasing down an unfounded rumor. If the trade comes to pass, we'll learn about it when it is official -- there's no reason for it to not be announced as soon as it is a done deal.

On the other hand, czech, you can see from the Malik handshake story how quick reporters are to chase down a real story once it presents itself. I got the story from a credible source, Dellapina and Greenberg got confirmation, and that's how we know what happened -- no one here covers things up, not when there are newspapers and web hits to sell. So if your source about a locker room rift is credible, let me know more about it and we'll see if we can learn more -- as of now, there is no known locker room rift.

How 'bout Boyle and a 3rd pick for Montoya and Malik. Both D's are UFA's, we should be able to sign Boyle, at age 31 still has some years left and could provide us with 5 very good D'men (Tyutin & Staal; Girardi & Boyle; Rozsival & any of Sauer, Saggs, Baranka, Struds or Pock). Tampa needs a goalie, so this could be the best deal for both teams. What do you guys think?

I think Montoya needs to be showcased at an NHL level for us to have a shot at moving him.

I also think we should sign Hank to an extension before we do anything with Montoya.

I wonder what part of Vermont they're vacationing in? I live in Vermont now.

For what it's worth, would anyone be opposed to dealing for Patrick Marleau? The guy has been in this gigantic slump since last season's playoffs and I feel like dealing for him could be like when the Bruins traded Joe Thornton.

Obviously, I know there are cap issues and the fact that we're already pretty stacked at center as it is, but I don't know, I feel like it's an idea worth talking about however implausible it may seem.

It really seems to me like the guy needs a change of scenery (a la Thornton) and maybe it would help to get him here rather than other Eastern adversaries (Atlanta, Montreal, Buffalo).

Lastly, to clear this up, there is no rumor involving the Rangers and Marleau---this is me simply inspired to talk about him because of E.J. Hradek's video blog on him over at espn.com.

Sundin is looming large right now. . . . .

In Dubi's earlier post, he focused on a Renney comment that the Rangers season-long poor power play had cost the team several victories and a comfortable place in the standings as we approach february; in the same paragraph, Dubi quotes twice Nigel Dawes on what the team is doing wrong on the PP. Am I missing something? I have attended the last five games at the Garden and Nigel Dawes has spent virtually no time on the power play. in my view, Renney's utter refusal to play Dawes on the power play has cost the Rangers goals; certainly putting the DDP line out for a regular PP shift makes sense considering their recent play together; not to even try this alignment makes absolutely no sense. I say that the Rangers have better power play combos on their existing roster than they are utilizing in the games. WAKE UP RENNEY.

Back to the retirement of #9. The NHL should retire that number in honor of Gordie Howe!

Did you guys hear the crowd at the All-Star game boo Scott Gomez?

Is anyone watching this embarrassment of a skills competition? This is ridiculous. That first competition was terrible. Outside of the goalie shooting thing, which was dumb in itself, it was brutal. AND WHY DID THEY CHANGES THE FASTEST SKATER? That has been around forever. They totally massacred the times and the players who went. Why was Brian Cambpell in the finals over Kovalchuk or St Louis? You can just hear Olcyzk wanting to burst out and say, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!

" Tonights shootout is brought to you by Las Vegas "( the WHOLE CITY! )

and as for booing Gomez and or the Rangers.... we did sweep them in the playoffs, and just beat them 2 in a row.

Marc, Did you watch Gomez's shot in the Elimination Shootout?

Looked like he took a page out of Shanny's book.

Dubinsky is just having a ball with all this space in the YoungStars game.

Dubinsky had 2 Goals and an Assist in the Young Stars competition,
Staal had a Goal and a an Assist (Primary Assists)

I really feel like Dubinski can be great like a Gomez or Nylander type player

Legace caught fire.

Dude, Staal did a sick move about a minute before he scored his goal ... he will just be even better than he is now when he has a reliable defensive defenseman as his partner if he can put on moves like that ...

This YoungStars game was more fast paced and enjoyable than the one they had last year ... good show ... I am very interested in seeing what they do with the breakaway shootouts that will be judged on creativity and style and scoring lol

The only thing I didn't like during the game was that they kept showing replay goals while the game was still going on. The period was so short they should of just waited until the end to show all the replays.

Agreed, Shawn.


Did you see that pass that Dubi threw out to the Atlanta player? The Atlanta player was suprised that Dubi was even able to get it off, it looked like.

wow chara 103.1

no wonder he broke strakas finger

No lie, that was crazy.

ok so far only Getzlaf has been creative ... had he scored on the last one it would've rocked

Did yall hear what DiPietro suggested to Kovalchuk? Rofl.

did everyone hear DP say he f_cked up his hip again on the mic?

Chris is that what he said? I think he was joking ...

Ovechkin did a sweet move .. be more creative guys!!

Sounded like it Chris.

im kinda hoping he wasnt joking hahah

but thats what it sounded like ill rewind the dvr after its over

Oh man, if only Ovechkin hit the puck. Sick moves.

Well I heard about the knee but then the announcers said nothing on it and yet it isn't like they've been paying attention to a lot of what is going on around them ...

Only reason that move would've hurt DP is if he wasn't properly warmed up I guess ....

Most of the guys were beyond way too safe rather than creative, like they were thinking "Score" instead of being creative ... Ovechkin was the one who was most consistently trying to do something although on Getzlaf's first tries he got creative ... it was interesting but had the guys chosen would've busted out more moves instead of trying to be so safe it would've been more interesting ...

Next year hopefully they'll be less shy about it lol

ok he said "Timmy you wanna go in there, im done, i just blew my leg out.... Yeah i just F_cked my hip up again"

DP can't be hurt ... he was all smiles as the players all shook hands ... so he must've been joking about it ...

The YoungStars game really won me over this year, although most of the time guys weren't really hustling or trying to catch each other I LOL'd when on the bench for the East the bench reporter was talking to the Sens coach and he was saying that Dubinsky was telling him that they needed to do some line matching LOL!!!!

I really thought that Dubinsky and Staal showed just how good they are and how much better they'll become as they learn and grow and become better NHL level players ... It was awesome to see them out there ...

The skills were more interesting than last year and my favorite events were the accuracy shooting and hardest shot ... the last breakaway thing would've been great had more players tried crazier moves ...

Dubi was definatley the MVP of the East team for the Young Stars game, he potted at least two goals and had one or two primary assists.

Rangers players were involved in all but 1 or 2 Goals for that Event.

Staal and Dubi tore that game up. Great job representing the blueshirts. Awesome stuff. But the skill comp was a borefest.

I agree with everyone that stated how Dubi and Staal lit the YoungStars game up. If their was an MVP for it Dubi would have definitely won it.

I was surprised to see Brian Capbell in the speed competition over, well, anybody. God was he slow lol. Gomez would have been a way better choice. And who decided to put him in the Elimination Shoot-Out Competition? Granted he scored, but he would have been better elsewhere.

I have heard rumours, if you can call what Eklund says rumours, that the Rangers are interested in the following players; Mats Sundin, Patrick Marleau, Rob Blake, Marcel Hossa, and if i forgot anyone, please just chime in.

And does everyone agree that acquiring Blake for the "Player, Prospect, and No.1 pick" seem a little steep for having him for just 30+ games?

I think you mean Marian Hossa.

We already have to more fierce brother. :)

That should read "THE more fierce brother"

besides the young stars and Legace on the mic the All Star competition was terribly run. I have no problem with Versus except that it is a terrible marketing strategy for the NHL.

The camera work today was terrible, the first 2 events were just stupid and was it just me or did Gomez only do one event

more importantly the Rangers are in need of 2 things.

1) A goal scorer (Lecavalier, Iginla, Kovalchuk...) or more likely (Rolston, Prospal, Naslund...)

2) A top defenseman that can run the power play. (Campbell, Kaberle, Visnovski...)

If players like that cannont be had for a reasonable price then don't even bother making any big trades and make the additions come free agency.

can we expect no news on a malik trade until monday? i hope its sooner.

good observations here about the ASG.

why change speed skating? why show replays 3x during young guys game? why play young guys for such a short time? seems like a good way to build viewership. more young guys game time is what we need. and more creative chances each player in the last skill. these guys are too humble and it takes time for them to open up and hotdog. alex the great is awesome. too bad sid the kid missed out. too bad the most exciting moment was from a 9 year old.

good to see dubi and staal flex their legs.

and yes, gomer took a page from shanny on his 1st shootout goal.

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