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January 29, 2008


i don't understand why would a team have any interest in Malik but hey it doesn't bother me.


not shaking a coaches hand is nothing of importance but is an excuse to get rid of a useless player that not only is a detriment to the tema (on the ice) but takes up very important cap space.

Dubi: If the key to tonite's game is indeed the power play, then I reiterate the urgent need to play the DDP line as one of the regular power play lines; Dubinsky , Dawes and Prucha make things happen at even strength, so they should flourish when the opposition is a man down. Benching Dawes for the power play is simply senseless; his recent passwork has been critical to the team's success and merits using him when there.is one fewer opponent on the ice.

Johnny P -- We send copies to several countries around the world, so yes, we'd ship to London. But you might get a better price getting it from our London distributor, Barkers Worldwide. Either way...

oleo -- Why would teams have an interest in Malik? Because they are not Ranger fans who only see someone's worst side without taking into account his positives. Incredibly, former boo-birds Tom Poti, Alex Kovalev, and Bobby Holik, as well as a half dozen or more other Ranger cast-offs, are helping their teams contend of the playoffs, even though Ranger fans have no use for them -- go figure!

akayama -- So who do you sit if you put Dawes on the power play -- Jagr, Gomez, Straka, Shanahan, Drury, or Avery?

pavel -- I say bring up Hutchinson and you have a lot to lose -- like a lot of games. Have you ever seen this guy play? He makes Malik look like a Norris Trophy candidate.

Dubi, I sit Avery on the PP though with doing that you run the risk of no one going to the net depending who else is on that unit.

The problem with the PP is "standing around"! I would try just putting the next line out there, excluding the Betts line. Hopefully, these guys are used to each other and thay can read off each other.

With respect to Malik and other teams interest, that doesn't suprise me at all. Malik is a steady defenseman and has been for a long time. This is not the end of his career, except in NY. And as Dubi implied, someday many of you will be asking why he didn't play like that when he was here. The answer is...He did, but many of you didn't like that. We see guys play 82 or so games for the Rangers, but only see 8 games against many other players. We can probably name 8 mistakes Malik made alone, while we could barely name 2 mistakes that an opponent made that cost them a win. I'm not saying Malik is a 1st pair D'man, but he simply isn't as bad as many of you make him out to be. The constant booing and criticsm from your own fans never results in a player improving his play.

I agree with Rangerbill. There is no valid excuse as to why Malik did what he did but I can understand it when someone reaches a breaking point. I also say the constant barage from fans help fuel the fire.

Malik is alright. The problem is that he doesn't hit at all. He doesn't clear guys out in front of the net. I remember one play where he didn't finish his check and the guy came back and grabbed a rebound to score. The other d-man are no Beukeboom's but at least they hit. Tyutin, Giradi and Staal are all starting to hit a bit. In this NHL, you can't be an effective defensemen and not hit at all, especially when the Jagr line is not as dominant as it was last year.

The bottom line is that Malik is not a good defenseman for our team. Stick penalties do not equal physical play. When a player comes into the zone and Malik and Rosi are paired they have an extra second or 2 to look down or around b/c they know they are not going to get leveled. And furthermore his offensive skills, though decent, do not make up for his lack of checking.

Hey Dubi I went to Cosby @ MSG on my way home from work last night to get my copy of BB, and they still didn't have it and the guy couldn't tell when they will have. ?

I'm on my way there right now -- couldn't get there yesterday. Sorry!

I do not care if he plays well elsewhere. The point is that Malik does not play well here and does not play well in this situation. He also does not bring to the table anything this team needs right now. He is not a PP specialist, he is not a defensive specialist, he does not regularly take the body, he does not clear the crease, and now he is neither a positive locker room presence nor does he provide any veteran leadership with his latest antics. Even his nickname "Harry" alludes to a figure that is big and imposing, but is kind and gentle when you actually get near him. At this point, he is a distraction and quite honestly a detriment to the attitude Renney has been trying to instill in this team since the beginning of the season.

And I have to disagree. This whole episode is not the fan's fault. We booooooed him all last season and he did not lash out at his coach. He sees himself as in the top 6 d-men on this team. But Tom Renney does not, and Malik obviously has a big problem with that. He is also in a contract year, so sitting out like this is killing his potential negotiating leverage and threatening the way he earns his living. I think a bunch of inebriated fans boooooing him means nothing. Especially when he has not really been playing too much this season. This is about playing time...nothing more, nothing less.

....AND this would all be solved if Malik would take his frustration out ON THE ICE! Instead of storming out of the locker room or snubbing a winning handshake from his coach, he would fix a lot of this if he just planted someone on their rear end once or twice a game, or got in someone else's face in front of our own net for once.

We do not need our biggest defenseman to be known for his "long reach."


as for Kovalev the guy is great talent and I never hated him. I hated the Holik signing just like I hated the Gomez signing b/c i think that they will never be as good as they were in NJ but at least Gomez is playing pretty well since the first month.

as for Tom Poti, he was traded for Mike York, who at the time was one of the Ranger's best players and never lived up to that hype but I never thought he was bad

Malik on the other hand Maybe i'm not being fair but can you tell me what does Malik bring to the team (on the ice) that makes him a valuable player?

Dubi who cares who sits out if you change the pp up . They are not getting it done now ,why not try something ?Thats all I want to see that they try something when it is clear it is not working . The pp has cost us points so why not try a new look or different players instead of hopping the same ones will click sooner or later . It's not game 10 or 20 it's game 51 maybe just maybe their not going to click !

This might a strange question to ask on here but does anyone know the model hockey glove(Easton) Chris Drury uses. I really like those gloves and want to purchase them. Thanks


Roc, as far as I can tell Drury's gloves are an old Model Easton no longer makes... nothing in their current product line looks anything like them... look like the same ones Leetch used to wear but in a slightly diff color scheme

Chris & oleo & others

"This whole episode is not the fan's fault. We booooooed him all last season and he did not lash out at his coach." OK, good comment. Now, lets just change it around a bit. Somebody on this site "booooos your post and tears you apart", in public, and what is the reaction. Blast back, call the other guy every name in the book. What's good for the goose should be good for the gander. Can't handle it, eh? Malik has handled the fans outrageous attitutde toward him very well for 2 1/2 years. Most on this site can't control themselves for 2 1/2 minutes. Shall I say it's the difference between a pro and an amateur. And, I include myself in that. If I was Malik I would have asked for a trade, hopefully to an eastern conference team. But, then again, I'm vindictive.

If for one minute you think all that booing, especially at the team introductions on opening night, do not effect the player...well, you're just plain stupid!

The positive out of all this is that the players supported Renney. That should put a lid on any ideas that Renney has "lost this team". Most of the guys in that locker room know the problem is with the players and, individually, they know what ones. Maybe this could be a strange way of bringing them together. If these guys ever get on the same page...look out, this team can absorb most of the "Maliks" with everybody clicking on all cylinders.

I'm not saying it does not effect the player.

I'm saying that the booooooing is not what's caused these outbursts this season. It's his lack of playing time that is causing this stuff. There is no doubt in my mind that Malik would have been boooooed if he played in all 51 games. But I really doubt that had he been playing for 51 games that he would have refused to shake Renney's hand the other night. It would not have happened....period.

I think he couldcare less about boooooing fans as long as the coaches apprciated his effort. It's when the coaches lost confidence in his playing ability that he started lashing out. It happens all the time when players approach this point. Kasparitis broke down last year and no one was boooooing him. It's the threat to his livlihood, not the threat of drunk, boooing fans...



Let me do some word subbing here and see how you like it

not shaking a writer's hand is nothing of importance but is an excuse to get rid of a useless poster that not only is a detriment to the comment section (on the board) but takes up very important posting space.

So tell me if I posted that I thought you are a useless poster who brings nothing of value to any of these discussions and I did it every game over a 2 season period how would you feel?

Bet you would not like it, bet you would stop coming here and I bet you would get angry and frustrated over the way I was treating you.

That is basically how you are treating Malik here is it not? I bet you will not even see the point I am trying to make.

Just because Malik is a player on the team does not give anyone the right to treat him like trash. That is what you and Czech were doing yesterday and here today.

Chris QCT

He sees himself as in the top 6 d-men on this team.

I would rather have him thinking he deserves to play than simply cashing his pay check and not trying.

And you are so wrong if you think being booed just for showing up and doing nothing wrong is not going to affect a person.

I agree that Dawes should see some power play time, as well as the other "D" and "P" also. Sit the entire "1st" unit and see what happens. In fact every one of the players who were on the ice during that dismal 5 on 3 during the last game should be given a little PP time out. What's the worst that could happen, Rangers don't score...again?

Regarding Malik, perhaps the best punishment Renney could dish out is to make him suit up for every remaining home game. Could be interesting.

Oh and guess who is going to be scratched tonight?

Why it is Marek Malik

I agree with all who say let the lines come out in order; certainly there is nothing to lose by letting the DDP line rotate onto the power play; given the poor results produced by the six players you have listed Dubi, our power play could certainly be no worse with the young Turks.

Just thought I'd share I found out over at lohudblogs, that NHL Center Ice is free until Feb. 4th for all of us out of state guys this is blessing.


Drurys Gloves look brand new. There u sure they are old?

Jess, I could not have said it any better. That's why you indeed are the aspiring journalist and I'm not.

All these people have to do is go to work at what ever job they have and be subjected to everyone screaming and cursing at them EVEN when doing no wrong. Get the boss on your bad side and you have a predictable outcome. I do not attempt to justify but I see how this indeed can happen.

Yes Jess, I understand fully what you wrote but I agree that others may not get it.

Why is avery penalized i was blacked out for a minute?

I've been watching NYR and NHL Hockey for about 16 years now... and i dont think ive ever seen penalties BEFORE the first drop of the puck.

Dubi: here are two names I give less time to on the power play: 1. Drury: 1 goal and 0 assists in the last 7 games!! Given the amount of power play time he gets, he's a total dud in that capacity. 2.Shanahan: 0 points in his last eight games!! Replace these nonperformers with young players (read DDP) and you'll improve the team's fortunes IMO.

I thought the game was in HD?
I know they just had problems, hopefully it is in HD and gets fixed

Shanny! The nonperformer! Not that I don't advocate trying some of the younger players on the PP.


i understand your pointkey and i understand players go through slumps but he has played terrible hockey for the past 2 years.

His coach has given him every oppurtunity to play better but he has not. He should not be given playing time b/c he goes a game without making a glaring mistake.

It's time to cut your losses and either waive him or trade him and wish him luck elsewhere

did Jagr just drop the gloves???

I can't watch the game... but did I just hear that Jagr dropped the gloves?

Jags has no heart huh?

This game is going to be interesting.

How bad was the hit on Gomez?

Wow, horrible officiating! We end up short 2 men after a blatant hit from behind!? Passionate Jagr arrives.

He shook it off but it was clearly boarding.

Yeah, and we lose avery because he had to stickup for his teammate on a non call

Walker hit gomez from behind hard into the boards with no call and then Avery immediately went after walker. Gleason then jumped Avery just when he and Walker were about to square off. Jagr dropped his gloves and pulled Gleason off Avery as a scrum insued. It looks like Avery got 5 for fighting, 2 for instigator and a 10 minute misconduct and Gleason got a game misconduct for 3rd man in.

I'm listening to this on the radio in San Fran. Did Avery get tossed?

Jagr has been playing very well thus far...That last shift he was dominant

Avery got 17 minutes

Sounds like the refs have been brutal as usual. Maybe it's good I'm not watching.

Wow 4 penalties we get screwed on

i must say the ice looks terrible tonight players are falling down all over the place

If you look at the opposing teams bench you will receive a penalty, or so it seems

Stephen Walkom, take a bow. What an embarassment! Is this what the league really wants?

the refs as well as Malik get paid to be professionals, and they are not acting that way. This is a disgrace put on by the NHL to call this officiating. This game will spin out of control with these two in charge.

jesus the ice is terrible tonight. is the zamboni broken or something???

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