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January 23, 2008


play the following numbers tomorrow: 1 2 7 11 35

In honor of Leetchie, I wrote the following poem. I
want to post it here. (I know it might be a bit long)

Our Leetchie”

The final member of the Blueshirts’ sacred Trinity
beloved by every Rangers’ supporter for all eternity
first there was Mike Richter, the clutch goalie
then, there was the great Mess, who was holy

Now, it’s Leetchie’s time, the life of Brian
one of the finest ever seen in N.Y., we ain’t lyin’
a Connecticut Yankee, his star always shined bright
yet he was so quiet, never craved the spotlight

If Leetchie had his way, he wouldn’t have a night
but we all know that just wouldn’t be right
he wouldn’t want all the attention, all the acclaim
still, the pride of Cheshire achieved greatest fame

During that wonderful year of ninety-four
when he made every Ranger fan’s spirit soar
with a performance for all the ages
the humble superstar earned his wages

For 17 seasons, a Ranger, true blue
good times and bad, through and through
with such pride he wore that sweater
No. 2, nobody ever did it any better

Now his famous jersey will soon hang
forever in the Garden rafters with the gang
Eddie and Rod, Mike and mighty Mess
he was the best, every Ranger fan will confess

During that time, that unforgettable spring
the way he moved the puck made us sing
thank you, Brian, for all the great times, the joy
we remember your Ranger debut, just a boy

You grew up in the Garden, there you became a man
winning the heart and soul of every Ranger fan
thank you, Brian, for the way you played the game
with such elegance and grace, always the same

Though slight of build, in the biggest game of all
he came through as always, standing proud and tall
from the left circle, he scored the first goal
that helped the Rangers win that cherished bowl

On that most special of nights, 14th day of June
when all Rangers fans were singing that happy tune
he won the Conn Smythe, smiling from ear to ear
then the chant Ranger fans waited so long to hear

“Nineteen-Ninety-Four!!! Nineteen-Ninety-Four!!!that night, that moment, remember forever more
thanks, Brian, for your professionalism, your class
to you, we raise a toast from our wine glass

To our Leetchie, most beloved Ranger of them all
three years time, you will be enshrined in the hall
the memory of that Cup victory will never fade
remember the 1.5 mill who turned out for the parade?

After all the heartbreak, 54 long and painful years
with your brilliance, you helped wash away the tears
bringing back to old New York, hockey’s holy grail
thirty-four playoff points he scored, what a tale

To our kids and grand kids we will tell of the story
when our hockey boys achieved their greatest glory
with the slick defenseman who never had any fear
you can hear the Garden, hear them roar and cheer

When Rangers owned the city, an emotional wave
forever boys, so much to the greatest fans they gave
with Glen Sather, we will always have quite a beef
for making Leetchie, in March of 2004, a Maple Leaf

Now, he comes home, we say farewell the right way
shower him with love, a privilege to see him play
it's 1994 again, so effortless is No. 2’s skate
he gets the Cup from Mess, over is the 54-year wait.

At 10:59 p.m., in the booth, Sam Rosen did chime
with JD there that “This one will last a lifetime”
that famous sign, “Now I can die in peace,” it said
Our Leetchie, we will remember him til we are dead

as someone who travels 2 hours to get to weeknight games, here's a big sarcastic thanks to MSG for moving the ceremony start time up to 6:30. Anyone know the reason for this?

Saget, blame the NHL for this one -- they told Atlanta TV that the game would start by 8:08 so they could start their broadcast at 8:00 PM, and worked backwards from there to inculde a 45-minute ceremony and team warm ups. The Rangers will be fined if the ceremony runs long -- as Montreal was when the Larry Robinson ceremony ran overtime. Welcome to the New NHL!

I loved watching Leetch play his skating ability and vision were so great..

I love these ceremonies brings back many good memories.. Leetch is pure class, low key, team first, and a very proud man.

It i great to see he is getting his day and coming back into the ranger family..

All of a sudden the Rangers are afraid of a fine? They sued the league over control of a website. And since when does the visiting team control the TV schedule? I'd love to see the overnight ratings in Atlanta on Friday. That is the NHL for you - bending over backwards for people who don't care, and screwing the ones who do. I can think of no better celebration for 2/1/08...15 years of Gary Bettman.

Dubi, felt this was the best way to contact you. I'm in London, is there any way to watch the ceremony online tonight? Can't believe I'm not there for this one.


It is not being afraid of a fine it is knowing which battles you can win.

We have to choose which evil we prefer the Dolans leading an uprising against Bettman or Bettman continues to screw up the NHL.

Even I do not know which poison I would prefer.

Leetch in '94 was sublime. I'll never forget the goal he scored in Game 7 of the Finals. It seemed like it took an eternity for him shoot the puck into the yawning net. He buried it though and the rest is sweet, sweet History!

A friend of mine has a pair of tickets for tonight in the blue seats on the red line that has to part with -- he's asking 300 for the pair. Send an E-mail to dubi@mindspring.com if you're interested and I'll put you in touch with him.

Nothing was better than watching Leetch go end to end. . . .
I wonder if this Sanguinetti kid will bring back those memories someday. Even when the Ranger went into the 7 year skid, it was still fun to watch Leetch play.

"When I play bad, people don't ever just say that I'm playing bad, they always say that I don't care, or I'm unhappy, or I'm not trying, or I lost interest," said Jagr, who turns 36 on Feb. 15. "Maybe it's a compliment that people don't think that I can just play bad, I don't know . . .

Jags hit it right on the spot


I was about to take that quote and post it here myself. Thank you.

Jagr might not be the greatest captain in the history of the New York Rangers, but he is a damn good player and respectfully, a damn good captain.


leetch is without a doubt my all time favorite defensemen....being a goaltender myself....one can only wish there were more players like him out there. Im kinda pissed no channel in northern ontario will be carrying this game.....history in the making and they would rather put a radio show....on tv?
anyway enjoy it, i'll try to catch it on the net!
we'll see what happens
by the way I love the fact that renney threw avery with gomer and jj haha great move!

Go Rangers go please let the winning streak start now! hahaha

Nic go to channelsurfing.com they most likely will have the game live

I agree...great article in the post with Jagr.

Looks like Malik is finally on his way out the door...so dreams really do come true!

zz why u said that?

read rangers report or Zipay. Malik locker cleared out and Renny said it is a internal issue!!!!!!!!!!!!

Malik situation is a ??????????????

Thanks but they say Renney said Malik is still a ranger :(

I would think it has to be a trade because if it were anything else they could have waited until tomorrow and get past the Leetch ceremony. If the Rangers do deal him, in order to get anything of value back, one or more prospects are going to have go with him - unless there is a real boob as a GM out there. Then again, that boob could be Slats if he moves Malik for a big contract that extends beyond this year.

Great new Rangers blog out there, check it out.

interesting that malik is out tonight... he played probably his best game of the season on tuesday night.

wow so i saw Maliks last game as a ranger on tuesday?

im so sad.


So where in the world is Marek Malik?

Well I have been told a couple of interesting stories that makes some sense.

Rangers have tried to move Malik but nobody still in the playoff hunt is willing to pick up his cap number when others who make less will soon be available.

Those teams who did express willingness at the same time said the cost would be a solid young prospect. With Malik making what he does other teams want Prucha, Dubinsky, Staal or Girardi.

Rangers are unwilling to cut off arm to save foot which makes a trade sound hard to do.

They also are not willing to take ice time away from another kid at Hartford since they already are paying to stash 2 defensemen (Pock and Hutchinson).

Try this one on for size: With no transfer agreement in place Malik agrees to go finish the season in Russia rather than accept a demotion to Hartford. Rangers can clear his salary off their books and not lose a prospect.

It opens the door for a rumored deal with a western conference team for a defender. Those deals would be draft picks or that wonderful future considerations.

OR this one sounds more logical:

Malik was going to be scratched tonight, upon hearing the news (after playing a decent game) threw another fit and left the training center just like he did in Edmonton.

Rangers PR folks do not want the story to distract any attention from Leetch night which is why we will not see anything official until after the game in which Malik was suspended and fined a game's salary.

The only thing that I do hear from everyone that they agree on is the Rangers do want to move Malik

well it looks like the Rangers are losing a home game next year as they will be playing 2 games against Tampa Bay in Prague next year.

and somehow I don't think Malik is going anywhere b/c in all honesty who would want him even if made the league minimum.

Jess - The one thing that sticks out with your second theory is that Malik would have had to pack his own equipment. I would find it hard to believe that he would do that since he has been known to get angry when he is not treated like a veteran NHL player. Veteran NHL players do not pack their own stuff (even when they're leaving the team). And with the whole Leetch evening planned, I really doubt the NYR would have their staff clean his locker out today. Especially when they seem concerned not to let this story take the night over.

To me, the fact that his stuff is gone AND he did not practice tells me that another team may own him now and does not want him to mistakenly hurt himself by participating. If he did get traded, they would want him (and his stuff) out of the NYR organization asap.

We will see....

Dont get yours hopes up, maybe he just overslept...the big lugg.

NYR better win tonight, or else !!!

I think any way you look at the Malik situation, he is not a Ranger for long(if not already dropped from the team)...Supposing that he did in fact storm out of the building when he was told he was being scratched, there is no reason for him to be taking his equipment with him, especially at MSG, and that would be twice in a short period of time, so you would have to think that the team will be moving him asap.. We'll probably get word tomorrow he's on Columbus or some other team out west

Can someone shed some light on why Tie Domi will be at the Leetch ceremony tonight? Were they close friends?

I remember the 1st time I saw Domi play. He was still down in Binghamton and they had a game at Rye that was open to the public...The Islander rookies vs. The Ranger rookies. Domi was out of control. He must have had 4 or 5 fights that night. He was all over the ice nailing anything that moved. After the game my friends & I were out in the parking lot and out comes this little guy Domi…who obviously made quite an impression on us. We chatted him up for about 10 minutes and he gave us two of his sticks. Pretty cool dude.

Another wrinkle to the Malik situation -- I just found out that Al Montoya, who has not dressed for the last two Pack games, will definitely not dress for the next, and Kenny thinks he might have to use Miika Wiikman after that too -- Montoya and Malik for ???

If they are getting rid of Malik they must be getting a defenseman back. They're just too thin at that position. Probably more likely that he's suspended.

I'm waiting for Messier to start balling like always.

Malik and Montoya to St. Louis is what I am hearing for Backman and one more player reported to be a minor leaguer

Graves #9 going up on the rafters!!

I think the world of Adam Graves and am very happy to hear that they are going to retire the number 9

However it is so wrong not to honor Andy Bathgate who also wore number 9 and was truly a Ranger great.

Retire number 9 but add Bathgate too

I started tearing up when Leetchie told Gravie the news ... He looked so shocked!

Mess cried more than anyone tonight though lol he was tearing up when he walked out on the ice ...

The ceremony was just perfect, I loved all of it except for the booing of Dolan ... I don't like the man but can't people just give booing a break on a night like this?

Anyhow ...

Backman? So wait ... Why would St. Louis trade for Montoya when Legacy has played well .. hasn't he? Or am I mistaken? Isn't he in the All-Star game? Legacy isn't old by any means ... JD is with the Blues and would have knowledge of Montoya ...

Ok ... I also teared up when they did that video tribute after the ceremony .. that was awesome ...

Well St. Louis is on a six game losing streak, perhaps they are looking to shake it up a bit, I now Legacy was a little shaking coming off an injury.

I meant shaky.

well im at da game so if malik is traded they won't announce him as a scratch ill update wheb they announce thr scratches

Where is all this info about Blues & Rags trade coming from???? Is it B.S ?

Technology is amazing

Sorry Matty but the booing of Dolan even tonight is acceptable in my eyes.

The Dolans on their watch FIRED the unsung hero of the Ranger cup win Bob Gutowski who was MSG president at the time.

The Dolans refused to allow Ranger or Knick rebuilding

And no MSG teams have ever been so bad under any other ownership group

The Dolans have treated Ranger fans like trash so the booing is well deserved


They will not announce any move tonight since it will distract attention from the Leetch event

Why would the Rangers trade Montoya one of the top goaltending prospects in the game for a mediocre defenseman.

I would never make that trade.

Guys...it's LEGACE...not legacy.

I just saw some rumors that Malik is going to CHI-Town with a prospect in what amonuts to a salary dump as the Rangers try to clear space to add Rob Blake...it's probably bunk but it's an interesting rumor.

well malik was announced as a scrath so I duno


Blake will not accept a trade to the Rangers he wants to retire a King, I think he has a no trade clause.


It was expected to see Malik as a scratch.

Hey look there is a game on

Think the Rangers played some gamesmanship here starting the game right at 5:08 as I am sure they could have started sooner.

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