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January 27, 2008


Do you think Sather would sign Forsberg if he had the chance? If it were to happen then i guess Drury would be on the wing. I doubt it though. I cant see Forsberg wanting to come to a team that isnt even in the playoffs right now.

You gotta wonder what this team will do at the deadline though, or sooner. We got Bourret, Avery, Dupuis, and Mara at the deadline, and got rid of Dupuis.

I just hate the idea of having a "rental" cause if NYR had the chance to get Liles, Blake, Foote, or Boyle, then it would be a beech, cause you know they would be giving up someone who no NYR fan would probably wanna give up.


Sather would kill to sign Forsberg and he has already made attempts in the past to do so. Each time Forsberg has turned him down not wanting to play for the Rangers for reasons he has kept to himself. I doubt Foresberg will sign with the Rangers.

My sources tell me that when other teams call they want Dubinsky, they want Staal and they want Anisimov for any of those rentals. If that is the case then do not make any such deals.


While the NHL and IIHF are singing the praises of the Rangers being a part of the Victoria Cup next fall comes a voice that is saying wait a minute.

It seems that all these announcements regarding the Rangers going to Europe were done without the agreement of the NHLPA and their head Paul Kelly is not a happy camper at the moment.

In talking to TSN, Paul Kelly warns that "The NHL put the cart before the horse." and that the NHL announced the European games without getting full consent of the NHLPA.

Kelly is wanting to send a message that the NHLPA is no longer going to do as Bettmen and the NHL say. They want concessions from the NHL and they want them yesterday.

Dubinsky's trade stock is rising. . . . . .

Please, please, please don't trade Dubinsky. That kid is going to very good in a season or two. Trading a young player like that for some over the hill rental would be a travesty...but so like the Rangers.


and yet that same article also states the following:

Kelly admits the NHL did speak to him on Friday to acknowledge there intent to make an announcement of its plans, but was told the announcement would be made in general terms only.

In response to Kelly's disapproval, NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly tells TSN, "we're a little confused by Paul's comments as we were told to make the announcement because the players were on board."

I am thinking that Kelly wants to flex the NHLPA's newfound muscle but that this will go through ... had he really had a big deal problem with the announcement and seriously thought it wasn't going to go forward then he would've protested when the NHL told him about it ... all the players asked about this since it became a possibility, from the Lightning, Senators, Penguins and Rangers all sounded excited to do this so I doubt that the players will say no to it ...

Again, certain teams still think that these Rangers are the pre-lockout Rangers that traded away so much of our future and left of farm ... that isn't how this organization is being run anymore so I trust them to make the right choices specially when trading for any of the rumored rentals will not, all of the sudden, make or break this team and put them over the top to challenge for the Cup ...

With Gomez and Drury here long term and untradeable, Anisimov in the minors, Dubinsky is as good as gone.

Unless Drury can move to the wing and be just as ineffective. . . . .


THe NHLPA was not told that the deal was official though which is why the reaction. The NHLPA was told (and this is confirmed by several sources) that the Victoria Cup was in turn tied to changes with the IIHF transfer agreement.

The NHLPA has questions like how come a Russian team will be representing Europe when Russia refuses to be a part of the IIHF transfer agreement. They are also seeing that Sweden has now joined Russia in refusing to be a part of the transfer agreement.

Yes most likely these games will all happen but while you are right the NHLPA may be flexing muscles but at the same time the NHL and IIHF are talking about making changes to the current CBA without also including the NHLPA.

Yes Jess, but I am sure it will all be worked out by both sides ... the NHLPA will show that they want a true partnership and not be told after the fact "This is how is going to be" and I 100% agree with their stance but I also see that they would be foolish to say no to this because a very high percentage of their players are European and will want to take part in these events ... a lot of players interviewed yesterday after the announcement had nothing but positive things to say and the ones who will be a part of it sounded nothing but excited so it just made me grin a bit that Kelly said that he had to put it to a vote for the rest of the players to agree to it since imo they will readily agree to it ... that was my point ... :))


The way Dubinsky is playing and the improvements he has made, don't be too sure that he'a as good as gone. Anisimov may just be the one gone!

Does anybody know what the fans chanting in ATL during the game rigth now they saying _________ YOU SUCK.Anybody know who they talking about

They chant the goalies name then you suck in ATL.

I swear I know this will break alot of peoples hearts but they need to be giving up some body like Prucha rather than Dubinski. Dubinski is going to be a star in this league and so is Staal.

They can keep both Anisimov and Dubinsky. They've put a lot of stock into AA and he's been in North America for all of five months. If he's the real deal, he'll be here. Plus Drury is getting older and will be playing 3rd line in the future.


There is a chance that he could be a 4th line center on a checking line as he breaks into the NHL. I could see Dupont on one wing...both play with an edge and both can put the puck in the net. Then in 3-4 years he could move up when Drury moves someplace else. Bottom line: things look very good in Rangersland.

For those who asked who went to Vermont, the names I recall Lundqvist mentioning were Hollweg (the house belongs to a member of his family, an aunt I think he said), Tyutin, Valiquette, and (I could be wrong about this one) Strudwick -- he mentioned a couple more, but I'm not sure I heard him correctly on those since he was using nicknames.

What do you all think of Byers? He seems like a competent Hollweg to me? I've watched him play a few times and like his game; do you all see him as a 4th liner in the NHL?

Betts isn't going anywhere; he's like the Wedge Antiless of the Rangers (bonus points to anyone who gets that ref).

In 2 years, if AA is ready, Betts will be gone. And yes, I could see Byers on the 4th line also.

No way the Rangers are giving up Dubinisky--for anybody. He's a potential Jean Ratelle, IMHO, with an edge.

Sorry I can't make Tuesday's game at Carolina. I haven't received my Recession Check yet!

I saw that Lundqvist mentioned that he promised not to ski....they're prolly at either Stowe or Stratton (the two best Lodges).

just to mention.....I'm looking for tickets to the San Jose game on 2/17 if anyone knows of anything.

Much appreciated :)

Have not posted in a few, so I hope everyone has been enjoying the break! I miss the games though! Congrats to dubi on his mvp, nice work!!

I am surprised that a malik trade has not went down yet. Apparently he is a lockerroom distraction (just what I have read), and probably will not be back. He still is a decent player and has some value to other teams Im sure. I guess sather is wanting a d man in return, and can not find the right one!

I think that sending malik and one of prucha, callahan, or some other young player to colorado for ian laparierre and liles or hannah would probably help both clubs, just an opinion though!!

I do not think dubi or anisimov will be going anywhere. If anisimov is the real deal, drury will end up on wing in a year or two (drury is not going anywhere either). Betts will not be moved either as long as he performs as he has (I think he will keep up the good work), as I said before, we are golden down the middle for quite some time barring any unforseen long term injury or stupid personnel move by the brass!!!!!

With all due respect to JD he thinks the Rangers will not make an impact trade like they did last year. He is never once trade about any trade rumors of any kind with maybe the except of the Peca thing. Why he think the rangers with not make a trade. If Frosberg going back to Philly and the Pens get healthy or add a player they are doomed. They need to shake up this team now. They did it with Petr Sykora in 2006 and with Avery and Mara and 2007. They need to improve this team or they are toast. That means either a big time defense or a PP specialist or a another good offense forward that can play with Drury.

Call this a gut feeling but I do not see the Rangers are willing to trade the Dubinskys, the Anisimovs or any of the quality prospects just to make the playoffs this year.

I say this because in clearing out my audio tapes this evening I took the time to listen to both Gordie Clark interviews I did over the last couple of years.

Clark who is the Ranger director of player has said one thing that really sticks out as it deals with his previous employer the Islanders. Clark ran their drafts and is the guy who drafted Luongo, Jokinen, Chara, Dumont and a lot more

In both interviews he daydreams about what kind of team the Islanders would have today if they stayed patient and not sold the future away.

It was the chance to rebuild the Ranger system that drew him to the Rangers and I for one believe Clark along with Schoenfeld and even Renney will fight to keep the kids from being traded.

I also do not see the Rangers as able to make any kind of impact deal as they simply do not have the cap space open to bring in a high profile player.

And nobody is going to accept a Malik or Mara as part of a trade for a impact player.

I would say that the Rangers will make a mid range deal and might part with a Cally or Dawes since they basically are interchange able.

Dubinsky may have raised his trade value but he also raised his own value to the Ranger future.


Dubi getting traded...No friggin way. My nuts will explode before that happens, and im only 18, so i dont have to worry aboot things like that.

Dubi, Staal, Sanguinetti, Artie, Cherepanov. They will not go anywhere.

But then again, didnt people say that about that Balei kid, what ever his name is.

Either way, NYR has alot of great talent. I dont know if they wil be hidden Datsyuk and Zetterbergs, but there's alot of players to look forward too.

As for Cally. I hate to say it, but with the way Dawes has been playing, and making some sweet friggin passes in his last 4 assists...Cally might be as good as gone. Which sucks cause i had high hopes for him. I hope he rebounds and gets back up here.

Anybody see Gomer's pass to Hossa...I hope Sather was watching...lol, thats all im gonna say.

Orr, I thought the same thing when I saw Gomer's pass to Hossa... I thought: we could hear that alot in the future! That said, I'm curious to see what sort of trade the Rangers can make. I expect to see Cally traded, maybe Cally-Montoya. The cap situation makes it improbably that Montoya would ever play for the Rangers with Henrik backstopping them. But as I said a few posts ago, if you were a GM would you trade for Malik? And if so would you give up the goods? And why?

Does anyone know what the Rangers cap situation really is considering how they help players down while they were injured. It would be intereting to know how that strategy worked.

Cally/Montoya is worth nothing so you will get nothing in return. But Dubinsky may get you a nice return. And I wouldn't get to excited about a play made in a game with absolutely no defense being played.

It makes absolutely no sense for the rangers to mortgage there future for a rental player. I cannot take these ranger fans that want to trade Dubinsky when they were the same fans that cried when the rangers kept signing over the hill free agents and wanted the rangers to build from within. The rangers have now done the right thing by rebuilding the farm system and have good young players up and coming up and now you want the rangers to make stupid trades to mortgage the future for a rental player. Please enough, the rangers should just ride out the season and next year start building the team around drury and gomez and be gone with Jagr and his czeck buddies. If the rangers want these players they can sign them in the off season as free agents.

I don't think anyone said they WANT to trade Dubinsky. I just said that he would net the best return. I think Dubinsky is better than Drury. But. . . . . .

I really hope they don't trade Dubinsky and I don't think they will.

I remember when he came up last year. Even though he was off a beat, he had that extra jump and I feel is going to be a really good maybe even great player in the league

I really like Avery with Gomez and Jagr. Straka hustles his tail off but Avery gives them that strong, physical forechecking presense that opens up a lot of room for the Gomer and Jagr.

Mike A- That was a star wars reference

BobbyC I agree from last season, Dubinski showed promise as he was a hard skater and showed skill with the puck while being good defensively. Some people got on him early as he made some bad plays defensively, but I think he was trying too hard to play hard defensively, but his 5 or so games up with the club last season he looked good..

I could see Gomez being 1C, Dubi 2C, Drury 3C, and Betts 4C, with Anisimov slotted for a 4C position, which would leave us DEEP down the middle

It would make more sense:
Gomez (1)
Drury (2)
Anisimov (3)
Betts (4)

I believe it is gonna come down to a numbers game. If Dubi is the Rangers best chip, and we need some help on defense, I could see this happening. And the way Dubi has been playing (combined with his coming out party in the young guns game) trading him would be the most likely scenario.

Ya' but it's going to have to be a package deal...Dubinski alone is not going to get us 1st rate talent on the blueline, unless maybe if it's a rental..We will have to be giving up Montoya or Callahan/Prucha as well..

I have no idea who the Rangers would be targeting. I am just saying "IF" the Rangers were to make a deal, Dubinsky is their best trading chip. . . . aside of Henke. If I were GM, the best move would be no move at all.

It's one good way to get rid of Malik, as he can get packaged with Dubinski for something decent in return...I don't think that would be worth it however...It may help us in the short run, if the team was top 10 in the league on PP, we would be in an entirely different situation here...But 2-3 years down the road when Dubinski develops, he's top 6 on most teams

My guess is that Dubinsky is as close to an untouchable as there is on the roster.

Despite all the confusion, the Rangers have had a very simple plan and have kept to it since 2004. They want to develop a group of home-grown players with talent and character. For all the speculation about youth for vets trades, the team hasn't done that in years.

The Rangers are not going to trade a prospect unless they feel he is a longshot to make an impact on the team, or if we have other prospects who do the same thing better. For example, I could see a Callahan or Prucha getting traded, because it looks like Dawes and others (Korpikospi, Anisimov, Byers, etc.) are ready to take the slot, either this year or next.

But I'd say Dubinsky is a core player, as is Staal, and probably close are Dawes, Callahan, Cherepanov, Anisimov, Sanguinetti, Tyutin and Girardi. The only way we trade those players is if we get someone just as young in return.

That isn't to say we won't trade anybody because we have far more prospects than slots coming available in the next 2-3 years. You can't keep everyone indefinitely.

all this speculation about who we are trading is a little pre-mature. does anyone really feel we are 1 or 2 players short of a stanley cup? trading our youth is not an option for this year and realistically why would montoya be so valuable when he lost his starts to wiikmam in the minors? fans overate many players and while speculating about who we ship out ask yourself as a gm who you would trade for some of these guys.sather is no fool and unless
equal value is on the other end of any trade its not happening. not this year anyway. we are far from a stanley cup contender. unless those stogies contain a good weed sather will continue to build this team, not mortgage the future for a few wins.

I'm actually not advocating a trade, although I do believe this team could go to the finals if they play to their potential. The question is--and I don't think it's Renney--what is it about coming to the Rangers that makes players underachieve?

All this talk about trades needs to be conditioned by our position against the cap. I think we are very close, maybe less than $1MM! So we have to vacate salary to make room for salary. We can't dump enough by selling our youth, so we have to look to teams that have plenty of cap space to take our salaries. I don't know how the cap works with UFA's traded at the deadline. That is, how does their salary get counted against the cap? As a matter of practicality, Malik and/or Mara need to go to make room, but who can take their salaries that have a player we want? That's why I think Boyle may be the right move for us and Tampa Bay. There is about $1MM in salary difference between Malik and Boyle. So if Mantoya is in the package, and TB really needs a goalie, then that could work. The only problem with that is Boyle will want to test the market and we may not have cap space to sign him, thus we lose Montoya for nothing! Very tricky. The way Renney seems to be talking, I think the organization thinks they have the team that want in the locker room right now and if that's the case they have resigned themselves to the fact that a cup this year is a long shot.

The only way i would trade Dubinsky would be in a package deal for a Vinny Lecavalier type player.

Tampa Bay needs a goalie badly and Montoya could start in Tampa Bay right away.

The Rangers could get rid of Malik, Montoya, Greg Moore, Callahan and a mid-level draft pick that could give the Rangers maybe St. Louis or Prospal.

and if the Rangers could replace Callahan or Moore with Dubinsky and up the draft pick I would take Vinny in a second.

Then the Rangers go out and acquire a veteran 3rd line centerman for noone of importance


move Avery to center the 3rd line and move Drury to the wing on a line with Gomez and Shanny


people expect Drury to put up the same numbers as he did in Buffalo and Colorado but he is playing with Avery and Shanahan who score far less points then Vanek and Kotalik or Sakic and Hejduk.

Drury is a complimentary player and should not be put in a situation where he is expected to be the best player on his line.

The problem is Gomez and Drury are not guys to form a team around. Jagr was that player 2 years ago but now that he has a damaged shoulder those days are over.

The Rangers need a bonafide star like Messier was and noone on the team or in the system except maybe Cherepanov is that guy.


I think you are right to a large degree, but I'm not sure you can say that the team can't win a cup without a bonafide superstar. Other teams have won without superstar corers: for example, Anaheim's stars were on defense, the Devils never had a franchise forward, the Hurricanes were led by Brind'Amour, who is excellent, but not an extraordinary talent.

Montoya isn't even starting in Hartford, how would he start in Tampa? Moore is worthless. So is Cally. The only way we would get St Louis or Lecavalier is with Henke. . . .maybe. I think the Rangers will trade a forward prospect/kid (Dubinsky? Prucha?) for a similarly developing defenseman (Seabrook? Liles?). The trade will not be of tremendous significance. . . .unless it is Henke or Stall going the other way.

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