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January 31, 2008


I have faith in Drury. It's not his fault that he's been getting different wingers all season.. he's a net crasher, who gets most of those "garbage" goals.. which are absolutely necessary.. but when you have Prucha and injury-prone Avery with ya, ain't gonna produce much.


So you're saying the Drury is producing at a rate equal to a 2nd/3rd line player? I am shocked...SHOCKED i tell ya.


Faith in him to do what? Score more? Get more assists? Be less bad defensively? Continue to overachieve in the playoffs? He's played with Jagr...he's played with Shanahan...He's played on every power play...and he's still not far off from doing what we should have expected him to do in the regular season. Can he improve? You bet he can, and especially on the defensive side of the puck. But he's not going to do much more offensively than pick up about another 7 points every 10 games.

Well, I just love Renney's comments at practice yesterday. Crash the net...what a concept! Only problem is Shanny and Jagr don't want to play that kind of game or they "forget" what to do. I do believe that both of those guys are just a shell of their former selves. If we make the playoffs, I would expect their play to pick up, the problem is getting there. And BTW, the defensive system Renney is playing does not effect the "crash the net" strategy. If the play goes the other way, the forwards need to get on the horse and bust it back into the defensive zone. Maybe, just maybe, the old guys don't want to expend that much energy! I will admit that Jagr seems to be far more defensively responsible with respect to his past, but I never see a 60 minute Avery or Prucha type game from JJ or Shanny for that matter.

I forgot who wrote it in the comments from the last article, but at this point in Jagrs career, wouldnt you like to see marian hossa as our #1 player next year?

Other than that we need to score goals.. in the area of 3-4 because philly doesnt have a problem scoring.

Saget -- well, since all three third liners are scoring more than he is and generally playing better, then third line, yes, but four points in 13 games is not second line pace. All of which is shocking considering how much money he is making and what he has done in the past.

I don't think he's worth his contract, but what's done is done. He gives effort out there, and that, I cannot overlook.

We keep hearing here how the team is behind Renney, but the fact that he is uttering expletives during practice makes me believe the players are not listening to him. We'll see tonight won't we? Drury is a quality hockey player and the fact that he is struggling, like so many players who come to the Rangers(can you say Cullen etc.) reflects the dysfunction in the organization rather than in the player. Slats reminds me of the words uttered by DIRE STRAIGHTS. "money for nothing and the chicks are free."

I love Drury, always have,and am positive he'll pull through this and we'll be a better team for having him, whether that happens this year or next. But truth be told, 4 points in 13 games is fourth line material, just not on our team.

Drury is so good on faceoffs; it'd be a waste putting him on the wing. Who are the Rangers going to throw out there for an important draw ?? Do you really want to see Betts out there even more !


So you agree the players are not listening to Renney. Well, last time I checked the coach was in charge, not the players. The players simply do what the coach requires, to the best of their ability. Maybe we have more chiefs than indians, as someone posted quite a while ago. Your fix seems to be fire the coach. What do you think Keenen would have done with players not wanting to do what he wanted them to do? I for one am happy to hear Renney getting on his troops. I just wish I knew what lines were on the ice so I know who he was directing his attack toward. Keep it up Tom, maybe bench some of those that want it their way, we do have a roster spot still open.

Maybe I'm a little too sensitive because I read every comment so thoroughly, but bones, this one really got my goat -- after all the comments about Renney needing to get tough with his players, how do you go to wondering whether the team is still behind him because he had to yell at them in practice? There's a difference between a team not executing a game plan properly and a team not wanting to execute a game plan, don't you think?

Tell me the last time Drury going to the net converted on relatively easy setups in front of an opposition goalie; his ratio of goals scored when in prime position has to be the worst since Ron Duguay. Plus he's not an accurate passer. Good luck Petr and Nigel. Next stop for you guys when Drury fails to convert your passes to him or fails to set you up when you're in good position is wonderful Hartford, Conn. Renney should restore the DDP line now if he wants to make the playoffs!


Malik is in tonight, Hank is out, and Tootoo just got signed to a 2 year extension !!!!!!!!!!

This day already sucks.

Renney is a moron BTW

He's taking Mara out, but Strudwick was the one who kept getting caught flat footed.

This guy is the worst coach in the league by far, i just cant understand anything he does.

Orr - It's obvious that he is keeping Struds in the lineup for toughness.

Drury bashing at it's finest! I like the guy, always have, always will. He does need to start to show up, I agree but he isn't a flashy type player, that's just not his style. Everyone bashing him for his +/- are the same people who were saying that Maliks +/- was insignificant which I'm not sure that I really understand. It will come, that I am sure of.

As for Renney yelling at practice, I don't know if I've ever had or even know of a coach that doesn't yell at practice.

The problem is and has been all year, our awful display on the PP. I think that once we get that going, things will start to come together.

Pavel, Drury's had a shot with just about every winger on the team, including Shanahan and Jagr, and has produced with none of them. Meanwhile they've all been able to show at least flashes of offense when placed with other linemates. I'm not as hard on Drury as most are (it's not his fault Slats overpaid him to play on a team he always dreamed of playing for) but blaming other players for his sub-par play this season is ridiculous.


Jagr is a better alternative to Hossa financially, as you hafta assume Hossa will be commanding somewhere in the 8-9 million a year range come July, whereas Jagr will ask for considerably less. Plus, in my personal opinion, Jagr is still playing at a high enough level to be a first line winger (and our captain) where giving him something around 4 million will be a steal. Finally, although Hossa is offensively superior to drury and gomez, one only needs to look at the lengths and amounts of money of their contracts to see that the Rangers would be much better off spending their money on a quality defensemen or a mixture of some solid wingers/backup goalie then splurging it all on Hossa.

oy-e-vay. this season is getting to be a drag on everyone. rangers have undeniably underachieved this season. i do not blame the players though. even though some are not putting up offensive numbers expected they all play hard every night. and they play hurt, every night.

so i am slowly detoxing from my renney-ade addiction. so sorry but renney's the one that needs to be yelled at not the players. maybe sather can read the whole coaching crew the riot act?! last game they were pitiful, not making any adjustments to the game as it unfolded, or so it seemed, at least in my opinion.

and sather has to make 2 key moves to salvage a decent playoff run. i'v said this many times but feel like saying it again. 1. get a solid d-man to help qb the pp unit, make big hits, and teach the young ones good d; 2. get a euro (czech) center for jagr and straka and let them loose.

seems today dailynews is saying something to this affect, thank you very much.


despite the agony i'll be parked in front of the teevee tonight at 7. hopefully won't have to endure another ranger meltdown (along with the god-awful joe m. color commentary).


The other 28 NHL teams(except Anaheim)are also looking for the D who can QB the PP,make hits and teach the youngins.That player isn't available....

Euro center to play with Jagr and Straka?They can't play with a NA center.That's an indictment of them.

Straka is toast.His best days are behind him.Enough has already been said about Jagr


The point about Renney yelling is not that he yelled as many coaches have before him. This is being reported as something out of the usual. The fact the a curse was involved shows a level of frustration, maybe even exasperation on his part. Clearly, the guys on the bubble better get their acts together. It will be showtime for Malik, that's for sure.


The selection of Mara or Malik is a poor one at best. Only Struds, of the remaining 3 D's, shows any signs of "reading" plays, a willingness to check somebody, and pretty steady play for an entire game. I would hate to see Mara and Malik paired up. If anything, matching each with another D'man might work, but that splits up guys who have been playing together.

I'm going to be at this game tonight. I think it's going to be a long night

nicholas - read the article. it has some names. plus there are others out there. check out this site: http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/
they have great trade/free agent info. i am especially liking b. campbell although sabres will want a high price for the all-star d-man.

all i am saying is the rangers have to add some players (2) to make this years playoff run.

and don't agree that straka is toast.

final thought; for the long-term i would go after e. malkin after this season ends. not sure who would have to be dumped or moved to make the cap room.

Well, for all of those fans who were yearning for Sheldon Souray this offseason.... it seem's we may have made a good choice in not signing him.

He was just put on the IR again, and he's missed a total of 27 games so far.

On another note, I've been trying NOT to jump on the FIRE RENNEY bandwagon all year.... but it seems like I may have to come on-board. All of this lineup shuffling has gotten ridiculous.

Renney continues to baffle me.

If he is going to put Dawes and Prucha back together, then why wouldn't he put Dubinsky between them?!?! They had chemistry together. We have had no chemistry all season long and he is breaking up a line that had instant chemistry. He has constantly been going out of his way to spread his 'cold' players on each line. I know he is trying to get guys going, but at this point they need ANY chemistry they can find. Remember when he said, "I do not want to still be tinkering with line combinations 10 games into the season." ugh!

He should also maybe tell his players that "patient hockey" does not mean play the game slower. I think this 'patient' approach is being lost in translation.....literally. You can play a patient game with high energy and passion.

He also may want to alter the system a little bit. It makes little sense to keep trying to convince players to play within a system that has not been producing wins and is putting up the WORST goal total in the NHL. November was 2 months ago...and it is very obvious the players will not commit to playing that way.

I'm done defending Renney. This is on him now. No one wants to say he's "lost them." But I have not seen them react to anything he has preached for quite some time....


your right.

the rangers can go about this two ways this off season, go for either a star winger like hossa, or they can fill up on depth and decent mid level wingers and maybe try a defense first type of attitude and sign some good dmen.

anyone who thinks they can do a better job than Renney has is full of it. The Malik saga will likely end soon, Sather will showcase him in the up coming games (with any luck he can actually perform) and then trade him. As for the Drury bashing, I have been a fan of Drury (except when he eliminates the rangers from the playoffs haha) and will continue to be, hes a solid player and in my opinion still a good addition to the team. I have the feeling that in the upcoming months people will be praising Drury for kicking some ass.
Renney put him on a like with Dawes and Prucha because the two have chemistry and are energetics and create chances. Captain clutch is making his return tonight.
The lines actually make sense, with the acception of Malik hahaha
It's turn around time for our rangers and im going to be laughing and drinking mass quantities of beer while they pull it off!!
go rangers go!

Here we go again with the line changes. It makes me wonder why this team is so inconsistent...nobody knows who they are going to play with on any giving night. It also makes me wonder that this thing is so broken, it may not be fixable without some major overhaul. Goes to show you that even if you have good parts it doesn't mean that it will work....there is no doubt that something is missing here that a few more line changes probably won't fix. With the exception of the November run, where Hank's goaltending really carried the team through its offensive woes, the offensive situation has not changed all season.....and the real question now is not when it will change, but can it change? Time is running out quickly.

All this Renney talk just misses the point. Can't blame Renney for three poor performing defenseman. And keep in mind, no one knew that Staal would do what he's doing! Just imagine what it would be like if he wasn't here. And Souray was never the answer, so lets not go there again. The Mara trade was a "hope" trade; hope this guy works out better than Ward. Well, we knew before the trade that Mara was never going to live up to his potential. We all knew that Malik was just too slow afoot. I just wonder where we would be if we had moved Malik and stuck with Pock? Also, a move of Mara for a young D'man, maybe even somebody in Jr hockey. That would have opened up some cap space and also made some room for somebody to step up from Hartford. The lack of scoring was and remains the biggest problem. However, if the defense was stronger, maybe we would be in a better position now. All hindsight, but many of us were in favor of such moves as the season was beginning. Further, in defense of Sather, NOBODY projected the Rangers as a team that had a scoring problem. I'm sure the brass figured that this defense could work, but if not as we approached the playoffs Sather figured he could trade for the D'man that might put us over the top. Now the problem isn't "over the top" it's getting into the playoff! Who would have figured that?

Maybe Peter Forsberg will want to come and try to jumpstart the Rangers offense!

How about we sign Forsberg, Trade Hank for Redden, Meszaros and Emery, Trade for Sundin and we have lines like this..

Gomez Jagr Forsberg
Sundin Straka Shanahan
Drury Prucha Avery
Betts Dubinsky Dawes

drop Holwegg and Orr to HFD

Redden Rozi
Meszaros Staal
Mara Malik


there is an NHL08 team right there

I hope Philly is happy with the gift tonight. Instead of killing us 6-2 it will probably be more like 12-1. Since our horrible backup is in net and we have only scored 2 goals in the last two games. Great job once again by the ranger front office

could you explain how it is good news that the Rangers lose because of lack of intensity. That is the most damning indicment you can make about a hockey player.
This team hasn't played well since November and if there isn't a shake up immediatly we'll be looking to see how high up in the draft we can finish.

It's getting pretty hard to defend Renney, the players, and Sather; but if you prefer you can blame the fans, the refs, the ice, the hot goalie, the injuries, the line shuffling, Lundqvist, the D, the O, and the news media. And they are still not out of it, but a real direction like a winning streak is needed for all the psyches involved.

We need a backup goalie. Period!
Game not even started, but we already lost with Valiquette.

As a diehard Rangers fan, the only thought I have at this moment is how outstanding Philadelphia's turnaround has been in only one season since being utterly horrible last year. If Holmgren (gasp!) could figure out how to fix his team's myriad problems in short order, then Ranger brass should certainly be capable of righting our ship. I think we have a case of "paralysis by overanalysis" here and a lack of ability to make the necessary moves to shake up the team. I hope I'm wrong.

The chairs on the Titanic are being shuffeled again by captain Renney again.The softest dman on the team is in the lineup against one of the most phyysical teams in the league.Sorry,I don't buy the showcasing bullsheet either.This player has been in the league for ten years and has been scouted thousands of times.The entire league already knows that he is nothing more than a number 6 or 7 dman,always was,always will be.His next game should be in a different uniform!As for Renney yelling at practice yesterday,we will see how much impact that has on this team wich to me seems to be tuning him out.

Interesting how people continually defend Drury when he is decent at everything and a master at nothing. He is good when his entire team is good, he doesn't lift his team. Cullen made significantly less money and has as much skill and tremendous speed(aka can forcheck). It wasn;t his fault he wasn't put in the appropritae positions to produce more. Cullen centered Prucha and Callahan which scored arguabley our most clutch goals down the stretch. When are we going to utilize Prucha appropriately? Jagr and Shanahan DO NOT work on the powerplay, neither is quick enough to retrieve the puck. The coaching staff needs to lay off the crutch before its too late. We need a wake up call although I am not exactly sure what you can do with a veteran top heavy team. Finally, we need to pressure the opponent and finish checks, I can count on my hands how many Gomez/Drury checks there have been.

Gomez has been a very good addition to this team.If his teamates finished off 20% more of the plethora of chances he sets them up with,he'd have an extra 25pts this year.Drury has benn somewhat disapointing and also looks a step slower this year versus last.It is possible that he maybe out of shape or is losing a step at the age of 31.Cullen was a decent 3rd line player who hustled every shift and was not used properly by Renney.His best scoring season was 20 goals,and he only did it once.Drury did that many times and even scored 30,so the trade off was well intentioned and worth it.The problem is that Drury looks uncomfortable in Renney's "system" and can't seem to get going.Hopefully he can next year with a different coach.If I or anyone else could have done a trade off of Drury for Cullen again not knowing what we know now,every one would have done it again and again.What I would have done differently is not trade Cullen but instead trade the human pylon or Mara for cap space and not waste 600k on an ahl player named strudwick.I would have played either Cullen or Drury on the wing.


Your unbelievable. Malik is soft and Mara is better??? Neither one is very good, but Mara is the softest, his name should be Carvel! The only thing that he has is a hard shot and he has no idea where that's going. Stop the complaining about Malik, Mara and Strudwick, We MUST play 2 of those 3. Hard to swallow, eh? But that is a fact. And there is no hope in Hartford. Lets get realistic and face the situation we are in, not some makebelieve world.

The only make beleive world is the one in wich anyone would think that Malik is less soft than Mara.The next check Malik throws will be his second of the season.Mara sucks but he at least can hit when he wants to and can even drop the gloves once in a while.The only thing Malik is good at is throwing a hissy fit and showing up a coach who has only defended him every time against heavy heat that he gets from the fans for good reason,even going so far as to give him the "A" in a game last year to stick it to the fans who boo him.

Dubi-one question,Is Glen Sather alive, and if so,why has he not once given a press conference this season about the state of the team?

Is it me? or is John Gianonne the worst MSG personality there is? Everytime he comes on the screen, i cant wait for him to get off.

Well gee all the experts here are so sure the Rangers are going to lose that I do not have to bother watching the game.

After all I have this crazy idea that this season is not over.

I also do not believe that it will take 20 wins out of the last 30 games to make the playoffs. This is the year of Salary Cap Parity as since the Rangers are all of 8 points from 4th place I think there is not going to be a huge seperation between those who make the playoffs and those who don't.

People are acting as if this Ranger team is 15 games under 500, yes there are problems but none that can not be fixed.

So if anyone has a problem with me giving this team a chance to win then too freaking bad.

It is so easy to quit as we are seeing so many of you do.

Petr Forsberg, Sergei Federov and Rob Blake are over the hill, old and on their last legs and are terrible additions

nice play Dawes


Drury does look good tonight maybe he was reading the bulletin lol.

My solution to the Rangers problems

First I recommend making a trade for a legit #1 forward like Vinny Lecavalier either at the deadline or during the offseason.

give up Montoya, Callahan, Dawes and Prucha, Hutchinson/Mara/Malik (depending on in season or offseason) and a draft pick. Tampa would also have to eat around 2 mil for the 08-09 season but they are way under the cap so that shouldnt be a problem

At the end of this season don't resign Shanahan, Straka, Malik, Mara, and Roszival (he's going to demand alot of money) and that gives us an additional 15.2 million according to NHL numbers.

sign 1 forward that can play on the 1st or 2nd line and can give the Rangers defensive help, leadership and needs to score around 25 goals. (Brian Rolston, Vaclav Prospal, JP Dumont, Cory Stillman, Damon Langkow, etc.

then sign 1 forward that can give the Rangers added grit, determination but isnt offensively challenged like Hollweg, Betts, Orr for a cheap price (Trent Hunter, Ruslan Fedotenko, Jay Pandolfo, Ryan Malone etc.

Next the Rangers need 2 defenseman. Campbell, although perfect for this team, will demand too much money so the chances of landing him are slim.

PP Defenseman, can score and pass and not a defensive liability. (Mark Streit, JM Liles) unless Sanguinetti is ready next season

stay at home defenseman, physical,(Bryce Salvador, Mike Commodore etc.)

Under my plan the Rangers would a form a lineup similar to this (yes it would fall under the cap by around 1 mil)

Drury-Lecavalier-Jagr (imagine the room Jagr would get plus Drury in front of the net and Vinny is too good)
Stillman-Gomez-Cherepanov (2 great passers with lots of speed feeding the rookie)
Avery-Dubinsky-Hunter (gritty and defensively sound plus there is offensive potential there)
Hollweg-Betts-Orr (as long as Renney is here that line is staying put sorry guys)



Marc, i sure hope you were being sarcastic about that trade scenario up top.

haha that should be Baranka not Baranaka

Hey Chris,

i was.. lol but we can always hope... sans the hank part

2-0!!! PRUCHA LIVES!!!

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