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January 28, 2008


Dubi, I'm in as soon as I can fit the value priced sum under one of my credit cards! ha!
Keep up the good work!

Did our Dubi win a prize as MVP the other night? Where were the Young Stars during the Big Boys game? Do they attend or go to the mall?

Also, is it true that the mics caught DiPietro taking himself out of the game cursing his reinjured hip?

Dale no but he had a nice assist on Hossas goal.Hopefully next season wel see a lot of that


Not sure he won anything more than the honors of being the MVP for the Young Star game.

I won’t be surprised if Gally&Monty for Hossa very soon. .

Figured Dubi didn't get a truck, but everyone loves a prize :-) I guess if DiPee was seriously hurt, Newsday would've noted it.

I'll get Versus soon, so I don't have to post this minutiae....

Kogan - Who's Gally? If it's Malik, fat chance!!

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I for one do not believe that an injury completely erases everything Callahan can bring to this team. With all the decisions that Renney has made, I think sending him down to Hartford was the best decision to make.

Any word on Malik?


Looking forward to the new issue. Keep up the good work !

Hey, you know what they say: if you're not a subscriber to Blueshirt Bulletin, then you just don't get it. And, you never will.

Why do so many of you keep saying you want Marien Hossa? Not all of you, but alot of you obviously hate the european players. He can score but he has never done well in the playoffs. You would end up giving him even more hell then you have Marcel. I like him but could he score in Renney's system? Eventhough some people like to blame it all on Jagr the whole team has had trouble scoring this year .What else could it be?

Well Malik is at practice so now I suppose we will hear that this is an internal matter from Renney and an "I am sorry for all this" from Malik.

Then the Rangers will all gather together and sing to each other "Why can't we be friends"

(note to those not so smart there was a lot of sarcasm which is a form of humor in this post)

Denver Frank Says: "Who's Gally?"

Callahan and Montoya

why is Malik still on this team???

can't they just waive him????

Hey Dubi,

I received the new issue and it's great work as usual.

Let's start the second half of the season already..

note to those not so smart there was a lot of sarcasm which is a form of humor in this post

I am sorry Jess but ... Say what?

=P ;))

Well the question will now be if Malik can't be traded before the team is done with their 4 game road trip and he isn't a scratch again, less he start foaming at the mouth, how will the Garden fans receive him for the next home game?

There's no place like home :/

Well,all I have to say about the Malik thing is that Tom Renney has the back bone of a jelly fish and by allowing this insuborniate disgrace of a player back on the team,he may have now lose the dressing room.I certainly believe that Scott Gomez will not be too happy to have the human pylon back in the lineup without any discipline dished out.So much for sticking up for his coach,I bet that's the last time you see that from him.Good job Tom!

If Malik was just struggling I wouldnt care but for the past 2 years Malik has been beyond awful. Malik brings nothing to the table. He is big and slow with no offensive skills. He doesn't have a physical game and even without the huge mistakes he is useless.

I know no other team wants him or can take him but why can't the Rangers just waive him and pray someone picks him up and if not then maybe Malik wont report or worst case scenario he plays in Hartford.


he might not have lost the player's respect but he lost mine and many other fans thats for sure

oleosmirf -

I think It's pretty telling that when A.Ward mouthed of at Jagr,he was gone.Yet this clown and yes he is clown can show up the coach several times in private and right in front of the team and nothing happens to him.I think unless Malik is moved and quickly this will be the defining moment in a bad way for the season.This is Marek Malik acting like a primadona not Bobby Orr!

Malik has shown his priority is a contract after this one, not the NYR. It's the main reason he wants to be in the lineup. That's fine it's a business. Renney should not be playing him again unless he has no other choice. But he probably will. That will be his decision to live with, good, bad, and the rest. I assume Sather is trying to move him in the meantime.

my question is why is Malik on the team instead of Pock, Hutchinson or Baranka?????

I like Baranka but poor dude can't stay healthy :(

Pock has to clear waivers in order to come back; and the Rangers have to pay half his salary for the rest of the year. Renney exiled him to that fate after ONE game.

Czechthemouh, I get the feeling you don't like Malik.

And how do you know discipline wasn't meted out by Renney? Maybe Malik got a good spanking.

Anyway, these are not children, but adults after all, some even, despite their millions and millions, with fragile egos. I would put Malik in that category, and not as a problem child.

I thought recently of Malik's high point as a NYR, the season after the lockout when he scored that wicked shoot out goal. Remember Malik's immediate reaction to the crowd, almost, if I remember correctly, giving it the proverbial finger in order to say: "See folks, I can even make espn's top ten." I think it's in that spirit that the handshake escapade took place, kind of thumbing his nose at Renney after a unusually solid game. Just a thought as to why Malik is still today a NYR.


a "solid" game for Malik means that he didnt make any glaring mistakes not that he actually contributed to the team

Onetimer, I agree with you about Malik. It seems to be a vicious cycle. Malik is unhappy because he is sitting out; he is sitting out because Renny scratches him all the time. The fans are constantly on his jock, and I would imagine that with or without a contract, it must feel pretty horrible to be booed by your own fans. I don't think we can waive him, who would pick up half of his salary? The days of teams eating the salary of a player who didn't work out just to get rid of him are over. Our only way to get his $2.5 million out from under the cap is to have him go play in Russia.

Maybe he just needs to find his game? Maybe a trip back to Hartford for a while to find his game is in order? He did play a good game against Atlanta. Not every player is going to be a star, but if Malik can show up to play everyday, not hurt the team and just play a solid game, I think it would be fair for the fans to get off his junk


Do you ship the Bulletin overseas? Specifically, London?

Joe in De

Your first suggestion which is to have Malik play in Russia is a great idea because it does remove Malik's salary from the books which allows the Rangers more flexibility.

Simply placing Malik on waivers is a huge risk because if someone picks him up then the Rangers are stuck for half of his salary. If he clears waivers and goes to Hartford then he takes the ice time of young prospect which is unacceptable.

Malik has little to no trade value right now given his cap number, that he is a UFA at the end of the season and that his game is in decline. Why would anyone want to trade for him?

However it is doubtful that there is any chance that Ranger fans will forgive Malik for his "sins". If you look at the tone and tenor of so many on the web you can see that too many are freaking out.


I am very sure that Tom Renney is not going to lose any sleep knowing that you have no respect for him. If you really think that this situation is that important to the Ranger season then you really have a problem.

I do not know maybe I am wrong but I am more worried about the power play failures, about Drury not playing up to expectations, the lack of consistent team effort and so much more.

Somehow with all those problems facing this team that freaking out over a refusal to shake hands seems I do not know petty perhaps? It is called putting things into their proper perspective.

Really think about it, the players jumped all over Malik in the locker room right then and there so Malik lost serious face in his own locker room. Renney only lost out on a simple handshake, Malik lost a heck of a lot more all over the place.

I am sorry but I am laughing at all these reactions about Malik being allowed to practice. The world is coming to an end, Malik was arrested for possesion of drugs no wait that did not happen.

Malik failed a steriod test, no wait that did not happen either. Malik was arrested on felony charges no wait that did not happen either.

Malik's massive crime for which he has been drawn and quartered was he did not shake Tom Renney's hand. Yet ban Malik for life, kick him off the roster and exile him to Siberia.

It is a sad joke that people are thinking one instant of stupidity is going to impact how the team plays or how the coach handles the team.

Did Renney lose the respect of the team nope because it was the players who ripped on Malik for what he did.

Nobody knows exactly how this saga is going to end so please give me a break about your losing respect for Renney.

Everyone is looking for MAlik to slip up. The guy is never gonna get a break. His actions are wrong, but there is a human element to it. Geez, even softball players get pissy when they ride the pine. You can't even drink a beer with them in the parking lot afterwards. . . . .
Jagr should have stepped in here and diffused the situation. Malik is one of his countrymen. I personally believe Malik's game is in decline, but he isn't nearly as bad as the fans are making him out to be. But one thing is certain: He will never be able to step on the Garden ice again.

Waiving Malik would not leave them responsible for half his salary if someone claims him on the way down , only when & if called up. But Sather needs to get a D man to replace him, so he's going to look for a trade with Malik a part of it. What Malik actually did was give Renney the cold shoulder , the step before the middle finger which he's probably saving for some of the fans.



That is all

Jess is dead on, but it won't matter; The fans have always had guys who were solid d-men, but because they weren't physical were Ranger pariahs (Al McNeil; Rod Seiling; Dale Rolfe; Willie Huber and Bubba Beck are all examples).
I think all the Malik critics (which include me), are 100% correct. I'm not schizo...he's a soft player amd makes horrible mistakes at the worst times; he
skates on egg shells because of all the
pressure to be perfect. But honest fans would also acknowledge that he is a huge plus player with tremendous skills who makes his down side all the more frustrating. Most d-men make big time mistakes that lead to goals. If they are bangers, fans are more forgiving. Chara was voted a first all-star, but his overall play has been up and down. He's no all-star, but because he's a monster he gets a pass.
Malik has to go because he can never play relaxed in NY. I think he likes being a Ranger, but has pride and an ego. When put up for public ridicule, he stood up for himself. Maybe that's selfish, but it's also human. How come the Devils are winning with Karl Rachunick and Mike Motteau, but were off the Ranger management radar screen? Cullen wasn't good enough for the power play in NY, but is a star in Carolina.
Every team screws up on player personnel. Team chemistry and winning is very elusive (unless you're the Red Wings). I think Malik is going to be a big success on another team.
For all the Thomas Pock fans....stop whining. He's a marginal d-man who may play well for another organization. Did you see him on the AHL all-star team? He'll never be a Ranger impact player.
Did anyone notice that NO RANGER MANAGEMENT were listed in the Hockey News 100 Power people. Sather is generally disliked and people know the game has passed him by. Dolan is a joke. Renney is a company man. No Jagr.
We'll know if we are a playoff team after this four game road trip...

I say bring up Hutchinson for a few games. You have nothing to lose.

Thanks, Jess for making sense.

One minor point. If Malik is waived, and someone claims him before he gets sent to Hartford, they pick up his entire salary. The Rangers would be on the hook for half his salary if he not claimed initially, sent to Hartford and then claimed while the team tries to bring him back up.

I don't think Malik will be waived because if nothing else, he is our best spare defenseman. The Rangers have been fortunate that no defenseman have been out for extended periods, but usually 2-3 D guys get hurt.

i dont know what you guys are talking about....


In this case, I don't blame fans for getting on his case, I don't believe in booing a player and never would myself, but speaking out about him is deserved in this situation. Whoever called him a primadonna is correct..Not only does he make these mistakes almost every game and not take the body at all, but he's walked out in the Edmonton game after being scratched, spoke out to the media after he was scratched and Rangers still lost, as well as this latest incident.

If he cannot see the mistakes he makes as being costly to the team and relies on his status of being a veteran and Czech as a reason not to be scratched, those are primadonna qualities..

Another point on waiving him, if Sather worked out a deal with a team to pick him up after Malik is recalled onto the team, good deal..We are already paying Malik his full salary to sit the bench or come into a game and make mistakes, it shouldn't be a big deal to pay him half to not be here. It's only for the rest of the season, maybe it's a prorated cap #.

Strudwick is an improved version of Malik, about as fast, but more of a team player, plays with tons of emotion(with which Malik plays with NONE), actually takes the body, can fight, has a better offensive side, and is flexible(can sub as a wing if needed)...I honestly cannot think of any positives Malik has over Strudwick...If it's endurance, once Malik is gone, give Baranka a call up and split the time between the two

That is exactly what will happen. Malik will show his wares on this road trip. If he isn't traded by then, he will be be scratched for the next MSG game. Still no takers, he gets waived. He will probably be taken at that point. If not, he goes through re-entry where he will be claimed. If not, he will be banished, his salray comes off of the books, and we get a player at the deadline to fill his spot.

Renney playing Malik is nothing more than giving other teams more of a look at him so the Rangers can get as much in return for him as they can, though playing him more can easily hurt his trade value as we all know. I don't think this has anything to do with Renney not having a backbone or anything of the sort.

As a Renney supporter, I have to admit that this is his Achilles heel. He takes the nice guy, gentleman's, professional approach. Which works well for guys who would never thrive under the Keenan/Sutter style (Jagr), or works well for true professionals (Shanny, Drury, Gomez) who have respect for the game/team. Once a guy crosses that line (Malik), the leadership is compromised. I think there will be a lot of heat on Renney from here on out. I would never have thought that Marek Malik would be the player to bring down Renney. . . . . .some of you may want to thank him.


"If he cannot see the mistakes he makes as being costly to the team and relies on his status of being a veteran and Czech as a reason not to be scratched, those are primadonna qualities.." Gee, someone could say that about Jagr also!

We have Tyutin, Staal, Girardi, Rozsival as our top 4 D'men. The next two have to come from Malik, Mara and Strudwick. Struds has the best overall qualities, so we are left with Mara or Malik as the 6th D'man. While that leaves us with quite a choice (!), I'd take Malik simply because he he has played better than Mara over his career. However, I would have them both on the bubble, that is...Play a bad game and the other guy plays next. I would play Malik tonight, hopefully restore some confidence and hope I get a game like his performance in the ATL game. If not, Mara goes next. I'd love to hear a "Let's go, Harry" chear tonight, except we're away!.

I agree that statement I made could fit Jagr..He is a primadonna

I would personally take Mara over Malik, though I agree they are interchangable parts in the system...Mara has a better shot on the point and occassionally we see him move down from the point to get a cross ice pass...Malik has better breakout passes when he passes well, he just does not do that consistantly..

Malik should be the guy to play tonight though, guess we'll see what happens though

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