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January 23, 2008


Everyone who needed to stepped up last night - Renney [very impressed to hear that he talked to each player individually]...Jagr [who played with physicality and 2nd effort]...every defensemen [who as group were smarter and more physical]...Lundqvist [while he certainly didnt need to be at his best, he had to not be at his worst and let in a deflating goal].

And the younger youth legs keep moving - Dubinsky has been skating as well as anyone on this team for the last few weeks and he played hard until the end. Stahl also had an outstanding game.

If they can't build and gain confidence off a game like that...then they won't be a playoff team, and they wont deserve to be one.

Let's hope for a Kovalchuck [sic] suspension effective Thursday.

Is kovalchuk getting suspended

Nothing on Kovalchuk as of yet:


I'm not sure if it was mentioned on TV as I was at the game last night, but the two refs seemed to call a clean, fair game. It is sad that a well officiated game jumps off the ice at you (rather than the other way around) but I hope someone took notice.

Kovalchuk better be suspended. That looked like 3 penalties in one dirty hit. Rozi is damn lucky he isnt hurt, cause it looked like he could have been done for the season.

But hopefully NYR puts up the same effort as they did last night. Gotta win.

Lol, anybody reading Hockeybuzz? That freak must be so embarrassed over his flyers loss that he wants to turn the attention to the devils by saying they might give up Parise for Phanuef. Lol what a doofus.


Thank god for the non moderation. Its annoying as hell, but i get why it had to be done. Hopefully everyone here can keep the anger down, even after losses, so this can stay the way it should.

Shanny seemed to play with a little more body in the game last night. And I noticed that he patted Jagr on the back a few times more than usual/ necessary. I wonder if Renney got on Shanny's case. The third line is a good place for him. And I had no problem with the line changes. Avery is no first liner, but maybe with him on Jagr's line, he will distract the opponents enough to let Jagr find some room. If Avery holds up, and the Rags can do this against a legit NHL team, Renney may have found something here.

Avery isn't a first liner, but I think the idea was to have him open the ice more for Jagr, which is what Hossa did well last year and terribly this year. In this case it works. If we lose the notions of top line and think of them as the most effective combinations working, then I think we're more successful.


Remember, Semenko wasn't a first liner either, but that's where he played! Avery has the speed, and scoring touch to play on any first or second line.

good post rangerbill-yeah, that line was pretty good with semenko....


I think its part legend that Semenko played as much with Gretzky as people remember. When I was younger, I had a huge collection of early 80s Oilers games on videotape (unfortunately I wasnt smart enough to preserve them). He was used as a goon-with-some-skills, and he would occasionally line up with 99. But I don't remember him playing there on a regular shift for any stretch of time.

I don't think Avery has the hands to be a first liner either, but he does have the speed, and he competes - so whos to say he won't blossom into a goal-scorer like Graves did. Graves was more of a goal-scorer in junior than Avery was. But I think he is perfect for the type of kickstart he was used for last night - he can hold his own for a few games, and then we'll see if he can continue it.


I thought the refs called a bad game last night. It might have been "even" in that both teams got away with a lot. But there were a lot of the "stick in the midsection wait did the ref see that throw up my hands like i'm innocent" "hooks" that have been called lately. And the interference by defensemen at the blueline when a puck is dumped in continues almost every shift. The Rangers had so much speed going they were able to overcome it, but that seems to be the rarity in most games I've seen. Nice to see the Rangers overcome that though with hard work and second effort.

kovalchuk suspended one game


Great. Now NYR needs to take advantage of that suspension.

That Dubinsky is speaking highly of Tom Renney says a lot as I know how badly the kid was treated by previous coaches so earning his trust is very tough.

We can all enjoy the win but I am sure most of us are being very cautious given how quickly the team forgets to keep doing the things they need to do in order to win.


Nobody likes moderation and Dubi was left no other choice because a couple of people who were banned from here kept trying to sneak back on to this site.

Hopefully they have stopped so we do not have go back to moderation.

Is good that Kovalchuk got suspended, because he deserved it ... however I think it happened more because had he not been suspended then he would've played on Leetch Night and that might've turned things ugly ... not that they can't turn ugly anyway with some of the players that are on that team but hopefully it won't and we can bring the same grit and effort and play another complete 60 minute game and go into the All-Star break on a winning streak which can hopefully carry on into next week as well ...

The best aspect of last night's win was that the Rangers NEVER ONCE went into protection mode. They went all out taking it to Atlanta the entire 60 minutes. Halleluiah. I think that is all we are looking for as fans, win or lose. It is understandable that most of us are suspicious about whether this work ethic will continue as many of us have developed battered fan syndrome. The one thing I would like to see in future games is Dawes on the power play. I don't know why somebody with his skill would not be part of a unit in desperate need of playmaking and scoring opportunities.

Team needs to rip off like 8 wins in next 10...All will be forgiven.


They do need a streak. That last win means jack if they cant win the next, and build a streak to get back into the playoffs, and hopefully the top of the division.

Hey Dubi, Jess, all...

Don't know if you plan a dedicated area for Leetch memories or stories, but just in case you do, The New York Observer article triggered one for me.

In the early nineties, I had a VCR. I used it mostly to record sporting events and some sit coms. I would use one or two tapes over and over again. One tape in particular had been used so often that it had become damaged. No matter what I taped, the first 3-4 seconds always showed the same thing:

Two Toronto Maple Leafs converge on the 19-year-old Leetch as he carries the puck behind his own goal. He grinds to a halt, bounces in the other direction, flips the puck over an unrushing forward, stickhandles through the crease and accelerates up the ice. A very young Sam Rosen says: "Wow! Leetch can really move..." He sounds like he's calling the Preakness.

Anyway, the sequence lasts about 3-4 seconds. Or 17 years, depending on how you look at it.

Looking forward to tomorrow!!!!!

Congratulations, Brian!



Mine own was watching Leetch for the first time in 88-89 when he played against the Kings. It was one of those "who is this kid everyone was talking about" and it took all of 5 minutes for people to start going "whoa this kid has game".

Leetch played at one speed while everyone including his teammates were 2 steps slower. You could tell that everything was easy for him.

I know this is totally unfair to do but I see things in Sanguinetti and Staal that remind me of Leetch.

In Staal it was watching him pick up his Sudbury Wolves team last year in the OHL playoffs and truly carry his team on his back at both ends of the ice.

In Sanguinetti is is his offensive game where he can score from anywhere using any number of methods. I have never asked him but I would bet that growing up watching Leetch taught Sanguinetti a ton.

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