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January 25, 2008



Was Malik even in hte garden last night?

Too bad it came to that but Slats should have traded him a long time ago, even before the season started. There are some really good D in this year's draft so if we trade 3 or 4 guys for a high first rounder I'd be happy.

Trade time we need a quarterback for the PP.

When they retire #9, will it be Graves and Bathgate? Like the Yankees with #8 for Berra/Dickey?

Rumor/Hearsay: A guy on-line (a fan, not an insider) at the Garden last night said he'd 'heard' that Montoya might be part a large offer (a la the Barry Beck 4/5 for 1) for Jay Bouwmeester, along with Mara or Malik and other young players.
Also that Jessiman was offered to Toronto for their Kronwal brother.

Even given our lack of scoring, I have expected changes on D to be the trade focus.
And now maybe this Malik situation makes that even more likely

Whether Malik is traded or not, he will never be able to step on Garden ice again without being booed a la Tom Poti. If they want to finish this off right, they should just go ahead and trade Malik to the Islanders...

what a moron. cant believe acted like that towards the only guy on his side. looks like we wont be seeing anymore malik meatball passes. the Jay Bouwmeester rumor is intriguing. is hossa, montoya, malik enough? i doubt it. prucha better not being going anywhere besides on the PP more often.

see ya harry. thanks for the shutout goal vs olie the goalie.

Only Malik would gain sympathy for Tom Renney buy showing disrespect.

To be honest Renney does need to send a message here by suspending Malik as one could make a case that Malik's behavior was disruptive to the team.

Florida is not going to trade Bouwmeester. He's a big part of their future. As much as I would love having him, they'd be dumb to trade.

Oh and I just had to mention that at Prospect Park I am running a poll as to which Ranger should be resigned and would you guys believe not one vote for Malik?

I am shocked even Strudwick got a vote

I think it is understandable that Malik is not happy in NY, given how he has been treated by the fans. I also think he is one of the six best defensemen on the team, and if I were him, I would be unhappy at being benched, but still, this latest act is unsubordination that should result in a trade.

We could use an upgrade at "D." Roszival is solid and we have three terrific kids, but they are relatively green. Strudwick is a spare part and Mara is so-so and going to be gone after the season.

I'm still confused by this team. I don't fault the effort at all. We controlled the puck for 80% of the time, but still got only a handful of good chances. Drury should be a sniper, but he passed up chances to shoot like Michael Nylander. Atlanta got only a couple of scoring chances all game, and none of the gloious variety, but Lundqvist gave up another bad goal. Marty Brodeur would have slept through a shutout in the same situation.

So we're 50 minutes in and badly outchancing a weak opponent, but we're down because of weak finishing and bad goaltending despite giving up only one goal.

Dawes continues to shine. For all those who complained about him being sent down, maybe geting a chance to dominate the AHL made him realize once and for all that he is better than that and to have confidence. He is better now than in his previous stints with the team.

I knew Dubinsky was gritty, but he is showing far more speed than I expected. Sometimes I think he's trying to emulate Scott Gomez, which is nice.


Their need for a goalie is pretty large though, From what I've heard (albeit, earlier in the season) The Panthers weren't happy with the way Vokoun was panning out, so you never know, if they want a goalie bad enough.

Jess, you make it sound like Renney has little respect in the dressing room. I tend to think the opposite is true. I think an insubordinate act by anyone would get a similar reaction.

Vokoun has been doing great lately. If we could showcase Montoya a bit, then MAYBE it'd be a possibility.

I would trade just about anyone except Lundqvist for Bouwmeester, which means that rumor is probably too good to be true.

Boumeester is in his walk year and I don't think he's even sniffed the playoffs. He's been through 2 or 3 GM's and 3 or 4 Coaches off the top of my head. Might not be entirely unrealistic to pluck him out of Fla.

Reading that Rangers scouts were at the last 2 Colorado Avalanche games. Either J.M. Liles or young speedster D'man Kyle Cuminsky would look very nice in Ranger blue. Any thoughts?

there are only a few players who i think we could actually get for montoya and one of them that i would love to see on broadway is tomas kaberle.

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